Miss Agatha Willoughby’s Academy For Young Ladies – Smoking Fetish Story

It had been over four years now and Julia Ponsonby still had not taken her parents’ divorce well. She had always been a daddy’s girl and since he had shacked up with the blonde bimbo only slightly older than herself, who saw her as competition for her dad’s affection, so she wasn’t allowed around much, and she missed her father terribly.

Both parents blamed the other for having an affair first. The situation was not helped that her mother had remarried almost as soon as she received the Decree Nisi, but there was one positive that her stepfather was incredibly rich, but unfortunately for Julia he was extremely unlikeable. Harold was something big in the City and was rolling in money, but Julia found him cold and controlling. She

was disgusted at the way that her mother fawned on him and his money as she seemed to accept his every whim (and there were many) as law of the land, but there were arguments between Julia and Harold, they were numerous and growing louder and ever more bitter.


Things came to a head on her eighteenth birthday. She had over the last twelve to eighteen months slowly been drinking more and more heavily, just because she could, and hell it was fun to escape her mum and Harold fawning over each other on the sofa and take a bottle of wine from the rack and in the kitchen and drink it to herself in the bedroom. They never seemed to notice.

But on this, her first ever legal night out with her friends she had let her hair down and celebrated to excess. She groaned as she staggered out of the taxi catching the gate post as she meandered towards the house, she looked up to see that the lights in their large town house were still on. She had thought that she had managed to open the door quietly, as she had the best intentions to sneak upstairs but after tripping up over the door mat, she had looked up to see her stepfather in just his white Y fronts with his arms across his fat chest as he was waiting in the hall.

“And what time do you call this?” He asked.

She looked up and tried to smile “Well I calls it a ickle bit past my bedtime, what times do youse call it?” Julia overly confidently slurred with heaps of false bravado whilst looking at her shoe that that she was holding in her left hand after it fell off getting out of the taxi, whilst trying to ignore her mother who, dressed only fishnet stockings, was hiding on the first step leaning against his body with her arms around Harold’s hairy neck.

“I call it high time that your unacceptable behaviour was halted. I am no longer prepared to tolerate your defiance towards me. If you won’t discipline yourself then it will have to be instilled in you by other means, young lady. I’ve decided, and your mother has agreed, I am sending you to a finishing school next week and hopefully you will learn how to behave like a true lady there”


“Well I’m not going, you’re not my father.” Julia said looking up from the floor as her stepfather loomed over her and then drunkenly giggled at the situation.

“True, but as I am your legal guardian until you’re 21 and come into your grandfathers trust fund. Until that point, I have full and absolute control of you.”

The way that he stressed these last words and the way that he stared at her as he said them made Julia suddenly very glad that she was going away. After a few minutes of raging and swearing for form’s sake, she accepted the inevitable as she climbed the stairs on all fours and then crawled off to her room.


She was hardly expecting to be sent to a top Swiss School, but Miss Agatha Willoughby’s Academy for God’s sake? What on earth was that? Where on earth was that?

The following day with full on hangover she googled, and her gloom deepened. It was an exclusive school in the heart of Surrey dedicated to the teachings of its namesake. Agatha Willoughby had been at the forefront of the Suffragettes. Indeed it had been fully expected that she would lead the movement until she was suddenly asked to step down in somewhat mysterious circumstances and she faded into obscurity.


The Prospectus stated that the College was “dedicated to the schooling of fine young ladies of a delicate upbringing between the ages of eighteen and twenty one and who needed to be retrained in the standards of behaviour expected of them which had been ignored or insufficiently emphasised by conventional educational establishments.” What on earth did that mean? It sounded as though it was a reform school for posh totty with IQ’s lower than their Bra size. Julia frowned. Its fees were astronomical! Something wasn’t right here. Why should her stepfather want to spend this fortune on her when university was far cheaper and he knew that she would be off the day after she inherited her legacy?

Julia’s detailed researching was interrupted by her mother’s morning screams.

The two women had never been particularly close, but Julia was becoming increasingly concerned about her mother. Margaret Ponsonby had many interests and had found the conflicting duties of marriage constricting. As a girl, Julia had grown used to her mother’s growing demands for ‘personal space,’ yet this goal had been abandoned as soon as she had remarried, it was like a light switch had been flicked in favour of what Julia considered to be an overwhelming obsession with sex. Her expensive high fashion clothes that her dad had bought for her to try and keep her happy had been thrown out, to be replaced by skirts whose hems over the past few months had crept ever higher and now rested inches below her now sagging bum. Meanwhile her necklines plunged ever lower emphasised by the removal of the bra and the most recent addition of the nipple rings. Julia considered that her mother now looked like a low-class tart. She found escaping

with the bottle of wine far more inviting.

And she was behaving like a tart too. Julia was surprised to come home to find her mum drinking a glass a wine whilst practically naked and enjoying a vile smelling cigarette one afternoon as Harold slept of lunch. Over the last few weeks, coming home and seeing it had almost become routine. She definitely couldn’t dare bring her friends around anymore.

There had been one benefit for a bored teenager it had meant for Julia there was more alcohol in the house, and they didn’t miss any when she took the bottle of wine to room in the evenings. Except last Tuesday when she had taken the £50 bottle rather than the £5.

Julia had had a sheltered upbringing and despite having a classic English Rose beauty had very little knowledge or indeed experience of sex, and it had never previously appeared to be high on the agenda of Margaret either, but now her mother seemed to be according to Harold in constantly in need of a good rogering at highly frequent intervals, especially most evenings after watching Eastenders.


There was no way that Julia could concentrate with the moans, the screams and the torrid appeals for more pleasure being bellowed from the bedroom next door. Most nights she got into her bed and tried to get to sleep with her head buried under her pillow.

That night in her rather overly drunken state she had determined perhaps escaping by going to boarding school was going to be a very good idea.

Chapter 2

The following Monday she found herself in the back of the silver chauffeured driven Bentley, being taken to the village of Great Pluckinham and to Miss Agatha Willoughby’s Academy for Young Ladies.
The chauffeur turned off the road, the large painted sign, that seen better days with the cream paint peeling off it, they car slowly made its way up on the long twisting gravel drive and pulled up in front of a foreboding large grey building. Henry the driver opened her door and dumped her bags from the boot on the gravel floor, nodded, grunted in his gruff way goodbye and the wheels soon screeched kicking up the gravel and dust in a cloud as he quickly drove off again, leaving her clutching her suitcase, surveying the ivy-covered grey rendered walls of a large

and extremely old and ugly looking country house. She had been expecting to see or hear hordes of teenagers running around but the place seemed desolate, cold and depressing. With her shoulders sagging , her bag extremely heavy, she was feeling lost and small standing in front of the large, old, wooded knot covered door, Julia stared at the gold tasselled bell rope and took a deep breath and pulled it, she stepped back in surprise as she listened as a ding of noise of brass bell rang out three times far within the building.


As she stood there waiting and there was rattle, followed by a loud groaning creek as the large wooden door swung open and Julia gaped. The heating was on full blast there was a jet of warm musty air coming through the door, and in front her stood a little old woman dressed in a maid outfit. Her top half was immaculately and traditionally clothed as a maid, with a frilly lace cap, black high-necked blouse and a white bib. Her white blouse finished just below her waist, and then she had an extremely short black skirt with bare legs, on her feet she wore black rubber clogs.

“Can I help you ddeeear?” she croaked.

“Er…yes…er…I’m a new girl.” Julia introduced herself in full.

The maid nodded “Of course, ppppplease folllllow me.” She croaked again as slowly, like a cruise ship manoeuvring in the bay the maid turned and crouched like weightlifter as she bent down to pick up the suitcase, the black skirt rode up revealing a complete lack of knickers on the bright white backside. A bemused Julia with her eyes wide open followed her swaying bum down the large hallway distracting her vision to take in the detailed oak panels and her heels clacked along highly polished floor tiles.

The maid came to stop outside another old solid oak door, marked “Miss Evangeline Hunter, Head Mistress,” knocked and motioned for Julia to enter and then shuffled off with the suitcase.

