Life Decisions – Mother Comforts – Smoking Fetish Story

Laura slowly creeped her car forward on to the driveway, scrunching the bonnet, usual, up against the pretty evergreen rhododendron bush on the gravel driveway as to leave just enough space for her dad’s car beside hers, she popped out of the car, and then whilst leaning against the bodywork, looked back across the road and waved at the blue fiesta parked a little down the road. As she stopped in front of the green wooden door and rubbed her knees together as running on the spot to stay warm as she then pulled the copper-coloured key from inside her handbag and waited for that moment and it soon came, when her boyfriend Adam’s warm arms were quickly wrapped around her waist, she moaned and nuzzled back as he affectionately squeezed her slightly soft middle, she paused and snuggled the back of her head against his crook of his neck as she twisted the Yale lock as his hands migrated around and down inside the front of her black skirt, after a few seconds pause for enjoyment of the moment the door was opened and they got in the house.

As every on the third Wednesday of the month, the house was rather usefully dark and empty as she got home late from work, Mum, Trisha had already left and was out at her parish meeting and Dad, Dereck, was out for a meal meeting his usual customers.

Adam used his black size 10’s and kicked the door shut with his heel as she sighed loudly and fell back against the wall as stepped forward and with a loud grunt he squeezed her against the wall as he kissed her with frantic passionate energy on the lips as he unbuttoned her white work blouse two buttons at a time, and as they continued with the sloppy kisses. Laura’s hand migrated up the wall beside her and flicked the light switch the hallway took the three seconds for energy saving lightbulb that her dad was fanatical about to warm up, they both paused whilst waiting for it to illuminate them before they kissed again.

His hands migrated around to her backside and with a tug on the zip her black knee length work skirt was unzipped, and white silk petticoat soon followed as they dropped around her black 20 denier covered ankles as they slowly bounced with kisses against the hallway wall and shuffled towards the stairs.

They stopped and grinned at each other “So, a good day at work?” Adam asked as Laura smiled and wavered her head uncommittedly, and they kissed again.

As the broke for air, she replied “It was shit, but since your texted at two, I’ve been looking forward to you all afternoon!” she grinned as she stoked her hand across his stubbly face and leaned in and they kissed again.

“You smell and taste delicious,” they kissed again “I guess you haven’t…

“Ad…shush…of course not, i‘ve been at work, not out with the girls!” she moaned as kissed again as his hands squeezed her naked buttocks through the tights.

“Law, can we go upstairs…now?” he asked and kissed again.

Laura nodded running her tongue along her now saliva wet lips “Oh, actually, in a second Ad, I need to put the oven on for mum and me!” she grinned and kissed him again before pushing and relinquishing his arms around her body and then she stepped out of the skirt.

Adam followed annoyingly caressing and squeezing her bottom through the tights as they walked into the kitchen and as she bent over to turn the oven on to gas mark 6, he slid his hand on her smooth tights and between her now very warm, moist, turned-on crotch. Laura squealed as Adam smiled “Oh you are wet!” he grinned as she batted his hand away.

“Oi, that’s nice…but…I know just…where… your finger….is” She moaned as he wiggled his hand “…but please Ad don’t ladder my tights!” she jested as she wiggled her bottom vigorously against his hand.

“But you’re not wearing any knickers and I’m enjoying feeling you!” he stroked his hand again harder between her thighs.

She snorted and audibly took a deep breath and placed both hands on the counter groaned “Just don’t….break…It’s definitely not that…never mind, oooh that’s so nice,” she softly squealed as he slid his hand in and out between her soft thighs “ But Ad you…that is tooooo nice, please stop…I have been at work all day!” she tutted as she stepped wider apart releasing his hand from her crutch, before stepping to the side to the fridge and shivering from the blast of cold air as she pulled out the cheese laden mash potato covered shepherd’s pie her mum had made earlier in the day, putting that on the work top to come to room temperature for a bit. She shut the fridge door and shivered again.

With the dish safely on the counter she then turned Adam again as he wrapped his arms around her, she whispered, “warm me up” and with one hand unclipped her white bra. Laura kissed him and glared before glancing back to the kitchen window with blind wide open before shrugging her shoulders as she looked back at him focusing on her his eyes, before going on tiptoes and kissing him again, with her chest against his she slowly slipped her hands out of straps took a kiss and stepped away from him letting it slowly fall off her chest and to the floor between them before pressing her body against his again.

“Law, can we go upstairs now?” Adam whispered softly as he gently cupped her left large left breast with his hard, twisting her large erect nipple between his fingers as she groaned before squishing closer again and grinding their clothed hips together whilst kissing. “As you know I haven’t got much time!”

Laura rolled her eyes and nodded with her bright blue-green eyes and released her lips as hand in hand she then led them up the stairs, Adam’s spare hand squeezing her wobbling white buttocks bobbing on every step through thee stretched transparent fabric. No sooner had had Adam pushed her backward on to the bed than the tights were quickly peeled off, the crutch almost ladder free.


Adam hopped up and down at the end of the bed and pulled up his black boxers and then found his trousers a little further around the bed and turned at smiled at the naked Laura sprawled out on her back across the bed. He affectionately ticked her toes at the end of the bed as she affectionately kicked him back before concentrating on doing his fly up.

“I will definitely see you tomorrow evening Law, you going to come over to mine?” he stated as he pulled his shirt over his head and tidied up the last couple of buttons as she grinned.

“Ok Ad, but you could, if you wanted stay here for tea and here afterwards.” She patted the bed “There is plenty of shepherd’s pie!” she almost wined.

Adam smiled as he sat down on the bed and grunted as he bent over “No, I need to go and see dad.” He replied as he pulled up his socks.

Laura rolled her eyes “Please?”
“Sorry Law, I promised him, I will text you when I get home later.”

“Oh, okay.” She frowned and gently kicked him in the back pushing him up off the bed before he turned and smiled at her, before crawling back, his hands migrating over her naked body and giving her one last final passionate kiss on the nipples and then her mouth.


Laura’s step almost bounced as she walked naked along the landing to the bathroom and jumped in the shower and within seconds the water was flowing over her hair she was happily singing into the showerhead as she lathered the suds and her now enjoyably sweaty body clean.

Twenty minutes later she was out of the shower with her green fluffy towel wrapped around the top of her chest, and a white one turban style on the top of her head she wiped the condensation off the mirror and smiled at her now calm face reflected, she then headed to her bedroom to get dressed.

As Laura rummaged within the neatly folded pine façade drawer, she nodded, she pulled out her comfortable large bright pink pyjama shorts, she sat on the edge of the bed bounced a couple of times with a grin before and rubbed the towel on her smooth shaved legs and leaned forwards and pulled her shorts up to her knees. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she heard the doorbell loudly, almost urgently three time she stood up, she wiggled her legs and hips and pulled the shorts up her still slightly damp legs and then with a sigh and another jiggle the whole way up. She then straightened the towel down making sure she was decent the best she could on top and headed down the stairs tightening the twist of the towel and shouting, “I am on my way!” as she went, she smiled at the memories of a an hour ago as she picked up her discarded blouse, skirt and petticoat off the floor at the bottom of the stairs and folded them over her arms as she peered through the opaque glass door and frowned as the shadows she could see she twisted the lock and opened the door and winced as she stared at the male and female uniformed police officers.


With sheer panic running through her head, she offered them a seat as she dumped her clothes on the counter as waited for the kettle to boil, she guiltily bent down, shrugged her shoulders and picked up the white bra off the floor and nervously folded in half before putting it on the other clothes on counter next to the kettle. table as the two officers standing there, they mentioned words like “car

accident” and “hospital” but it was rather difficult to take it all in. She finally stopped flitting around when they then asked about regarding next of kin, and Laura had to double check the wall clock and focus to explain that her mum didn’t get home from the meeting until about nine.

Laura poured the hot water in to the three cups, splashing some out of the cup as her hand was shaking and absentmindedly poured far too much milk in and then stirred offering the officers sugar which they politely refused she put two spoons of sugar in hers, she felt like she needed it.

She again sighed loudly as her bum reached the chair at the kitchen table and then crossed over her legs, she tutted as she tugged at the top her towel again and tried to cover her legs by sorting the flap at the corner of the towel over her bare legs desperate to remain semi-decent and again offered the officers to sit down, which this time they did. Laura then tried to listen to the officers as they repeated themselves again, this time hoping a cup of tea will help her focus and listen.

A few long painful minutes the front door eventually banged opened with the noises of bags and coat swishing against the wall and then the footsteps down the hallway.

“Evening Law,” Trisha called out.

“Were in the kitchen!” Laura called back.

Trisha over emphasised a sniff as she came down the hallway “Did you have a good day at work? Did you forget to put dinner in the oven, I can’t smell it? Also, Law did you see the police car outside? Who is that for? Number 27 again I thought they had moved out?” Trisha prattled away as she made her way down the hallway towards the kitchen carrying her brown handbag.

Laura winced and her shoulders sank further as she looked across at the shepherd’s pie still sitting on the counter and not in the turned on oven and then looked back towards the doorway as Trisha’s flustered head appeared, her face dropped as she surveyed the scene, “Us Mum, they are here for us…” Laura stated dejectedly as Trisha’s smile disappeared, she then sighed and leaned her head against the door frame at the sight of the police officers solemnly looking back at her.

“Oh.” Trisha said as her face collapsed into horror as she looked across at the stern, but friendly looking police offers sitting at her kitchen table drinking a cup of tea.

After them both listening the female police offer repeat her sentence again Trisha’s head collapsed into her hands as tears poured down her cheeks “Fuck it, sorry, it’s no good, sorry Law, need a ciggie!” she mumbled quietly with her head looking down at the table and her head, with tear sodden red eyes looked up she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.

