See Emily Play – Amber Part 3 – Smoking Fetish Story

Amber walked into the new room, her gentle breasts bobbing up and down cutely as she walked. The room, dimly lit embedded ceiling lights, was separated in half by a long red curtain and in the centre of the wall on Amber’s side was a dressing table, full with a mirror and chair. In the middle of the table Amber saw a packet of Mores, an ashtray and a lighter.
Amber felt so excited. She sat her firm bum down on the chair and crossed her legs. Trembling as she picked up the packet of cigarettes and took off the cellophane, she opened the packet took out the gold paper and smelt that sweet familiar smell. She brought the packet to her mouth and with her cherry lips and she pulled out a long 120 More. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She looked at herself in the mirror; her big green eyes looked so innocent complemented by pink glittery eye-shadow. Her youthful lips held onto the cigarette as she clicked the lighter and brought the flame to the tip.
Amber felt so alive, the smoke poured into her moist mouth. She opened her mouth, looking at herself in the mirror the whole time and inhaled watching the wisp of white smoke disappear into her lungs.
First the smoke ran down the trachea, irritating the ciliated epithelial cells, many had already been eternally destroyed by her smoking. Next the smoke curled into both lungs through her bronchi, which had just started recovering from inflammation after Amber smoked sixty Marlboro Reds a couple of days ago. Now the smoke parted down several channels of mucus ridden bronchioles, a build up of sickly tar began here on Amber’s submucosa – her network of once clean pink connective tissue. Finally the smoke flowed into her Alveoli, some of which were no longer accessible as they had beautifully and quietly died off inside of her, smothered in layers of tar from Amber’s insatiable lust for rich smoke. The capillaries that surrounded the alveoli swelled with nicotine and cancerous chemicals as they wilfully accepted it into her fragile system. The smoke’s erotic journey only lasted a matter of seconds.
Amber pursed her lips and exhaled the smoke into the air and her breasts lowered. All of her anxieties disappeared and she took another cheek hollowing drag and she slowly expelled a lucid cloud of ostentatious smoke into her reflection. Smoke drifted from her pink lips and in front of her sweet glassy eyes. She guiltily looked at herself and thought how elegant and sexy she looked with a long girly cigarette cocked at her side. Is this what her captor wanted?