A large, framed women sat behind a large oak desk. She was almost a parody of Julia’s expectations. A tense looking weathered face, patched up with bright makeup with her greying hair drawn back into a large bun on the top of her head and with further studying had an incipient moustache. Her buxom bosom was encased in a what seemed to be a uniform of white blouse, a purple pussy bow around her neck and a heavy tweed jacket. She looked up from her correspondence and in a booming deep gravelly voice, she asked Julia to sit down

whilst she briefly finished off some emails. Julia nervously perched on the edge of the chair in front of the desk she sat like that because it was weird.

At first glance it was a traditional straight backed hall chair, but she balanced her pert backside on the edge because of a large hole had been cut into the generously rubber covered seat, and why on earth had it been upholstered in rubber? She was beginning to doubt her senses. Had she really seen a practically half-naked maid flashing her bottom at her? It hardly seemed possible as she glanced at the normality of the cluttered room with its cabinets full of silver cups, its walls covered by old photos and in one corner for some strange reason a stuffed octopus. In the other corner there was a large life size carving of a pretty but very naked women, with detailed anatomical correct details of the crutch and breasts carved out stone in the corner of the office too.

Miss Hunter sensing Julia’s eyes meandering around the room, stopped typing, and looked up “Can I offer you a drink and a smoke?”

Julia looked up wide eyed and confused “Pardon?”

“You are looking nervous; do you need a drink or a smoke, it’s often good in nervous situations to break the ice?”

Julia looked up at the wall, the large, antiquated clock with brass surrounds and roman numerals for the time and watched the large brass pendant swing side to side ever so slowly before looking back at Miss Hunter “Sorry, I don’t smoke, but maybe a coffee, that would be nice, the drive took for ever, the traffic on the M25 was atrocious!” she enviously grinned. “Milk no sugar!”

Miss Hunter snorted, frowned and twisted her mouth and then nodded “Well we can’t fix the traffic, but we will soon solve the smoking, and as for the drink, my gels will have started much earlier, you will need to catch up!” she stated as she opened a draw and pulled out a bottle of vodka and a packet of Marlboro reds.

Julia’s mouth opened wide as looked on her eyes widened even further in shock as she shuffled her weight the best she could precariously perched on the edge of the chair as Miss Hunter poured half a glass of vodka into two beakers. She then pulled the drawer open again and pulled out a carton of orange juice and topped up both the glasses with the contents. She looked up triumphantly as she passed the drink across the table. “That should help you with the nerves, far better at this

time in the morning than a coffee! Down the hatch!” She stated as she took a gulp herself and then ran her tongue around her plump red lips.

Julia looked around the room as if it was a trap. Before picking up the drink and taking a tepid sip. “Err, thank you.” She winced at the sweetness of the orange juice and the kick of the extremely strong alcohol.

“Not a problem, we actively encourage it, we find it’s a great way to start the day, I have a little more to do, please, relax and drink, and I would encourage you to light up, as I will, then I will show you to your dorm!” Miss Hunter said before taking another large gulp of the vodka and licked her bright red lips as she put the glass down, she pulled the cigarette out of the pack, placing the filter between her lips, she rummaged under the papers on her desk to find the lighter, and the room was swiftly engulfed with the putrid smell of the cigarette smoke that was drifting from the filter expertly dangled in the corner of her mouth as her fingers started to clatter away on the computer keyboard.

Julia sat sipping her drink intently watching Miss Hunter smashing of her fingernails and occasional tutting at the obvious and frequent typo corrections required and hitting of the delete key as she consumed cigarette after cigarette which was perched in the corner of her mouth only removed as the gulped her drink, before being replaced as she typed. With the glass finally empty next to the overflowing ashtray Julia pricked her ears and raised her eyebrow, she was sure she could hear gentle sound of hissing of running water splashing onto the polished tiles. Julia looked up around in surprise she even studied the ceiling. But as the noise came to end, she determined that it seemed to be coming outside, Miss Hunter was continuing typing in a cloud of own produced smoke bashing away on the keyboard unperturbed. Miss Hunter coughed, hit enter on her keyboard and took on last longing drag on her cigarette, exhaled and then stubbed it out with the rest, as the smoke dissipated in front of her, she smiled her yellowing teeth triumphantly and looked faced Julia with her penetrating brown eyes.


“Well I’m pleased to welcome you here to this fine, if not a little unusual academy young lady, please do finish your drink, it would be shame to waste it, are you sure I cannot offer you a smoke?”

Julia nervously cupped her drink, and gulped some down, whilst her knees together almost in a ball on the edge of the chair “No, I really, seriously, I don’t smoke!” and she took another nervous gulp from the glasss nearly finishing it.

Miss Hunter shook her head “I will get one of prefects on to that situation straight away. Melissa is very good at persuasion. Anyway, I am sure that you will find things very strange at first. Most of my new gels do, but all of them come to understand and love the wisdom and traditions that we foster here. My gels will all be off on a cross country run to the local pub to get there for opening time for their next drink. That’s if they don’t divert to Coop for a sneaky smoke on the way!” She dismissively shook her head “Running to sit down and relax is one of our traditions, my gels hate the running around in the fresh air for no reason, but really appreciate the sitting down part, we believe the running is the best way communing with nature and so it seems do the villagers. The local men are all marvellously supportive of my gels as they jog along the wet muddy paths, they always come out to cheer the gels on.” Miss Hunter took the cigarette from her lips and flicked the extremely long ash on the floor and then replaced the filter between her lips. “Come on, finish your drink, and then as there’s no one about at the moment I’ll show you around and let you get settled and hopefully Melissa is back first to assist you getting comfortable.”

Julia finished her drink and then sat there waiting, after shuffling of papers on the desk and tutting at herself, eventually Miss Hunter rose still with a cigarette clamped between her lips, she took one drag and leaning across the messy desk stubbed it out before finally coming round her desk and Julia looked up her face full of shock. Just like the maid, the headmistress was impeccably dressed on the top half, but again just like the lady who greeted her bottom half was an incredibly short micro skirt! Her thick bare legs emerged from below the belt like fabric. The legs were clearly glistening wet and were covered in varicose veins and ending in the same rubber clogs that the maid had worn. In a now vodka fuelled daze, Julia got up and followed the woman. It was surreal. She was walking behind a potentially tipsy half-naked middle-aged woman who was showing her around with a total lack of concern that anything was amiss.

Julia’s suitcase had disappeared, and she followed Miss Hunter as they made their way down the hallway. The air was warm thought out the building.

Things were as you would expect the only unusual thing about the building was its utter lack of mats or carpets. It was incredibly warm, the heating was on full, the floors were either of highly polished tile or equally polished wood, all hallways had a polished metallic handrail down both sides. The building smelt like every hospital or school did, a mixture of boiled cabbage, disinfectant but the distinct whiff of cigarettes and…urine?


Julia made her way a couple of steps behind Miss Hunter up some steep bare wooden stairs, observing queasily that the older woman was definitely not wearing knickers as her large damp buttocks slithered and wobbled in front of her face, and then at the end of the long white painted corridor, Miss Hunter took a deep breath as she opened the white pained fire door at the end and they soon entered her large warm but very aiery high ceilinged, almost chapel like dorm room.


She put her arms out wide and pointed “Welcome to your new home, as you can see there are showers at the one end, if you can save water and shower with another girl even better” she grinned as Julia’s face looked further in shock “I am joking! She smiled warmly for the first time “If you look over there is study area cum free bar at the other, and your beds in between, you are bed number 7, I’ll leave you here to settle in,” she paused as there was clatter echoing down another hallway “I can hear that the first of my gels are returning. Your standard uniform is on the bed, please put it on as soon as you can, and we will dispose of your clothes from home in a suitable manner. If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask, we do try to very hospital and welcoming!”


Julia could only nod silently her feet stuck to the floor with fear. The large vast empty dorm was surreal. The study desks with their computer terminals looked perfectly normal, as did the bookcases full of novels, there was as Miss Hunter said a bar with a load of drinks on the optics on the wall behind, running down each side of the dorm were wooden panelled walls which in an attempt to make it homely lined with posters of various pop stars, but in the corner of the room were two exposed shower stalls and between them a hole in the floor that seemed to be a basic drop toilet, all without any means of privacy at all. She had been told that eight girls would share the room and side by side on either side of the room 8 metallic cheap looking double beds.

Miss Hunter snapped her back with a gruff cough before she spoke “The girls will look after you, lunch will be at 12 prompt, dinner at 6, snacks at 9pm, and breakfast we expect you to be there as early as possible. Preferably before lessons start at 9 but we understand if you are running late, the traffic on the hallway can be horrendous! Have you any questions?”

