Girl says no to e-cigs at Kings Cross Station, London – Smoking Fetish Story

Recently I’ve been travelling to London regularly with my work. I am a ‘closet smoker’ and have been since I was old enough to buy cigrettes at 16, I’m now 23. The City is the only place I smoke openly and get a real thrill out of lighting up ouside the railway station with lots of beautiful women who are satisfying their cravings either pre or post journey.

Anyway, the last few times I’ve visited the city there has been a stand outside the station entrance marketing e-cigarettes with lots of roving salespeople. I was standing next to an incredibly glamorous girl of around my age (early to mid-twenties) with long blonde hair, immaculate makeup and a pair of pert breasts which were to die for. She was enthusiastically powering through a Marlboro Red, having just alighted the train and dashed outside for her ‘fix’ – lots of double-pumps with nose-exhales. She was talking with a brunette friend who was clearly a non-smoker. One of the salespeople, another pretty girl approached her and asked: ‘Have you ever tried an e-cigarette?’, her response thrilled me: ‘Yes but these are much better!’, she showed her burning cigarette to the girl. The sales girl leaned close and said quietly: ‘Tell me about it! I can only ‘smoke’ these when I’m working’. She looked at her e-cig with disdain.

As if this wasn’t enough to make my day, the following conversation between the blonde and her non-smoking friend was even better! The blonde said (slightly paraphrased but you get the idea): ‘The trouble with those things is, they haven’t got any tar in them. That’s part of what I enjoy about smoking – that ‘hit’ you get in your throat and lungs when you breathe it in, those things don’t feel like anything. They’ve still got plenty of nicotine but they don’t feel good like these.’ She continued: ‘I guess that’s why I don’t smoke lights, they don’t have enough tar to give you that nice sensation.’ The blonde had finished her cigarette by this point and the girls headed off for the Tube. The last thing I heard was the brunette remarking that: ‘You make smoking sound really appealing!’ I wonder if she’ll try it…

Story by jonnysmokes

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