Nicki – A Family Affair – Part 2 (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah stepped off of the school bus at the downtown bus
stop. She had come straight from school to see her father.
She was unaware that Nicki was currently in her father’s
office, but knew that Nicki had left school early in the
day. She feared that Nicki was in trouble for smoking. She
needed some advice from her father.

Sarah lit up two fresh Marlboro 100s at the same time and
inhaled deeply into her heavily damaged seventeen year-old
lungs. She held the smoke deep in her lungs for as long as
possible. Sarah had started smoking two cigarettes at a
time on a fairly regular basis. It was the easiest way she
knew to increase the amount of tar and nicotine she could
store in her lungs. As the bus started to pull away, Sarah
took another long drag from her twin cigarettes and stood
directly behind the bus. As she inhaled, she let the diesel
exhaust from the bus mix with her high-tar Marlboro smoke.
It was an exhilarating combination, which always gave Sarah
an extra rush. She wrapped her arms tightly under her
ribcage and bent forward, putting as much pressure on her
diaphragm as she possibly could. She could feel her lungs
being squeezed like two over-inflated balloons. In this
manner Sarah hoped to force every last molecule of tar,
nicotine, and bus exhaust deep into every one of her
ravaged alveoli, replacing any trace of pure oxygen which
might have still been trapped somewhere, deep in her gooey,
black lungs. Sarah’s cilia, the delicate hairlike tentacles
which are supposed to help clean debris from the inner
lungs, had long ago been destroyed by Sarah’s obsessive
smoking. Thus, aside from the severe coughing spells, which
were becoming more and more frequent, Sarah’s lungs no
longer made any attempt to reject the massive quantities of
toxic waste she pumped into them every day. They passively
accepted their glorious fate. Sarah felt a wonderful
tingling as she thought about what she was doing to her
lungs. She wished that, just for a moment, she could see
what was happening inside her respiratory organs. She took
another long cheek-hollowing drag from her cigarettes and
inhaled deeply.

As Sarah walked into her father’s office building, she
noticed the elevator door closing. She had just missed it.
She didn’t want to wait for the elevator to come back down,
so she decided to take the stairs. After the first flight
of stairs, Sarah’s heart started to race and she began to
pant. After the second flight, she was wheezing heavily. By
the time she reached the top of the third flight of stairs,
she could feel the palpitations from her rapidly beating
heart. This caused Sarah to become aroused. As she tried to
catch her breath she began a hoarse, raspy coughing spell.
This caused her to become even more aroused. Her throat and
lungs hurt as she reached into her purse with her badly
shaking hand. She quickly found the smooth,
cellophane-wrapped pack of full-flavored nicotine she
needed so badly. She tried to shake a single cigarette
loose, but her hand was trembling so badly that several of
her precious smokes flew from the pack. She managed to
catch one of the cigarettes between her luscious lips. She
let it dangle there as she continued her hoarse coughing
and fumbled in her purse for her lighter. She finally
cleared her throat with one final, forced cough, and
swallowed the forced-up, tar-saturated phlegm.

Sarah had to hold her lighter steady with both hands as she
lit up and took a deep, cheek-hollowing drag. She sucked
the smoke down fast and held it deep in her lungs. She
quickly took a second deep drag and inhaled the smoke down
where she could feel it mixing with the smoke from her
first drag. As she completed her patented triple-pump with
a final, lung-filling drag she noticed her scattered
cigarettes on the floor. “My poor babies,” thought Sarah.

As Sarah squatted down to retrieve her fallen cigarettes
she instinctively grabbed her crotch and started to rub.
Sarah’s coughing had aroused her so that she couldn’t
resist the urge for a quickie. She was still inside the
third-floor stairwell and did not hear anyone coming up the
stairs. She decided she would be safe for at least a couple
of minutes. That was all she would need. As the smoke from
her triple-pump began to escape through her nostrils, she
began to rub harder and harder. She tilted her head down so
the smoke from the burning end of her cigarette would flow
up into her nostrils and she began massaging her breasts
with her left hand. She inhaled heavily through her nose as
she moved her right hand up under her skirt and down inside
her panties. She reached her fingers up into her wet, hairy
pussy and began to move them rapidly back and forth as she
took a dangling, deep drag and inhaled hard and fast.
Within seconds Sarah began to c– in a series of small
explosions throughout her body. She continued to quiver for
another minute or so as she sucked every last bit of
nicotine deep into her blackened, tar-coated lungs.