Julia looked around a little confused and shook her head “…I like to be prompt miss!” she grinned.

Miss Hunter nodded “Excellent, I will see you tomorrow morning before your first class to provide you with your provisions, the gels will show you around this

afternoon and bed you in!” Miss Hunter coughed and pulled a cigarette from within her belt like fabric and placed it in her lips, she removed it once more to cough, before shaking her head and putting the filter back, she then found a lighter squished to her body and soon was dragging on the cigarette again. Julia in utter shock at what she just watched as Miss Hunter turned her body and shuffled off back down the hallway leaving Julia alone in front of bed number 7 in a dispersing cloud of smoke.

She inspected her neatly folded uniform, such as it was. It consisted of a white blouse, the school tie, and an extremely short black skirt along with those equally black rubber clogs. Her suitcase with her spare clothes was nowhere to be seen.
Julia double checked under the bed, it was spotlessly clean, but no suitcase. She climbed back up and sat on the bed as she heard giggling echoing down a hallway somewhere. Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed blonde bubbly girl. She was panting hard as she bent over as she reached the room as if she was desperate for air, she straightened herself up showing off her white running top and tight black skirt.

From the edge of the bed Julia sat as she waited for the slim girl to make her way down the dorm walking on top of a cast iron grate that split the room in two with her hands out wide as if she was an aeroplane, her blonde hair up in ponytail swishing as she giggled as she wobbled take a step to the side before correcting herself slightly as she made her way to the bar, she had soon opened the fridge and pulled out a Smirnoff Ice, with a fluid motion she banged the lid off on the edge of the counter the lid flew across the counter, she shrugged and took a long gulp, before wiping her sweat from her forehead with her arms and then looking back realised that she had company.

“Oh, hi there, I’m Melissa, you must be the new girl?” She asked before taking two long gulps of the alcopop.

Julia nodded as she introduced herself and then with a concerned face asked, “It’s like half eleven, how come you’re drinking?”

Melissa laughed, “Oh, I assume you had your welcoming drink with Miss Hunter? You will learn it’s wonderful, it’s encouraged, you wait until you start the classes, anyway after that run back from the pub, I am gagging!” She smiled and took another gulp. “Oh Jules, talking of gagging, can I offer you a ciggie?” she asked as

she headed across the room towards her bed and retrieved a pack from the wooden table.

“Err, its Julia and I don’t smoke!” Julia again confirmed again.

Melissa snorted “Oh, Jules, that’s fine, we will soon sort that okay?” Melissa grinned as he tilted her head and pulled on the cigarette.

“Can I ask pub?” Julia enquired before getting engulfed in Melissa’s exhale.

“It’s our Monday morning exercise, it’s our only exercise of the week, except for swimming on Tuesdays, run to the pub, have a drink and run back!” she grinned and then pulled on her cigarette again.

“Where is everyone else?”

Melissa laughed “Oh might have had a second drink, they will be back soon, but I had to get back to meet you!” she grinned and took a deep breath of air “I haven’t run that quick for ages, we normally walk!” she grinned and then pulled on her cigarette again.

Julia looked confused as Melissa finished off the bottle almost in one gulp, then peeled her skirt off and with the cigarette clamped between her lips crossed her arms over and pulled her running top off in quick swish. Julia looked around for the showers as Melissa swished her body to the other end of the dorm the smoke drifting out of nose.

The cigarette was dropped in a little hidden ashtray on the wall and soon Mellissa disappeared under a cloud of steam from the showers. Julia sat on the bed with her head bowed and her hands between her knees and waited.

Chapter 3

Melissa walked back from the shower with just a towel around her hair “Hey Jules, don’t mope, get dressed and I will take you to see the Matron.”

“Well, yes, you see, but it looks like they’ve forgotten the knickers.” Julia asked as Melissa suggestively bent over in front of her as she pulled a top out of the drawers under her bed.

“Oh, we don’t bother with knickers, they just get in the way and get messy, unless it’s you know what then they are allowed, Matron will sort you out later”

Julia face crinkled as she was perturbed by the statement “Err…okay…how about my suitcase?”


Melissa waved her hand dismissively “Oh don’t be silly, you can’t wear any of your own clothes round here. Miss Hunter believes in Miss Willoughby’s mantra that they Foster A Sense Of Competition Between Individual Pupils. Uniformity Promotes Equality And Equality Empowers Individuality.” It was as though Melissa was reading from a political manifesto.

“Yes, that’s all very well but I’ve literally got no panties.”

Melisa laughed “And, what does that matter, nor have I as none of us wears those. Underwear Is The Physical Bondage of Paternalistic Oppression. Casting Off These Shackles Enables Us To Reveal the Enduring Beauty of the Female Form Which We Should Worship And Rejoice.” Come on, we’ll be late for the Matron if we don’t hurry.”

There was a long pause as Julia had no idea where to look and what to do, as this was beyond weird, but she didn’t see how she had much choice. Turning her back on Melissa, she pulled off her jeans and t shirt, and with a glance to the side at the very naked Melissa, she dropped her pink cotton knickers. She was soon buttoned up the standard blouse with tie. Her cheeks glowed with embarrassment. The shirt and skirt seemed even shorter when worn, the dormitory now seemed to extremely draughty and she was sure whenever she bent down, she would be exposing herself to all and sundry.

Melissa wobbled slightly as towelled herself dry and put on the matching uniform then grabbed Julia’s hand and suggested that they have one very quick drink together before they went to Matron’s clinic. This whole place was such a strange mixture of the real and the surreal. As Melissa with her practiced skill knocked the lids off both drinks and handed one to Julia.

“Is it right to drink quite so much before seeing the matron?” Julia asked almost looking at permission to drink.

“Very much so, the more the better, like I keep saying, it’s expected!” As Melissa took another gulp and then lit another cigarette that appeared from nowhere.

Julia followed the exhaled cloud up towards the wooden rafters of the dormitory room “Melissa this feels all wrong?”

“Don’t, quickly finish you drink Jules and then we go, everything is absolutely fine. She may even do a sobriety test if she doesn’t think you have drunk anything!” Melissa grinned and took another long pull on the bottle.

“I can’t drink that quickly!” Julia complained.

“Don’t worry, we are all at least three ahead of you, down it goes!” Melissa encouraged as her eyes sparkled with positivity before placing the cigarette back between her lips once more.


Melissa leant against the wall and waited outside in the hallway smoking yet another cigarette as Julia went inside, the room looked like any other surgery anywhere else. But there was a difference mixed with a whiff of disinfectant together with an acrid overtone of…fresh cigarette smoke.


Julia with the buzz of the alcopops flooding her system she could no longer feel shocked when Matron Wendy Bartholomew entered. She was a small buxom brunette woman with a wide smile and wide hips, and she was wearing only a white hip length smock. Her standard clogs were white rather than black. Slowly though Julia began to feel more at ease as the older woman bustled around in a totally matter of fact manner, taking her temperature, getting her weight on a set of imperial old scales, then proceeded by checking her blood pressure and enquiring about possible allergies.

“How much do you drink a day?” She enquired.

Julia shrugged her shoulders, “Maybe a glass at a push two of wine with my mum in the evenings?”

Wendy nodded and wrote it down on her sheet. “Has Mel given you some to drink this morning?”

Julia looked across at the closed door which she assumed Melissa was the other side and back to Wendy as she nodded “Yeah, a couple of Smirnoff’s?” She looked on nervously.

“Excellent! She is a good prefect.” She smiled as she rummaged in another drawer and produced the alcohol tester. “So just as we know where we are starting can you blow in this?” She held up the machine.

Julia looked mightily confused, but blew away, handing the machine back to Wendy, who looked at the number, made an appreciated grunt and wrote it down. “I’m not driving anywhere?”

“No, of course, anyway excellent puff, good lungs, as such next question, how many packs a day do you smoke?”

Julia sighed with exasperation, “None, I don’t smoke anything, why does everyone keep asking me!”

Wendy nodded, frowned shook her head and wrote it down. “Very unusual for tearaways, I will talk to Miss Hunter to provide you with starter rations.”

“But…I’m not a…” Julia looked confused.

