Nicki – Tarry, Tarry Night (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

Tarry, tarry night, Paint your lungs deep shades of black,
Open yet another pack Of lung-seducing tar and nicotine.

The feeling that you get From lungs enslaved by cigarettes,
Much too wonderful to let Your lungs go back to clean and
pink again.

Now I understand Why you love to smoke so much. I’ve grown
accustomed to the silky touch Of smoky tendrils deep within
my lungs.

But the antis would not listen. They’re not listening
still. Perhaps they never will.

Nicki St. James, former athlete

“Tarry, Tarry Night”

Nicki cleared her throat and repeated, “I’d like a pack of
Winston 100s, please.”

The clerk said, “Wow! You’re a runner AND you smoke! I saw
you running up the street before you came into the store.
That’s pretty awesome.”

Nicki gave the clerk an icy stare and said, “They’re not
for me, asshole, as if it’s any of your business. I am
definitely not a smoker, OK? They’re for…my mother. She
ran out of cigarettes and I told her I’d run to the store
and get some for her.”

“At midnight?” asked the clerk. “She must really be hooked
if she needs them that badly.”

“Yeah…she’s really hooked,” said Nicki. “Now, will you
please give me the cigarettes?”

“Sure. Do you want full-flavor or lights?” asked the clerk.

“Full-flavor,” said Nicki.

The clerk reached down under the counter and pulled out a
brand new carton of Winston 100s. He opened the carton and
pulled out a brand new pack. He said, “Here’s a fresh pack.
I was just getting ready to re-stock these. They seem to be
pretty popular.”

“I wouldn’t know,” said Nicki, indifferently.

“Yeah, you’re not a smoker,” said the clerk. “You won’t be
running for long if you get your lungs hooked on these

“I don’t plan on it…not in this lifetime,” said Nicki.
“How much do I owe you?”

Nicki paid the clerk, grabbed her cigarettes, and headed
for the door.

“Miss! You forgot this!” yelled the clerk, holding up the
bottle of Gatorade Nicki had placed on the counter.

“Oh yeah. Ummm…thanks,” said Nicki as she returned and
grabbed the bottle. She stepped outside, made sure the
clerk wasn’t looking, and dropped the Gatorade into the big
trash receptacle just outside the door. Then she took off
running down the street, clutching the pack of Winstons in
her hand.

About three blocks from the store, Nicki passed an
elementary school. She thought, “This is perfect,” and ran
behind the school where she saw a deserted playground. She
sat down on the teeter-totter and looked at her brand new
pack of cigarettes.

Nicki felt a rush going through her body as she held the
pack. She ran her fingers across the smooth cellophane and
started to get very excited. She had never opened a pack of
cigarettes before and wasn’t quite sure how to do it
properly, although she had secretly watched Sarah do it a
number of times. She saw the little cellophane strip and
started to pull it. She smiled as the strip cut a perfect
rectangle around the top of the pack and came loose along
with the top panel of the cellophane wrapper. She carefully
slid her finger under the foil wrapper and ripped the foil
in a neat little square, just as she had seen Sarah do.

Nicki felt all tingly as she looked at the pure white ends
of her cigarettes’ filters staring at her through the
opening she had just torn. She held the pack up to her nose
and breathed in. As the aroma of the fresh tobacco filled
her nostrils she started to feel quite aroused.

Nicki badly wanted a cigarette now. She could still taste
the nicotine from the cigarette she had smoked earlier in
the day. She could still feel a slight irritation in her
throat. She told herself, “One cigarette is not a fair
test. In order for me to find out what smoking is like, I
need to smoke at least a full pack. One pack, just twenty
cigarettes, that’s all. My lungs are in such great shape,
one little pack won’t hurt me at all.”

