She Wanted to Learn About the Fetish – Smoking Fetish Story

Lisa sat down on the couch next to her husband. “Jack, I want to ask you some questions about your smoking fetish.”

“Sure,” Jack replied, “What do you want to know?”

“I know how much you love watching me smoke. It makes me feel so sexy inside when I see the lust in your eyes every time I light up a cigarette. Before I met you the men I dated were repulsed by my smoking, but you let me be myself. It makes me happy to know that you get as much pleasure as I do from each cigarette.”

Lisa paused to reach over for her pack of Nat Sherman 164mm cigarettes. She took out one of the long tubes of tobacco and put it between her cherry red lips, lighting it and bringing the sweet aroma of smoke into the room. She took a deep inhale and continued her question with a talking exhale. “I’m really interested in knowing more about what you like. I spent some time reading about smoking fetishes on the internet and had no idea there was so many different aspects. You do so much for me that I want to make sure you’re getting lots of what you enjoy.”

“Honey, that’s so wonderful of you to do. I appreciate the fact that you indulge me so much already. You don’t need to do any more,” Jack said.

“But I want to. There are so many fascinating things out there. There are men who like long cigarettes,” Lisa smiled as she said that, taking a heavy drag off of the longest cigarette available, “Men who like cork tips, heavy smokers, social smokers, young, old, inhales, exhales, cigars; name something about smoking and it’s out there. After reading about it for a while I think I understand it a lot better, and I think there are some things that you enjoy about it that you haven’t told me.

“There was something in the computers browser history called ‘The Dark Side Forum’. People posted images and stories on the fringe of the fetish.”

Jack’s heart almost skipped a beat. How much had she read? Was she mad? He waited for Lisa to continue as she double pumped on her cigarette.

“I can tell by the look on your face I just scared the shit out of you,” she said after she blew a stream of smoke across the room. “Don’t worry, none of what I saw made me want to run away. I think a lot of it was really interesting, and I want to know what parts are your favorite.

“I assume by the fact that the message board primarily revolves around lung damage you like the idea of my lungs filling up with tar and turning black, and you like it on the mornings I wake up coughing.”

Jack contemplated what he should say. Should he deny it? He decided to tell Lisa the truth; after all, he fantasied about the dark side every time she lit up.

“Well, yeah,” he confessed. “Besides the super long cigarettes, the stuff on the message board is my favorite part of women smoking.”

“So you’ll like it if I do this?” Lisa asked as she put the half smoked cigarette between her lips and directly inhaled the smoke, filling her lungs to capacity. Her lungs couldn’t take that much smoke and she burst into a coughing fit, taking almost a full minute of hacking up her lungs before she recovered. She could see an erection forming in Jack’s pants and before he had time to respond she put the filer into her mouth and direct inhaled off the cigarette one more time. She coughed even harder the second time, and a yellow and brown goo came out of her mouth. Jack was speechless while he watched her. All he could do was grin.

“I wonder how much closer that brought me to lung cancer?” said Lisa. She had spent hours reading about the lung damage fetish and knew by saying that it would only make his erection larger. “I’d like to destroy my lungs for you, if you’ll let me that is. Had I known how much you liked wheezing and coughing girls I would have started smoking more than the pack and a half per day that I do now. I’m going to make sure I’m out of breath every time I climb the stairs. I’d like to be able to cough up phlegm for you every morning.”

Jack finally found his words. “That would be so amazing. I have no idea how I found such a wonderful woman.”

Lisa stubbed out her spent cigarette in the ashtray and chained into another. She wasn’t done with her questions yet; she had one more suprise in store for Jack.

“I also read stories and watched videos about mothers teaching their little girls starting to smoke. Does that turn you on too?” Lisa asked.

There was no sense in hiding anything so Jack said, “Incredibly. I love how innocent they are and how their young pink lungs are turning black.”

“Then have I got a treat in store for you,” Lisa said. She turned her head down the hallway and shouted, “Katie dear, could you come to the living room please!”

Lisa turned back to Jack and took a cheekhollowing drag. “I know Katie isn’t your biological daugter, but would you still like to watch me teach her how to smoke?”

“Watching you teach your seven year old daughter to smoke might be the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen,” Jack said.

Katie came bobbing into the room, her dark blond hard falling down around her sundress. She sat down across from Lisa and Jack.

“Katie, you know how much mommy loves to smoke, right?” asked Lisa.

“I see you do it all the time, so you must really like it,” said Katie.

“Did you know that Jack really likes to watch girls smoke cigarettes and his favorite thing to see is when a mommy teaches her little girl how to smoke?” asked Lisa.

“No I didn’t,” said Katie.

“Well, it’s his favorite. You really like mommy and you really like Jack, right honey?” said Lisa.

“I love you both,” replied Katie.

“So would you like to make me and Jack really happy and let mommy teach you how to smoke cigarettes like a grown up?” asked Lisa.

