Back Home To Mommy – Smoking Fetish Story

He was back in Evanston, visiting her after his divorce became final, and today he was helping her clean out the attic as she stood next to him, watching as he opened cardboard cartons, supervising his efforts and smoking her cigarette. Her presence was both frustrating and exhilarating at the same time, because he had always had a ‘thing’ for her smoking. The scent of her fragrant exhales from her Benson & Hedges, along with her perfume as her soft, warm breast rested lightly against his shoulder, was giving him an erection. Despite the naughtiness, or due to it, he was soon as hard for her now as he’d been when he was fourteen. To him, she was still breathtakingly beautiful at fifty-nine…she’d always be!

“Now, what’s in that heavy-looking one over in the corner…under that corner shelf thingy? I can’t remember…go ahead and bring it here, Robbie…” she ordered, using his childhood nickname, even though he was two years shy of turning forty. Barbara Dempsey was a manager, and was used to people doing what they were told.

“VHS tapes…” he announced, after setting it down heavily and pulling the flaps of the carton up, revealing the contents.

“Bring it up and set it here on the stool, baby…I’m gonna need to go through ’em…”

She dangled her cigarette and began to dig through the tapes. The diamonds set into her rings his dad had given her sparkled in the bare bulb overhead as her fingers tipped with red nails sorted through commercially recorded tiltles. Barbara chuckled softly, then smiled sadly at him, holding up a copy of Disney’s ‘Old Yeller’ for him to see.

“Jeez…remember how you cried and cried the first time we watched this, baby…you really were a sweet boy…my baby boy!” she gushed.

His face and ears felt the flush of embarrassment, and the humiliation only served to make his cock twitch and oooze in his shorts that much more for her. She placed her hand on his shoulder as she withdrew her cigarette and kissed him softly on his cheek from behind, making him shiver.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to make you blush, Robbie…” she said softly, his name sounding like ‘rah-bee’ in her tough, Chicago way of speaking that his ears had missed, having lost his own since moving out to the west coast years ago.

“Oops! Shit, I thought I tossed this long ago…” she said suddenly to herself, and he saw her take a tape and quickly walk across the wooden board floor to toss it into another carton with things to be thrown out. Now it was her turn to look embarrassed because he had caught her at something…he watched her blushing beneath her colored, blonde hair that came just above her slender shoulders. What could it be?

“OOOooo…don’t you dare…” she warned as he lunged to retrieve it with a laugh, but it was too late. The label was in her handwriting, ‘Date Night 7/91’. “You little shit! Give me that!” she giggled, reaching for it as he held it just above her, teasing her.

He smirked as she drew on her cigarette, a little smile on her lips, even as she turned a deeper shade of pink.

“It’s me and your dad…if you must know! We had a little too much to drink and we were being very naughty that night…”

“Uh huhhh…’date night’!” he laughed, “Believe me…I remember how hot you were back in ’89, mom…MMMmmm…and you know what? You still are!”

“Robbie! For heaven’s sake…what a thing to say!” she giggled, batting her eyelashes and drawing on her half-done Benson & Hedges, then elevating it as she inhaled, all the while regarding him with a smirk upon her coral lips. And with a look in her sparkling, hazel eyes that showed…interest? But she saw his look and then they flashed at him…

“…What? Oh, goddamn it, don’t even tell me you’re interested in watching a home movie of me suckin’ on yer daddy’s cahk!” she declared, her chin up and pointed at him.

“Um…I’d be more than happy to watch it with you…” he heard himself saying, and Barbara scowled.

“Yeah…as if that wouldever happen!” she laughed derisively, “…I can’t believe you’re even talking like this to me…where d’you ever get the balls to think you can smart-mouth your step mahm?” she demanded, hand on her hip as she ashed her cigarette in the cup she was using. But when she finished, she licked her lips…her gaze fell to below her step son’s belt to his bulge, and she saw just what he had for her.