“Don’t worry the endowment provides for these things; the cost is not something to worry about!” Wendy said as she picked up her pack of cigarettes off the desk and soon had placed a filter between her lips. Wendy flicked the lighter and pulled on the cigarette, exhaled and then looked down at her notes as the smoke twisted off her cigarette and up towards a fan on the ceiling as Julia looked on in utter confusion.

“What next?” Julia asked with further exasperations.

Wendy tapped her form with her red painted nail “Yes, standard drugs test is next, just to see if we need to dry you out!”

“Well, that one is easy, I am clean!” she grinned.

Wendy had a world-weary sigh as if she had heard it all before “I will provide you with the pot one second she turned and bent down and opened a low drawer, it was the third middle aged naked white bottom that Julia had seen this morning, there was certainly a theme, Wendy turned back around and handed the large plastic jug.

Julia looked wide eyed at the container as if it come from the kitchen and then towards the door “So where is the bathroom?”

Wendy cackled and shook her head before she smiled before pulling on her cigarette “Dear like everyone else just do it here, I really don’t care!” she stated as the smoke poured out of her mouth, almost filling the small room.


“Don’t worry if you are too drunk and miss the jug there is mop in the corner a drain on the floor, we are fine!”

Julia bit her bottom lip and nodded “Well those Smirnoff’s have meant that I need to go…”

“Excellent news.” Wendy stated and continued to stand with one hand on her hip whilst the other looked after the cigarette. “Please…go ahead I’ve seen it all before” she stated firmly whilst Julia looked a little flustered.

Julia shuffled forward towards the drain on the floor, her belt of skirt easily was pushed up her slim thighs with one final look up at Wendy she looked down as she placed the jug on the floor and sighed loudly as she squatted above it, as she jetted down it quickly filled up to the brim. She stood up bouncing a little before she handed large now warm container of yellow liquid to Wendy.

“Excellent, many thanks Julia. But…my first comment even before testing it will be that it’s obvious that you need to drink more, you are almost dehydrated you should aim for as pale urine as possible, its far better for your kidneys. But you can now progress to class, I will update Miss Hunter of the results, as long with your prescription.

Julia raised her eyebrow again. “Pardon?”

“Don’t worry it’s for your initial cigarette and alcohol allowance.” She nodded as she focused on her notes as she scribbled away.

“Oh, okay…cool!” Julia looked back puzzled. “Right, your cycle…”
“I didn’t bring a bike?”
Wendy ignored that “Size 10-12, that’s right?”


“Excellent!” she smiled as opened a drawer and head moved as she counted before turning around and handing her five pairs large high waisted plain red cotton knickers and then stuffed them in a Ziplock bag and handed them to her.

With knowing nod confusion then came across her face “So what do I need to do next?” Julia asked waving the smoke away from the front of her nose.

Wendy looked up at the wall as the clock hovered near twelve. “Actually, rather than class I think it’s time for you to go to lunch.”

“Oh, okay, cool!”
“Melissa will show you the way.” Chapter 4

The Dining Hall with as with the other rooms of this large house, was a huge echoing room with more wooded ornate decor ceiling, Julia instantly coughed as she entered as there was an unmistakable cloud of cigarette smoke hovering over the giggling shrieking already tipsy girls below who were sitting at series of wooden tables, along with plates of food were several bottles of white and red wine evenly distributed between them.

Julia opened her mouth wide “Crikey! It’s like a wedding breakfast?”

Melissa smiled “I know it’s great isn’t it, They are Training Us To Achieve Greatness As Future Women Of Society” she chanted, and then looked at Julia and giggled “then we get a movie in the afternoon as the teachers and us are all far too relaxed to do anything sensible!” Melissa explained.

“By making you…I mean us all drunk?”

Melissa nodded and laughed “I know it’s the most amazing thing ever isn’t it, it a three-year long freshers party, who needs to actually learn anything at uni?” She grinned.

Julia opened her eyes wide in disbelief as she followed Melissa who was now wiggling her hips with sass as she walked across to the dinner hatch where again the were a collection of half-dressed middle-aged women working busily away.

The overly large portions of salad and boiled potatoes and grilled chicken were dropped on a plate and they then made their way to the benches. The long wooden benches on either side of the tables. These were covered in rubber and had holes cut along their length, and Julia could see why, for as the girls were drunkenly laughing, talking at full volume interspersed with drinking and eating.

Out of politeness she accepted the rather large glass of white wine the Melissa offered as she agreed that it would go rather nicely with the chicken and after sitting down awkwardly over the small hole in the bench, she took a big gulp, as she was sitting there in front of the food it made sense to eat, she was hungry so sat there and ate automatically, dumbstruck by the situation she found herself in. Julia determined that she would call her parents and demand to be retrieved as soon as possible; this was awful situation even if the wine on offer for lunch was extremely nice.

Once they had finished eating Melissa topped up both their wine glasses yet again and then lit another cigarette and exhaled a cone up towards the heavy cloud above them. “Please, go on, have one!” she grinned as she turned the pack around.

“But I don’t!” Julia defended herself, her eyes avoiding even looking at the pack.

“We all do, everyone here, it’s expected, they tell us that smoking and drinking lotsh makes us more sophistical, sophistestcial, something betterer!” She grinned.

Julia stared at the pack on the table and then shook her head as Melissa grinned tipsily back at her “Mel, has anyone explained to you how drinking and smoking all day can be sophist… oh fuck even I can’t say it now, its only lunchtime and I’ve drunk way too much!” she sighed and swirled her wine glass around and brought it to her lips and took a large gulp finishing the contents.

Melissa’s eyes glazed over “Its Special to Be Liberated From the Norms of Society, Enabling Personality to Grow.” She chanted before shaking her head before looking at her hand and the cigarette, smiling and placing the filter between her lips and picking up the bottle and topping both their glasses before Julia could move her hand on top of it.

“So why are you in here?” Julia asked staring again at the pack on the table before picking up her wine glass.

“Being a teenager, drink, drugs, smoking, and the most amazing sex with Simon, he was amazing, but my annoying parents decided that after the second abortion that I needed to dry out!” she grinned confidently as she flicked the ash from her cigarette on the floor.

Julia gulped “But you are drunk and smoking all day every day?”

Melissa laughed “Yeah, but I’m off drugs though and there are certainly no cocks around here” she frowned and then giggled “unless you count fat Jimmy up at the Three Feathers, but he really isn’t anything, deffs not Simon, so 2 out of 5 aint bad, I think the ‘rents screwed up with the destination!” she giggled and then gulped more wine.

Julia looked around as she heard splashing again, her feet in her plastic clogs were definitely getting wet, holding on to the table she tried look under.

“Are you pissing here?” She asked Mellissa as she straightened herself up as Melissa grinned merrily back at her.

“It’s A Purely Natural Function Of Which The Modern Woman Should Accept As Part Of Her Femininity.” Melissa chanted.

“Yeah, but we are at the table?”
“Do you need to go?” Melissa responded.
“Then go.”
“Here Muppet!” She grinned as the splattering stopped.

“But I can’t…can I?” She looked both ways as watched one of the other girls clearly peeing though the bench behind her, then looked back at Melissa and picked up the wine glass, took one long gulp and then looked down at her crutch as she started to tinkle then jet on the metal grate below her on to the floor.

“See as I thought piss easy…” Melissa giggled and laughed at her joke as she pulled another cigarette from the pack, before turning it back to face Julia again.

“I can’t believe this is encouraged, does this mean that at any time in the middle of a class just sit there if in the mood and just take piss in front of everyone?”

“Yup smoking, drinking, pissing, just do it wherever you’re sitting or whatever you’re doing!” she grinned happily. Melissa shrugged her shoulders and unsteadily brought the flame to her cigarette before her cheeks pulled twice to get it alight. “Chill and get drinked!” she giggled as she exhaled. “I mean drunked, or drunk!”

Julia shook her head in frustration “So, when do my actual lessons start?” she stated still uncomfortably wiggling on the bench.

“Oh, for you first thing tomorrow, wesh only have our clashes in the morning!” she grinned and took another large mouthful of her wine.

“But you went to the pub this morning?”

Melissa looked across the table, nodded and shrugged her shoulders and took another lazy gulp of her wine. “Yeah, its good life isn’t it!” she grinned.