She gently tapped the open end of her pack against the back
of her hand, as she had seen Sarah do. Five little filters
popped their heads out of the pack. Each one seemed to be
saying, “Take me, Nicki! Take me! Please let me feel your
moist lips encircle me as you begin to suck on me. I
promise not to filter out too much of the tar and nicotine
your glorious lungs crave–just enough so that you can
watch me slowly turn from pure white to dark brown,
indicative of the gradual change which will be taking place
within your own lungs.”

Nicki chose the filter which stuck out the farthest. It was
in the corner of the pack. She slowly extracted the long
cigarette and held it between her fingers. Her whole body
was trembling as she placed the filter between her lips and
let the cigarette dangle. Nicki could barely contain
herself, she was so incredibly excited.

“Oh, shit!” said Nicki, cursing herself. “God damn it! I
can’t believe it!” Nicki, not used to buying cigarettes,
had forgotten to bring matches or a lighter. She started to
think. She quickly concluded that she had two choices. She
could go back home, over five miles away, and hope she
could find some matches, or she could go back to the
convenience store, only three blocks away. Nicki wasn’t
entirely certain she could find matches at her own house.
She knew there must be some somewhere. Her father used
matches to light the grill. Her mother always had matches
to light the candles on the birthday cakes. But Nicki
didn’t know exactly where to look for them. Rather than
take a chance on going home and not being able to find
matches, she decided to go back to the convenience store.

Nicki ran all the way back to the store with her unlit
cigarette in one hand and her open pack of Winston 100s in
the other hand. She now had a genuine craving for a
cigarette. It was mostly psychological at this point, but
she badly wanted a cigarette. She was nearly out of breath
and was breathing rapidly as she walked up to the clerk.
The clerk stared at Nicki with wide eyes as he noticed the
unlit cigarette between her fingers. “Back already?” he

“I forgot to get matches,” said Nicki in short, rapid

“Your mother ran out of matches, too, huh?” said the clerk
with a grin.

Nicki was in no mood to engage in friendly banter. No
longer concerned about who saw her smoking, she barked,
“Just give me some f—ing matches, dickhead!”

“Hey! Take it easy! How about one of these lighters,
instead?” asked the clerk. “They’re only ninety-nine cents
and they’ll last a lot longer than a book of matches.”

“Fine! Here’s a dollar!” She started fumbling through her
pockets for some change to pay for the sales tax.

“That’s OK. Forget the rest. I’ll just take it out of
here,” said the clerk, grabbing some pennies out the spare
change cup sitting next to the cash register.

“Thanks,” said Nicki with her cigarette now dangling from
her lips. Almost desperately, she flicked the wheel on her
disposable lighter and watched the flame jump to life. She
pulled the flame close to the end of her cigarette.

The clerk started protesting, “Wait!”, as Nicki’s cheeks
started to indent deeply.

He continued, “There’s no smoking…” as the tip of Nicki’s
cigarette started to glow brightly.

“…allowed…” he said rather meekly, as Nicki parted her
lips and momentarily let a large, dense ball of creamy,
white smoke dance on her tongue.

“…in here,” he mumbled, almost incoherently, as Nicki’s
powerful chest began to expand and she drew all of the
glorious smoke deep into her nicotine-starved lungs.

“Rules were made to be broken,” smiled the clerk as Nicki
began another deep drag with the smoke from her first drag
pouring out of her nostrils.

This time Nicki felt no urge to cough. She felt a rush of
ecstasy she had never felt before as her lungs filled with
tar and nicotine. She took five more rapid, deep drags,
starting each one before the previous one had been exhaled.
For nearly two full minutes she kept a coninuous flow of
smoke going into her lungs while a continuous flow of smoke
poured out of her nostrils. She inhaled each drag as deeply
as her powerful, athletic lungs allowed her to inhale.

With each deep inhale, Nicki’s chest seemed to expand a
little more. Her breasts appeared to be bulging out of her
sweatshirt as she continued inhaling deeply. The clerk
tried his hardest not to stare, but was not having much

Suddenly Nicki felt an incredible calm come over her body.
Her nicotine craving was gone and she felt the ecstasy that
only a true smoker can ever feel. She had a contented smile
on her face as she looked at the clerk and said, “I’m sorry
I gave you a hard time. I guess I was having a nicotine
fit.” The thought excited Nicki as she took another
cheek-hollowing drag.