With the cigarette between her lips and smoke constantly being inhaled into her body she fluffed up her hair and then she heard Emily’s voice ring through a speaker.
“Now, you’re going to do exactly as I say if you ever want to get out of here as the door you came through is now locked. Get up and face the curtain”. Amber stood up, with the long cigarette between her fingers and walked over to face the curtain. Amber brought the cigarette to her lips and deep succulent drag, as she was doing so the curtains slowly started moving to the side.
The curtains move and smoke flowed out of Amber’s mouth as she stood with her jaw dropped. She took a step back and Emily’s voice yelled,
“Don’t you dare move or you will never be let go”.
Amber complied fearfully. Before here was a wooden pole coming out of the ground and on it a pair of black smoker’s lungs in a spot light. Each defect clearly visible, black tar covered the lungs. Amber felt terrified, had her captor killed somebody? Is this what a smoker’s lungs really look like? Her gut wrenched as she first looked at them, and then looked at the slender smouldering cigarette between her fingers.
“Now, take a step forward and take a nice deep drag on your cigarette. You had better inhale! The woman in the photo is Patricia, and I want you to meet her lungs. Yours probably aren’t as ‘pretty’ as hers yet but they will be.” Emily encouraged as she giggled at the end of her sentence. A projector switched on behind and a white screen behind the lungs filled with a slideshow of Patricia whilst she was still alive. Patricia looked so happy, and was very feminine and had a long slender cigarette with her in all of her pictures. Amber looked at all of the tar on the lungs in front of her and then up at the photographs. How could something so disgusting be in somebody so beautiful? Then she looked down at her soft womanly bosom rising and falling as she breathed.
She brought the cigarette to her lips and sucked like she had done thousands of times before. The creamy smoke came into her mouth and she quickly inhaled it into her own lungs, all the while using Patricia’s lungs as a template for her own. Oh God but it feels so good! Amber thought. She imagined her own lungs looking like that and took another deep inhale and held it in imagining the tar taking its effect.
“Now go up to Patricia’s lungs and touch them. I’m sure she wants your smoke too, she misses it after all”, Emily uttered through the speakers. Amber slowly walked up to them, her heels echoing in the room. The lungs glistened with tar, like they were wet and had some abnormal white bulges. Amber placed the cigarette between her glossy lips and slowly pressed her pink nipples against Patricia’s until her breasts felt tight against them. Then took a big drag on her cigarette and inhaled deeply with a big airy gasp in shock from the cold lungs. Amber pretended Patricia’s lungs were her own whilst the smoke was inside of herself, and how black and gross they were just like Amber’s own. She exhaled smoke again all over the lungs. There were younger pictures on the slideshow of Patricia that were so beautiful, just like Amber.
“Patricia needs the smoke more directly” Emily demanded.
Amber complied and took another drag and cautiously she wrapped her painted lips around Patricia’s trachea and exhaled. The lungs made a strange sound as they inflated and amber quickly released her lips and gasped, watching Patricia’s lungs deflate and smoke trickle out of them again. Deep inside Amber’s thoracic cavity the same happened with every deep inhale of smoke, her body craved it. Amber felt aloof, could she really be doing this?
“What do you want from me? What’s your name!?” Amber cried in a shaky voice, crystal tears began to run down the curvature of her round pale cheeks. She felt like she was violating her body so badly, she was so beautiful on the exterior after all. Amber, sobbing took the cigarette to her lips and took another deep drag, she felt it so warm and loving inside as she ran her long finger down Patricia’s black tar-ridden lungs. Amber finished her cigarette and crushed it out under her heel.
“I want you to smoke Amber, get another cigarette from the pack”, Emily commanded. Amber’s judgment was in turmoil. She saw how disgusting these lungs were; can she just smoke and accept it? She had to. She had no choice. Amber’s body needed it, she felt so stressed by the situation she needed to smoke, and even external forces told her it was okay to smoke as Emily encouraged through the speakers. Giving in she took out another long sexy More and placed it between her lips, she went up to Patricia’s lungs and lit the 120 cigarette. The smoke rode into her lungs and raped and pillaged, like marauders through a country. Patricia’s lungs had already been robbed of their worth, like a black scar across the land. The black scar had already damaged Amber beyond repair and she wilfully closed her eyes and held Patricia’s lungs close to her chest as she took an enormous drag, she opened her eyes and looked down at her pink nipples and gentle white breasts and focused on the extreme burning in her lungs and urge to cough but held the tar filled smoke in her delicate frame. She let out a cute girly cough as smoke spilled from her beautiful mouth and nose. She took drag after drag until she felt a head rush. This cigarette didn’t last her long and she crushed it out under her heel again, now she got a new cigarette from the pack and lit it.
“Now Amber, there is only one way out of this room. You do want to go home don’t you?” Emily wickedly teased.
“Just let me go! This is horrible, how can you do this to me?!” Amber cried in frustration and sadness.
“You’d have done this to yourself! I have changed nothing!” Emily coldly replied, “There is only one way out of this room, and I will only let it slide if you are constantly smoking as you have been.”
Amber slowed down her breathing and calmed herself, if she just did this she would be let go. She took another drag to ease her shaking and replied, “I will smoke, tell me”.
“Look in the drawer of the dressing table” Emily told Amber.
Amber placed the long smouldering cigarette between her lips and opened the drawer. Inside she found a scalpel and she took it out, then her heart skipped a beat.
“The key lies within Patricia. I’m watching you; the key will never work if I see you’ve stopped smoking.” Emily smiled as she looked at the television screen. There stood an extremely sexy girl standing face to face with a pair of decrepit smoker’s lungs, with a long feminine cigarette between her lips. Her body coursed with nicotine, her oxygen levels depleted as carbon monoxide permeated her blood. She watched Amber’s chest rise and fall, and was especially attentive when she knew her lungs were full of that carcinogenic smoke, making them more and more likely to be swallowed entirely by the black tar that encases them – killing Amber’s sexy body and destroying all her hopes and dreams and everything she ever has been. It made Emily wet at the thought of Ambers sexy figure writhing on the floor as her wet red lips parted gasped for air letting out a frightened girly moan, but deep in her interior her black lungs began collapsing causing Amber to asphyxiate. Amber’s thighs wiggling and twitching, her soft breasts bouncing up and down for the last few times and her black lungs going into a final spasm. Emily smiled, and returned from her fantasies to Amber who was taking a nice long drag as she prepared for incision.

