Jane and Sue – Smoking Fetish Story

Martin blew a kiss and shut the door and jogged off to the waiting taxi dragging his suitcase behind him on yet another foreign business trip. It had been two in the last two months. Jane waved him off and leaned forward in her 1930’s bay window pulling the net curtains aside watched and waited for the taxi to get to the end of the road, the orange indicators flashing for turning left, as the black fumes of the diesel taxi poured out of the exhaust as it accelerated from the junction from their cul-de-sac, Jane released the curtain, then fussed and straightened it, turned on her heels and headed into the kitchen.

Jane got the wine out of the fridge and twisted the top end poured a generous large glass of wine. Picked it up and sipped it, and licked her lips. She looked up and stretched and opened the cupboard and groaned as on tip toes and moved the large bolognaise jar in the far right hand corner of the cupboard slightly to the right and using her manicured fingernails grabbed her pack of Marlboro Lights. Triumphantly she brought the back down and placed it on her centre island. She had fought Martin for years to get her modern kitchen with centre island and bi-fold doors in to the large garden.

She rummaged around in Martins “man draw” of rubbish, the kitchen was only a couple of years old, and the draw was already a mess, eventually she found the old gas stove lighter. He had tried to throw it out once the new kitchen stove was put in with the electric lighting function, but Jane managed to keep hold of to it just ‘in case’. These were certainly the ’in case moments.’

With the cigarette perched between her lips she bent down, opened the cupboard beside the sink and moved the 1kg bag of rice out of the way and extracted her grandfather’s old crystal glass ashtray and placed it on the kitchen table.

She then gently jogged around the table and opened up and separated the bi-fold doors, they were installed at great expense to enable in ‘inside outside and vice versa’ or a “bloody big draft” as Martin suggests, but every single house doer upper programme on television explains the benefits. The windows looked out on to a patio, and then the sun loungers a little further out in middle. Martin has to drag them around when he cuts the grass. She then relaxed into her designer kitchen chairs as the noise of birds tweeting in the garden competed with the roar of main road a couple of blocks away, she picked up the stove lighter and managed to get her cigarette alight and her cheeks collapsed around the cigarette as she inhaled on her first cigarette in a fortnight.

Her shoulders relaxed as she exhaled the cone out through the open doors, she subconsciously wafted with her spare hand the exhale and then smiled as it dissipated in the gentle early morning breeze coming through the open door. She then shuffled up in her chair, had a gulp of wine and picked up her phone and messaged Sue.

‘Hey Sue, as its maybe a hot and sunny day, do u fancy a spot of lunch in the garden? xJx’

After hitting send she placed the phone back on the table and then smiled and focused on enjoying and drawing again on her cigarette.


This cigarette ‘thing’ was all Sue’s fault. A few months ago on a late afternoon early evening during the end of an extremely boozy “ladies that lunch afternoon” in the Fox and Hounds that had migrated to the beer garden as it was sunny, they had both been there for a mutual friend’s 40th birthday lunch but by now everyone including the birthday girl had long since gone home to tipsily do the school run or sort out the husbands.

The reason Sue had dragged Jane out in to the beer garden was soon admitted as she rummaged in her bag- that she was desperately craving a cigarette all afternoon and with everyone else gone, she could now enjoy it.

After Jane had almost spat out her gin and tonic mid swig, as Sue had produced the pack out of her handbag. Jane finally got her raised eyebrow levelled and Sue explained with a cigarette between her fingers how she had found her daughters pack only a few months ago and had ‘accidently’ confiscated it on purpose in a cross mummy sort of way. One thing lead to another and the pack in her bag was now her fifth.


The phone silently vibrated on the weathered dark oak kitchen table. Jane flicked the ash from the cigarette in just the same way she had watched her mum do time after time all those years ago and then left it burning in the ashtray, she hadn’t quite remastered the dangling, as she picked up the phone.

‘Hey Jane, wasn’t planning on anything special, so absolutely, how about I come around to yours for 12?’ Sue replied

‘Great, I will make sure there is some wine in the fridge xJx’ Jane looked at her half empty wine and glass and smiled.

‘Ahh, J ok, do you need me to bring anything?’

‘No, I have everything covered, see you later xJx’

Jane replied and picked up the cigarette smiled at it and placed it between her lips and drew the smoke and comfort it produced, deep in to her lungs.