It must have also excited the clerk. He was trying
desperately to hide the enormous bulge which had grown in
his pants. He said, “Yeah, it…um…looks like you’re
really enjoying that cigarette.”

“Oooooh, I am! So very, very much!” cooed Nicki as she
inhaled another lungful of tar-rich smoke. She finished her
cigarette in less than three minutes. With the smoke from
her final drag pouring from her nostrils, Nicki dropped the
glowing butt onto the floor and crushed it out with the toe
of her running shoe. “Oops! I made a mess on your floor,”
said Nicki coyly, smiling at the clerk. “I’m so sorry.” She
was feeling very sexy at the moment and knew the clerk was
eyeing her.

“That’s quite all right, miss. No problem at all,” said the
clerk, making sure he stayed carefully positioned behind
the counter.

“Well, I’d better be running along,” said Nicki.

“Yeah, your mother must be having a real nicotine fit by
now!” said the clerk with a big grin.

“Oh, she’s going to have a fit, all right,” said Nicki,
thinking about how she could keep her mother from finding
out about her smoking. “I’ll deal with it somehow. See ya’
later.” She waved to the clerk as she pulled another
Winston 100 out of her fresh pack. She was ready for

As he watched Nicki dangle her cigarette from her beautiful
lips the clerk said, “Come back anytime…anytime your
mother runs out of cigarettes.”

Nicki lit up as she stood in the doorway of the store. She
took a very deep initial pump and started exhaling through
her nose as she began her second drag. With smoke flowing
from her nostrils and mouth she started heading back home.

The smoke from Nicki’s double-pump lingered in the
convenience store long after Nicki had gone. The clerk
locked the door, pulled down the blind, and started doing
some double-pumping of his own as he basked in Nicki’s

Nicki walked home at a leisurely pace. She purposely took
her time and made several stops along the way. She
chain-smoked one cigarette after another all the way home.
She noticed that she loved the smell of the cool night air
as it mixed with her cigarette smoke. She wondered why she
had ever thought that cigarette smoke smelled bad. She
loved the feeling in her lungs as she pumped them full of
tar and nicotine. She didn’t want the feeling to ever go

By the time Nicki finally reached her house it was nearly
two o’clock in the morning. She looked at the pack of
cigarettes in her hand. There were three cigarettes left in
the pack. In just under two hours, on her very first night
as a smoker, Nicki had consumed seventeen full-flavored,
100-millimeter cigarettes. She had smoked each one right
down to the filter and had inhaled each drag deeply into
her healthy, pink, athletic lungs. Because Nicki’s lungs
were so highly developed, she had taken in an enormous
amount of nicotine–far more than the average first-time
smoker. Even though she was unaware of it, and would surely
deny it if she were aware of it, Nicki was probably already
addicted to nicotine. From this moment on, Nicki would be a
slave to her cigarettes. Even if she were able to stop
smoking, she would always think about smoking. She would
always crave a cigarette. In one tarry, tarry night Nicki
had made the transformation from Nicki St. James, star
athlete, to Nicki St. James, smoker!

Nicki quietly let herself into the house and tiptoed up the
stairs to her room. As she lay motionless in her bed her
head started to spin. Her stomach started to feel queasy.
She rushed to the bathroom and vomited. She plopped back
into bed and felt a terrible headache coming on. She had
ingested too much nicotine and was now paying the price.
Nicki thought to herself, “Well, that clinches it. After
this pack is finished, my experiment will be over. Now I
have a pretty good idea of what smoking is all about. It
was fun while it lasted, but there is no way I am going to
destroy my lungs with cigarettes. I’ll never be a loser
like Sarah…”

Just the thought of Sarah seemed to trigger something deep
inside of Nicki. Just that quickly she felt a craving for
another cigarette. “Maybe if I smoke one more cigarette
before bed,” thought Nicki, “my headache will go away and
I’ll be able to sleep.”

