Beach Day – Smoking Fetish Story

A few years back I was going through a bad breakup and felt like I couldn’t get out of the funk I was in. My ex-girlfriend had left me for a man, and it hurt more than anything I’d experienced up to that point. I knew she was bisexual, and I know love is love, but for some reason it just hurt more knowing she was leaving under those circumstances. I guess it preyed on my own insecurities about being enough for her.
After about 2 weeks of having my head buried in the sand, my friend Angela decided to do something about it. She showed up at my apartment one day, as I greeted her in my ice cream stained pajamas and bedhead. She declared that the sun would do me good and that we were going to the beach, whether I liked it or not.
I was reluctant, but I always had a soft spot for her and her force of personality, so I dragged my feet to get ready. I threw on my swimsuit, a blue two piece, put on a t-shirt and shorts, and finally topped it off with a beach shawl I didn’t get to use enough. Angela threw some towels, sunscreen, and drinks into a bag and we were out the door.
I plopped into the passenger seat and Angela threw the bag into the back and got in to start the car. She started driving to the beach, fiddling with the radio and making me nervous in the process.
“Watch the road,” I said, “I can mess with the radio”
A song came on the radio that Angela clearly liked.
“Don’t touch it!” she exclaimed and put her full attention back to the road.
At the first stoplight she started digging in her purse, and unsurprisingly she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and her lighter. She put one between her lips and lit it up, just in time for the light to change green.
She tried to hold it towards the window, but it didn’t help too much, and smoke came back blowing into my face. I felt tingling in my bikini bottoms as I saw her start smoking so expertly. The smell of her smoke started to drive me crazy.
I had fully succumbed to my smoking fetish at this time, so I barely tried to handle how aroused she was making me. I had still never tried a cigarette myself, but I had begun to carry a pack around in my purse because it made me feel sexy. Even buying the pack had been such a thrill, and even though it was still not opened, I felt more confident just seeing them in there when I needed to get something out, or the feel of the pack if I was digging around blindly.
I had to look away and think of something else after I felt wetness on my thighs. I contemplated keeping the shorts on for my stay at the beach because I know how much Angela smokes, especially when at the beach.
“I’m sorry in advance,” she said after finishing her cigarette. “There probably won’t be a lot of women at this beach, but you never know!”
Angela wasn’t a lesbian, but she was very supportive of me in that way. We had kissed a couple of times, and even made out once, but that was as far as it ever went. It felt like she was just messing with me, usually.
When we pulled up to the beach, one I had never been to before, I followed her until she found a spot she was satisfied with. The ocean was beautiful, and I couldn’t help staring out at the sky. We spread out our blanket and I sat down. It was then that I noticed almost everyone on the beach was naked.
“What the hell, Ange, this is a nude beach?!” I whispered sternly.
“Yep!” she said as she turned around and popped her bikini top off.
I had seen her topless quite a few times in the past, something I was always thankful that she didn’t feel uncomfortable doing around me despite my being a lesbian. It didn’t matter though, I was astounded each time, and I know she could see through my quiet attempts at appearing stoic. I think she enjoyed it a little bit.
“I’m certainly not getting naked,” I protested.
“You don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable,” she reassured me. “But let’s see how you feel after a while.”

I decided the sun here was just as good as anywhere else, and I laid back on the blanket and closed my eyes. I had planned on reading while here, but I wasn’t sure I could stay focused given this latest development.
I was counting the minutes in my head when I heard a familiar clicking, Angela’s lighter. This would be a first, I thought – I’ve never seen her smoking nude. I felt my vagina tingle again with the thought of it. I felt so naughty for thinking of it this way, but I couldn’t help it anymore.
Peeking through my sunglasses, I saw Angela sitting cross-legged, her soft breasts hanging freely off her chest. She had very nice assets for sure. I still remember how her breasts came in so much earlier than mine, and how jealous it made me. I had since caught up and then some, but seeing them always reminded me that she was ahead of me in many ways.
I sat up, under the pretense of wanting to have a drink and sat there, water bottle in hand, but not drinking. I watched as Angela brushed sand off her knees and took a long drag. Her breasts rose as she pulled the smoke into her expert lungs. I decided I should sit cross-legged as well to avoid anyone noticing my wetness.
Angela seemed to get settled and relaxed, as she blew out one last stream of smoke that the wind caught and put directly in my face. Smelling it so fresh out of her lungs was almost more than I could handle, especially watching her breasts dangle as she exhaled.
She glanced over at me, “Sorry there’s not a lot of attractive women out here, but at least I’m here!”
Now I knew she was teasing me. The beach was littered with old, flabby men with vests of grey chest hair. No hate, but not exactly my bag, unfortunately. I shot her a sarcastic smile.
“You’re sure you don’t want to take off some of those clothes?” she asked, gesturing at me and the fact that I was still wearing not only my swimsuit, but the shirt, shorts, and shawl.
“Maybe some of them, in a bit, I need to put sunscreen on or I’ll burn to a crisp.”
“I’ll get it,” Angela said, and leapt for the bag, causing her ample chest to jiggle as I watched.