Laura’s eyes widened and leaned forward to get closer to Trisha wrapping her arm around her back in support “Pardon mum?” she asked as own large tear drops tickled down her rosy, red cheeks and dripped on the table as she tilted.

Everyone sat in silence for the thirty seconds it took for Trisha to compose herself blowing her nose several times on the new crunched up face tissues slowly building a white snowy mountain of snotty tear-filled tissues in the middle of the table. She bunched the latest tissue up and dropping it on the pile and pointed up towards the kitchen cabinets “Sorry Law, I need a cigarette, can you reach on top of the cupboard you know the Weetabix one.” She sighed and again pointed up above the cupboard.

“What am I looking for?” Laura asked as she stood up, grabbing her towel which started to creep down her chest as she caught it on the back of the chair, she again twisted the top and then opened the cupboard and peered in on tiptoes.

Trisha rolled her eyes “You must be able to see it, a pack of cigarettes and lighter, its only for emergencies officers, you know…” She stated calmly as they looked at each other shrugged their shoulders.

Laura whilst balanced on tip toes looked back “Mum!” she squealed and then looked apologetically at the police officers and shrugged her shoulders.

“They should be behind there somewhere.”

“But Mum!” Laura asked.

Trisha tutted her greying short bob cut hair bouncing and swaying as her head moved “I will explain all later.” She stated as she watched Laura moving gingerly on tip toes trying to hold on to her towel with one hand as her fingers on the other migrated across the top of cupboard before pulling down with a very puzzled face

a pack of Marlboro lights and a pink Bic lighter. Laura held them away from her body as if they were toxic in her hands, gently placing them on the table.

“Are you sure mum?” Laura asked as they all looked at pack on the table.

Trisha sniffed and nodded “Very much so, I am sorry.” She stated very firmly as her hands moved so she securely gripped her hand over the pack and flipped open the lid.


Trisha looked across at the uncooked pie and then back at Laura “Law we both haven’t eaten anything, and I have starving, but I guess I need to come across to the hospital right away?” Trisha asked though the cloud of her recent slow exhale as she confidently flicked her cigarette above the glass with a small amount of water in it and then dragged again.

“Yes ma’am, sorry, if you could?” the male police officer asked.

Trisha sighed and shook her head again and then nodded as the thoughts tumbled around in her head, she then stared at Laura “Sorry Law” Trisha apologised and glanced back at the police officers before looking at Laura again, “but you will have to drive me, as I had a glass of wine or two with Dorothy in the Rose and Crown after the meeting, if I had known this, I really wouldn’t have done so…oh only if I knew this.” She cried out again only briefly stopping so she could put the filter between her lips and drag on her cigarette and flood her lungs with smoke.

Laura sat with open mouth, in shock as she watched her mum again inhale on yet another cigarette again before closing her mouth and looking at Trisha, “No problem mum let me get dressed.” She said as she stood up again and again caught the towel as it started to slide just before she flashed her breasts to the police office, so she again twisted the top of her towel “and then we can head over straight away.” She was still shaking her head in disbelief as she had just watched her mum and her face showing the momentary pleasure as she held the smoke within her lungs before releasing it at polluting the air in the room as she headed to the stairs.

Chapter 2 Thursday

Trisha slumped down on to the kitchen table chair which squeaked against the floor as her weight moved, she tutted as she picked up and then rearranged the

piled of papers, she was carrying in front of her before dropping them again on the table. She sighed loudly and looked across at Laura “Your Uncle James is a right pain in the backside!” she groaned running her hands through her hair before sighing again as the kitchen chair again creaked as she sat back and stared at the paperwork in front of her.

“Mum, he is only trying to help. There is a load of stuff to deal with.”

Trisha nodded knowingly “I know Law, I’m grateful for you taking this week off, but what will help me now is…” she paused as she looked around the table and lifted and shuffled some of the papers and looked underneath “…another cigarette.”

Laura briefly tutted and then a smile crept across her face.

“Mum so you actually bought a new pack yesterday?”

“Oh yes, it’s in my, err, bag” she leant down and opened her bag and took out the pack “I just couldn’t wait for him to leave. I know he is your dad’s brother but boy is he annoying.” She stated as she took the cellophane off and flipped the lid, eventually got a cigarette between her lips.

“He is just trying to help!”

“I know I know. Everyone is trying to help!” Trisha said as the unlit cigarette bounced between her lips. “He is just too much for me” she stated and paused as she flicked the lighter and brought the flame to the tip, it crackled and was soon inhaling on the smoke.

“It’s only another couple of days until the funeral, and then we can look through the mountain of condolence cards. Its nice mum, everyone genuinely cares.”

“I know, I know.” She sighed as a single tear trickled down her cheek as she hit on the cigarette again.

Laura smiled as she looked to the fridge. “It’s not too early, a nice glass of wine I am sure will help!” she smiled as she headed to the corner of the room.

Trisha wiped the tear from her cheek with her thumb and then drew on her cigarette as she nodded “Law, I think you might be right!” she grinned and manicured her cigarette as she exhaled.


Laura swirled her glass of wine and took a sip “Mum that was really a lovely service to and send off for him, nice ability to say goodbye.” She then picked at left over sausage wrapped in bacon that had been left behind. “It’s been nice to catch up with everyone, even though it is depressing.” She stated and chewed.

Trisha nodded her eyes raw from succession of understandable crying bouts throughout the day “Yes it was, but I am glad they have all gone.” She stated and then dragged on her cigarette and exhaled out the corner of her mouth. “For the last couple of weeks, it’s been a whirlwind of police and family, and now” she sniffed “it is just us.”

“Mum that will be absolutely fine. It’s just me and you!” She smiled her mum and put her arm around her shoulders and squeezed it. “I will also admit you were right; no one once mentioned your smoking!”

Trisha smiled and dragged again on her cigarette and exhaled a cone.

“There is life in the old dog yet!” she grinned and manicured her cigarette again. “Are you buggering off with Adam tonight?” she asked.

“Oh mum, we are not ready for that yet!” she grinned. “But yes, if it’s okay, I will go out.”

Trisha nodded “It’s amazing to have such a beautiful, amazing daughter.” She smiled as she flicked her cigarette, the ash drifted down into the ashtray.

Laura blushed “Oooh thanks mum.” She said as she affectionately nuzzled her nose into her mum’s coiffured hair before coughing with the intense smell of cigarettes and hair product in the hair.

“No Darling, please, not today, I definitely need them now!” Trisha scolded her whilst shaking her head and running her hand back through her hair as Laura looked down on her before placing the cigarette between her lips.

“Sorry mum, I didn’t mean to. Honestly, it was all the hair spray Diane used this morning!” she tried to lie and defend herself yet again and picked up her wine glass and gulped more down.

“Talking of leaving me are you going out with Adam now?” Trisha asked as she manicured her cigarette again on the old glass ashtray bought at a charity shop last week.

Laura screwed her face up “I was planning on so, he has gone around to Monique’s with Dai as he is being good and giving us some space since the wake, but now I feel guilty about going out again.”

Trisha forced a smile, her eyes twinkling with moisture before taking a quick drag on her cigarette “Darling, go out and have fun, we need to have a little bit of enjoyment now, don’t we?”

“Thanks Mum, as long as you are sure?” Laura put her arm around her mum and squeezed her shoulders. “Are you honestly sure you are okay on your own?”

Trisha smiled and nodded “Yes Law, I am. Oh, before you go, are you coming back here or going to his?” she asked.

Laura shrugged her shoulders with a smile “I am not sure yet, do you want us here in the morning?”

Trisha smiled “I will be honestly fine if you are not. “

“Oh, thanks Mum, I will text and let you know, are you sure I can go out tonight?”

“Go now, before I change my mind. Be safe and go have fun, we all need a release!” Trisha said then she took one last longing drag on her cigarette, exhaling as she stubbed it out.

With a cloud of smoke in the air Laura got up picked up another cold sausage roll off the plate and kissed her mum on the head and headed upstairs chewing on the sausage roll as she went upstairs to get ready.


Laura tipsily smiled as she stroked Adams chin and leaned in for a kiss as they sat alone down on the cold damp pavement a few paces down from the kebab shop, Adam’s denim jacket covering her bare shoulders of her little black dress as he heroically shivered in his short sleeve red checked Ben Sherman shirt, the other revellers staggered and stumbled around behind them. “So, Ad,” she stated between kisses “I really need to text my mum, your place or mine?” she grinned

and kissed him again on the lips before tugging at her skirt up her thighs as it fell down her thighs again before leaving it fall where it was hoping the darkness would reduce the visibility her rather bare crutch sitting just above a large puddle in the middle the road.

Adam wiped her sauce and grease off his mouth from the kiss with the back of his hand “Come to mine, we don’t need to be as quiet.” He grinned as his finger stroked her leg and kissed her again. “You’ve got your nighty at mine anyway and it’s not as if you need any clean knickers.” He grinned as glanced down at her crotch before kissing her again as the lettuce and meat fell out of the tray and on the floor.

Laura broke off the kiss, “you actually want me wearing it?” she asked surprized before she kissed him “It’s huge on me!” she exclaimed and rocked back on the pavement putting her hand down to stop herself falling.

“I thought it was cute?” He attempted to pull her back giving her a sloppy kiss in the process. “but no, of course I don’t want you in it!” he grinned as he kissed her again. “I want you in nothing!” he grinned again as placed his greasy hand on her thigh.

Laura broke the kiss and looked up knowing someone was nearby as the shadow was looming over them “God sake you two get a room!” Karen giggled as she interrupted them as she stood on the road eating her bag of chips.