Nicki walked over to her window and opened it. She
extracted a Winston 100 from her nearly empty pack and
placed it between her lips. She leaned out of her window as
she flicked her lighter to life. She touched the end of her
cigarette to the flame and took a long, languorous drag. In
the stillness of the night she could hear a large whooshing
sound as the smoke was pulled down into her enormous lungs.
She held the smoke in her lungs and felt a warmness
covering her entire body. But, because her lung capacity
was so great, Nicki felt as if she needed more smoke in
them. She had inhaled the entire drag and was holding it
deep within the recesses of her incredible lungs, but it
wasn’t enough. Without exhaling, she took another drag.
Again, she inhaled deeply and held all the smoke in her
lungs. That felt better, but even two drags inside Nicki’s
overly developed lungs was not enough. She wanted still
more. A third deeply inhaled drag found its way into
Nicki’s erotic chest organs.

Nicki felt more wonderful than she had ever felt in her
life. The fullness in her chest, the warmness throughout
her body, the taste of nicotine on her tongue, all combined
to make Nicki highly aroused. She wanted to masturbate, but
thought it would be too weird. Then she thought about Sarah
again. “No wonder Sarah always looks as if she’s being
f—ed whenever she smokes a cigarette,” thought Nicki.
“This feeling is incredible!” As she completed another
lung-filling triple-pump, Nicki could resist no longer. She
grabbed her crotch and started rubbing. She continued to
inhale smoke deep into her lungs as she rubbed harder and
harder. As she was approaching her climax she thought, “I
am being f—ed. I’m being f—ed in the lungs! By my
smoke! This is so amazing! Ohhh! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Nicki’s body exploded in an earth-shattering orgasm!

Her body was still shuddering as she took the final deep
drag on her Winston 100. She flicked the spent butt out the
window to the ground below, where she had been flicking her
ashes. She looked at her cigarette pack. “Damn! Maybe I
should have bought more than one pack,” she thought. “Only
two left. Well, that should be plenty. I definitely won’t
be smoking before my race tomorrow. Tomorrow? shit! It’s
already tomorrow! I’d better get to sleep. After the race
I’ll finish these two cigarettes and that will be the end
of my smoking experiment.” Nicki tried her best to convince
herself that she wouldn’t smoke anymore after this pack was
finished. She crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep
with a very satisfied smile on her face.

Sarah woke up bright and early and immediately started
coughing. With her eyes half-closed, still in a dreamlike
state, her hand automatically reached for the pack of
cigarettes on her nightstand. Even as she continued to
cough, she placed a fresh cigarette between her lips. She
grabbed her lighter and got ready to light up. Sarah could
always tell when the coughing was about to end. She went
through this same routine each and every morning. Each
morning her lungs would do their best to purge themselves
of the incredible amounts of tar Sarah had added to them
the previous day. And each day Sarah would add back far
more tar than she ever coughed up. It aroused Sarah
immensely to know that the daily net change in the amount
of tar she carried around in her lungs was always a large
positive number.

Sarah’s coughing always aroused her. By the time the
coughing subsided, Sarah was highly aroused and was ready
to masturbate. She hadn’t even lit her cigarette. As she
lit up and felt her chest expanding to make room for her
deeply inhaled smoke, Sarah could hear the wheezing and
popping sounds of her brown, brittle lungs as they
attempted to stretch out like dirty old balloons. Those
sounds were all she needed to push her over the edge. She
gently rubbed her fingers across her pussy and started to
climax. She stuck her fingers into her vagina and began
bouncing up and down on her bed. She kept dragging deeply
on her cigarette as she moved her fingers in and out of her
pussy. By the time Sarah had finished her first cigarette
of the day, she had brought herself to climax three times.
What a way to start the day!