Arm in arm they negotiated the corridors back to the dorm, Julia was glad for Melissa’s help as she was completely drunk and lost.

Melissa dropped Julia back on her bed before meandering off to her own in the search of fresh cigarettes. Julia lay down on her bed as the world was starting to tipsily dance and spin she hoped lying down on top of the bedsheet would stop it as she closed her eyes, she accidently fell asleep.

Chapter 5

After groggily been woken up for dinner of more grilled chicken, boiled potatoes and salad and being handed copious amounts of delicious wine that she willingly poured down her throat Melissa staggered and meandered through the hallways holding Julia’s hand as she brought Julia along with the other girls across to the auditorium.

It was clearly an old dining room of the old house, it was a large, long room, with a crystal cut glass chandelier looming over the middle of the room. A succession of red leather drawing room style chairs had been laid out in position focusing on the whitewashed wall at the far end.


Most of the school were present, including many of the teachers. In her rather tipsy fizzled state Julia could only recognise Matron, who sat on the front row with her legs wide apart, chatting, cigarette in the corner of her mouth whilst it seemed that she was attempting to knit some shapeless thing. The Hall quietened as Miss Hunter thundered against the woodened floor as she walked onto the raised platform at the end of the room.


She coughed to clear her throat “Good evening gels. Tonight’s cinema offering is an excellent biology documentary that Miss Agatha would have been proud off. Now I want you all to pay special attention to it as its extremely instructive and you can all learn a lot for later on in life or even later this evening when the lights are out. But I don’t want you all to think of this as a special lesson as I think that you will also find this gripping fun, so please sit back drink, smoke and please pleasure yourselves.” She turned to leave but then stopped and addressed a thin girl brunette girl on the front row.


“Lucinda Littleham-Squires. Just look at your posture, young lady. Yes, you. Sit up straight or lie back my Gel, and make sure you open your legs. Come on, further! You know very well that School Regulations prohibit sitting with crossed legs, We Need To Express Our Feminine Freedom. Don’t let me have to tell you that again!”

With a “Yes Miss” bellowed back she stalked off to the side of the room, there was a loud click of a switch and the lights dimmed. The projector crackled and hummed into life and the cheesy 80’s music boomed out as credits rolled and with the wine flowing around her body Julia struggled to control her laughter. Biology indeed, “Lesley gets Laid Again” flashed on to the screen in big bold white letters, was pure porn.

There certainly wasn’t a detailed plot which was beneficial to their alcohol addled brains and it didn’t take long for Lesley to accidentally loose her top and skirt by the broken washing machine with the repair man getting his long screwdriver out and first bouncing fake tits and wobbling bums to appear. Julia sat there glancing to the side and waited for Miss Hunter to leap up in affronted dismay, telling them that this was all derogatory and wrong, but nothing happened. She turned and nudged Melissa and whispered “What’s going on, Melissa. Surely they won’t sit back and let us watch hardcore porn?”


Melissa wrinkled her brow in puzzlement. “I don’t know what you mean, I’m finding this most instructive. Oh…one can’t be offended by this can you? The Naked

Female Form Is The Very Embodiment of Pure Beauty And The Act Of Fornication Is The Celebration Of That Very Beauty In All Its Many Forms. So Let Us Therefore Rejoice In The Female Body and Its Superior Interaction with Useless Men!”

Julia looked around in the dim light as there were several sparks from lighters, and the tips of the cigarettes burning bright orange in the dark room and as with every other space in the school the air was think of exhaled smoke as the frequent the clouds were drifting across in front of the projector as if it was the 60’s. She was no prude, but this was extreme, everyone including the teachers were staring in rapt attention, all sitting with straight backs and wide-open legs as Linda Lovealott was being attentively screwed from behind whilst attempting to swallow a cock so huge that it had to be CGI.

Off to the side Wendy was still smoking and knitting but it looked as though she’d dropped several stitches. Julia smiled picked up her recently topped up glass of wine and with the others sat back to enjoy the show.

She determined that she was definitely drunk, watching the fat arse slide up and down the thick large manly shaft was certainly making her horny. She couldn’t not help feel her juices flowing between her legs. She really didn’t care the air stank of cigarettes as she panted hard as lungs pulled the fuggy air as it worked harder, she couldn’t help but rotate her hips whilst her fingers moved faster and faster in syncopated rhythm of Linda Lovealott’s large ball slapping arse, she closed her eyes and arched her back and then with a loud cry of joy her tension and all her worries were swept aside as she came in a flood of ecstasy. She picked up her wine glass and guzzled the contents between panting and then feeling incredibly guiltily she looked around, but she had been ignored as everyone was doing exactly the same thing there was a cacophony of assorted moans and groans and loud shrieks as the entire audience added yet more personal fluids to the streams of piss already dripping onto the floor.


All too soon for Julia the movie ended, Julia was pleased though that the washing machine, television, car and toilet bathroom cabinet had all been successfully repaired as it had been touch and go between the sex sessions as each repair man needed to service Linda Lovelott too. There was a loud echo like click and lights came back on. The girls slowly roused themselves from their self-imposed slumber whilst Miss Hunter waddling on to the stage, her white shirt wide open her large breasts hanging free. “Well gels, I think we all enjoyed that very much indeed. Tomorrow morning there will be various discussion groups devoted to the content and techniques which we have all studied so intently, so as it will be a long

day, I suggest that we all turn in early tonight.” With that she left the stage, smoothing attempting to button up her blouse and struggling to straighten her tie which had somehow moved round to her back.
The two girls made their way drowsily to their dorm and their double bed. Julia felt drawn of all emotion, shell-shocked by all the weird events of the day. She felt that nothing could surprise her now in this lunatic asylum, but she was wrong. She had not been surprised, indeed she had almost been expecting it, to find that nightwear was banned by the school regulations. But she could not help gasping as she turned down her side of the bed.

“Oh My God, Melissa, these sheets are made of rubber!”

“Of course you dummy, cotton takes ages to dry and gets really smelly if you know what in the middle of the night. This way all we need to do is hose them down most mornings.”

No sooner had she settled down was there a bell ringing.
“Fuck is that a fire?” She shouted out loud.
Melissa giggled from her bed. “Nah is the late-night sobriety test!” “What?”
“You will see, stand up if you can and join the line.

She joined the end of the line just as the door opened. A tall brunette girl holding a bottle vodka against her chest marched into the room and as the girls tried to organise themselves into a uneven straight line most struggling to stay still, she then made her way up and down in front of the girls tapping the half empty bottle of vodka with her long pink painted nails. She was dressed in what passed here for uniform, but with the senior prefect twist her dark hair was dragged back into a severe bun but there was glitter sparking both in it, she wore more severe expression across her face, her equally glittery and very illegal makeup around her eyes showed she meant business. Without a word and in rhythm to her nails on the glass she kept walked slowly up and down, her long fake tan covered sculpted legs coming out of the short microskirt and into black heels rather than clogs, she was staring not at their faces but how they were standing.

“Hmmm. Everyone on your right leg and balance!” she barked as the girls all paused to determine which foot was foot and like flamingo’s they are proceeded to try and balance on one leg.

She stood within inches of Julia’s face and sniffed the air “New Girl eh? Well done, nice smell of merlot on you, but I think you are too sober, and…” she sniffed “…not enough smoke…hmm…disappointing…there has been some good work here, but further improvement required…I’m Veronica Brookes-ffinch,” she offered her hand to shake Julia’s as she wobbled on one leg “I am A wing’s Senior Prefect. We won The Unofficial Pissed Pussy Cup off C wing last term thanks mainly to Melissa’s hard work practicing in the bar, and I’m determined that we’ll win it again this time, so I you will need to smoke and drink more, as I don’t want no backsliding or skipping on your rations, is that clear?” Julia had no idea what she was talking about, but she felt it safer to agree so she nodded vigorously as she put her foot down on the floor before she fell over.

“Yes Veronica!” Julia stated and nervously gulped.

Veronica flicked her fingers “Glass!” and with scurrying a glass appeared and was passed down the line of girls. “Welcome to Agatha’s, You Will Enjoy And Flourish As Women here” Veronica chanted.

Julia again gulped air, her mouth opening and shutting like a fish out of water.