Jane was sitting there in awe of prim and proper Sue, her eyebrows recently plucked, evidently coloured and shaped along with her hair perfectly done for the party as she necked her gin and tonic and impatiently indulged herself sucking and dragging like a pro as she smoked the cigarette quickly down to near the filter. What confused Jane was that it was in front of real people in the beer garden, granted it was practically empty, but the Sue she knew would never do such a thing. She watched as another cloud was exhaled Sue picked up her nearly empty gin and tonic swirled it so the ice clunked the side of the glass and sipped it. She stylishly flicked the cigarette as if it was an extension of her long manicured fingers as ash fell into the ashtray, Sue turned and faced Jane who was sitting there with her mouth wide open and asked the pertinent question “Do you want one too?”


Jane was pleased with herself step one was accomplished – just a couple of hours to wait. After looking at the time Jane was good to herself for now, she topped up her now empty wine glass with water, just to be safe- and then busied herself with housework. It seemed silly to worry about her reputation for keeping a tidy home given what her potentially messy afternoon plans, but old habits die hard and as she had recently discovered new her habits even harder.
She smirked to herself as she stood up, and looked down and smiled as she pulled up her dry boring cotton knickers and rearranged her shorts and looked in the mirror in the bathroom, she stopped to do a double check of her appearance before Sue arrived and sighed. True, she looked smart enough in her tailored shorts and crisp pale yellow t-shirt, but she couldn’t compete with Sue’s blonde bob, athletic form that she had until recently kept in shape by rushing around town on her bicycle.

Jane leaned over and picked up, then ran a comb through her dark hair smiling to herself. “At least my breasts are bigger than hers” she said by way of providing an ego-boost and squeezed her bra with her elbows and giggled. She smiled as she released them; to her they made a pleasing shape under the form-fitting t-shirt in her favourite comfortable bra.


Jane stuttered and spluttered “I haven’t smoked in years, what 20 or more years!” she exclaimed.

Sue laughed and drew on her cigarette, and then exhaled a cone away from Jane and into the cloudless sky and head the cigarette burning close to her mouth. “I am extremely fucked,” she giggled “a bottle of wine with lunch, that Jenny was too clever to order us a bottle each, and then two, or is it now three double gin and tonics” she swirled the drink and gulped it, “and I very likely have fucking piss wet knickers, I am certainly not going to judge if you join me with a cigarette or two!”

Jane was shocked at the swearing from Sue, “Piss wet? You can go inside if you need?” Jane quietly asked slightly shocked but said with a smile.
Sue giggled and then raised her eyebrow to answer the question and flatly replied “So do you want a cigarette?”

Jane made a conscious effort to look around to check that there was no one she knew in the rather empty beer garden, there were two old fat men in the corner with their pints of ales and cigarettes, and then nodded. “But first, I might go and powder my nose, and get another round in? Another double?” she asked.
Sue forcefully stubbed her spent cigarette out in the empty plastic ashtray, wiggled and then drunkenly rejoiced “hell yer!” rather too loudly.


After briefly vacuuming of the already spotless house, and quickly washing the bathroom- Martin had made a bit of mess in there, mainly not washing out the sink after shaving and then leaving his pyjamas and boxers on the floor before leaving. The cleaning was interspersed with a couple of enjoyable cigarettes breaks and a relaxing glass of wine in the garden, and noon soon rolled around. Jane was hovering with anticipation in the living room waiting for Sue, she arrived right on time and surprizing for Jane as Sue whizzed up the driveway and to the front door on her bicycle, Jane was grateful she wasn’t driving! As Jane opened the front door Sue hopped of the bike and leaned it against the garage door, Jane just had to admire that Sue was looking great with tanned and toned shoulders in a skimpy summery green halter-top and a pair of white short shorts, which were rather shorter than Jane’s she mused as she gave the nodding smile as Sue readjusted and pulled the shorts out of her crutch once as she walked towards the door.

“Hi Sue, how are you doing, please come on in, you look like you could use a drink. It’s already hot!” Jane said mockingly wiping her brow before they styled out the air kisses.

“Of course, it was certainly warm cycling over here, one minute though; sorry, a bit cheeky I know, can I have a cigarette before coming in? I didn’t get a chance before setting off. You know one thing leads to another, and then I thought I was going to be late!”
Jane grinned and then shook her head “Come on in and light up, and don’t be silly, is white wine OK?” she asked, leading the way to the kitchen.