“Oi, we will do in a minute.” She looked the floor and grumbled “My food has fallen on the floor; go on give us a chip!” Laura asked and raised her upturned hand begging for the food.

“Are you sure, you will only complain it will make you fat!” Karen giggled taking two chips and chewing as she lowered her greasy bag.

Laura stuck her tongue out “Too late, I will start my diet again tomorrow, I promise; I’ve been naughty and eaten my own weight in sausage rolls all day.” She almost stated proudly before grinning as she took a chip. She placed it between her fingers like a cigarette.

“Shall I light your chip for you?” Karen wobbled forward in her heels and flicked her lighter.

Laura giggled “No silly, I am not going smoke it, I am going to eat it. But I will smoke a real ciggy, if one is going.” Laura stated and promptly chewed it licking her lips afterwards.

Karen snorted “Always for your babes!” and opened her little handbag and managed to eventually wiggle out two cigarettes out of the pack whilst still holding her chips and placed it between her lips. she grinned as they bounced in the corner of her mouth and flicked the lighter and inhaled and then bent down and offered the spare one to Laura.

“So how is your mum?” she asked with her exhale as she dropped her lighter back in bag.

Laura shrugged her shoulders and she quickly eat the chip and then, swallowed, and took a frantic drag, exhaled, and then responded, “She has started smoking as a method of coping!” she ginned and leaned over and then picked up and chewed on the last of Adams wrap, wiping her hands on her skirt.

“What the fuck?” Karen asked as she slightly stepped to the side to keep her balance.”

“Tell me about it!” Laura screwed her face up in ball. “Bang goes my secret smoking!” she giggled.

Adam shook his head “I keep telling you not to smoke!” he piped up.

“Shhhh!” Laura giggled and patted him on the knee and took another drag. “I don’t smoke!” she smiled with her exhale.

“Yeah of course!” Karen stifled a giggle as her eyebrow rose. “How as today?”

“Shite, but it was good to get out this evening with this one!” she squeezed his knee and took a deep drag on the cigarette.

“Also Law you can tell me all the goss on Monday!” Karen replied before inhaling on hers.

“Oh, I will do, I have missed everyone this week.” She stated with her exhale bathing Adam and herself in smoke.

“But you are allowed to grieve.” Karen stated flicked her cigarette and drawing on it again.

Laura nodded as she hungrily drew on her cigarette as Adam tutted and relinquished his arm around her waist and shuffled away from the drifting smoke. “Yeah, it’s hard!” she acknowledged and then exhaled.

“I can imagine, but it was a good night out!” Karen grinned as she flicked her cigarette and took another lungful.

“Nice distraction!” Laura stated with a solemn face on.

“Oh, when we have finished, can I be cheeky and nab a lift in the cab?” Karen asked as she balanced the cigarette in one hand and her chips in the other.

Laura smiled as she rolled her eyes “Yeah of course Kaz!” she replied confidently before turning to Adam “She can, can’t she?” Laura asked Adam, almost grovelling smoke pouring out of her mouth.

Adam coughed as the smoke from Laura’s cigarette enveloped him again and he nodded “Come on both of you!” Adam said as he stood up and offered his hand down and pulled Laura up into an unsteady hug. “Kaz, Law, you will need to finish your chips and ciggy before we get in the cab.” Adam instructed.

“Yes sir, Laura will help me.” She stated as they stumbled away from the remnants of the food on the floor.

“I hope not with another cigarette…” Adam muttered with gritted teeth as both girls inhaled on their current cigarettes.


After dropping of Karen outside her house and the taxi waited the 5 seconds to make sure she stumbled safely in her house, they sat in silence as the taxi drove off as Adam’s fingers migrated again inside her thigh and moved up and down Laura’s soft flesh whilst taxi drove down the street; Laura’s drunk and emotional head was resting on his shoulder as the dim lit streets of the town flashed across their faces.

She lifted and lead and looked at Adam “Ad, sorry honey, do you think I could be dropped off at home?” she asked still looking at him.

“Are you sure?” He asked and leaned in for a sloppy kiss.

Laura pushed him away before their lips touched, “Honey, I just, you know, need to spend time with my mum.”

Adam chuckled “Law, she will be fast asleep?” he yawned.

Laura smiled and nodded her head “True!”

“And at this difficult time for you, I want, and feel I should be with you too?” Adam asked as he slipped his hand further up her thigh until he reached the point where she quietly moaned.

“Oh, okay darling.” Laura kissed him on the lips.

“Please Law come to mine, Dai won’t be home yet?” he asked, as she shook her head and kissed him again.

“Okay honey, as long as I don’t have to wear that nightie.” She giggled.

“Shh” he glanced towards the taxi driver before looking back at her and giving her peck on the lips as his hands slid down the inside of her thigh and gently swirled his finger around her short pubes “The best thing about you as ever, is in nothing at all!” Adam smiled as his fingers migrated further down and, in the darkness, slid in, as she softly moaned in appreciation of where his finger was, and nuzzled her head into his crook of his neck as the taxi sped along the road.

“I love you Ad!” Laura said and lifted her heavy drunken head for kiss. “I really do!”

Chapter 3 Saturday and Memories

Laura took a deep breath of fresh air and opened the front door; she dropped her handbag on the floor and sighed as she shut the front door after doing the walk of shame in her high heels all the way home from Adam’s place as he refused to get out of bed to drop her home. She tried to style it out wearing his t-shirt over her dress. She sniffed the air and a wry smile crept across her lips as she walked down the hallway.

She sighed loudly, swallowed, and then took a deep breath as build her confidence as she watched the column of exhaled smoke leave her mum’s lips. “Morning

Mum!” she grinned as she walked in and kissed her on the top of her head and migrated towards the kettle.

“Morning Darling, good night out?” Trisha asked as she manicured her cigarette in the Gü ramekin on the kitchen table.

“Yeah, not too bad. I feel really guilty for leaving you in the house on your own. So, I came home as quickly as possible. Bloody long walk!” She frowned as she reached up and got a mug out of cupboard and shovelled in three scoops of instant coffee into it.

Trisha nodded and then tutted as she glanced at Laura’s feet “Especially in those heels! Why didn’t Adam give you a lift?”

“He wanted to stay in bed, don’t start now, my head hurts!” Laura replied despondently as she poured the hot water in to the mug.

Trisha nodded in sympathy, “Sounds like you must have had good night?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad. It didn’t rain when we left the club, and the music was good,” Laura stated as she poured in the milk.

Trisha nodded and drew on her cigarette, and exhaled a small cone out to the side of her mouth “So what is your plan today?”

“Might go shopping with the girls later.” Laura stated as she sat down at the kitchen table. “Then night in with you.”

“Law, please sit, and have a morning cigarette with your coffee, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

“Mum!” Laura exclaimed almost embarrassed.
“Please have a cigarette with me this morning before you go out again?”

Laura smiled, and tucked her blonde hair back behind her ears “No Mum, but I don’t smoke!”

Trisha raised a knowing eyebrow.

“No, I need to get out of these clothes, and I need a shower, then I am going out to find Karen.” She declared flapping the t-shirt as she promptly sat down with her coffee.


Laura sat at the kitchen table watched on as Trisha exhaled and stubbed her cigarette out “I thought you were seeing Adam again tonight?” Trisha asked as they looked over the clean dinner plates.

Laura winced “No don’t you remember, like I said that’s tomorrow he is working late again tonight.”

Trisha nodded “That’s good, more time with you for me!” she grinned as the wisps of her remnants of her exhale drifted out her nose.

“You could have come shopping with me and the girls?” Laura asked.

Trisha smiled as she manicured her cigarette “I am alright!”

“Good, but to be honest Mum can I ask how you get over that empty feeling?” Laura asked chewing on her last cheese covered cracker before taking a gulp of her glass of red wine.

Tisha smiled and sighed, her shoulders falling slightly, “To be honest Law at this very moment I light a cigarette, and I momentarily feel lifted every time the smoke hits my lungs.” She stated as pulled another cigarette out of the pack and perched between her lips bounced as the she slowly brought the flame to the dark tobacco stuffed end flared red as the yellow flame hit the tip and the white paper quickly turned black as she inhaled twice, exhaling through her nose.

“But mum, you never did that beforehand?” Laura asked holding wine glass securely and defensively in her hand.

Trisha snorted and shook her head “Law, oh I did once” she grinned “at college and a little before getting pregnant with you, it was your dad made me finally stop…he detested them, but as you know they certainly helped all those years ago during the exams and they are certainly helping me now!” Trisha stated before again placing the filter between her pink lips and drawing on the cigarette.

Laura smiled and chewed on her cracker with cheese and swallowed, “Mum, I can’t start smoking properly now, I am too old to start that!” she smiled and carried on chewing.

Trisha shrugged her shoulders and turned the pack around, so the open side faced her daughter. “I have just done so, and Law, I can’t force you, but not in my wildest dreams did I realise I enjoyed it so much, I think you would enjoy it too.” she grinned.

Laura snorted “Why smoking mum, how long have you hidden it from me?”

“You tried when you were younger didn’t you?” Trisha asked back.

“Well yes…” she winced as she knew what she was about to say “…I guess, Karen, Zoe and, err, I might occasionally still smoke, but only occasionally Mum!” Laura looked a little guilty as she looked at tempting cigarette poking out of the pack.

Trisha laughed, “And I thought you still did…” she grinned and touched the side of nose a couple of times. “Mothers intuition!”

Laura twisted her mouth and shook her head rejecting that she smokes. “But I really don’t truly smoke!” she muttered defensively under her breath.

Trisha continued “But I have not hidden it from you, you haven’t looked, when you or your dad had been particularly annoying to me, I may have once or twice had to escape to the bottom of the garden.”