“But we do need to properly entrain you into the ways of doing things here at Agatha’s.” She licked her lips and spun the lid on the vodka bottle passing it the girl standing behind her and then turned and slowly and teasingly tipped the bottle and poured the neat vodka gurgling and chugging from the bottle into the half pint glass.

“Drink, Drink, Drink!” The girls in the room chanted.

Julia again noisily gulped air whilst looking at the glass.

Veronica smiled and flashed her eyelids twice “Down the hatch!” Veronica laughed as she handed over the drink, she turned her head to cough and then looked back looking sterner than ever.

Panic crossed her face as Julia took the glass in her hand, it seemed like the whole school was watching her. She looked at the glass and then looked across at Veronica with her perfectly done makeup and neatly plucked eyebrows and

brought the drink to her lips and as the girls around her started to slow clap in support without taking her eyes away from Veronica’s she slowly started to gulp it down. She paused after a couple of gulps and winced and pulled a face and as the claps got quicker and quicker and started to chug the remaining drink down.

She finished the glass and handed back to Veronica and swayed a little and burped deeply and loudly the girls clapped and whooped.

“Cigarette!” Veronica boomed as the clapping subsided.

“But…I…” Julia tried to protest as an orange filter appeared from a myriad of arms and was stuffed in her face.

“Excellent work with the drink! Now it’s time for your celebratory smoke!”

“Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!” the girls chanted as a lighter produced a flame and was placed in front of Julia’s nose.

Julia’s bloodshot drunken eyes widened as the flame touched the white cigarette.

She took an instinctive small suck, and the cigarette crackled, and the tip shone a little brighter, and then removed the cigarette as the putrid taste filled her mouth.

“Ughh!” she urged.

“Our Continuous Practice Makes Us Develop Towards Being That Perfect Women” Veronica chanted. “Keep going!” she urged.

Julia screwed her face up. “What?”

“Keep going with the cigarette!”

As the world started swirling Julia tried to complain “Buts I relish donshsmoke!” she tried say as the first wave of alcohol from the vodka started to hit. The smoke was rising and swirling from the cigarette between her fingers.

“Smoke, Smoke, Smoke!” The girls continued to loudly chant.

“You need to inhale all that goodness!” Veronica laughed as she flicked the lighter and pulled on her own cigarette before exhaling in Julia’s face.

Julia nodded and placed the cigarette back between her lips and again gently pulled the smoke in to her mouth and quickly let it out and dry urged.

Veronica wryly smiled and nodded and patted her on the back.

“Congrats all, well done Julia, let us all finish the bottle, vodka shots all!” Veronica shouted as she turned down the line “Then everyone off to bed, lights out in half an hour, Melly, keep an eye on Jules!” She winked and looked across the room.

As Julia released from the crowd staggered sideways vaguely in the direction of the toilet, it wasn’t her intended direction, with her hand out wide with a lit cigarette between her fingers.

Chapter 6

The girls were awoken as usual by the shrilling of the morning alarm bell. Julia looked sleepily and rather hungover around her trying to work out where she was. She had spent the whole night after throwing up convincing herself that did not want Melissa to think that she accepted the clearly lunatic philosophy of this madhouse.


She had just about staggered to the shower, petrified by the lack of curtain, but had managed to empty her bladder, shower and towel herself dry without being disturbed, or by anyone forcing her to drink or smoke something before making her way back to her bed. That soon ended as she was greeted by Melissa stood in front of her bed completely naked her elbow lodged in her soft hip propping up the hand with the cigarette between her fingers, she lifted her hand put the filter between her lips and pulled hard, she removed the filter from her lips it almost made a pop before she enticingly let the smoke drift out of her mouth. “You ready for breakfast?” she asked before exhaling the rest of the smoke.

Julia nodded “I need to get dressed first?” she said looking anywhere but at the naked Melissa who was completely hairless from the neck down, Julia focused as she turned and tried to see where she might have put her blouse when undressing last night, which she still couldn’t remember doing…

“Yeah, we will have a couple of orange juices, with vodka here before getting dressed.”

“Pardon?” Julia said rubbing her eyes of sleep, and then turning her back almost urging at the word vodka.

“Just the recommended little pick me up to start the day with!” she grinned before closing her eyes as she pulled on the cigarette again.

Julia looked a little pensive before agreeing and the two girls headed off down to the bar end of the dorm, and Melissa with her cigarette locked between her teeth opened the fridge and pulled out the vodka and the orange juice.

“Is it not a little early?” Julia shivered as she held her towel close to her chest. “Should we not have some food?”

Melissa grinned “Here it’s never too early!” she beamed “oh, but we need to go via Miss Hunters office before first class for your ciggies in a bit! I would share mine, but it’s all prescribed to us depending on demand.”

“But Mel…there is no demand from me!”
Melissa dismissively shook her head “But there will be, its fine! Come on drink up!”

They stood outside Miss Hunters room and knocked on the door.

“Enter” she boomed in her gruffly voice through the wood.

The two girls trotted into the office. She looked up from her desk and coughed, she then focused her eyes over her glasses determining who is in front of her.

“Ah yes…err…Julia…Ponsonby how did you find your first day?” Miss Hunter smiled.

“Err, yeah, it was, err…”

Miss Hunter appreciated nodded her head “I heard that you were truly welcomed by all, and Well, I hope Melissa here has been looking after you ensuring you are well lubricated and making sure you don’t go without a cigarette?”

Julia eyes widened with disappointment “You see, that’s what I don’t…”

Melissa coughed to clear her throat in the background attempting to distract the conversation.

“Of course, Mel, light up, don’t wait for us on ceremony!”

“Thanks Miss!” Melissa said pulling a cigarette and lighter from the pack tucked in her skirt elastic and within seconds a cloud of exhaled smoke drifted over Julia’s shoulders.

Miss Hunter shuffled the papers on the desk looking for something before focusing on a sheet and nodding “Aha, right, yes that explains it…” she nodded and fiddled with her pack on the table and placed a filter between her lips, then flicked the lighter and took a short drag. The smoke drifted up out of her nose against the sunlight beaming through the large window behind her. She gently coughed and sniffed “Hmmm, right Matron has prescribed your cigarette requirements, you will soon catch up, so I guess we should start right away?”

Julia sighed “But…”

Miss Hunter shook her head dismissively and spun her computer screen around so that she could see it. Please “Take a seat, Melissa will help, come on right come here we will get you going!”


“Ugh…my throat feels like shite, what the fuck and I going to do with these?”” Julia whinged holding her pack of Marlboro reds as licked her lips the made their way down the corridor.

“Our Continuous Practice Makes Us Develop Towards Being That Perfect Women.” Melissa chanted.

“Oh, for god’s sake stop with that my throat feels shite even after that other vodka and orange!” she stuck her tongue out for effect.

“Come on Julia you were amazing, a proper star and by that third cigarette you were smoking like a pro!” Melissa exclaimed.

“Whatever I stink, and I am feeling incredibly woozy!” She stopped and held the wall and took a couple of deep breaths of air.

“Inhaling it makes is so much better, you managed to get the smoke straight to your lungs!” Melissa put her hand on her hip and nodded appreciatively “Boy do I miss that woozy feeling!” she grinned as Julia leaned again the wall looking washed out…she looked on with genuine concern “Come on let get to class as I need sit down for a pee!”

Julia bit her bottom lip and looked at Melissa, took a recuperative gulp of air and nodded in agreement.

The girls slowly made their way down the corridor for their first class. They reached the classroom and she sat down at her desk. As with all the chairs in the building it had holes cut in their seats and she wriggled her bare bum to get comfortable against the cold rubber. A tall young woman entered, not much older than the schoolgirls. She was wearing a camisole top that clung to her body outlining her clearly braless jutting tits.

Melissa turned to Julia and whispered. “This is Miss Andrews, she used to be Head Girl here and only started teaching last term.” She continued talking in an awestruck voice. “She’s amazing. She loves her cigarettes and if you watch closely has absolutely no bladder control at all!”


Julia was beginning to envy her. Her need to pee was now extreme. She tried to relax her muscles, but she just felt too inhibited to let go surrounded by all these other girls.
Miss Andrews was speaking. “Good Morning Girls. We have an amazing new girl joining us today. I have heard wonderful things about her, please stand-up Julia if you can and introduce yourself.”
Julia gulped and turned crimson red. She pushed her arms against the wooded table, stood up, brought her hand to mouth as she coughed, then put both hands on the desk with a bang as she had stood up too quickly and certainly felt giddy from the three vodka and orange juices on an empty stomach along with the forced smoking a little earlier. She mumbled an introduction of herself said hello and hastily sat down taking a deep breath as she relaxed, and with a big sigh noisy hiss between her legs her bladder finally emptied though the holey chair below her.

