See Emily Play – Amber Part 2 – Smoking Fetish Story

Amber pursed her moist lips and exhaled a dense blue cone of smoke, exacerbating the sticky black tar trapped in her lungs that gradually attained more decay and damage – contrast to her milky white breasts with pink nipples just a few centimetres away. Nobody would ever guess from such a beautiful exterior the blackness of her lungs and so many deceased alveoli. She held two Marlboro reds between her long elegant fingers, looking ever so sexy as she threw her long wavy red hair back to take another drag from both cigarettes. Amber glanced at the clock. 10:24 am it read. She was at last onto her final pack of three and she felt quite ill for smoking so much and not sleeping.
Amber had just 9 more cigarettes to go before Emily returned with food. She felt hungry and weak and her chest felt tight. She graciously took in one drag after the other, despite her weakness she still made smoking look like a delicate and sweet thing to do. Suddenly Amber let out a sharp cough and she moaned and grimaced as she clutched her chest in pain, wisps of smoke still seeping out of her lungs, mouth and nose.
“What am I doing to myself?” She cried out loud. She gave her two cigarettes a solemn look and then aggressively wrapped her lips around them and took a deep drag, she kept sucking and sucking until it felt too hot and she sharply inhaled it as deep as she could.
It burnt her lungs, and as Amber began exhaling she couldn’t help but cough again, her remaining alveoli revolting against another potentially deadly layer of tar. Her soft breasts gently bounced up and down as she coughed and she put one of her hands on her chest to try and soothe the pain as she took another drag – this time smoother.
Amber crushed out the cigarettes and took a new one from the pack; she lit it in a hurry and took a cheek hollowing drag, creating a tingling sensation in her chest. She was exhaling when she heard a noise coming from the behind black outline of a door next to the wardrobe.
Amber took another drag, blew it out and walked towards it and pressed her ear on the wall. She could hear somebody shuffling about and moving furniture perhaps.
“Hello? Can anybody hear me?” She shouted.
She tapped on the wall and yelled as much as her weakening lungs permitted, her voice was still girly but she could feel phlegm come up as she yelled. There was no response and she ran to the bathroom and coughed up a brown/yellow bit of phlegm. She turned her noise up with disgust, rinsed the sink and took another long drag from her cigarette.
“Ick, that was nasty” she whispered to herself as she exhaled a bout of tar rich smoke.
She returned to the door outline and listened. There was still movement so somebody was definitely here but either couldn’t hear her or were ignoring her. She and sat back down on the bed, finished off her cigarette and gracefully blew her last drag out into the air.

It was 11:33 am and any noises from the other side of the wall had stopped. Amber was sat on the bed as she glanced into the packet to see only one more cigarette left. She felt so happy to almost be done. They were so bad for her, she thought back to Emily telling her about how black her lungs were and imagined how much blacker they are now after chain smoking so many strong cigarettes. She exposed her breasts from underneath her fur coat and stretched back taking a deep breath, her ribcage visibly expanded. She propped herself up against the wall as she placed the final cigarette between her youthful lips. With a smile she drew the lighter to it and sucked the smoke into the depths of her lungs, the smoke teased and gently kissed some of her dying alveoli; arousing them for the last time and giving Amber intense pleasure. Amber looked at herself with her innocent green watery eyes in the mirror on the wall. She took another drag and watched her soft pale breasts rise as she took it deep inside of her again, and exhaled.
Emily looked through the other side of the one-way mirror. She watched Amber take another drag and studied her clearly defined ribcage expand, and how white her skin was compared to her corrupted lungs just underneath.
Amber took the final drag and she blew it out and said goodbye to the smoke. She felt so relieved! She didn’t have to smoke anymore, she could eat and rest and concentrate on how she can get out of this mess.

