My girlfriends destruction story – Smoking Fetish Story

Thatís how it all started. Her name was Pamella. I met her at the street, she was standing there with a bottle of cheap beer and a cigarette, listening to the street orchestra. At that time she was 26 years old. The first thing that amazed me in her was her clothes. It was summer and she wore a very short skirt, a top and it was noticeable that there was no bra. Her breasts were just hanging under that clothes and she looked like a cheap whore. In fact she wanted to look like that. She thought it was beautiful and sexy. As I was watching her she chainsmoked 3 cigarettes and when she dropped the 3-rd one her cough was almost unstoppable.
At those days she was rather plumpish and had an ample body but excessive smoking and sex already left their marks: her skin was getting old, it was obvious. Besides she had a vulgar make up: bright-red lipstick and thick blue eyes.
I couldnít miss such a beauty! I came up to her and after a small talk she said with her raspy voice: ìI know you want me. So come to my apartment and letís do it. Iím not gonna wait till tomorrow!î I was slightly shocked.. She lived in a couple of blocks near that place. I bought her some vodka (she asked me to do that) and we were at her doorway in 10 minutes. The hardest thing for her was still ahead: she lived on the 5-th floor and there was no elevator.
– Damn, this stairway will kill me someday,- she murmured standing and the fist floor as if she was going to climb Everest. ñ Ok, letís go. Ö.
On the 3-rd floor she had to stop and smoke a cigarette. She was exhausted, not breathing but wheezing, coughing as if she was going to die here. ìOh, god, I feel like my lungs will crack right nowÖ OhÖ (coughing, wheezing, choking) just a minuteÖ donít touch me now please, I donít feel well.. (I was already squeezing her tits and butt. Then I pulled up her top standing behind and her big but saggy tits fell out. She couldnít resist that because of her coughing fit).

We had sex in her room which looked like a real slum. Cigarette butts and empty bottles everywhere, huge ashtray overfilled with butts, etc. she told me her story. She started smoking in 11 and in 12 years old she was smoking 3 packs a day. (by that time she smoked 4,5 already). By the age of 13 she was deflowered and was used like a cheap prostitute by all the quarter. Now she was working in a shop and was known as a woman who is giving free blowjobs. She didnít think of herself as a hooker though. She thought her life was a fun and sex is a fun so she was having sex 4-5 times a day, no matter with whom. By the way her anus was so torn apart that you could easily stick three dicks there J

We were together for 2 years. I took her to every party with my friends and it was very profitable, since we didnít need to buy prostitutes. We used her for our needs. She smoked even during sex and blowjobs and there was not a single evening when she wasnít drunk. I remember her face one evening.. She is standing on her knees, naked, in ragged stockings, sucking my friendís dick, smoking a cigar and coughing, and moaning. Her face is smudged with sperm, her makeup is destroyed. My friend cums into her mouth, sheís trying to shallow and chokes on that amount of ìcocktailî. She makes a gulp of wine, swallows and lies on the floor in a bliss. ìAhhhÖ thereís no good remedy from my cough but a male spermÖ! She inhales a smoke and her deep wheezing cough suppresses our Homeric laughter.

Then I moved in another region and never met her till last time. She is 30 now, she became much thinner, her voice is almost gone. I think itís a combination of drinking and smoking that made her such a wreck. She is a cheap prostitute at a bar and no longer thinks that sex is a fun. Now itís her job, her last job I think. Her lungs are so badly damaged that she canít even talk for a long time and she canít make a proper blowjob. Her saggy breasts are always with bruises, and the only thing she does perfectly is her cough, especially in the morning. Brown teeth, yellow fingers, terrible smell from her mouth and lungs that are soon to be dead. Oh, Pam! What have you done to yourself, babe!

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