Miss Andrews smiled happily as she watched the stream, then coughed to clear her throat and picked up her pack of cigarettes off the desk. “Right girls let’s start this morning’s class on the right foot but taking our cigarettes in our right hands

please, lighters in our left. Filters to the lips, come on girls let’s go!” she muffled as she stuffed her own filter between her lips as the 10 girls including the captivated Julia followed the instructions to the letter bringing the synchronicity of them all lighting the cigarette at the same time, the thud as ten lighters hit the desks and the large cloud of smoke exhaled above their heads.

“Wonderful girls!” Miss Andrews said with her exhale. “Right keep going get the glorious feeling that smoking produces come on follow me!” She stated as she brought her hand back to her lips and the girls followed as they all pulled hard on the cigarette, and again force exhaled the smoke. “We will finish these and then we will start by continuing our listening on Agatha Willoughby’s Emancipated Philosophy of Liberation. With Julia joining us I think that this is a good time to revise all that we have learnt so far, so I’ve prepared a little resume on the tablets. Inhale once again girls!” she bellowed as they followed her arm as they brought their hands back to their mouths and inhaled. “Wonderful girls she stated with her exhale. “Keep going once again, thank you, a couple more, well done and stub them out and then we can start!”

There was a general chatter as they all stubbed the cigarettes out in the round ashtray on each of their small the wooden desks. “Thank you, girls, silence now, if you can all put on your headphones, please they should be plugged in.”
Julia looked down at the tablet screen and pulled open the drawer to find the headphones, as instructed she plugged them in and with a little bit of vodka fuelled confusion managed to untangle the cable and get them on her head. Julia and the rest of the class sat with their heads bowed looking at the screen whilst completely enthralled by the words and wisdoms of Agatha Willoughby, as and when they calm voice suggested they light a cigarette they did and the sat there transfixed with the information provided in the headphones, it was utterly fascinating.

She was in awe, she had had no idea that the Great Lady’s philosophy could be so reasoned and clear, it was completely captivating and yet so glaringly sensible. All too soon, after three hours, the final cigarette was stubbed out and the screen suddenly went blank meaning it was the end of class and she coughed and pulled a face of disgust and reluctantly removed her headphones as everyone else did, she was feeling completely and utterly spent, she sighed, grimaced loudly rubbed her tongue across her lips at the vile cigarette taste and looked with dismay at the emptier pack on the desk and shook her head then looked across at the ashtray with four butts in it, before looking down at her bare crotch with the puddle on the floor now slowly dripping a drop at a time in the metal drain beneath her feet, she

gulped for fresh air before turning and staring across at Melissa, who was grinned like a Cheshire cat before placing a filter between her lips and lighting a fresh cigarette.
Chapter 7

Julia pulled a face of disgust “These cigarettes make me so thirsty, and my throat feels awful!” she exclaimed as she picked up the wine glass and took a large gulp after they had sat down on the lunch benches. “As my mouth and throat is yuck! Why do it?”

Melissa cackled “Its fine, look I ensure you as it gets better and soon you get to enjoy it as Our Continuous Practice Makes Us Develop Towards Being That Perfect Women and I promise, our next class after lunch is swimming, you can practice even more!”

Julia rolled her eyes “Pardon, we were fucked after lunch yesterday and the wine, there is no chance of me swimming, or blinking smoking!”

“Mind your language, we are ladies after all, anyway, don’t worry there isn’t any swimming, for too dangerous, but there will be plenty of lying down and smoking, it’s more of an excuse to sleep off lunch!” Melissa explained as she picked up her fork and stuffed it into the identical looking grilled chicken from yesterday and started chewing.

“Also, err, I don’t have a cossie?”

Melissa swallowed her chicken and giggled and shook her head and waved her fork in the air, “Jules, just think about it!” and then picked up the diced boiled potato wither her fork and stuck it in her mouth and continued chewing.

Julia glanced out the window at the grey sky and the rain noisily beating against the window “I hope its heated?”


Melissa led Julia along the myriad of identical looking long dark wooden hallways as they slowly made their way towards the pool.

The overpowering smell of warm potent chlorine hit the noses as they made a final couple of turns. The small rectangular pool, in bright red letters printed on the blue

tiled wall it stated Deep End 2.0M and along the wall Shallow End 0.5M. The pool had been built inside a 1970’s extension of the original 1900’s school building, external the walls and ceiling were clad in light brown varnished Scandinavian pine which the effects of moisture and time had clearly aged with green mould and rot around the edges of each of the large single pane panoramic windows which were mostly misted up, there wasn’t the best spectacle anyway as it looked out with the delightful view of the large red industrial bins.

There was a gentle splashing coming from the pool as there was the bare back of a brunette slowly gliding through the pool with front crawl, the body reached the deep end conducted and perfect tumble turn before gently stroking back.

The figure powerfully swam towards the shallow end and then with a deep gasp for air Veronica’s head appeared from the water and she slowly made her way up the steps the water dripping down off her protruding fake breasts and pouring down between her extremely clean shaven crotch, she ran her hands through her long brown hair, flicking the water off her long nails, she got to the top of the three stairs and went to reach her green academy embroider towel on the closest lounger, she dried her hands and soon had pulled a cigarette from the pack that had fallen on the floor when she moved the towel. She flipped her hair out of her face and then focused her eyes, her wet lashes stuck together producing large thick lashes, she flicked the lighter and pulled the smoke in to waiting lungs as inhaled. She released the smoke into the warm chlorine filled air and clamped the cigarette between her lips and started to dry her legs and then her arm pits before looking across at her audience.

“Not smoking Jules?” Veronica stated as the cigarette bounced in the corner of her mouth as she towelled down her hair.

“Err, no, I am okay at the moment Veronica.”

Disappointment crossed her face as she shook her head and tutted “No, not good enough! You have been given your cigarettes this morning by Miss Hunter?”

Julia nodded guiltily.

Veronica nodded encouragingly too “Excellent!” she brought her hand to her mouth and pulled on her cigarette and exhaled out the corner of her mouth “Well then get on with them, we can’t afford lose this terms Pissed Pussy Cup!” She glared as the water dripped and smoke then drifted out of her nose.

“Yes Veronica!” Julia agreed.
“Good, make sure you are ready for the sobriety competition tonight?”

“Yes, Veronica, Our Continuous Practice Makes Us Develop Towards Being That Perfect Women” Julia responded in a monotone voice and then looked confused.

“Excellent work Jules you are starting to understand Miss Willoughby’s ideas!” Veronica smiled at Melissa who was busy chain lighting her cigarette. “Are you here for a swim?” She asked.

“I thought there were some sort of pool lessons up here?” Julia asked looking confused she turned and looked back at Melissa who was lying out on the lounger completely naked chain lighting her next cigarette. With a little bit of shock Julia looked back at the equally clothes-less Veronica.

Veronica cackled “Oh, yes of course, Tuesday afternoon is Miss Andrews and A Modern Women’s Poolside Etiquette?”

“I guess so!” Julia replied with large amount of hope in her voice.

Veronica flipped her towel over her shoulder, slipped her still damp feet into her black heels “I will see you both later, you are bound to fun with Miss Andrews!” Veronica winked, tapped her cigarette knocking the ash over the drain on the floor, rubbed her lips together and then placed the filter between them.

“Are you not staying?” Julia asked as she watched Veronica dragging on her cigarette and exhaling through her nose as wobbled off in her heels towards to the door as the chorus of noise came from the other direction.

Chapter 8

Ten minutes later the quiet of the pool side had ended and was full of giggling chatty girls, all lying on the loungers nattering with each other they had all been given a large glass of white wine to drink.

The light dimmed and a beam of light from a projector high on the ceiling beamed against the wooden end wall.

“The Very Modern Women Needs To Display Herself In The Best Positive Light At All Times, Including By The Pool.”

The soft soothing voice boomed out as each of the words flicked individually onto the wall as the voice dictated.