Sarah crushed out her finished butt on the concrete floor
of the stairwell as she picked up her scattered cigarettes
and carefully placed them back into her pack. She pulled a
tissue from her purse and wiped off her fingers which were
thick with her oozy c– fluids. She stood up on wobbly
legs, opened the door of the stairwell, and walked out into
the hallway of the third floor with a satisfied grin on her

Sarah entered Mark’s office expecting to see Bonnie’s
smiling face, but Bonnie wasn’t there. Noticing the freshly
lit Winston burning in Bonnie’s ashtray, Sarah guessed that
Bonnie was probably in the ladies’ room. No matter; Sarah
knew how to buzz herself into her father’s office. She had
done so many times before. She noticed Bonnie’s familiar
red and white pack of Winston Filter Kings on the desk. She
remembered how Bonnie had told her that she had been
smoking her Winstons since the late fifties. Bonnie was
completely dedicated to her cigarettes and had never even
considered switching brands. She had told Sarah that she
would probably die with a Winston between her lips. Sarah
thought that sounded so romantic. She felt the same way
about her Marlboro Golds. Sarah knew that Bonnie had been
divorced for many years and lived alone in a small
apartment. She pictured Bonnie sitting in her apartment,
smoking her cigarettes, and singing, “Me and my
Winstons…me and my Winstons…we’ve got a real good
thing.” The image made Sarah warm and tingly inside.

Sarah picked up the burning Winston from Bonnie’s ashtray,
took a huge drag, and inhaled every bit of smoke deep into
her lungs. She pressed the button on the intercom and said,
giggling, “A Miss Sarah Polmoni to see you, sir.” She took
another cheek-hollowing drag from Bonnie’s Winston and set
the cigarette back down in the ashtray. She headed for her
father’s office with smoke pouring from her nostrils.
“Mmmmm, Winston really does taste good,” she thought to

If Mark had been sitting at his desk, he would have heard
the intercom and would have known someone was about to
enter his office. But Mark was not sitting at his desk.

Sarah entered the office, smiling. She noticed that her
father was not at his desk and started looking around. She
noticed that the door to Mark’s study was slightly ajar.
She walked over and looked through the crack in the door.
What she saw would have made a normal person scream in
outrage. There, in Mark’s study, on a fold-out bed, were
her father and her best friend making passionate love and
forcing cigarette smoke into each other’s lungs.

Sarah didn’t scream. Instead, she became immediately
aroused. The Polmoni family had always been different from
other families. Each member of the family was completely at
the mercy of a very intense smoking fetish, Sarah most of
all. In Sarah’s family there was always an understanding
that the fetish came first. Virtually any act could be
justified as long as it contributed to satisfying the
fetish. It was obvious to Sarah that her father was
satisfying his fetish. She knew that there was no chance of
Nicki coming between her parents. Mark was not in love with
Nicki; he was simply using Nicki to momentarily satisfy his
intense fetish. And now, Sarah felt an overwhelming need to
satisfy her own fetish.

Being careful not to make any noise, Sarah reached into her
purse and pulled out two Marlboro 100s. As she continued to
watch Mark and Nicki, she put both cigarettes between her
lips and lit them simultaneously. She dragged heavily on
the two cigarettes, inhaling very deeply, over and over, as
she started rubbing her pussy. Thick smoke was pouring from
her nostrils in a continuous flow. Sarah was now highly
aroused and was furiously sucking down the rich smoke from
her twin cigarettes. Suddenly, she was unable to suppress a
deep, hacking cough.

Mark quickly removed his dick from Nicki’s mouth and
covered himself with a blanket when he heard the cough.
“Sarah!” shouted Mark. “I’d know that cough anywhere. Come

Nicki exhaled a long stream of smoke, threw a sheet over
herself, and took a long, deep drag from her cigarette.
“Hi, Sarah,” said Nicki, sheepishly. “I’m sorry. This isn’t
what it seems.”

“Don’t apologize,” said Sarah. “I was getting pretty h—-
watching you two. I wish you hadn’t stopped.” Sarah was
still highly aroused and was starting to rub her crotch
again. “Maybe I could join in.”

“Sarah! For God’s sake! That’s your father!” said Nicki
with smoke rushing from her mouth.