Amber felt the smoke inside of her own black lungs as she placed the scalpel on Patricia’s smooth (but seductively black) pleura. Amber took a deep pull on her cigarette (turning the filter from white to brown in seconds), her mouth opened as the wispy grey smoke disappeared into black depths as she held the cigarette between her front yellowing glistening teeth (which were white just a few days ago). A wet sound permeated the room as she sliced into Patricia’s left lung, all the while holding the cigarette in her mouth and puffing away with her glowing green eyes studying attentively with concentration on her face.
Amber’s stomach turned, “Icky” she said in her petit voice, expelling smoke at the same time. She took a deep breath and cut in harder, she exposed tubes coated in tar, and some areas were rings of black glistened carbon deposits. “How is anybody supposed to breathe like this?” She pondered to herself as she lit another cigarette from her last one, adhering to Emily’s commands. The smell was almost unbearable; the only thing that allowed Amber to cope with Patricia’s lung odour was the familiar smell of her own cigarette. Amber took as deep a drag as she could so she could manage, her smoke tasted and smelt so good it was unbelievable she thought. Amber coughed, and turned up her noise trying not to imagine the obstructions and flooded in tar lungs that she kept in herself. She let out a shaky breath as she cleaved the once elastic pink left lung almost in half. What she saw was like gore from a horror movie she thought. There was still a bit of crimson blood dried up inside, as well as bulges of black tar, ranging from deep blotches to specks on Patricia’s lung flesh. Amber took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled her creamy smoke all over the lungs. Amber felt a lump in her throat, from fear and disgust.
As she chained smoked into her next cigarette, her own lungs desperately crying for clean air as they were lustfully soaked in smoke, she made an incision on Patricia’s right lung. Amber’s blood vessels were even more constricted from the nicotine and Amber’s little heart throbbed as she sliced through Patricia’s sponge-like dead lung. She cut through layers of decrepit smoker’s lung as she took a deep drag, making her own sweet lungs burn. Her bronchus began to be slightly irritated again and Amber let forth a cough, “Oh fuck me” Amber cried out in pain; such dirty words from such a pretty mouth; yet from such dirty lungs. This is so wrong, she thought as she took another drag.
As Amber exhaled a plume of smoke she saw a glimmer of metal protruding through a cut she made in the bronchi after cutting through rings of cartilage. “Yes!” Amber’s emerald eyes lit up as she pried the key loose and took a rewarding drag from her cigarette. Her soft white hands were covered in brown/black tar, markedly contrasting. She wiped it off as best she could on the red curtain. It smelt nasty, and it looked fowl she thought to herself. She took out yet another More and lit it from her last one (for fear of disobeying her master, be it Emily or nicotine was unsure), and then she ran over to the door through clouds of smoke, inserted the key into the lock and turned. She walked back into her old room and the entrance was wide upon. She ran towards it when suddenly a needle slid into her neck and she fell unconscious.