Saturday was definitely Sarah’s favorite day of the week.
She could stay in bed as long as she liked, just smoking
and masturbating. She sometimes stayed in bed till noon on
Saturdays. It was not uncommon for Sarah to smoke an entire
pack of cigarettes before ever getting out of bed on a
Saturday morning.

This Saturday morning would be slightly different, though.
Sarah wanted to get up early to get ready to go to Nicki’s
track meet. The meet would start at ten o’clock. She had
two more cigarettes, and one more orgasm, before jumping
out of bed and into the shower.

After her shower Sarah stood in front of the mirror, drying
herself off, with a freshly lit Marlboro 100 dangling from
her lips. As she looked at her beautiful breasts, she
imagined she could see through them, right into her lungs.
She started stroking her breasts and imagined she was
stroking her lungs. She wanted so badly to see her lungs,
to touch them. She wanted to see what her lifetime of
smoking had done to them. For now, she could only imagine.

By the time Sarah had smoked her twelfth cigarette of the
day, and had experienced her fifth orgasm, Nicki was still
sound asleep. She jumped up suddenly in her bead as she
heard her mother knocking on her door. “Nicki, honey! Wake
up! You’re going to be late for your meet.”

It was 9:05. Nicki’s race was scheduled for 10:15. The jolt
of sitting up suddenly in bed, combined with the large
stash of tar Nicki had deposited into her lungs the night
before, caused Nick to start coughing. It wasn’t nearly as
bad as Sarah’s coughing, but Nicki definitely felt
something deep in her lungs. Her body was doing its best to
force it up. She coughed for about a minute and then
cleared her throat. She could taste nicotine in the phlegm
she coughed up. As Nicki stood up her head started to hurt.
It wasn’t as bad as a hangover from drinking too much, but
it was similar. She felt an uneasiness throughout her body.
She held her hands out and noticed that they were
trembling, ever so slightly. What Nicki had was a nicotine
hangover. The world’s newest nicotine addict badly needed a
fix. Nicki did not want to smoke before her race. Even
though she felt that her lungs were healthy enough to
withstand the smoke she had pumped into them, she didn’t
want to press her luck. She knew that eventually she would
get to the point where her breathing capacity would be
affected. On the other hand, Nicki could not race feeling
like this. She had two choices: smoke now and race, or
cancel out of the race for today. Nicki’s pride would not
let her consider option number two. Therefore, she would
smoke a cigarette now, and save her last one for after the

Again Nicki went to her window and opened it up. She placed
her next-to-last cigarette between her lips and lit up. Her
cheeks indented deeply as she took a long drag on her
cigarette. As she parted her lips and started to inhale,
she could feel her powerful lungs filling with rich, toxic
smoke. For the first time in her life Nicki experienced the
pure joy of a smoker’s first cigarette of the morning. Once
again, Nicki felt as if her lungs were not full enough. She
took another deep drag without exhaling the first one. She
started to feel the now-familiar warmth throughout her
body. She felt calm; her trembling had stopped. Nicki
thought to herself, “Damn! I wish it didn’t feel so good to
smoke. That will definitely make it harder to stop. But
there is no way I will continue to smoke after this pack is
gone. Besides, I am afraid Mother would eventually find
out. I hope she can’t smell this smoke.” Nicki chain-smoked
the rest of her cigarette and got ready for her track meet.
She tucked her cigarette pack, with her lone remaining
cigarette, into her duffel bag.

Nicki’s mother drove her to the school. She arrived at
9:55, just five minutes before the start of the meet, and
just twenty minutes before her race. Nicki was running in
the one-hundred meter dash. She excelled at both long and
short distances. Her specialty was cross-country, but she
also held her school’s record in the hundred. She was one
of the best high school athletes, male or female, in her
city’s history. She was a heavy favorite in today’s race.