“Oh, are you sure? What would Martin say?” Sue asked as she untangled herself from her rucksack and retrieved the pack of cigarettes.
Jane grinned and raised her eyebrows suggestively “He is away again, that’s one of the reasons I could invite you over!” Jane beamed as she walked them in to the house.

Sue gave a knowing nod as she pulled the cigarette out of the pack as clocked Jane putting the wine bottle on the polished granite counter “Have you got a little soda to make it into a Spritzer? If I start guzzling straight wine this early, I’ll be tiddly in no time.”

Jane shrugged her shoulders “Sure. I’ll have the same.” She said slightly disappointed as her shoulders sank a little as she selected another large glass out of the shaker style cupboard and placed it next to hers and then smiled as she twisted the already open wine bottle top as behind her the sound of her childhood, the what was so familiar, the click of lighter and of a cigarette being lit followed by the pleasing smell of the gentle wafts of smoke.

“Are you okay with a cold, grilled chicken salad?” Jane asked as she placed the full glasses on the weathered oak kitchen table.

Jane looked at Sue as nodded as she dragged hard on the cigarette between her lips, her recently manicured blue nailed fingers hovering just millimetres from the cigarette between her lips. Jane almost excitedly walked over extracted a cigarette from her pack on the table and looked towards the outside and pointed the unlit cigarette perched between her fingers.

“Shall we head out in to the sunshine with our drinks and food? It would be a shame to be inside and waste such a sunny day?” Jane asked before taking a long gulp of the wine. “Not that I don’t want you, I mean, us, smoking inside!” she said as placed the cigarette between her lips, she leaned across, smiled and borrowed Sue’s lighter and gently drew and lit the cigarette between her lips.

Jane could see Sue smiling at her as she inhaled on the cigarette, and after exhaling she smiled back.


Jane sat down and clinked the gin and tonic glasses with a ‘cheers’ and both of the gulped their drink. Sue turned her Marlboro lights pack around to face Jane, she gratefully extracted the cigarette from the pack “Did you know my mother used to smoke, she smoked a lot?” she giggled at the thoughts going through her head. “I actually and probably unusually rebelled against her smoking and refused to smoke!” Jane grinned twiddling the unlit cigarette between her fingers like a baronets. “On nights when it was just the two of us, and there were many once my dad left us and we were in, and she had drunk a couple of glasses of wine or whiskey my mum used to offer me cigarettes, almost every time she lit up. But I was being too good. I actually was too good for myself”.

Jane placed the cigarette in the corner of her lips “I guess it will be just like riding a bike” she said out loud with the cigarette perched in the corner of her mouth. She took it out again and continued “I actually” she laughed “rebelled against my goody two shoeness at university and smoked a bit, I was the drama club, and everyone smoked, so I am no novice, but now when on my own in the large house with Martin away, I actually dream of evenings where I could have shared a cigarette with my mum,” she said thoughtfully then placed the cigarette back between her lips. Sue had nodded and smiled tipsily along to the monologue, once Jane had finished she asked.

“Jane, we haven’t really got all day! Do you want to light it?” Sue asked a little impatiently.


Conversation over lunch flowed with a flurry of cigarettes and the rest of the first bottle of wine with the familiar topics – the success of Sue’s business ventures, and the controversy over school funding where Sue was so angry at the city council that she had got elected as the parents’ representative to the school board. Finishing the food, they reclined their garden chairs lit another cigarette and relaxed.

Jane plucked up courage to ask “Does Ginny know you have started smoking due to her?”

Sue laughed, “As far as I am aware neither her nor Alan know I smoke! I assume Martin doesn’t know about you either?” she asked before drawing hard on her cigarette.

Jane grinned naughtily “Err, maybe not, but then I have to be a good presentable wife when he is home, I can relax and be, err, a little silly when he is away- Cats and mice and all?” she chortled and necked the rest of her wine as a triumph.

Jane got up whilst stretching, she announced it was time for another bottle and to deal with her bladder but in the other order. She picked up the empty salad plates to take them in and asked if Sue was ok, “Absolutely fine, you go to the toilet first, I may or may not go later!” she grinned.


Jane leaned forward as Sue unsteadily supported flame. As the flame met the cigarette it took hold of the cigarette Jane drew in and little, and then released the cigarette from her mouth and released the smoke without inhaling.

“Ah,” she gently coughed “ Ughh,” she licked her lips “oh, I hate it, but I can remember this so well!” she grinned “Thank you!” and then drew again and inhaled properly, as she exhaled she then thanked Sue and they clinked glasses, and Sue then lit her own cigarette.