Katie though for a second, her young mind thinking about what her mother asked. “Sure, I would like to be a grown up.”

Lisa took a big drag off her Nat Sherman 164, knowing she was going to give her husband a show very few people ever got to see. She got up and changed seats to sit next to Katie, exhaling the smoke while she moved. She thought that her cute little daughter would look great smoking her first cigarette while wearing the big hoop earrings Lisa had in her ears right now. Jack liked it when she wore them and would like them even more on her daughter. She took them out of her ears and slipped the posts through the holes in Katie’s earlobes. The five inch diameter hoop earrings hung all the way down to Katie’s shoulders and helped with the sultry look of her daughter.

“OK honey, before we start there are a few things I need to tell you. When you smoke, the importand part is that you suck as much of it as you can into your lungs. This allows your lungs to get nice and black and develop a smoker’s cough. Jack really likes girls who can make their lungs black and listen to them cough up a lot of phlegm. For the first cigarette I’m going to inhale the smoke into my lungs and blow it out at your face. When I do that you need to breathe in very deeply to get the smoke into your lungs. This will make it easier when you smoke the next one on your own. After you breath the smoke in hold it in your lungs for a few seconds and them put your lips together and blow the smoke out just like you see mommy do,” explained Lisa.

Lisa took a drag, the end of her cigarette glowing bright red to provide the toxic smoke to her lungs. She turned her head toward her seven year old daughter and exhaled directly into Katie’s face. Katie followed her mother’s instructions to the letter, closing her eyes and taking the smoke into her lungs. She counted to three before she opened her eyes and watched the smoke come out of her tiny mouth.

“Mommy, I did it!” Katie said.

“Great job sweetie, the smoke looks good coming out of you,” Lisa said. She followed up by taking another drag and blowing it into her daughter’s face, with Katie exhaling the same as before.

Jack sat mesmerized watching his wife feed smoke into Katie’s waiting lungs. It was like a dream come true. He sat there and watched her feed the rest of the cigarette to her daughter, Lisa only pausing twice because she had to cough.

Every time they went through the exchange Katie was able to exhale a little bit more smoke. After Lisa finished the cigarette she turned to Jack and asked, “How was that, babe?”

“Beautiful. I could hardly contain myself,” Jack said.

“Alright Kaite, before you smoke the next one by yourself I’m going to show you how to hold the cigarette,” Lisa said to Katie as she took out two fresh 164s, handing one to her daughter. “Hold the cigarette between your fingers just like I am. Whenever you’re not dragging from the cigarette to make your lungs blacker hold it straight up and down right next to your head. It’s really important that you always look very pretty when you smoke so Jack can enjoy watching you. Now try putting the cigarette between you lips and let it dangle there.”

Seeing the 164mm cigarette hanging from Katie’s mouth almost made Jack explode. He could hardly believe his luck today, his wife indulging his darkest fantasies. Katie made a V with her fingers and took the cigarette out of her mouth and held it next to her head just like her mother instructed.

“Now I’m going to light my cigarette and put it between your lips. Suck on it like a straw and after you have the smoke in your mouth open in wide so we can see in, then inhale it into your lungs. You’re probably going to cough because it’s a lot more smoke than you inahled before turning your tiny lungs black. Make sure you hack really hard so Jack can enjoy it. Are you ready?” asked Lisa.

“I’m excited to start mommy,” Katie said.

Lisa put the long smoldering cigarette between Katie’s lips and watched her daughter suck on the cancer stick. She took the cigarette out as Katie opened her mouth wide and showed off a cute ball of dense smoke inside her virgin mouth. She inhaled hard and the smoke disappeared from her mouth. After the smoke hit the bottom of her lungs she started coughing violently, her little body shaking from head to toe as the thick smoke poured out of her mouth and nose.

“Isn’t she so beautiful, Jack? Wheezing and coughing as her pink lungs get their first coating of tar. If she keeps up she’ll develop emphysema before we know it.” Lisa said to Jack as she lowered the cigarette to her daughter’s waiting mouth for another big drag.

Katie looked up toward Lisa, seeking her mother’s approval as she sucked the toxic smoke into her mouth again. She inhaled the smoke down into her lungs before starting to cough again. This time she held her mouth shut as she coughed, trying her hardest to keep the thick smoke inside of her. The big hoop earrings Lisa put in Katie’s ears bounced around as her tiny body convulsed.

“You’re doing such a great job,” Lisa complimented her daughter. “Do you think you’re ready to smoke a full cigarette on your own?”

“I’m ready, mommy. Does Jack like watching me smoke and cough as much as watching you?” the little girl asked.

Lisa glanced down at Jack’s rock hard penis before answering her daughter, “I think he likes watching you more! You’re going to have to put on lots of shows every day for him.”