Sarah took a long, deep drag from her cigarettes and walked
over to Nicki. “I guess I’ll settle for you, then,” said
Sarah. She placed her mouth directly over Nicki’s and
exhaled all of her smoke deep into Nicki’s glorious,
athletic lungs. She ran her hand down under the sheet Nicki
had thrown over herself. She felt Nicki’s erect nipple and
started pinching it gently. Nicki moaned and shuddered in
ecstasy and took a deep drag from her own cigarette. Nicki
exhaled all of her smoke into Sarah. Sarah tilted her head
back and exhaled all of the smoke up to the ceiling. Mark
stood silently, watching.

Sarah undressed herself and crawled into the bed with
Nicki. Within minutes Nicki and Sarah were shotgunning
smoke into each other’s lungs and were manually stimulating
each other’s clitoral regions. Each of the female nicotine
addicts came to glorious orgasm as Mark stood by, watching,
still hard as a rock. Finally, Sarah dragged deeply on her
cigarette, looked at Mark, and held out a beckoning hand.

Mark, hesitatingly, walked across the room to the bed.
Slowly, he crawled into the bed and nestled himself between
Nicki and Sarah. Nicki had just inhaled a lungful of smoke
from her Kool 100. Mark pulled Nicki’s head toward his and
placed his mouth over hers. He tried to inhale all of the
smoke out of Nicki’s lungs and into his own. With Nicki’s
smoke deep in his lungs, he turned his head and placed his
mouth over Sarah’s. He exhaled with all his might. Sarah’s
lungs filled with Nicki’s mentholated smoke. Mark kept his
mouth in place and began French-kissing Sarah. He could
taste the hot nicotine on her breath as he licked the
inside of her mouth. Sarah slowly moved her hand down and
placed it firmly around Mark’s rock-hard penis. She started
gently sliding her hand up and down the rigid shaft.

Mark squirmed with delight. He gazed into Sarah’s eyes. He
knew he had never seen a sexier woman in his life. The fact
that she was his daughter did not seem to matter to him at
this moment. Sarah took a long drag from her cigarette and
exhaled directly into Mark’s lungs. Mark, in turn, exhaled
the smoke into Nicki. The smoky trio continued this process
until Nicki and Sarah had finished their cigarettes.

Sarah removed her hand from Mark’s c— and moved it down
to her own pussy. She started fingering herself. Nicki saw
her opening and moved in. She straddled Mark and sat down
on him, gently guiding his penis into her warm vagina. She
began gently bouncing up and down. Mark was in heaven.
Sarah stopped masturbating long enough to light a fresh
cigarette. She triple-pumped her Marlboro 100 and exhaled
all of her smoke deep into Mark’s lungs.

Nicki said, “Oh, sweet Jesus…light one for me, Mark”. She
was moaning in ecstasy, still bouncing up and down on
Mark’s hard cock. Mark reached for Nicki’s Kools and lit
one. He handed Nicki the cigarette and said, “Give me some
smoke!” Nicki dragged hard and deep on her Kool. She pulled
every bit of the high-tar smoke deep into her lungs. She
held the smoke inside and dragged again. Then she leaned
over and placed her mouth over Mark’s. With all her force,
she exhaled into Mark’s mouth. Mark was in complete

Sarah tapped Nicki on the shoulder and said, “Give me a
turn, will you?” Shaking her head in disbelief, Nicki
unmounted her smoky steed and lay down beside Mark. With
her freshly lit cigarette dangling from her lips, Sarah
took Nicki’s place. Slowly and gently she lowered herself
onto Mark’s steely instrument. She shifted her weight a
couple of times to get into the proper position. Then she
started rocking gently back and forth. Mark was moaning.
His reservoir was ready to burst forth. Sarah started
rocking faster. She was dragging deeply and repeatedly on
her cigarette.

Mark tried his best to hold back. He said, “Girls! Give me
your cigarettes. I want you to do something.” His
tar-filled slaves did as they were told. He placed Nicki’s
Kool Super Long into the right corner of his mouth. He put
Sarah’s Marlboro Gold into the left corner of his mouth.
With his right hand he started fingering Nicki’s cunt. “OK,
girls,” he said. “On the count of three, fill me with
smoke. One…two…three!!!”