“Mum! No!” Laura exclaimed “Surely not?”

Trisha guilty nodded “Well, you helped me with the bottle of wine, feel free to join me now?” Trisha asked and turned the pack around to face Laura. “But as they say you are healthier for not doing it mind you!” she continued.

“I know but it’s not like I treat my body well, I am like a fat goddess!” she smiled. “Yes, you like your cake!” Trisha riffed back.
“Mum, you are meant to say I am not fat.” Laura gave a look of indignation. Trisha smiled “You are definitely not fat!” she grinned and manicured her ash.

Laura put her hands up and looked guilty “Thank you mum, Yeah,” she frowned a little before smiling at Trisha “but I must admit this is nice cheese” she chewed a little more “…so more importantly are you going on your around the world cruise you always spoke off now dad’s insurance cheque has come in?” Laura asked picking the crumbs off the plate with her finger and placing it on her tongue and swallowing.

Trisha cocked her head to the side as she drew on the cigarette held most of the smoke in her lungs as some drifted out her nose as she thoughtfully ran her tongue across her lips before letting the smoke drift out of her mouth.

“Actually darling, I was thinking about that” she looked down at her hand and flicked the ash before looking back at Laura, “whilst it would be amazing to disappear for a year, I think it would after a while be a little boring all by myself, so I was thinking of actually helping you with it.” She stated and whilst Laura looked confused, she pulled on her cigarette.

Laura almost knocked the plate with her elbow “Pardon Mum?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot, you and Adam are strong, and I’ve heard you trying to be quiet and failing miserably most nights. So maybe it’s finally time for your own place?”

Laura grinned like a Cheshire cat “Oh wow, thank you mum” she stood up and leaned in for a hug over the table.

“Hey law, just watch my ciggy!” Trisha grinned as she put one arm around her and held her left hand aloft clear of her daughter’s blonde hair.

“Oops, sorry mum, I forgot.” Laura said as she released Trisha and sat back down still grinning.

“I am also thinking… and more importantly…” she looked at her empty glass “…do you want to open us another bottle of this Merlot, as its rather nice?” Trisha asked smiling holding the empty bottle.

Laura nodded enthusiastically “Absolutely, of course mum!” she grinned. “But you know something mum… you should really quit smoking!” she stated as a volley of exhaled smoke barrelled across the room.

“Sorry Law, but with your dad gone, I think I am in need of them!” Trisha stated as Laura again watched the spike in pleasure travel across her mums’ face as she inhaled the rather delightful pungent smoke that was permeating around the room yet again into her lungs.

“If you say so mum?” Laura replied.

Trisha nodded “Well, I do, and now I need a pee and might change into something more comfortable.” Trisha stated before taking a final, as her face showed, almost loving drag before exhaling as she stubbed her cigarette out.

Laura shook her head watching her mum “Okay mum, I will open that bottle.” she smiled as they both pushed the chairs back.


Laura sang to herself as opened the merlot and topped up both wine glasses before settling back at the kitchen table, she reached across at her mum’s pack and studied the contents there were five left. She pulled one out by the filter and studied it she paused looking at glanced to the ceiling as she listened as the floorboards creaked as her mum moved around upstairs. She placed the cigarette under her nose and smelt the enticing aroma and smiled at the memories of sitting smoking the more than occasional cigarette when drunk on nights out with Karen and Zoe.

She placed the cigarette between her lips just as Trisha swished back into the kitchen in her pink silky pyjamas loosely buttoned up, she licked her lips and sat down, picked up her wine glass and grinned at her daughter sitting there with the unlit cigarette protruding between her lips.


Trisha sniffed her nose and sipped her red wine and licked her red wine-stained teeth leaned her head on her hand, her face was full of thought, “Law, do you remember our holiday in the south of France?” she slurred a little as she wiped her nose and pulled another cigarette out of the pack and tapped it rhythmically on the table.

“Which one this time mum the one with the kayaks?” Laura asked stifling a yawn watching the cigarette bounce on the table between her mum’s fingers.

“That’s the one, where after paddling for half a day we were all knackered and your dad had that hair brained scheme and took us for walk afterwards and a wrong turn on the footpath and we ended up in a field full of angry bulls and we had to run into the stream.” Trisha smiled with the memory.

“Yeah, I fell in, didn’t I? I was dry on the river and then fell in on the walk.” Laura laughed with the memory. “I had to walk back all the way to the car pulling my t- shirt down over my naked backside” she giggled.

“We were meant to go shopping, but had to go back to the Gite, as you were not going to sit half naked in the car whilst we went in!” Trisha laughed hard and sniffed.

“Yeah, I was sitting there with a beach towel across my legs!” she grinned “I should have put knickers on that morning…” Laura’s eyes sparkled as the memories stirred and tumbled in her brain.

Trisha laughed at the memory “That right, you went through that early stage of wearing nothing or those silly unpractical non-existent thongs, don’t think there was much wet fabric around your arse!” Trisha laughed.

“Oh god, yes, hell I remember, even now I still now prefer nothing, those knickers were so bloody uncomfortable, but made my butt cheeks at the time look sooo good! Christ, I couldn’t fit in them now…” Laura mused.

“That’s, Law, because of way too much alcohol and cake!” Trisha nodded if stating it in a drunken motherly way.

Laura picked up her wine glass “I guess…they are both rather nice and the knickers thing means I have less to wash!” she grinned and took a gulp.

“Hang on madam…who does the washing around here?” Trisha raised her eyebrow cheekily.

“Yeah, well you know what I mean…” Laura responded and stuck her tongue out.

“That holiday was good fun, it was like one of our last as a family, as the following years you went off shagging on the Balearics with your friends.”

Laura screwed her face up “Muuuum, that’s not fair, we didn’t go shagging, plenty of drinking, dancing and smo…snogging, but I was good!” Laura said defensively.

Trisha raised an inquisitive eyebrow and then looked behind her at the cupboard. “I think I still have the cheap shot glasses somewhere you brought back that last time.”

“Yeah, I think we spent all the money and had like 10 pesos left.” Laura grinned.

“Law, it’s good that we can still laugh and share those memories.” Trisha sniffed again and has Laura watched on she finally placed the cigarette between her lips.

Trisha tutted as she looked across at her daughter “Law, close your mouth or just smoke another one please.” Trisha asked as the cigarette bounced between her lips.

“Like I’ve said I really don’t really smoke mum!”

Trisha looked at Laura and a wry smile crept across her lips “Darling, that’s a lie, I know you smoke…sometimes…But you are staring at me like you think I am an alien. Or about to attack you, you are watching my every move!”

“Okay, true, but your smoking is very much alien to me mum, even after these two weeks.”

“But Law, I know smoking is not alien to you, and I think you full well know red wine and cigarettes are certainly not foreign to each other.” Trisha stated as she flicked her new pink Bic twice to get a flame and finally inhaled it as the tip crackled as it caught alight in the silence between them. “It will make you feel better.” Trisha finally said after exhaling.

“You’re drunk mum.” Laura said swirling her wine before taking a large gulp.

Trisha enthusiastically nodded “Yes I am,” she grinned happily “and…” she shrugged her shoulders “…so were you the other weekend, when you fell in the through the front door with your legs practically up over your shoulders flashing your knickers at me.

Laura guiltily shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes and gulped some more wine. “Sorry! At least I was wearing them that night…thanks for helping me up.”

“It’s okay, at least I was awake…but don’t you think at this moment in time the drink and smoke does feel good now though, doesn’t it, I am having a really great Saturday night in with you!” Trisha said with a smile and picked up her wine and

with a gulp some and an “ahhh” then pushed the pack with a single cigarette in it towards Laura.

Laura nervously peered at it “Mum it’s your last one?”

Trisha giggled shrugged her shoulders “So what? Tomorrow is another day, Spar is 2 minutes away, I can and thinking about it, I will get more tomorrow.” she suggested her head wobbling slightly as she reached across and manicured the ash from her cigarette.


“But nothing Law, you can smoke, hell I have watched you tonight, and I am fed up with you watching me like a freak show every time I actually enjoy one.”

“Sorry mum, I didn’t realise… I…”

“Please.” Trisha begged and pushed the lighter with her bitten nails across to Laura.

“Oh, right, shall I go to the loo first.” Laura went to push her chair back.

Trisha shook her head and snorted and pushed the pack further across the table “Law, I know you like to hold it, please just light the cigarette darling and let me enjoy mine.”

Laura gulped air as Trisha looked fiercely across the table her hand on the table with her cigarette burning between her fingers, Laura picked up her glass for support and necked down the rest of her wine with an audible slug and whilst still looking at her mum picked up the lonely looking cigarette out of the pack. “I can’t believe at twenty-nine my mum is forcing me to smoke.” She nervously giggled and placed the cigarette between her lips.

“Please, stop messing around and light it now.” Trisha said sternly and motherly.

“Yeah, hang on.” Laura said muffled with the cigarette between her lips as she too got the lighter in to flame and to touch the end of the cigarette.

With a gentle small drag and let the smoke out of her mouth pulling a face of faux disgust and licking her lips

“Come on Law, don’t mess me around, its too late, please smoke it properly darling.” Trisha stated.

Laura smiled and rolled her eyes, “Wow hang on mum, you said it was to make me feel better not guilty.” And then relaxed and pulled hard on the cigarette.

It was Trisha’s turn to grin “Come on.” Trisha said keeping one eye on her daughter as she took her own lungful from her cigarette.

“Happy now?” Laura asked as she exhaled and grabbed her wine to sooth her throat.

Trisha nodded “Much!”

Laura smiled as she placed the filter back between her lips and confidently pulled again.

