Jenna the smoker – Smoking Fetish Story

Jenna was a camp counselor at a camp for physically and mentally challenged kids. She enjoyed working with the kids. In school, she was very athletic playing football and soccer. She was also an excellent student having thus far maintained a 4.0 average in high school. She was popular and had lots of friends.

At night when the kids were in bed, the counselors would get together and rap about the cool happenings, the good looking sightings they had noticed, who had scored the best, who had went all the way etc. She and her friends Brie and Zoe were sitting around laughing, teasing Brie. Suddenly, Jenna watched Brie reach into her duffel bag and pull out a pack of Marlboro Reds and a bic lighter. She ripped open the pack, tapped it hard until a cigarette slid out, pulled it to her lips, lit up, took a deep inhale until smoke poured from her nose and mouth. She then offered one to Zoe, who readily accepted, then to Jenna.

Not wanting to dent the bond the three of them had developed together, she quickly said “sure”. Although Jenna had never tried smoking, she would often gaze at others walking along the street or at the mall. “This is a real smoke” Brie said taking a double pump. If you like these let me know and I’ll give you some. Got a huge stash.”

At first Jenna took a fast draw and exhaled trying not to cough and look as if she were a seasoned veteran. Zoe noticed this after several puffs and sneered, “You’re wasting it. You got to keep that baby in there and suck it down deep for a while.” Jenna took longer, harder, deeper drags. She thought, “Surely she’d been like super sick and throw up”. In reality though, she actually enjoyed it tremendously. She could hear her heart beating faster. When they finished, Brie reached into her bag again and gave Zoe and Jenna each a pack of reds and a lighter of their own. This went on every night that week.

Within a week, Jenna, Zoe, and Brie were getting together in the mornings and at night to “shoot the breeze”. By the end of the week, Jenna was really looking forward to smoking every day and lighting up every morning. By the end of their sixth week, Jenna was hooked on smoking. The girls were getting together four or five times a day for their smoke talks-Jenna was up to half a pack a day or more.

Finally, it was time to go home. Summer was over and college would begin next week. Although Jenna missed being at home with her friends and modern luxuries, she knew life would be more difficult and complicated than ever because of her hidden desires and her constant smoke cravings.

Her mom and dad were both avid non-smokers. Dad was on the local American Cancer Society board. They were upstanding in the church and respected well in the community. They were extremely proud of Jenna and expected only perfection from her. In their eyes it seemed she was to be the pillar of the community. “Work hard and you’ll get what you want” she was constantly told. Jenna knew what would happen if they found out about her secret passions, and she had to devise a way to live her life and enjoy the pleasures she so desired. And yikes, she was 15. How would she get her cigarette supply now that she was so far from Brie who was moving away? Shit, what about her little brother Jason who was 2 years younger. She’d have to find a way to keep her trap closed. A lot to think about.

Carefully, she thought out how to achieve her desired results.

It was fall and Jenna was now back in college. She was starting tenth grade, and her classes required a lot more this year. She had some difficulty concentrating in class because of her constant smoke cravings. The rules at college of course forbade smoking. After school, she would hurry home and chain four or five reds in a row to get a rush before her mom got home. During the evenings she’d try her best to sneak outside and smoke 2 or 3 while her folks were busy. The cravings came just as much at night. In fact, they became so strong that Jenna would set her alarm for 3 a.m. and she would sneak outside for a couple of cigarettes to get her through till morning. She had found several friends on the net that understood what she was going through and accepted her for who she was. One was even generous enough to send her a couple of cartons through the mail and offered to help her with her supply.

She got up early every morning before school and headed out to the garage where she would chain a couple of reds deeply. She really looked forward to these first two of the day-deep, slow, hard drags to fill her lungs and pour out her nose. She only wished more of her friends could know how great and satisfying this pleasure was. Maybe if she smoked around them at parties and stuff, then they’d want to start. She finished her two cigarettes and went to the top of the street where her best buddy Kayla picked her up for school. She had tried her best already to get Kayla to start smoking. She had blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and almost 6 feet tall. At first, Kayla stayed on Jenna’s case about smoking, but finally she gave in, and now she let her smoke in her car which Jenna gladly did the second she got in till they pulled in the parking lot at school.

Jenna tried smoking in front of her friends at a party that Friday night, but most of them were repulsed or thought it inappropriate that an athlete would smoke. Even though she was disappointed, Jenna continued to smoke and increased her habit gradually. She found that a lung full of smoke greatly improved her concentration on her studies and she was smoking a lot at night.

During the day at school she would get jittery around lunchtime. Since she couldn’t smoke, she bought a package of the nicotine gum and chewed on a piece of that until school got out every day. On weekends, Jenna was at a pack plus per day. She had began to sneak smokes in her room which was upstairs, and she found that if she had the window open and used the right scent fragrances, she could pretty much keep the folks from suspecting. Of course, her little brother would still be a problem.

Eventually, Jenna met another buddy, Gill, who was a year younger than she and needed help with studies. She also smoked and enjoyed it a lot like Jenna. Soon Jenna had figured a way to keep herself more satisfied. She invited Gill over to spend the weekend, told her parents that Gill smoked and would be doing so in her room. Surprisingly, they did not throw a fit since Jenna told them that her folks knew she smoked, and they trusted Jenna completely of course. So Jenna and Gill went upstairs where they promptly locked the door and both Jenna and Gill smoked to their proverbial limits. Before long, Gill was spending a lot of time at Jenna’s house. Jenna was now a solid pack a day smoker and her parents had not a clue of her true self.

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