Comforting a Friend – Smoking Fetish Story

I’ve never smoked but I had a really close friend that did for many years. She was pretty much the embodiment of sexy to me, though nothing romantic ever happened between us (I’m a lesbian, but she was not). I’m not sure if I developed a full on smoking fetish because of her, or if that is just what made it really take off. I currently cannot have an orgasm unless I’m at the very least thinking/imagining it now, something that is a little TOO dominating for my sex life to handle.

Anyways, by the time I met her she was already a pretty regular smoker. I had thought she was cute, but she wasn’t gay, so we ended up striking up a friendship. She was a bit of a wild child, always letting the moment take her wherever. Some would have called her reckless, rebellious, but she was young and living life. In a lot of ways I am jealous of that outlook, but it was also what eventually lead to the end of our friendship (a story for another time).

I met her at a mutual friend’s house that was having a “party”, but when I got there, it was just a handful of guys, a couple of girls that were with them, and my friend. There wasn’t much interesting to do other than drink, and my friend got into it with another girl there who had some pretty rude things to say about her. My friend had run outside and I chased after her to make sure she was okay, but I couldn’t find where she had went. I knew she had been dropped off because I was supposed to be her ride home (unless better plans presented themselves, of course). I glanced up and down the street, then around one side of the house, and then I smelled the sweet scent of her vice – cigarettes.

I felt a little tingle, but tried to shake it off and keep my mind on supporting my friend. I found her easily by following the smell of smoke – she was in the back yard, drying tears and taking a drag. I went up to her and gave her a quick hug, savoring the smell a little more than I’d like to admit, and asked her if she was okay. She said she was, that the other girl was just a dumb bitch, and it wasn’t anything. I could tell she was covering it up a bit and was still upset. I rubbed her back to comfort her and she started crying again.

Her demeanor changed a bit, in a way I had never seen before, and she wiped away more tears, sniffled, and took a long drag, blowing the smoke out the side of her mouth. I have to admit she looked really hot standing there with her eyeliner running, smoking a cigarette. I wanted to take care of her, but I knew that isn’t what she wanted.

“Do you think, if I were a lesbian you’d like me?” she asked timidly.

I had never seen this woman be timid in her life, which threw me off guard.

“Absolutely!” I said, a bit too enthusiastic.

She took another drag on her cigarette and let the smoke into her lungs as she looked me up and down. She blew smoke out again, and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me forward. We kissed, and it was amazing. It was the first time I had ever kissed someone who smoked, and of course the first time I had kissed my friend (it wouldn’t be the last). I got so weak in the knees that I almost crumpled into a heap, but I managed to hold it together.

“I thought so, but I just thought I’d ask,” she finally said, after we stared at each other on and off for a minute or so.

Over the next few years we made out a few times here and there, once while she was smoking again, but nothing beyond that ever happened. I feel like she just needed the confidence boost, but I was happy to provide it, given how much I fancied her and her smoking.

Well, not too exciting, I know, but one of the best experiences of my life!

Story by : dreamcycle

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