“Wasn’t that bad was it?” Sue asked as she exhaled.

“I didn’t think it would be.” Grinned Jane, as she studied the cigarette burning between her fingers. “I have sort of missed them.” She smiled “But certainly didn’t think this morning I would have one again, my mum would be proud!” and then placed it between her lips and inhaled.

“I am no different, used to smoke and other things in rebellious youth!” Sue said almost proudly before inhaling. “Little did I know Ginny would also rebel against me, I should have guessed!”

“Other than stealing her cigarettes, have you grounded Ginny?” Jane asked.

“How could I?” Sue replied holding the burning cigarette up.

“So you are letting her smoke?” Jane enquired and then dragged gently on the cigarette between her fingers?

“I can’t be too hypocritical, can I? Occasional cross mummy looks at the teenage stare, and demanding she goes outside…just hope she doesn’t find my butts out there…” Sue giggled and inhaled on her cigarette.


Sue looked across at Jane as she disappeared into the house, she took final long drink from her glass and licked her lips, she picked up her cigarette burning the ashtray and inhaled, and as she exhaled she let out a good squirt of pee in her panties. Her shorts were of good thick material, and she knew from experience that it would take several squirts before the dampness soaked through, and even more before it became really visible. Putting her empty glass back on the table, she absently trailed her hand across her breasts, adding to the tingling down below.

With Jane out of the way, Sue took the opportunity to slip a hand under the waistband of her shorts. Panties nice and wet, but not touching the crotch of her shorts so no damage there. Maybe a damp spot on the seat before long, but that wouldn’t show unless she stood up.

Jane watched Sue as lit another cigarette and naturally copied, lighting her cigarette with a flourish, “I really do think I should go home now!” Jane mused as she picked up and swirled the remnants of her gin and tonic around in her right hand and giggled as she watched as the two ice cubes collided and clattered with the side of the glass, as the cigarette burned between her fingers in her left. “Martin is due back tomorrow evening,” she laughed at the non-existent joke “and I need to get over the hangover!”

“You will be fine!” Sue said in a drunken convincing way. “It’s only now” she struggled to focus on her watch “I don’t know something like 5 o’clock now, it’s early! A good cup of coffee and a cigarette or two when you get home and all will be good!!

Jane nodded as the thumb of her cigarette hand gently caressed her lips before placing the cigarette back between them and taking a very quick draw on it, with an even swifter exhale “I also need to stop borrowing your cigarettes, as I do not smoke!” she jokingly demanded.

“Don’t worries, I believe you as much as I believe my daughter! Sue tried to joke along too.

Jane smiled and then asked “Maybe one time when Martin is away, you can come around to mine for a drink?”

Sue laughed, “and a smoke?” she grinned and then deeply inhaled on her cigarette as Jane exhaled and stubbed her half smoked cigarette out.

Jane got her phone out to call a taxi, “don’t think I can walk straight!” she grinned as she swiped through her contacts.

With the taxi booked Jane suggested that they went via the toilets before going home. “Okay cool, I will meet you out the front!” Sue suggested as she unsteadily got herself out of the table.

“Are you not coming too?” Jane asked.

Sue shook her head “Nah, I will have another last cigarette out the front before heading home; like I said to you,” she sheepishly grinned with an eyebrow raised “I am very much a non-smoker too!” Sue stated as they gathered their stuff up. “Ohh oopsy my cardi very much need that!” Sue said as she picked it up off the bench as turned around and struggled to try and tie the arms around her, revealing to Jane that her linen trousers were very much translucent and her large black knickers clearly highlighted through them as she eventually wrapped her cardigan around her bottom hiding the evidence.

Jane smiled wryly and said “I will see you out the front!”


Jane was beside herself near the bathroom. Sue was very much in wetting herself, it’s not an accident! She had no interest in going to the toilet, just as she had done in the pub. Jane opened the bathroom door, looked in the direction and the toilet half tempted to be proper but turned and rushed back to the kitchen and opened the new bottle wine and brought it out before she missed any more action.

“Fancy another ciggy?” Sue asked as she reached across and picked up the wine glass and drank some on Janes return.

“Oh go on.” Jane replied and picked up the cigarette from her pack and then sat down on the sun lounger and retrieved Sue’s lighter from the table between them. Once it was lit and she had exhaled, she coughed to clear her throat to try and sound a little formal and shuffled up on the chair so she was sitting upright.