“You Are In Control Of Your Femininity Let Your Clothes Fall To The Floor Let The Smoke Power You Through Your Day.”

The voice continued as the girls looked at the wall transfixed.

“Light Up Your Cigarettes Take The Flame of Feminine Power Forward, Fill Your Lungs with Smoke Exhale All Evil.”

The girls almost robotically unbuttoned their blouses pulling them off and dropping them to the floor, before picking up their packs, they lit their cigarettes one after one. There was a gentle cacophony of throat clearing coughs, sniffs and sighs as the cigarettes were soon alight and the smoke started to drift up.

With her eyes mesmerized by the words on the wall and the soothing voice in her ears without any hesitation, discomforts or confusion Julia pulled the smoke into her lungs.

“1, 2, 3 Drag, 1, 2, 3 Release, 1, 2, 3 Drink, 1, 2, 3 Relax!” the voice reverberated around the room. “Drag, Drink, Relax” the soothing voice slowly repeated.

The bright colours off the wall reflected and flashed against the wide-open pupils of the girls as they stared in harmony at the information portrayed in front of them with their cigarettes between their fingers on their right hand and their wine glass securely grasped in their left, the girls proceeded to alternate a three second drag, followed by exhale, followed by a gulp of the wine and a sigh.

“Head up, Drag, Chest Out, Exhale!” the words stated as the girls followed the request, and this was repeated for the next three and half minutes “Stub it out!” the final words said as they dropped the cigarettes on the floor.

“Afternoon girls!” Miss Andrews stated as she sauntered with her hair still up in its tight bun, her soft, slim body was now completely naked as she made her way out of what would be a changing room door carrying two packs of cigarettes firmly in her hands. “Girls, hope everyone is feeling wonderful and positive this afternoon?”

“Yes Miss!” the girls chanted back in unison.

“Excellent, all of you naked please, no need to be shy we need pretend that we are getting the sun on places it don’t shine!” she demanded as there was a little bit of shuffling from those still clothed. “Let envisage we are one a Greek island, you’re lying on the sun lounger outside in your private apartment, your amazing sexy body is glistening as you covered your gorgeous tits, legs and vag in oil and factor 5, its 30 degrees C out there, the pool is glistening blue, warmed from the sun, but you have no intention of using it, and your waste of a space of man as kindly brought you another glass of cold crisp wine, and will keep bringing them all day, so lets soak up the sun, and you won’t want the pesky Germans to take the lounger, so you won’t be leaving this spot until the sun starts setting, so drink up, and for me anyway, don’t know about you but its been at least five minutes, lets smoke!” She grinned as she pulled a filter from the pack with her teeth and grabbed the lighter and swiftly lit up. As the soft sound of waves washing up against a beach and the distant squark of a seagull could be heard over the Tannoy system.

Julia glanced away towards the window and looked through at the grey sky with the wind and rain beating against the misted up glass, the succession of water droplets running down the outside window, she followed two racing each other to the bottom until Julia grinned as her warped brain watched as it was like two sperm under the microscope racing to the egg, the right one reached the windowsill first and wicked away by the egg, she then looked down at her pack of Marlboro Reds on her lap, it was open with the orange filter looking at her, she glanced at her wine glass and then back up at the naked Miss Williams with one hand on her hip and she watched as Miss Andrews closed her eyes and her large sagging breasts rose as she pulled the smoke into her waiting body.

Melissa looked across at Julia and caught her eye and nodded approvingly egging her on.

Julia took a deep breath of air through her nose as if building her confidence, smiled and pulled a fresh cigarette out of the pack and with the lighter grasped in her hand, she flicked it, produced the flame and leaned her head slightly forward, her cheeks gently pulled the smoke into her mouth as she followed the crowd.

“Excellent work girls, I am going to go and get our top ups!” Miss Andrews grinned and with the cigarette dangled in the corner of her mouth shuffled back into the changing room.

A few seconds later she came back out carrying a large box of six bottles of wine she turned and humming to herself then brough back and other large box, which rattled and dinged as she put it down in the pool tile floor.


Julia lay her head back on the lounger, the world was swirling again, she felt light of body from the cigarettes and alcohol, she grinned as she brought the now rather short cigarette to her lips and pulled the smoke into her. She removed the cigarette and watched the smoke drift out of her mouth, she chuckled at her self-doing it.

She stirred as Miss Andrews piped up again.

“Comes on wonsherful ladesh keeps dinking, smoking, annnnd pissing!” Miss Andrews giggled as she brought the wine glass to her mouth gulped some as she attempted to drink it, a lot flowed down her bare chest. She staggered around the edge of the pool, turned and she arched her back slightly staggering backwards in the process and with a big grin she used her fingers to split her vulva as jet of pee escaped her crotch and arced across and then splattered noisily on to the floor and eventually into the pool.

She licked her fingers dry and then had another gulp of her wine.

“Everybodies good?” she asked as she swayed slightly to the side as most of the girls were asleep or passed out in a drunken haze.

Julia stubbed exhaled again and reached across and stubbed her cigarette out alongside its equally squished compatriots in the waiting ashtray and giggled naughtily to herself as she again felt the warm trickle splash against the inside of her thighs and wicking around her buttocks as she relaxed and then heard the now tell-tale splattering on the floor just below her bottom, she smiled, she was being good, as she was just following instructions, her Step Dad would be proud.


“Thank you, Julia, great blow,” she smiled looking at the machine and nodded appreciation “yes you are going in the right direction. I also note a little weight gain, that is common here, I guess you’ve been drinking a little more now than a month ago?”

Julia nodded “Just a couple of straight vodkas for breakfast, the alcopops during class, the wine for lunch, and then whatever goes in the afternoon Miss!” she grinned as she fidgeted on the seat opposite the Matron.

“Great, glad to see you are taking full advantage of Agatha Willoughby’s mentality and relaxing into the way of things here.” Wendy smiled and wrote data down on her notes before tapping her pen on her chin as she thought. “Is it possible if you can give me another sample please?” Wendy asked as she placed the jug on the blow between her wide apart legs.

“Thought you would never ask, I am desperate, drank a little too much this morning!” she grinned as she shuffled forwards and leaned back as she jetted the contents of her bladder mostly into the jug below her legs.

Wendy grunted as bent down and almost strained as she picked up the jug and placed it on the table, wiping her hand on her pinny of the spillages that hit the handle. She looked at it and nodded. “Excellent, a lot paler than last time, you are doing well to maintain hydration, it’s great for your skin to sustain a good level of water in the body plus no risk of kidney stones. I will of course test this for a full suite of analytes, but my notes tell me it tasted absolutely fine last time!” she looked at Julia and grinned.

“I try best miss!” Julia tipsily giggled ignoring the last statement as again she fidgeted on the seat.

Wendy nodded as she flicked open her pack and placed a filter between her lips, Julia shuffled forward in anticipation. Wendy smiled around her cigarette before bringing a flame from her lighter to it. She closed her mouth and pulled hard on the cigarette, before releasing the cloud of smoke from her mouth. “So, Julia, how is progress with your nicotine requirements?”

“Yes Miss, I have progressed well, I think I am keeping somewhere between 15 and 20 a day miss. But it’s difficult to keep count every day!”

Wendy nodded the cigarette wedged in the corner of her mouth bounced as the smoke drifted out of nose as she wrote it down. The put her fingers back around the cigarette pulled hard again and released the filter and the smoke from her mouth. “That is excellent news, we will double the rations of both cigarettes and alcohol available for you. You are making excellent progress.”

“Thank you miss.” Julia stated tapping her finger on her bare knee.

“Julia, please light up, there is no point waiting for you to go to class!” Wendy stated as she offered her pack to Julia, who respectively grabbed a cigarette from the pack and stuffed it in her mouth, she leant forward and accepted the flame from Wendy with a deep lung loving, 1, 2, 3 long drag on the filter.

“Thank you miss!” she said holding the smoke in before exhaling.

Wendy smiled “Great, go on, off to class!” Wendy grinned as she watched Julia attempt to tug her miniskirt down over her buttocks, before missing the door handle at the first attempt and shaking her head and having another go to open the door. “Have fun!”

“I will!” She grinned as she made her way down the hallway holding on to the rail for support with one hand and a cigarette between her fingers in the other, looking forward to her next lesson on Agatha Willoughby’s excellent feminine ideas.

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