“Law, I have been thinking…” Trisha hesitantly stated and swirled her wine as the smoke drifted of her burning cigarette.

“Yeah mum?”
“…about your dad’s life insurance.”

Laura chuckled “Yeah mum, forcing me to smoke and now two seconds later talking of life insurance…” she chuckled “… I just assumed you were going on a world cruise, or something exciting?” She smiled and brought the filter back between her lips and again hit on her cigarette.

A smile again crept across Trisha’s face as she nodded, twisted her mouth as she manicured the ash from her cigarette with a now practiced flick, Trisha looked up and studied her daughter, the smoke from both their cigarettes drifting up across their faces “Yes Law, that would be really nice get away from all, but last night sitting here on my own, I was thinking slightly different!” she smiled placed the filter between her lips tilted her head back and inhaled.

“Oh…what mum?” Laura asked leaning forward with her elbows on the table as the anticipation built.

Trisha exhaled a cone and then ran her tongue across her dry lips and picked up her wine and took a quick sip and swallowed loudly. “Well…I was thinking, seeing

as the mortgage is paid off on this house, you know…we could buy you your own place with the money?”

Laura’s jaw dropped in surprize “Oh, wow mum!” she beamed and rocked back in the chair as the thoughts collided in her brain before shuffling forward again, “but won’t you be lonely here?”

Trisha shook her head as she glanced at the empty pack in front of them and frowned, but then as thoughts cross her brain she then grinned “I will be just fine.” And she confidently placed the filter back between her lips, her cheeks gently collapsed, and the cigarette crackled and burnt brightly as inhaled the smoke into her body once again.

Chapter 4 Sunday Morning

Laura stirred, yawned, and groaned as she rolled over in bed when she woke up to the loud clunk of the front door shutting echoing up the stairs and to her door. She opened her eyes and stretched and got up and pulled a face as she swivelled up right, grimaced as she bent over to pick up and put on her dressing gown from the floor at the edge of the bed, she grabbed the bed as the world moved slightly and slowly straightened up and groaned again as she rearranged herself as she headed out of the bathroom as she shook her head and ran her tongue along her hint of last night’s smoke covered teeth; she winced her head thumped as the clanking and crashing coming from the kitchen reverberated in her head.

Laura lifted her dressing gown up around her haunches and sat on the toilet with her head in her hands waiting for the world to come to a stop, she flushed and gingerly made her way to the bathroom mirror and she washed her hands and then picked up her hairbrush and quickly tried to tidy her bedhead blonde mess of hair before putting it up in a ponytail, and then sniffed the air, and followed her nose down the stairs.

“Ugh Morning mum.” She leaned her head against the door frame and beamed as she investigated the kitchen with her eyes.

“Good morning sweetie. How are you feeling this morning?” Trisha smiled brightly.

Laura sniffed the air again “Like shite, but that smells delightful!” she smiled as she looked across at the sausages and bacon sizzling in the frying pan on the stove and the beans in the microwave as she walked over picked up the kettle and checked there was water in it before flicking it on.

“Yes, proper Sunday morning food! But I’ve good cooked too much again; I have got to remember there are only two of us…” the sentence drifted off as she turned and opened her arms up for a hug.

“No problem, I am starving, I will eat it all as it will sure help with the hangover.” Laura smiled as she leaned in for the bear hug.

Trisha smiled “Yes it will Law,” and they hugged each other, as they released Trisha stated “oh, you don’t have to worry about cigarettes this morning, I have already been shopping.” She beamed before returning her focus to the pan and rotated the sizzling sausages and flipped over the bacon.

Laura screwed her face up and winced as her head hurt as she did “Mum I wasn’t overly worried, but yeah, sorry again for smoking your last cigarette.” Laura reminded herself and ran her tongue along her teeth.

Trisha chuckled “I should apologise for making you smoke it.” She said looking up from the hob with guilt etched across her face as she bit her bottom lip.

Laura smiled appreciatively and nodded, “It is okay mum, I enjoyed it, and I did see that made you briefly happy.”

“Well yes, except that I forgot that I didn’t have one for this morning when I came down!” she grinned. “But not to worry I have already been out and got us a pack, and I we also needed some more milk as I thought we might need a couple of cups of tea and coffee to go with them. So, no problem there.”

“Mum surely you can’t be that addicted yet. Maybe, like I said it might just be wise to give up again now?”

Trisha nodded as she wiped her hands on her pinny “Law, you probably right, you normally are, but actually, I like them for now. So maybe I still need them for a little bit longer, so I thought maybe just buy a pack today which should last a couple of days and we shall see later in the week how I feel?” She asked and twisted her lips.

Laura nodded as if her mum was making perfect logical sense as she took a mug out of the cupboard “Talking of things did you mean it about the other thing?”

“What Law?”

“Oh, mum you know, about looking for houses. Or was it the, you know, the Merlot talking?” Laura asked as she opened the instant coffee and then noisily rummaged around in a draw for a spoon before Trisha tutted at the clattering and quickly handed her a spoon.

Trisha smiled “Oh, I meant that! You need to look on the net or whatever and we can start looking, maybe go and look at some houses next weekend, if you are free?” Trisha grinned and then poked her sausages with a fork.

“Cool mum, I will definitely make myself free for that, that’s really kind of you.” She smiled sweetly and then shovelled two large lumps of instant coffee into the mug and then poured the water from the kettle into the mug.

“Great, so do you want a morning cigarette with that coffee, as I have already enjoyed one?” Trisha asked enthusiastically.

Laura tilted her head and smiled at her mum and brought the coffee to her lips took a sip, winced at the temperature and then rolled her bloodshot eyes and smiled at her mum and nodded.


“Are you feeling more alive now darling?” Trisha grinned as she carried her hemp bag in lounge.

“Yeah mum, I’ve had another coffee, shower and got dressed.” She smiled triumphantly.

“So am I, but I really needed another cigarette!” Trisha grinned as Laura shook her head disapprovingly. Trisha put her finger in front of her lips telling her to be quiet.

“You and I really don’t NEED one Mum; I imagine you COULD do with one?” Laura said emphasising the requirement as Trisha studied her now Marlboro lights pack.

“Well yes I could do with one Laura as I buried my husband of thirty years on Friday, I could do with something.” She smiled as she triumphantly she got the filter between her lips. She looked around panic went across her face.

Laura laughed “Mum did you forget to buy a lighter? Hilarious” she laughed hard and soon Trisha giggled too.

Trisha looked up rather guiltily nodding “Yes Law, I did, I must still be drunk.” She shook her head and giggled.

Laura laughed too “It’s good to laugh mum, we need to grab these opportunities, use the stove lighter again mum, it worked last night.”

“Good thinking. Do you want one too?”

“Err.” Laura looked at her mum as if it were a trap “I honestly normally only really smoke a lot if I am drinking…a lot…”

Trisha grinned at her daughter “Please Laura, could you have another cigarette this morning with me?”

Laura studied Trisha’s face and her shoulders relaxed “As it’s you mum. Maybe we could drink another coffee with them?” Laura smiled as she took the cigarette from the pack as she shuffled off the sofa and followed Trisha back into the kitchen to find the stove lighter still on the kitchen table.

Trisha swiftly got the cigarette perched between her lips lit “Oh I do find this uplifting and enthralling.” Trisha stated after she exhaled.

It was Laura’s turn to chuckle, “What rather than stinking, degrading, and darn right awful, as per your usual complaints about the smell of cigarettes and other people or my clothes after a night out?” Laura asked with her eyebrows raised as Trisha passed her the stove lighter across and she tilted her head forward and quickly got the flame in front of her cigarette.

Trisha shook her head “Law, not now, we now have to enjoy the moment!” she stated as she inhaled again, and as she exhaled out in front of her, Laura nodded and wryly smiled and nervously dragged on her cigarette.

Trisha momentary studied the growing cloud of smoke between them hanging in the kitchen and sniffed the air “Oh Law, on second thoughts you wouldn’t mind getting up and opening the window, would you?” she smiled and daintily removed the ash from the cigarette over her now clean glass.

“Yeah of course Mum!” Laura said as she heaved herself of the chair leaving her cigarette burning in the ashtray she rummaged out and found the key and unlocked the window.

“It’s maybe good to get some fresh air in here after all…” Trisha stated and tilted her head slightly as her lungs pulled hard on her cigarette.

Laura looked back at her mum and watched as her eyes momentarily closed with the as she filled her waiting lungs with smoke and a shot of bliss flowed across her face as the nicotine flowed around her body as she inhaled, Laura ran her tongue along her lips, nodded and pushed the window open and then filled the kettle with water and then joined her mum in lighting another cigarette as she leaned on the counter and waited for the kettle to boil again.

Chapter 5 A following Thursday Afternoon

Laura sat down on the bench and put her pack down and frowned and bit her bottom lip as stared at the opened lid on the wooden picnic bench in the carpark at work and picked up phone and swiped to open it and then opened the message app and tapped away.

‘Hey mum, can get us both a new pack on way home? Please remember house viewing on Berkley Drive @6? xlx”

‘Oh yes please only have a couple left, see you there! Tea afterwards at the Vic? Mum x’

“Oh yes, please xlx’

Laura smiled at the thoughts of her mum as placed her phone down on the bench at the work smoking area. She wasn’t sure why in the last few weeks she had started coming out with the others at ten, twelve and two, partly for company was her excuse. She blamed it on the week off work she had for the funeral the other week and supporting her mum and them sharing ‘her mums’ pack throughout evenings, she shuddered at the fact that she emptied the ashtray in the living room in the morning that had gone from having a couple of butts in it, this morning there were ten and the flash back to Friday night when she went out with Adam at some point during the night she got her ‘own’ pack. Much to Adam’s annoyance. She frowned again as shook the penultimate cigarette out of the pack she had opened Tuesday evening and placed the orange filter between her lips. She glanced back at the pack and was happy and relieved that there was one left for the drive home.