She knew I was watching, and she definitely liked it.
“You can close your mouth, a seagull might fly in,” she shot at me as she began to rifle through our bag.
She pulled out the tube of sunscreen and tossed it to me. Then she kept rummaging around for something else.
“You little bitch,” she said as I was rubbing sunscreen on my face.
I looked over and she was holding the pack of cigarettes that I had been carrying around in my purse.
“When did you start smoking?”
“I didn’t,” I confessed. “I just wanted to have them in case.”
“In case what? You need to help an addict out?” she chuckled.
I tried to remain calm as I took off my shawl and pulled the shirt over my head. I rubbed the sunscreen on my arms and legs, leaving my shorts in place.
“Mind if I have one?” she asked, still looking at the pack of cigarettes I had bought. For some reason the thought of her smoking one from the pack I bought, completely naked, really had me trembling.
“Not at all, I’ll never use them, obviously,” I said, and I could hear how shaky my voice sounded.
I heard her lighter and looked over as she took the first drag off one of my cigarettes. I dropped the tube of sunscreen.
“Hmm,” she hummed through lips wrapped around the cigarette, then grabbing it between her fingers, “Let me get that for you.”
Then she was crawling towards me, her breasts swinging, cigarette in one hand, reaching for the sunscreen. She sat behind me, then, and I heard the cap on the tube open back up. Cold sunscreen landed on my shoulders and I resisted the urge to scream. Then I felt her exhale smoke directly on my back.

“Sorry!” she said, and I could tell the cigarette was in her mouth because both of her hands were on my shoulders, gently rubbing. I was in heaven.
Despite her apology, she blew out another cloud of smoke directly on me, but I didn’t complain. By now I was very wet and I was afraid someone would notice, or I would do something stupid. As usual, though, it was Angela that made that decision.
In horror, I felt my bikini top unfasten and pop off. I grabbed at the fabric, holding it to cover my breasts as best as I could and shrieked.
“I have to get under the straps in case you decide to take it off!” she apologized, clearly not actually sorry. “You had better move your hands so I can get to the front too. No one is looking, and I can’t see from here.”
I wasn’t completely sure if she was joking, teasing, or being serious. I was so turned on by then that I didn’t even care. I let my arms drop, my bikini top along with it, exposing my bare breasts to the entire beach.
In slow motion, I saw Angela’s hand, full of sunscreen, reach from behind me and gently cup my left breasts, rubbing the sunscreen in. Then the hand disappeared, and the other one appeared, doing the same for my right breast. Her left hand also reappeared, this time holding the cigarette and continued massaging the sunscreen into my skin. She kept rubbing a bit longer than was necessary, so I think she liked how erect my nipples had become.
“Why did you buy the cigarettes?” she asked, more seriously this time, like maybe she was worried about me. “You’ve never smoked.”
“I just thought,” I stammered, “I guess I thought it would make me feel sexy to at least have them.”
“Sexy, huh? I guess I can see that. Did it work?” “Yeah,” I gulped. I couldn’t manage to elaborate.
“Well you definitely look sexy, no one can take that away from you. You don’t want to try one and see if you like it?”
“No, I don’t want to ruin it, or get addicted,” I shot out without actually thinking about how much I was revealing.

“Well you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” she said as she pulled me backwards and looked down at my breasts, her right hand still touching me.
She made sure I was looking up at her as she took a long drag on her cigarette, my eyes going wide. Then she leaned down and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me firmly as she squeezed my nipple. She broke off the kiss and blew her smoke down on my chest. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before.
“Was that okay?” she asked coyly.
“It was amazing,” I said, unable to lie or even play off my arousal.
She grabbed my cheeks and pulled me close again, kissing me again, this time our lips parting and our tongues met, rubbing against each other passionately. She pulled away, then took a drag off the cigarette. Then, to my surprise she pressed the cigarette, still between her fingers, against my lips.
“Just inhale,” she said, smoke floating out of her mouth with each word, then blowing the rest out the side.
I didn’t want to, but I was caught up in the moment, and I took a drag on the cigarette that she was pressing to my lips. I had smoked weed before, so the process wasn’t l unknown to me, but I couldn’t manage to do it elegantly and started coughing. My breasts began to jiggle until Angela reached to hold them both in place.
I became self conscious suddenly, and looked up to see that there were quite a few people staring at us. I hurriedly put my top back on as Angela chuckled, finishing the cigarette.
“You’re a natural!” she said jokingly, blowing out a long steady stream of smoke.
I was embarrassed in the moment, but I knew I would have that memory for the rest of my life, and I’m very glad that it happened.

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