Nicki and Sarah placed their mouths over the burning ends
of their cigarettes and blew with all the force their
tar-filled lungs could manage. They pumped Mark full of
tarry smoke with a double-barreled shotgun. As Mark’s lungs
filled to the bursting point, his semen burst forth like a
Howitzer, filling Sarah’s nicotine-saturated vagina with
white, hot fluid. Sarah’s body was taken over by an orgasm
of monstrous proportions. Mark’s hand worked its magic on
Nicki, who also started to cum. The girls moaned and
screamed as their bodies shuddered in ecstasy. Finally, all
three cigarette smokers lay back on the bed, exhausted.

No one spoke for several minutes. Finally, Mark reached for
Nicki’s cigarettes. He took out three Kool 100s and lit
them simultaneously. He handed one to each of the girls.
Each girl took several long, deep drags.

Nicki finally broke the silence. She said, “I must
say…you have a very unique family. I hope you’ll invite
me to your next family reunion.”

Mark and Sarah stared at each other and smiled. “I don’t
know how to explain it,” said Sarah. “Smoking has always
turned me on,” she said in a classic understatement.
“Sometimes I lose control and this nicotine monkey on my
back just kind of takes over.”

“Me, too,” said Mark. “I hope you weren’t too offended,

Nicki said, “I wasn’t offended. At first I was startled.
But, as we went on, it all seemed so natural. I’m beginning
to understand how you feel about smoking, Sarah. I’m
beginning to feel the same passion.”

“I knew you’d love it,” said Sarah. “You’re a natural,
Nicki. You’ve been a smoker all your life, but you never
knew it.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” said Nicki, pondering Sarah’s
words. “Well, I’d better go now.” She started dressing
herself with her cigarette dangling from her beautiful

Sarah and Mark also started dressing. Mark said, “I’ll take
care of everything with Mr. Stickel, Nicki. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks again, Mark,” said Nicki. “I’ll see you in school
tomorrow, Sarah.”

“Bye, Nicki,” said Sarah.

Nicki walked out of the office, leaving a trail of
menthol-fresh smoke behind her.

Mark looked at Sarah and said, “By the way, why did you
come down here?”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter now,” said Sarah, taking a
cheek-hollowing drag from her cigarette. “As usual, you’ve
got everything under control.”

“Good. Let’s go home,” said Mark. “I’ve got some phone
calls to make.”

Nicki was back in school the next day. And, by week’s end,
as Mark had promised, Nicki had been allowed to re-join the
track team. Best of all, within two weeks of Nicki’s
meeting with Mark, Mr. Stickel announced a new school
policy for the high school students. Effective immediately,
any student wishing to smoke in school, would be allowed to
do so in the new student smoking lounge, as long as it
didn’t interfere with classes. A special room was set up
just for students, as the teachers’ smoking lounge was not
big enough to handle the anticipated population of student

The student smoking lounge became in instant hit with the
students. Nicki became an instant hero. In her next
cross-country event, Nicki walked to the starting line with
a freshly lit cigarette dangling from her lips. She had
Sarah, and a couple of other friends, waiting at strategic
points along the course with fresh cigarettes. As Nicki
passed each of her friends, she grabbed the waiting
cigarette, inhaled several deep lungfuls of smoke, and
continued the race, without ever breaking stride. Nicki
finished the race several minutes off the winning time.
But, the important thing is, she finished. Her lungs were
on fire. Her heart was pounding wildly. She went into a
rather lengthy and severe coughing spell as her lungs tried
to cleanse themselves of the tar Nicki had pumped into
them. But, she finished the race. She proved to herself
that she could run a race and smoke at the same time,
literally. She knew she could gradually build up her

Nicki was so popular with her teammates that, one by one,
she convinced each of them to take up smoking. In one
memorable event, Nicki and each of her teammates walked to
the starting line with lit cigarettes dangling from their
lips. Track officials frantically searched the rule books
for something which would allow them to ban the smoking
females from the track. But nothing could be found. Nicki,
with help from Mark, had done her homework. From that day
on, the girls never appeared in any event without their
cigarettes. Mark, Lori, and Sarah were in the stands for
each meet. It was like a dream come true for Mark. It was
almost enough to inspire Sarah to try out for the track
team. She thought to herself, “I wonder how far I could run
before passing out.” But a deep, gurgly coughing spell
brought her back to reality. “About from here to the
nearest carton of cigarettes,” she thought. Sarah took a
cheek-hollowing drag from her Marlboro 100 and went on

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