She closed the distance between them, dragging on her cigarette and inhaling, and he expected her to slap him hard across his face. Instead, Barbara amazed and stimulated him by exhaling her sweet smoke full into his face, causing him to moan. Then her tough, South Side took over…

“Alright then, motherfucker…bring that tape and come downstairs! It’s movie-time…I’m calling your bluff! C’mon…let’s see just what you got for me, baby boy…” she finished in a whisper, smiling and giving him a kiss with her soft lips, letting him taste the remnants of her smoky breath.

Then, as if in a dream, he felt her leading him carefully over to the trap door, then down the retractable, folding attic stairs and into the master bedroom below. She kissed him again, then gave him a backwards shove so he fell into bed.

“I haven’t seen this stuff for ages…the last time with your dad was probably ten years ago” she almost whispered, powering up the combination DVD/VHS player connected to the receiver that controlled the 32″ inch flat screen monitor on the wall. “I don’t even know if it’ll play…but now you got me all hot and wet, darling…let’s find out!”

She slipped the tape in and it played, alright! After some tracking static and white noise, there she was…the woman he had called ‘mom’ for most of his life, lying on the bed and smoking a long cigarette, moaning as she played with her pink, wet pussy with a white plastic dildo…the footage was a little on the grainy side, fluttering with the tracking, but Rob’s cock throbbed as Barbara settled back beside him.

“I think I’ll smoke another cigarette while we watch…would you like that? Hmm? Want mommy to smoke for you?” she whispered, kissing his ear. Her hand reached down and undid his belt buckle, then her fingernails gripped and pulled down his zipper.

“Yesss…I’d like that very much, mom…”

She paused just before pulling his cock out to open the clasp of her soft leather cigarette pouch and extract a long white cigarette, placing it to dangle between her coral pink lips. It looked like the same pouch he remembered using to jerk off in once while she was in the bath…to a tremendous, very messy climax. He almost freaked when he realized he had to clean it before she got out of the tub. Now she handed him the lavender Bic from the little side pocket.

“Be a gentleman…light mommy’s cigarette!”

His hand trembled as he clicked it to flame, and her soft hand touched his, guiding it to the tobacco. She drew until her cheeks hollowed, then inhaled and began to send her smoke out as her lips closed the distance with his, causing him to moan. On the screen, a much younger Barbara was now fucking herself as his dad knelt beside her, jacking his cock near her face. Rob gasped when his step mom’s soft hand took hold of him and brought his big, throbbing cock out of his shorts…

“Mmmm…you’re right, baby…I was pretty hot back then…” she whispered, taking another drag and kissing him as he moaned.

“Oh my god, you still are…” he told her, and she snuggled into him, elevating her cigarette and jacking him slowly.

“Your cock is just like daddy’s…maybe even a little bigger. He loved to watch me smoking, too. Would you like me to smoke my cigarette as I suck it for you? Hmm? Let mommy show you how your daddy liked it…”

He watched as she took a powerful, cheek hollowing drag…his eyes rolled back in his head when she exhaled creamy smoke as her soft, wet tongue swirled around his swollen glans…and then he cried out as she took half of him into her mouth and began to suck. On the screen, Barbara was doing just that to his father…and he could see the smile of bliss on his old man’s face. It made him wonder what his expression looked like at the moment…now, he watched her colored blonde hair swinging with the effort of her suction and her soft hand pumping him when she paused to bring her cigarette to her coral pink lips and drag. Her creamy smoke coated his glistening shaft as she used her tongue to lick its length…

“OHhhh Jesus…you can really suck a dick! Makes me jealous the old man had you like this…”

“…Watch your mouth, or I’ll stop right now!” she warned him, “I’m your mom…I’m still entitled to your respect…”

“…I’m sorry! Don’t stop…please don’t…it’s just that I’ve loved you and wanted you all these years…”

She paused and looked up at him. There was a tear in her eye.

“I wanted you, too, baby boy…MMmmm, my sweet Robbie…I watched you jaggin’ your beautiful cock when you were in high school a couple of times…you didn’t see me…did you?”