Amber roused from her slumber and she rolled on her side in bed. She was in the bedroom in her little apartment. She was in her pink gown and her crimson hair was brushed perfectly, her skin was as milky white and smooth as it always had been and she looked as cute and innocent as ever. Amber pushed her white duvet from herself and sat up stretching her arms out and let out a cute little yawn. She rubbed her eyes and then she saw a fairly large parcel in the centre of her carpet. Memories were at the back into her mind, was she safe now? She felt surprisingly calm. The serum Emily had used to make Amber unconscious caused short term memory loss, but it would soon return.
Amber stretched out her long womanly legs, rose from her bed and walked over to the parcel. Attached to it was a note which she picked up and her glassy eyes looked over it with child-like curiosity.

“Dear Amber

Hey honey. It’s Emily, we had the greatest time over the last few days and I really enjoyed myself. I hope you did too. I am really sorry for what I did, and I just want you to know I really hope that you carry on smoking. You really should, it’s not as bad as you think it is. I know you want to smoke, and I am really supportive of that – you became a complete woman when you made that decision as a young teenager. It’s really good for you, it makes you feel wonderful and my God you look so damn sexy with a long girly cigarette cocked at your side with creamy smoke pouring from your painted lips – it makes me want to start smoking with you! But I’m not brave enough like you.

I just want you to know, how much I respect and care for you. I’ve not been entirely truthful with you. You should know that people say cigarettes are bad for you, and they do have tar in them as well as some nasty chemicals. But it’s not much, it won’t kill you I promise – I really promise honey. You are such a strong girl, you know what happens to you when you smoke a cigarette and you know you are in complete control. You have 100 packs of long 120 cigarettes enclosed,

I love you. x

p.s. There are 700 million alveoli in the lungs, and I am sure you have plenty left!”

Emily ended the message with a lipstick imprinted kiss. Amber felt strange, she couldn’t recall much yet but she remembered being taken and having to smoke. Her heart pounded when she read the message. Her head been fucked up so much by this woman she knew nothing about. This woman seemed totally crazy, but one thing was for sure. She needed a cigarette.

Amber opened the parcel to find it as described in the letter there were 100 packs of 120 length cigarettes – 2000 cigarettes! Ambers little heart tingled with excitement and her red lips formed a smile. Shakily she took a pack and sat down on her bed. There was a clean ashtray on her bedside cabinet as well as a lighter. She shakily took the cellophane wrapper off, opened the packet took out the foil and there were her pretties. She put her moist lips to them and withdrew one long all-white cigarette and held it between her lips. As she had done thousands of time she clicked the lighter and brought it to the tip of the cigarette and inhaled, and exhaled. Her whole feminine figure relaxed and she lay down on her white bed again, just like her white skin. Amber lay there and took a drag as her breasts and pink nipples rose yet again as the smoke disappeared inside of her black lungs just underneath. It made her tingle all over because it felt so good; it felt like the smoke played gently with her lungs. She smiled as she exhaled.

As Amber lay there smoking, memories started coming back to her but she continued smoking and lit up a second cigarette. She felt really strong cravings for some reason. One or two drags in with her second cigarette, and that’s when she looked down again at her bosom. It was then she remembered Patricia’s lungs. An inkling of fear set in. Amber remembered how they glistened with tar and how tumour ridden they were, how Patricia was killed by it. Amber started feeling aroused as she took another deep drag and imagined, “Oh god but I can’t stop doing this” she moaned out loud as she exhaled the smoke. Conflicting emotions within her manifested themselves sexually, the idea of how bad it could be and how black it was making her lungs, but she wanted to smoke and she reminded herself that Emily said it was okay now. Amber took a deep drag and looked at how dark the filter was and held it next to her breast and imagined her lungs being the colour of her filter as she slowly exhaled. Amber knew for a fact her lungs were black now and she reached down between her legs and felt how wet she was. She felt dizzy from internal conflict as she took another drag and thought of how happy Patricia was when she was alive, but how incapable her lungs became of sustaining her life. Amber began masturbating and she moaned in a girly voice as she heavily smoked her cigarette, chaining into a third.

“I fucking love smoking” Amber cried in pure ecstasy as she wrapped her wet lips around her cigarette and inhaled the smoke into her black and dying lungs whilst she masturbated breathing heavily.

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