The cigarette was soon lit and the smoke from exhale and the cigarette were drifting off across the carpark, she was woken from the pleasurable smoke induced daydream by Zoe saying hello.

“Oh, I don’t know where I was there for moment!” she grinned.

“It’s okay Law, it’s mid-afternoon on a Thursday you are allowed to disappear especially after the week or so you’ve had.” Zoe grinned and placed her cigarette back between her lips. “How’s the house hunting?” she asked after exhaling.

Laura sighed and used her hand to support her head with her elbow on the bench “Long and boring, they are slowly merging in to one.” She stated and pulled on her cigarette.

“I can imagine!” Zoe grinned.

“It’s all sort of If I could buy that house merged with the garden from that one and the drive from the other, it would ideal!” she stated and placed the filter back between her lips.

“Regarding houses I can’t say anything, I still live at home, at least the rent is cheap!” she said with her exhale and grinned.

“Yeah, even with everything going on it’s been nice just sitting at home in the evenings with Mum on our own has made me appreciate her and now…err and now these things a little more” she smiled as she trimmed the ash on the edge of the bench.

Zoe nodded as she pulled on her cigarette “That is so understandable.” She stated with her exhale. “How are things going with Adam?”

Laura chuckled “I am not sure…hot and cold like the bloody taps, I am going to see him tomorrow night as a break for talking to my mum about hot and cold taps in houses!”

Zoe raised her eyebrow “Oh have fun!”
Laura grinned “I am sure we will!” she winked. Chapter 6 Saturday Night

Laura tilted her head back and quietly groaned between deep sharp gasps for air as she violently and rhythmically rose and fell on top of Adam as his hands looked small as they groped her large breasts squeezing her erect nipples between his fingers and twisting as he thrusted up, she moaned, groaned and then froze and

shuddered and let out a muffled a cry and finally collapsed on to Adam’s dark hairy chest whilst still panting hard and gently moaning, she covered his chest in affectionate kisses and then rose her head slightly pulled a stray chest hair out of her mouth and collapsed again hugging him hard as they panted in unison.

Adam was lying there grinning and gently stroking the mess of blonde hair on her head. Eventually Laura rolled off Adam and collapsed on her pillow, her arms sprawled out.

She wiped her hair off her sweaty face and away from her mouth and whispered “I really do love you so much Ad.”

Adam shuffled on to his side and smiled at Laura and stroked her hair again. “I love you too!”

“Good” she panted “but next time you are on top, it’s far too much like hard work!” She groaned lying there with her tongue hanging out like a dog.

Adam chuckled “I think you and your mum should smoke less sweetheart; you’re losing your stamina!” he quickly responded far too quickly, almost in jest.

Laura’s head swung around, and she practically growled as she rolled her eyes and ignored the statement and looked across at him and with the whites of her eyes she glared across the bed in the dusky light. She rolled over on to her back “Oh, that is a wonderful idea, if I could have a ciggy now I would! But, I think I rather need a pee, Ad turn your light on, I need to find my nighty just in case.”

Adam tried to aim for a kiss before falling back on the bed “You don’t need a friggin ciggy!”

Laura shook her head in the darkness “I know, but can I have the light on please; I need to pee!”

“Can I come and….?”

Laura glanced towards the wall and turned back to him as she glared “You’ve watched me once already this evening, and Dai has already come home and is just out there!” she growled pointing towards the wall.

“Oh” Adam sighed briefly looked at her with puppy dog eyes, before he rolled away and switched the grey cheap bedside light on. Laura’s naked back was illuminated

in the darkness her vertebrae poked through her soft skin, the red imprint of her bra remaining on her soft skin as she bent forward and picked up the oversized red stripey Denis the Menace T-shirt Adam and given as romantic gesture off the floor. She had liked it so much that it was politely kept at Adams. With a lot of effort, she fought the arm holes and pulled it over her head, and she got up off the bed and tugged it down over her thighs. She glanced back at Adam in bed, the bedsheet covering his crotch as he smiled happily back at her. She shook her head, turned, scratched and itch on her naked buttock, then tugged again at her nighty to cover it up and headed through the door.


Laura padded back into bed drying her hands on the nighty and climbed into bed, keeping it on.

“Oh…” Adam whispered at the clothed Laura as climbed in under the duvet.

“I’m cold now, and it’s time for sleep, we’ve had fun!” She yawned “Turn the light off.”

“You okay Law?” Adam said shuffling around in the bed. “Yesh, it’s just time for bed.” Laura tried to get comfortable. “Okay, don’t snap!”
“I’m not!” Laura said as she pluffed the pillow with her hand. “Sorry for mentioning smoking.”

“Huff!” she snarled knowing full well if had not mentioned smoking again, she would not have even thought about, or even contemplated having a cigarette right about now.

“Okay, can we talk about how your house hunting is going in the morning?” Adam said as he rolled over and turned the light off.

“Yeah, of course, good night!” Laura said as she coughed to define the end of the conversation and curled up in the ball under the duvet and sighed overly loudly.


“Hey Law, how are you doing this morning?” Trisha asked as the front door slammed and the whisps of her exhale drifted out of her mouth as she stubbed out a cigarette in the ashtray on the kitchen table.

“Okay…” Laura growled as matter of fact as she eventually sat down beside her mum.

“Do you want…”

Laura’s face changed as she saw where her mum’s hand was on the table and smiled as she nodded “Yes, of course I bloody well do!” as she almost tore Trisha’s hand off as she grabbed the pack off the table.

“Oh, it was a good night then?”

“To be fair, it wasn’t that bad mum, just, err, well I need one of these, it’s been a long night. Didn’t get much sleep, and before you get ideas, it wasn’t because of that, I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Oh, is everything okay?” Trisha asked as Laura’s eyes focused on the white cylinder now protruding from her lips as she flicked the lighter and inhaled.

Laura directed the smoke out of the corner of her mouth away from her mum, “Yes, it is now. Things are still tumbling around in my head.”

Trisha raised an eyebrow and grinned “What, did you NEED a cigarette after sex with Adam?” she smiled and teased.

Laura’s eyes widened as she went bright red “Oh, god no mum, well…I don’t think so…but…” she paused and thought about it “…I guess I could have done with one about eight hours ago, but anyway, now I NEED one!” she smiled as she placed the filter firmly between her lips and dragged hard again.

Trisha nodded in agreement as she pulled on her cigarette, “So back to houses Law, I have made a list!” she stated as the smoke tumbled out of her mouth.

Laura blinked a couple of time and closed on eye as she turned to her Mum “Go on!” as she watched the remainder of the exhale pass her nose.

Trisha licked her lips and put the cigarette in the Gü ramekin and picked up a black clipboard beside her and handed it to Laura. “Whilst you have been out

galivanting, I been on the internet this morning and have listed all the two-bedroom houses in our budget in this area, not too far from here, but far enough away for you to have some freedom.”

Laura eyes widened and nodded in appreciation of the task ahead.

Trisha continued “So, my next challenge is to arrange more viewings if that is okay with you?”

“Yeah mum, that will be fine!”

“So, shall I try and take Friday off?” Laura asked flicking the ash off her cigarette and taking another long hit.

Trisha nodded, “That would be lovely if you could?” “I will see what I can do!”
Chapter 7 Thursday Afternoon

Laura opened the front door, and called out for her mum that she was home, twisted her mouth at the silence as she peered inside, the house was definitely empty, she walked into the kitchen and dug in her handbag and smiled triumphantly as then put two new packs and her lighter on the kitchen table next to the new recently acquired ashtray and tutted ad almost admonished herself at the thought of doing so, she almost shivered as she could feel the soleless place, she shrugged her shoulders and promptly sat down, pulled the chair back under the table and focused on opening one of the new packs. She sniffed the aroma as pulled a cigarette out and ran her tongue across her lips placing the orange filter between them, and with another deep breath through her nose, Laura flicked the lighter and soon inhaled her first dose of smoke since finishing work. She sat there in silence taking drags on the cigarette whilst looking and scrolling on her phone. Within a couple of what seemed like quick minutes, she was stubbing that butt out in the ashtray. She looked around and then nodded to herself, she got up and headed up the stairs to the bedroom. She unbuttoned her blouse as she climbed and by the time she had reached her room she was had already slipped out of her white bra, putting both on the chair in the corner of her room, she bent over and picked up her baggy t-shirt, putting it over her head, and she dropped her black work skirt, pulled off her equally black knickers leaving them both on the floor and then bounced on the bed as she fought her toes with the holes, and then stood up as pulled her grey comfortable jogging bottoms up her legs.

As she got up off the bed and tugged at the drawstrings around her soft middle Laura smiled as she heard the key in the front door. As she came down the stairs as she saw Trisha carrying a large orange shopping bag which clanked as she moved “Hey mum” she called as she padded down the stairs, flicking her hair out of face.

“Oh, Law you are home, Christ this is heavy, it’s good to see your home already, that’s good, I just popped to Tesco for some more bits.”

“More rations?” Laura smiled as she got the bottom of the stairs and then groaned at the weight of the bag as she took it off her mum.

“Yeah, well we have busy weekend of house hunting ahead of us, we will need it!” Trisha grinned as she made her way into kitchen and Laura silently rolled her eyes as she followed carrying the bag. “Can you pop the kettle on, need a brew, and then we think about dinner, I’ve got some peppers, and there is chicken in fridge, thinking of a glass of wine and an easy stir fry?”

“Of course, mum!” Laura said as she groaned to lift the bag onto the table, the bottles of wine again clinked and clanked as they collided with the wooden surface.