“No! If I’d only known…and most likely I was dreaming of youuu…”

“…I’m glad you didn’t…I was mortified as it was!” she giggled, taking another drag and winking at him. “Now just lay back and relax…let me enjoy this…MMMmmm…”

He lay there in ecstasy, touching her soft, blonde hair as her head bobbed, her fragrant smoke rising, letting her soft, wet mouth do delicious things to him. On the screen, she was moaning as his dad was down between her legs, licking her pussy while she enjoyed another long cigarette. Now he felt his climax coming on fast!

“Mom, I’m gonna cum soon…I can’t hold it…”

“MMMmmm…” she moaned, speeding up her suction, her hand pumping upward to meet her lips. “…Cum in my mouth…give it to me!” she gasped, looking up at him as she dragged on her cigarette, then plunged her lips back down to suck his thick cock and finish him.

His hips rose up off the bed as his hand held her pretty face in his two hands and he cried out, letting go and seeing flashes of light behind his tightly closed eyelids. And then she was swallowing, barely keeping pace with the amount of semen he was shooting again and again…he heard himself crying out endearments to his beautiful step mom…how beautiful she was…how sexy and hot…how good she was making him feel. Her moans of pleasure vibrated through his cock, and when he was done, he sat up and grabbed her, pulling her up to lay down next to him so he could kiss her again and again.

Barbara moaned at his passion, as his lips kissed her face, her eyes, her nose and all over her mouth that was still sticky with his hot cum and then he was down with his face between her spread thighs, making her moan and gasp as his fingers parted her clean-shaven labia to worship her wet, pink vagina and clitoris with his lips and stiff tongue. Her cigarette was done and as she reached, he passed her the ashtray so she could put it out.

“Light another one, mom…please…I’ve jerked off countless times as I dreamed of eating your sweet pussy while you smoke a cigarette for me…”

“Oh god, Robbie…” she moaned, turned on even more by his confession, quickly placing one between her lips. The lighter clicked and she lit up, smoke streaming from her lips and nose, “MMMmmm…yesss…that’s it…OOOooo suck meee…suck my clit as I smoke for you, baby…lick mommy’s pussy just like that…like you’ve wanted to…MMMmmm I love you so much…”

She screamed when she came wet and hard, only half-finished with her cigarette, and as she writhed in the throes of orgasm, he lunged up and buried his thick cock in her wetness. Their fucking was animalistic, nothing romantic about it! Barbara’s legs wrapped right around him and she grunted and demanded he fuck her like he’d never given it to another woman. Rob obliged, and for three, solid minutes while she smoked and pinched his nipples with her nailtips, he gave it to her sopping wet pussy good and hard!

“OOOooo yessss…ball me! OOO-OOO-OOOOoooo fuck the shit out of me, baby…fuck mommy’s wet cunt!” she snapped her inhale, then hissed through gritted teeth, smoke coming out past her inner lips now bare of lipstick. “Oh god…oh god…I’m cumming again…OOOOoooo fuck me, I love youuu…don’t you dare stop, you little bastard! Pin me to the bed! Break the fuckin’ thing! OH god…ball me like you mean it…like I’m the only woman in this fuckin’ world for you…”

“Oh my god, mom…you gotta know…you’ve always been the only woman I’ve ever really wanted…OH my god, I’m cumming…cumming so fucking hard!” he sobbed, “…I love you so much!”

Their voices rang out together and bounced off of the bedroom walls in their shared, explosive orgasm…

“…Well, that was friggin’ incredible…” she moaned, when the fireworks finally calmed down, panting as her sweaty breasts heaved. He moved a moist lock of hair from her face, watching her eyes all starry with love for him as she took a final drag from her cigarette, and then he kissed her soft, smoky lips as she moaned and caressed his face.

“…So I guess you’ll be moving back east…back home to mommy, right? Your marriage is over, so there’s really nothing left out there for you. I mean, you gotta know there’s no way I’m ever gonna share you with anyone else after this, Robbie…I want you all to myself! Mmmm, kiss me again, baby…”

Story by mak69

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