“So Sue,” Jane coughed to clear her throat again “it’s your turn for a story! How and why have you started on this not so unobvious peeing thing then? Go on, I want all the gossip!”

Sue smiled at Jane’s undisguised enthusiasm and dragged heavily on her cigarette in preparation.

“Well, it all started innocently enough years and years ago with a 18-30 type holiday- Yes me, I had just turned 18, I must state and not 29, in Grand Canaries, with my best friend Rachael. We had been out all night smoking a drinking as you do, and then were on the beach all day guzzling water to hydrate ourselves after the nights out. There were probably toilets at the beach itself, as a group we sort of decided to ignore them, so everybody just went into the water and peed through their swimming costumes as a matter of course – It was just the way things were done.”

“I’m trying to get my head around the 18-30 holiday and you Sue!” Jane mused and then drew on her cigarette.

“It was twenty years ago, long before I was married, you are allowed to be young once!” Sue smiled brightly, flicked the cigarette and then drew on it again.
“Anyhow, one maybe tipsy afternoon, we had gone to the bar behind the beach for lunch and I didn’t want to go back into the water as I was smoking a cigarette, so I thought I’d get away with it just peeing very slowly through my suit into the sand. It felt really naughty, and I just loved the warm, damp feeling down there even in the heat of the sunny day. I know it would dry out!”

Sue had been pretending to look into the middle distance while telling her story, but out of the corner of her eye she could see that Jane’s spare hand was now casually lying across her chest, with the thumb very slowly drawing circles around one nipple.

“So you went the whole day without going in the water once?” Jane asked with her exhale before stubbing out her cigarette and retrieving another one and lighting it.

“Well, I couldn’t go the whole day without swimming” she grinned and inhaled on the cigarette, “I only went swimming after I had emptied my bladder, then came out, dried in the sun, and drank more beer and then I was ready to start having fun again.

“Hmm, I’d never thought about doing it that way,” said Jane thoughtfully and then inhaled on her cigarette. Her bladder was now feeling very full, and if Sue could get away with doing it a swimming costume, surely she could let out a spurt in her shorts. She tried relaxing experimentally and was rewarded with a good spurt, needing to tense up quickly to stop it flowing.

Sue missed the tell-tale signs of Jane’s wetting as she had been concentrating on stubbing her cigarette out. “More wine?” Sue asked rhetorically as she shuffled up in the lounger and topped the glasses up.

As she filled up Janes glass Sue was this time watching when Jane exhaled and let go of another burst of pee. She decided it was time to call her on it. “Mmm. How long have you been wet?”

“Dang! I thought I was getting away with it. It’s my second spurt.” Jane said proudly and looked down at her crutch.

Sue smiled, “I’ve lost count. I started before your last trip for the new bottle. I’m saturated!”

“Wow, you’re much better at this than I am. I thought there was the possibility you were still dry.”

“Practice makes perfect. Actually, you can pee really quite a lot sitting down before it’s visible from the front. Hopeless if you then have to stand up though.” Sue said as she was the authority on these matters “Honestly, I can’t see any on your shorts yet; it was the clenching of your muscles that gave you away, and only because I was looking for it.” She said before dragging hard on her cigarette.

“I’ve only ever been very blatant before,” said Jane, before pushing a big long stream into her shorts. “Mmmmmm, so good!” she noted and looked down as her shorts darkened and a dark yellow damp patch appeared on the white fabric. She flicked the ash of her cigarette and dragged again. “Anyhow, you obviously didn’t leave just pissing on the beach?” she asked and then sipped her wine.

“No. I really wanted to do it again, but at that stage it was something I still associated with swimming costumes. I still now; occasionally when alone masturbate like crazy over those memories of doing it.” She smiled at Jane and dragged on the cigarette “Then one night I was home alone watching TV, bladder fairly full, and I suddenly wondered how much I could do in my panties before it soaked through into my jeans. Of course I had to try it, and that was when I found out that sitting down the seat of your pants gets wet long before the front. When I’d done as much as I thought was safe, I rushed upstairs and did the rest of sitting on the toilet in my jeans!” she giggled picked up her wine glass and had another slug. “Another massive come- this was the first time I’d had the chance to masturbate in the middle of a wetting rather than afterwards. It was only later when I’d put my clothes in the laundry that I discovered a big damp patch on the couch. Luckily, it dried without leaving a stain.”