Nicki walked out onto the track and started scanning the
bleachers. Down at the far end, all by herself, was a lone
spectator. Nicki could see clouds of smoke surrounding her
head. It was Sarah. The sight of Sarah, taking long
cheek-hollowing drags, inhaling smoke deeply into her
lungs, made Nicki really want another cigarette. It had
been nearly an hour since her last one. She had already
been starting to get a craving, but the sight of Sarah made
her want a cigarette more than ever. There were now only
ten minutes until Nicki’s race. Nicki ran for the locker

“Nicki! Where the hell are you going?” shouted Nicki’s

“I’ve got to take a leak, coach! Sorry–nature calls!”
yelled Nicki.

“Well, hurry up! You’ve got about eight minutes!”

Nicki grabbed her duffel bag out of her locker and fished
out her pack of cigarettes, or, more precisely, cigarette.
She ran into the restroom and into one of the stalls. She
desperately lit up and inhaled her smoke so deeply she
could feel it in her toes. She inhaled again, and again.
She barely took time to exhale, she was inhaling so deeply.
She finished the cigarette in less than three minutes and
triple-pumped to finish it off. She flicked the butt into
the toilet and, with smoke pouring from her nostrils, she
ran back to the track.

The runners were just getting into their starting positions
as Nicki got to the starting line. She saw her coach
shaking her head as Nicki got into position. The taste of
nicotine was hot in Nicki’s mouth as she heard the
starter’s gun.

Nicki immediately burst into a big lead. Her powerful legs
pushed her a good five meters ahead of her nearest
competitor. The race was already over if Nicki could just
hold her lead. After forty meters, Nicki was still in the
lead, but something strange was happening. She was inhaling
and exhaling the way she always did, but oxygen wasn’t
reaching her brain the way it usually did. She tried taking
deeper breaths, but it wasn’t helping. Nicki’s body was
struggling for air. After sixty meters Nicki was no longer
in the lead. Two girls had passed her. Nicki realized it
would be a struggle just to finish the race, let alone win
it. At the eighty meter mark Nicki had slowed down
noticeably and several more runners had passed her. Out of
eight runners, Nicki was now in seventh place. She lunged
at the finish line and lost her balance. She fell flat on
her face, but did manage to finish ahead of one runner. At
least she had avoided the indignity of finishing in last

Nicki struggled to her feet and bent over with her hands on
her knees. She was panting heavily, nearly
hyper-ventilating. Her chest was heaving. Nicki’s coach
came over and said, “Nicki! What happened?”

“Leave me alone!” said Nicki, pushing her coach away
angrily. Nicki started walking down to the far end of the
track, away from all the spectators and athletes. She sat
there alone for awhile, deep in thought.

Sarah had, of course, been watching Nicki closely. She
wasn’t sure what was happening, exactly, but thought she
should go to Nicki. She started walking across the field
with a freshly lit Marlboro 100 dangling from her lips. As
she approached Nicki she could tell that Nicki was deeply
troubled. There was a look of anguish on Nicki’s face.
Sarah wasn’t sure quite what to say. “Hi Nicki. I’m sorry
you lost. I hope you’re not hurt.”

“So, you decided to show up, huh?” said Nicki.

“Yeah. You know. I thought I’d lounge in the bleachers,
catch a few rays, smoke a few packs of cigarettes. It’s not
a bad way to spend a Saturday, actually,” said Sarah.

“Does the sight of all these well-conditioned athletes
cause you to reconsider your self-destructive habit?” asked

“Frankly, Nicki, as I watch these girls breathing heavily
after their races, with their chests expanding and
contracting, it makes me want to pump more smoke than ever
into my own lungs,” said Sarah as she took a
cheek-hollowing drag and sucked it all down into the
blackest recesses of her lungs.

“I knew you would say that,” said Nicki. “Now I
understand,” she continued, almost in a whisper. “I feel
the same way.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Sarah, not believing
her ears.

Nicki stared into Sarah’s eyes for a long time, without
saying anything. She watched Sarah take another
lung-f—ing drag from her cigarette. Finally, she lowered
her eyes to the ground and said, in a barely audible voice,
“Sarah, can I have one of your cigarettes?”

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