Lisa traded cigarettes with her daughter, putting the long 164 in between her daughter’s thin fingers. Katie held the burning cigarette next to her head just like Lisa taught her. The lit Nat Sherman 164 along with the big hoop earrings made her daughter look fabulous. She was sure that Jack was enjoying this show as much as she was. She switched seats back to the couch next to Jack so she could have a front row seat for the first drag her daughter took on her own, lighting another cigarette when she sat down. She needed to work as much tar into her lungs so she could put the best show on for her husband.

“We’re ready to watch you take a big drag to blacken your lungs!” Lisa told her daughter.

Katie complied with her request, two sets of eyes watching eagerly as the seven year old slowly moved the extra long cigarette into her lips. As she took the drag her fingers slightly released the cigarette so it could move freely in her mouth while she sucked on it. After she was done with the biggest drag of her young smoking career she took the tar filled cigarette and moved it back next to her head, smoke slowing drifting skyward from the tip of the cigarette. She opened her mouth wide, giving the couple a view of the ball of smoke that was ready to coat her lungs with tar. Her little chest lifted up as she brought a full drag into her waiting lungs for the third time.

As Katie started coughing Lisa leaned over to Jack’s ear and whispered, “Wouldn’t it be great if she developed lung cancer before puberty? We can watch her tiny little body slowly lose the battle if we get her to smoke enough.”

Jack was sure he died and went to heaven. He got to watch a young girl smoke and cough for the first time while the girl’s mother talked about Katie getting the most wonderful disease smoking could offer. After watching Katie take several more drags, he didn’t think life could get any better. He wasn’t prepared for what came next.

“Mommy, do you think my lungs are black like yours yet?” Katie asked.

“You’re sure doing a good job getting tar into them. If you start smoking as much as you can handle every day I’m sure your lungs will get as infected as mine. You’ll be coughing up big wads of phlegm in no time.” Lisa said.

“Now Katie, since you look very good smoking and Jack really likes it I’m going to try and make him as happy as I can while he watches you. Don’t be scared, I’m going to take his penis out of his pants and rub on it so he can feel as good as we do. Just keep smoking just like you are. Put on the best show you can for him.”

Jack couldn’t believe what was happening. His wife was giving him a hand job while he watched her seven year old daughter smoke her first Nat Sherman 164. Lisa unzipped his pants and slid them down around his ankles; the head of his penis glistening with precum. She slowly started jacking him off while he enjoyed the sight Katie smoking.

Lisa took as big of a direct inhale as she could off of her cigarette. Her lungs protested, sending her into a wonderful coughing fit. She hacked up a big wad of brown slime into her hand and worked the byproduct of her lungs into Jack’s twitching penis. She did another direct inhale, trying to ruin her lungs as much as possible. As she started coughing uncontollably she kept working Jack’s penis, positioning her head above his penis so the tarry mucus that she coughed up landed on his penis.

“You’re doing a great job, Katie. Jack is really enjoying this, I have his penis coated in my phlegm and he loves it when we cough things up. I want to finish him off really good, so I want us to both take the biggest drag we can at the same time. Instead of holding the smoke in your mouth before you inhale I want you to put your lips around the cigarette and breathe the smoke down directly into your lungs,” Lisa said.

Mother and daughter brought their cigarettes to thier lips at the same time, doing the first of many lung damaging direct inhales they would do together. Katie’s little lungs burned from the hot and tarry smoke, sending her and her mother into what would become a regular coughing fits. As the phlegm from his wife’s lungs covered his penis, he blew the biggest load of his life as he watched littke Katie cough out her first wad of brown mucus and it landed on her sundress. His cum mixed with his wife’s heavy byproduct, and Lisa finished him off by licking his penis clean of his cum and her phlegm.

Jack closed his eyes and laid his head back, exhausted. He listened to his wife talk to her daughter, “We did such a great job today, Katie. We got our lungs really black and coughed up a lot of loose tar. To keep it up make sure that you always have a cigarette burning between your figers so you can get your lungs as black as possible. Soon you’ll wake up in the morning and cough out all kinds of wonderful things onto your pillow, and Jack and I will be there to watch and listen. I’m going to start direct inhaling all of my cigarettes so I can make sure I burn out my lungs as soon as I can. We need to make sure our lungs stay full of smoke so we can get sick with cancer and emphysema and let Jack watch and enjoy as our lungs start to fail.

“Make sure whenever Jack wants to masturbate you put on a smoking show for him. In a few weeks I’ll show you how to use the phlegm you cough up to give him a hand job and suck his penis clean. You’re going to be the luckiest little girl in the world.”

Lisa was glad she found the Dark Side message board. She would be able to indulge Jack while her and Katie slowly succumbed to deadly diseases. Her and Jack would watch her daughter destroy her lungs.

Katie would painfully die of lung cancer when she was just fourteen, her last breaths inhaling directly off a freshly lit 164. She knew she was about to die, a smile on her face as her mother gave Jack a handjob while the life slipped out of her; Jack’s cum mixing with Katie’s phlegm for the last time as she died with smoke in her lungs.

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