Amber went into the bathroom and drank some water to try and clear out the taste in her mouth, as she was drinking she heard the door open and suddenly her relief was quashed as fear set in. She walked back into the room to be face to face with Emily, again wearing a cat-mask as not to disclose her identity.
“Why are you doing this to me you fucking bitch? Why can’t you let me go?” Amber cried shakily and then began to aggressively charge at Emily. Emily quickly countered it and through Amber to the floor, and watched her gasp for air.
“Sure, I’ll let you go if you keep doing as I say – now don’t move” Emily replied sternly and Amber remained put, her chest burning. Then Emily changed her tone.
“So, are you hungry hun?” Emily winked, as Amber had tears streaming down her face as she sobbed. Emily quickly returned with a big plateful of warm food and a glass of juice and placed them upon the bedside cabinet. Emily picked up the ashtray and empty cigarette packets.
“You’ve done really well kiddo, I’m proud of you” Emily smiled, hinting at all 60 of the cigarette butts and how dark their filters were. She disposed of them in the stove, picked up the stove and left the room saying “Best get some rest eh? I bet your lungs have a lot of clearing out to do after all that tar you’ve put in them!”
“Just let me go!” Amber screamed after her, but to no avail. She got up and scrambled over to her bed and picked up her plate of food once she had the appetite. It felt so good to eat, and she was slowly coming down from the nicotine buzz and sickness. She finished her meal, drank her juice then switched the lights to dim and eventually fell asleep wrapped up in her cosy coat; with every inhale and exhale clearly audible as she slept, every now and then interrupted by a tar churning cough.

Ambers little heart throbbed in her chest. She was breathing as heavily as her lungs permitted and was in cold sweats as she awoke. She glanced around ascertaining her situation and began crying to realise it hadn’t all been a nasty dream. She hugged her legs to comfort herself as she sobbed; her eyes peered over he knees and glanced at the clock, which read “8:23 pm”. She had slept for around 8 hours. Without warning she let out several wet coughs and she clutched her chest in pain and she let out a girly shriek from the depths of her fragile black lungs.
When Amber finished her coughing fit she rose out of bed and walked into the bathroom, grabbed a toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed her teeth. Then after she began running the bath. She dropped her coat leaving her pale skin exposed. She lifted her long shapely leg and like the act from a ballerina elegantly stretched out her foot to test the heat of the water. It was the perfect temperature and she submerged herself into the water and washed herself and then tried to relax the best she could.
Amber lay in the bath for an hour or so, she felt so lonely and down. She thought about people calling her and wondering where she was. It was a Friday today and she should have been at work. She hoped and prayed somebody would find her, but she didn’t even know what her captors face looked like. Then her mind fretted over Emily’s insistence on talk of tar and black lungs, she held her chest and reassured herself “It can’t be that bad, I’ll be fine” but deep down she secretly worried about her lungs.
Amber rose from the bath, her feminine body and dripping with water. She dried herself off with a towel and felt a bout of nausea come over here. She also began to feel quite irritable as she walked over to the wardrobe to get some clothes out. She opened the wardrobe but caught her finger and had a wave of anger come over her as she cursed and kicked the door. She slowed down her breathing and calmed down, wondering what was wrong.
Amber glanced in the wardrobe and decided she didn’t know what to wear. She swore, slammed the door and went to lie down clutching her head to soothe an oncoming headache.

A day passed and Emily brought Amber two meals a day but did not say anything despite Amber’s cries. Amber decided what she wanted more than anything was a cigarette, just one long girly cigarette would make all of her problems go away she thought. She didn’t care; she would die without those toxic chemicals in her veins, those deposits clogging her arteries, the tar killing her womanly black lungs. Amber wanted it, she needed it.
It was 2:24 am on the Sunday morning and Amber lay on her knees in front of the camera, she calmed herself down and asked very politely.
“Please, can I have a cigarette, I’m begging you”, she innocently looked up the camera pouting, unintentionally. Amber was sat there on her sobbing quietly when the door open, a glimmer of hope? Her green eyes lit up as Emily walked towards her.
“Okay, but you have to do something for me first” – Emily handed her a list of clothes to wear and some make-up.
Amber took the list and felt frustration build up inside her, but she contained it. If she did this and was aloud to smoke then it would be worth it.
“Okay I agree, and then will I be able to smoke?” Amber asked, with a slight hint of excitement.
“Maybe, honey” Emily winked and teased; she turned around and left the room.
In compliance with the list Amber opened up the wardrobe and pulled out a corset that would leave her breasts exposed, a pair of cute stockings and some shiny black heels. She got changed and she looked completely sexy with her perky breasts being pushed out over the top of the tight corset and she showed off how feminine her legs were with the heels and stockings. Then Amber turned and walked into the bathroom her round bottom swaying from side to side with every stride. Amber looked in the mirror and brushed her lush red wavy hair. She then applied the eyeliner, pink glittery eye-shadow and red/pink lipstick she was given. Amber walked into the central room expectantly and then she heard a click coming from the direction of the wardrobe. She glanced at the door-like outline next to it and walked up to it and gave it a push. It gave way and she walked into the new room.

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