“Right, but first we need a nice cup of tea…” Laura stated.

Trisha smiled as she looked at the single butt surrounded by ash in the ashtray “And rather importantly a cigarette…” she replied as she then pulled two Marlboro lights packs out of the bag and shook her head and smiled wryly as she put them next to the two that Laura had bought.

Laura grinned as she looked at the stack of packs and then to her mum and smiled as she made her way to the kettle, checking there was water in it, she flicked the handle “With all the house hunting it’s going to be a fun long weekend!”

Trisha nodded, “We can have our dinner in a bit I need to show you what I spent this afternoon doing, I have made us a plan!”


Trisha and Laura a spent the evening at the kitchen table sharing a bottle of wine studying all the printed off brochures for the houses, sharing thoughts and

comments on the differences between them whilst calmly smoking cigarette after cigarette.

Laura exhaled a cone out to the middle of the room and then smiled as stubbed her latest butt out amongst the dozen others and then stretched and yawned “Mum, we’ve gone around again?” she asked as her voice almost a squeaked as her hand reached as far as it would go.

“I know it’s exciting isn’t it!” Trisha beamed.

Laura lethargically nodded, “Mum, it may be the case, but I think this tired little bunny needs to go to bed.” Laura said as the picked up rhythmically tapping the red Bic lighter on the table.

Trisha twisted her lips as she looked down at the brochures and then back at Laura, her eyes briefly followed the bouncing lighter before looking over towards the kettle. “Law, maybe you could make us a quick cup of decaf tea before bed?”

Laura rolled her eyes “Ohhh, okay mum, but I am only having half a cup, otherwise I will be up weeing all night!” she grinned as she got up from the seat, tugging at her jogging bottoms as she got up.

Trisha smiled at her daughter “But Law, will you stay with me for a whole cigarette?”

Laura gently shook her head, rolled her eyes and finally grinned “Yes of course mummmm!”

Chapter 8 Saturday Afternoon

Laura pushed her empty plate to the side and picked up her half empty pint of cider and took a slug and licked her lips and leaned back on the chair and sighed, she picked up looked at the flier in front of her with the picture of the house.

“I do like this one.” She stated and moved it out of her face and turned it so she could see her mum.

“It’s convenient to Tesco for…, the pub and the Chinese!” Trisha stated as she reached over the plate in front of her and wiggled another cigarette out of the pack between them.

“Are you sure we, I mean you, can afford it?” Laura asked as she took another sip of the cider.

Trisha nodded as her cheeks briefly collapsed around the cigarette poking out between her lips before removing it to speak “There will be some left to buy the furniture!” Trisha grinned as she placed the filter back between her lips and turned the pack to face Laura, before shielding the cigarette from the breeze with her hand and using the lighter to get it finally lit. As the smoke drifted off over her shoulder, she offered the lighter to Laura, who smiled and pulled a cigarette out for herself.

“Thanks for dinner, thanks for everything mum.” Laura grinned as she then lit her own cigarette.

Trisha nodded “All will be fine!” she grinned as she took yet another drag.

“Should I get Adams’s input on the house?” Laura looked across the table at her mum taking another lungful of smoke.

“Will he care?” Trisha chuckled to herself. “Oh mum, he is a nice guy.”

“I know you like him… “she said unconvincingly and took yet another lungful of smoke.

“Yeah, but he really doesn’t like our smoking…”

Trisha frowned and studied her daughter and took another drag. “It’s our life. You have got to live it how you see fit, that’s how dad would have liked it.” She smiled as the smoke drifted out of her nose.

“Hmm, I guess so…” she twisted her mouth and shuffled the papers once again “I don’t know, maybe I should buy this one? Or should we look at more houses mum next weekend?” Laura asked holding her cigarette close to her head, the smoke drifting off across the pub beer garden,

Trisha pursed her lips together and thought about it for a second, “If I were you Law, I would put in an offer? See what they say?”

Laura stared at the mum momentarily and then placed her cigarette back between her lips, and as pulled on the cigarette she closed her eyes opening them as she exhaled “But is it too quick mum?”

Trisha shrugged her shoulders and then smiled at Laura and then shook her head. “Nah go for it.”

Laura picked up her nearly finished pint of cider and finished it in one almost bashing the glass on the table as she put it down. “Oh Mum, I don’t know…” she took a deep breath and swirled the dribble of cider at the bottom of the glass before looking back at Trishs “…Mum I think I will need another drink before I do.”

Trisha chuckled and gulped down the last contents of her glass “Not a problem, I will get the drinks in.” and took one longing powerful drag on the cigarette before stubbing it out exhaling out to her left-hand side as she did.

“But, mum, I know we are having fun, but this really should be my last one, I’m feeling all lightheaded!” Laura exclaimed giddily.


Laura put down her drink and then struggled to swipe the screen, eventually getting the phone to her ear, she concentrated her eyes and nodded as she focused on what they were saying on the other end of the phone. “Oh, thank you so much!” Laura beamed and put down her phone she looked and grinned happily at Trisha “Oh shit mum, I’ve only gone and done it, I’ve bought a house!” Laura giggled “wow, they actually accepted our offer! I am all giddy.” she smiled and instantly pulled a fresh cigarette out of the pack on the table and lit it and as she exhaled, she watched as Trisha beamed.

“You didn’t need Kirsty Alsop type person after all, you did it yourself! Well done Law! Cheers” Trisha offered her half empty glass and they clinked together.

“Hell, wow what a feeling, thank you mum for helping me with this. So, what do we do now?” Laura asked with panic etched on her face.

Trisha swirled the last of her cider around in the glass and took a gulp “Get another drink in? There is nothing we can do today; well done you, but we will need to talk to Jeremy, the lawyer, on Monday!”

Laura nodded enthusiastically “Goody, it means I can enjoy the rest of this drink and celebrate with the girls!” Laura giggled and she glanced at Trisha who nodded with permission as she extracted another cigarette from the pack in front of her placing the filter between her lips.

“We could celebrate together?” Trisha asked.

Laura nodded flicked the lighter and took quick drag. “Yeah, that would be good, maybe we could try out that Chinese on the way home?”

“But Law.” Trisha looked at the pack on the table.
“Yeah mum?”
“We will need to go via the Spar shop on the way home for some more ciggies.”

“Fuck have we smoked them all?” before looking apologetic at Trisha “Sorry mum for swearing!” she gulped and looked ashamed as she the picked up the empty pack. Trisha, shrugged her shoulders back at her “Yeah Mum, as ever you are definitely right!”

Chapter 8 Tuesday Afternoon

“Hey sexy, how have you been, I have seen you in what feels ages?” Adam sniffed the obvious odour of a recent cigarette mixed with her body spray in her hair gently shook his head and then smiled as he wrapped his arms further around Laura’s waist and then slowly slipped his hand down the small of her back and inside the hem of her jeans, flicking her knicker elastic between his fingers as he pulled her closer as she was on tiptoes squeezing her chest against his as they again locked tongues.

They both licked the lips after the kiss and then she rocked back on her work heels “Sorry I was late honey, you know…work and all I had Friday off with mum and these last two days back at work have been a nightmare!” She frowned and then looked up at his face and smiled she then lent forward and kissed him again.

“Law, you took Friday off and didn’t tell me, I could have done something with you, you know like together?” Adam asked sternly as she shrugged her shoulders “So, are you, coming in?” he grinned.

She looked down towards the semi darkness of the hallway as she followed him “Is, err, Dai in?” She asked as they reached the messy bachelor kitchen.

Adam smiled cheekily and squeezed her affectionately “No, he is around at Monique’s, do you want a drink first?” he stated as he pointed to the fridge and smiled at her, but she she shrugged her shoulders as he grinned as he then wrapped his arms around her again and they passionately kissed, whilst their lips were still locked together, he manged to unbutton her jeans button and then with a big tug he got them down over her backside as they fervently kissed their hands exploring their bodies as they slowly moved backwards out of the kitchen and along the hallway.

They collided with the stairs Laura tripped backward with yelp fell so she was sitting on the bottom step with her jeans around her knees, her pink knickers on full display.

Adam cocked his head looking at the knickers and grinned and looked up down her body as she growled “So, you’re wearing something…do you need the toilet?” he smirked as she rubbed her sore bottom.

Laura’s shoulders dropped as she looked up with indignation “Ad, come on, no, I may have been, but now I am in the mood for that, please not now but if there is any opportunity for that sort of fun, maybe we should have a coffee first?” she asked once Adam had finished laughing at her on the bottom of the stairs, and she breathed in and slowly did the button fly of her jeans back up again he looked down a little dejected at her and then offered his hand to pull her back up.

They made a cup of coffee in an awkward but comfortable silence of each other and then sat down on the pristine white sofa of the surprisingly spotlessly clean lounge, Laura put the coffee down on the wicker coaster on the table beside her, scared that she might spill it on the sofa and then smiled warmly at him as she shuffled up closing the distance between them on the sofa and they both looked at each other in the eyes and grinned. She looked longingly for a moment or two at her handbag containing her pack of cigarettes before turning and looking at Adam again.

With their eyes and held hands as locked eyes they both took a deep breath “I’ve got some exciting news for you!” they both said in unison and then burst into a fit of giggles.

“No, you go first!” they said in unison and then laughed again she naturally glanced down at her black handbag beside her, and then nervously squeezed the bag closer to her thigh and then looked back up at Adam.

“Ladies first.” He stated and picked up his coffee and took a gulp.

Laura again quickly glanced at her handbag before looking back at Adam “Are you sure? Yours is probably more important.”

“Other than you clearly wanting a blasted cigarette, please go on, what is the news?”