Jane’s nipple play had become more blatant by now, though still through the fabric of her t-shirt.

Sue decided to permit herself a hand on the inside of her very damp shorts before letting the rest of the contents of her bladder out. Jane looked across as Sues bladder splattered on grass below the seat, she smiled and followed suit, her hands migrated into her shorts and she hit her peak first, closely followed by Sue. It was almost five minutes before they were both ready to talk again, lying there in their totally soaked shorts, other clothing undone, gently caressing themselves as they came down to earth.

Sue was the first to break the silence. “Now this is where the cigarette comes in!” and reached across and lit it with a deep powerful inhale. “Wow, wasn’t what I had in mind when you invited me around for lunch! You were the last person I’d have expected to be into wetting!”

“Hmm…” Jane said as she shook her pack and extracted a cigarette too.

“Sorry, that sounds bad. I don’t mean to call you a prude.”

“No, you’re quite right. A couple of months ago, if you’d come around and deliberately pissed in my garden, I’d have been outraged. But” she paused and inhaled on the cigarette for effect. “That afternoon in the Fox and Hounds, you seemed so happy with what you were nonchalantly doing in your knickers, until you got to stand up, I was intrigued.” She said with her exhale and smiled.

“Yes, it’s easy to get hooked.”

“But now I find that you’ve been peeing outside the whole time I’ve known you!”

“Not really. It’s gone in phases with me!” Sue said and inhaled on her cigarette, paused held the smoke in for a second and then exhaled. “Months of being dry, then well, I have some fun!” as more pee trickled down her leg.

“As opposed to a wet patch…” giggled Jane.

“Ho ho. What with getting married, having babies, and then starting the business, I just didn’t have the private time for pissing games…” Sue looked at her watch. “I suppose we’d better think about cleaning up, and then I think we need a good strong cup of tea. How much wine did we drink? I’ve got that meeting up at the council tonight and I need a clear head to give those idiots from the city council a good roasting.”

“Two full bottles between us. I had a third on stand-by, but we didn’t need it.”

“You had all this planned, didn’t you? And there I was thinking I was leading you astray!”

“Well, you have! But I enjoyed it, I hoped that if we got a bit relaxed I might get up the nerve to talk about it, but I never imagined things getting this far.”

Sue unsteadily stood up and peeled off her shorts and placed them on the floor. “You go and make the tea, I’ll hose down the chairs. Good thing your cushions are waterproof.”

Jane looked across at Sue staggering around holding a hose giggling in front of her in just her halter-neck and white mesh knickers as she pulled the hose reel off the wall and then staggered across and started watering the chairs “What are you going to do about your shorts? I don’t think any of mine will fit you.” Jane asked picking up the glasses and cigarette packs to keep them dry before Sue accidently hosed the table.

“Don’t worry. I’ll rinse them out under the hose as well and they’ll be dry enough to wear if I leave them in the sun for twenty minutes. No one will notice if they are just a bit damp all over. I’ll bring a spare pair next time.”

Jane went off to make the tea. She hadn’t thought about ‘next time’, but now it was mentioned, the idea was exciting. This sneaky wetting business was a whole new aspect that needed a lot of thought. Could she dare to do it in public if she were very careful?

Jane came back out trying to steadily carry the tea pot and placed it on the patio table, as Sue stood there with the hose spraying down the sun loungers. She smiled turned and retrieved the cups and little empty freezer bag.

Sue turned off the hose and walked across and picked up her pack and shook out a cigarette and lit it. What’s the bag for?” she said pointing at the table as she exhaled.

“Your wet knickers?” Jane suggested as she topped up the tea cups.


Half an hour and two cups of tea later and a couple cigarettes each, Sue slowly and wobbling a little bit pedalled away on her bicycle. Turning the last corner into her own street, everything was quiet: no neighbours were around to stop her for a talk.


Jane looked at the time on her phone, Martin was due to land in a minute, she leaned over extracted and lit another cigarette sitting in her still soaking wet shorts, she looked over her shoulder of at the picture of her mum pride of place on her mantle place, in her house proud kitchen looking at her amazing garden, as she inhaled deeply on the cigarette as the rivulets of pee splattered down around her.


Sue rode up the driveway, paused at her front door, opened her bag and got the last cigarette out of the pack and leaned the bike against the garage door and relaxed, as she flicked the lighter and exhaled, as a puddle extended out around her feet.

The End

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