Laura nodded and winced with a solemn face as she admitted that there potentially need for nicotine hit as she twisted around and reached over and picked up her coffee and took a distracting gulp. Before fidgeting and putting the mug back down.

“Law go on!”

“Well…you know we have been looking, well…my mum has only gone and kindly, you know, has actually bought us a house!” she grinned.

Adam’s eyes widened “What? Oh, wow that’s amazing, When?” “That’s the reason I couldn’t see you, she did last weekend…”

“That’s amazing darling,” he leaned in for a hug before releasing “Go on, so where is this mystery house?”

“Near Chard Terrace, along from the Hong Kong house.”

Adam wistfully nodded, and smiled as he removed his hands from her lap and tapped them on his own knee, “So, how come you didn’t mention the actual buying to me?”

Laura’s smile quickly disintegrated to a concerned frown on her face, again she flicked in almost desperation and hope her eyes yet again drawn down at her handbag before shuffling in the chair. “Anyway, less about me, so, what is your news?”

Adam sat up straighter in the chair and then leaned a little forward again and put his hand back on her knee “Hmmm, well, what I thought was good news for me, for

us…is that I’ve been told that I’ve got that promotion.” He said quietly and confidently.

Laura kindly beamed her smile spread across her face “Oh cool, that’s so good, I am really proud of you.” She caressed his leg and leaned in for a kiss and a hug.

Once she had finished hugging him, it was his turn to grimace with a concerned look across his face “Yeah Law, but…”

A confusion crossed Laura’s brow “Oh?” she replied and shuffled uncomfortably in the chair.

Adam slowly nodded “Yeah Law, it’s at the other factory in Newcastle. I sort of thought we could mo….”

Concern crossed her face “Ad, have you taken it?” she interrupted as she turned at opened her handbag opening it and grabbing her pack and lighter.

Adam nodded “I thought…”

Laura gulped air like a fish out of water, her mouth moved and no words came out, she then nodded to herself “Oh, yeah, is it okay Ad, I need go into your garden a second?” she asked with the unlit cigarette now bouncing in the corner of her lips.

“Law you don’t need to have one now, surely you are not that addicted now?”

Laura looked down at Adam with disgust “Adam, I certainly am and do!” She huffed as she got up, nearly knocking her coffee on the table in the process.

Chapter 9 A Friday some weeks later.

The autumn red leaf swirled in the wind and gently drifted down from the nearly bare tree on the street and landed on the large cardboard box that Laura was carrying up a short driveway.

Trisha followed Laura carrying an equally large cardboard box and they both placed them gently down on the tatty brown carpet in the completely empty living room. She smiled as she looked out the curtain free window the large white van parked on the driveway.

“Law” she stated as she straightened her back and looked back at the collection of boxes “I know we have just started but I think it’s time for a quick break!”

Laura smiled “Mum I thought you would never ask!” she grinned as she instantly pulled the pack of cigarettes out of her loose-fitting grey jogging bottoms, flipped open the lid and pulled a cigarette and lighter out before offering her mum the pack.

“Law darling please you really don’t ever wait for me!” Trisha grinned as she placed the filter between her lips.

Laura shrugged her shoulders as she flicked the lighter and then pulled hard on her cigarette, exhaling out the side of her mouth as she did. “That’s okay mum, I won’t!”

Trisha nodded as she dragged on her cigarette, exhaled, and looked around “I can remember the stress of moving into our house.” She mused “We had just had you and moved from your dad’s tiny Batcheler pad flat above the chippy on high street.” So, I had child stress, and house stress all combined. It was painful. You were teething so constantly needing attention.”

Laura turned her bottom lip upside down. “Sorry mum!” she sniffed a chuckle.

Trisha laughed and waved her hand dismissively “God, you were one, what could you do! It was our fault for trying to move with you so young, but we were quickly growing out of that one-bedroom flat, we needed to get out.”

“Oh!” Laura rolled her eyes.

“This is much easier; we don’t have to give the keys back by two!” she grinned as the memory’s past across her forehead. The smoke was swiftly drifting off the end of both cigarettes as they both instantly pulled hard on the burning cigarettes. “But rather than house keys, we need to get the van back by four.” Trisha stated with her exhale. “We’ve got to get the kitchen and living room stuff in, now haven’t we?” She asked and took yet another hit.

“Yes, mum we have, then after that its, just the bed to get up the stairs and the wardrobe.” Laura stated as she squatted down beside a box with Kitchen written on it down and opened a box and smiled as she picked up the kettle, two mugs and a glass to use as an ashtray and flicked the ash into the glass, before dangling

the cigarette as she handed the glass to her mum and carrying the kettle and mugs.

“Great, I brought some milk with me; we’ve got time for a coffee!” Trisha smiled as she headed towards the kitchen walking on the threadbare carpet.

“There seems now that there is always time for a coffee and a cigarette!” Laura grinned “I still can’t believe I am actually doing this!” she smiled brightly looking around her house before taking another drag.

“I am just pleased that we are doing it together!” Trisha grinned. “Bit of positivity!” Laura nodded as she dragged “Definitely!” she smiled as she exhaled.

“Hang on Law, just let the water run for a second…we don’t know how long the water has been in the tap!” Trisha scolded as she held the kettle up to the tap.

“Oh, sorry mum!” Laura mumbled through her cigarette as she emptied the kettle back into the sink.

Trisha shook her head and flicked her cigarette above the glass on the counter and folded her hand across her chest. “It will be fine now.” As Laura dutifully filled the kettle again.


Laura sighed and lifted up wiped her forehead with her top leaving the dust and darkened sweat marks on the bottom third as she dropped it again “Mum, I think I’m done!” she sighed as they moved back into the living room that was still full of empty boxes and leaned against the wall and pulled another cigarette out of the pack in her pocket, putting the filter between her lips. “I am really gagging for a celebratory drink and ciggy!” She grinned as she sheltered the cigarette and flicked the lighter and inhaled deeply.

She exhaled and passed the lighter to Trisha who grinned and then followed suit in lighting up. The smoke from both cigarettes drifting up from the burning ends creating a smoky shadow against the bare wall from the single lightbulb in the ceiling.

“Well Law, I need to have this one, and then get the van back before any celebratory drink happens!” she grinned and flicked the ash into the now very full glass of butts and ash in the middle on the room.

Laura nodded approvingly “I will make sure I get the wine in the fridge!” Laura grinned and then placed the filter back between her lips.

Chapter 10 The End of the Beginning of this story

Laura waved her finger at the lock and told it off as she swayed as she tried to focus on getting the key in the door, fought with it and got it to work with a twist, she stumbled as she pushed open her new front door and grimaced at the large cardboard boxes still in the lounge. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her coat on the floor in the hallway and shivered. Laura made her way into the kitchen and looked that boiler and tutted as she concentrated getting her finger on to the green button and stumbled back in surprize as it rattled and whirred as it started to work.

She giggled at the glasses and the beer cans and bottles of wine amongst the scattered rice noodles splattered on the table from earlier when Zoe and Karen had come around to look at the house and have a Chinese before they all had headed out to hitting the pubs and had danced the night away at Shades night club.

The rummaged on the table and found two cigarettes in the pack and placed one between her lips, she then looked again for the lighter. She flicked her lighter and pulled the smoke into her lungs and relaxed again, she pulled her phone out of her bag and swiped it open and instantly started looking for Adam’s number and then with her finger hovering over the screen frowned and put the phone down again. She unbuttoned her blouse and shook it off with her cigarette clamped between her lips and then dropped her skirt on the tilled kitchen floor before padding into the living room and settling in with her drink.


The house was again silent bar the heating whirring away in the background, Laura carefully staggered back down the stairs holding the wall to stop her falling, she was still just wearing tights with nothing on again underneath, she flumped down on the sofa and groaned as she reached across and pulled the last cigarette out of the now empty pack, and after a couple of unsteady flicks she brought the lighter to the cylinder protruding between her lips and dragged twice once to get it

alight and a second time to deeply inhale. She dropped the lighter with an irritating clatter on the occasional table beside her and as she exhaled a cone up to the ceiling, she placed the cigarette back between her lips and picked up her mobile phone, swiped the screen, her face was now brightly illuminated in the dull lit room, she carefully with her thumb hit the recently dialled button and hovered over the A for Adam, her fingers on her left hand migrated into her crotch, found the annoying large hole in the tights fabric made by Adam all those months ago, and as the smoke drifted out of her lips around the clasped cigarette her fingers worked their way through the hole slid into her waiting body. She pulled on the cigarette as her fingers sloshed around, she moaned again and dropped the phone and took the cigarette from her lips exhaling another cloud of smoke from her mouth as her fingers moved faster and faster.


“Morning Law!” Trisha suggested on the phone as she sat on her sofa chair watching Sunday morning television.

“Hey Mum!” Laura replied sitting on her sofa in just her knickers, she stretched and yawned.

“Just wanted to check you were up?”

Laura smiled as she heard the unmistakeable flick of her mum’s lighter down the phone. She nodded to the phone “Yeah mum, I am up, just, I had another good night out with the girls.” She suggested as she leaned forward and pulled her own cigarette out of the pack, before tutting at herself as she leaned forward again to get the lighter.

“Shall I come around; do you want to go shopping together this afternoon?”

“Yeah, of course, that would be nice.” Laura fiddled with her cigarette and lighter eventually getting the cigarette lit.

“Great, if I come by at 12, we can go for lunch.”

Laura looked at the Chinese takeaway cartons and the empty beer and wine bottles and nodded “Yeah mum, if course see in you in a couple of hours, I love you!” she smiled and hung up, dropped the phone on her lap and then pulled hard on the cigarette before slowly and delicately getting up off the sofa and heading towards the stairs.

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