Janice gets duped and starts smoking – Smoking Fetish Story

janice was a 32-year old stunning blonde. she was a good girl – never smoked, drank, or did drugs. she owned a gym and kept in good shape. she was married to another health nut and had a 7 year old daughter at home. one day when she was leaving work a man came up to her to offer her a job. he explained that he worked for a tv company and they were looking for a healthy individual to expose to 30-days of smoking. sort of like super size me where the public saw the dangers of eating fast food, this was to be where the public could see the dramatic effects of smoking on a healthy individual. janice initially said no way, but this man was very persuasive and offered her 10,000 dollars. he told her she would need to be away from her family and job for 45 days only. the first 10 days was just to get used to smoke and nicotine, she wouldn’t actually smoke yet. the next 30 would be the days she would have to smoke a pack each day…..600 cigarettes total. the last 5 would be a ‘detox’ period and he assured her she would return to her ‘before’ state and go home and never have to smoke again. a doctor would monitor such things as weight, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. to document for the film. he assured her by doing this she could save lives and keep many future kids from beginning to smoke. she despised smoking and so she hastily agreed and told her husband and daughter she had a special work assignment and she would be gone for 45 days.

when she arrived at the hotel room, there were 3 men in the hotel room along with cameras and tv equipment. all the men were smoking and she immediately asked if that was necessary. they said the next five days we need to get you used to breathing in smoke before you do it first hand so it will be easier. you can’t just start smoking 20 cigarettes a day. she hastily nodded and said ok. for the next 5 days she was surrounded by second hand smoke. she also was required to chew nicotine gum constantly and, at night, wear two nicotine patches. the first chew made her dizzy and light headed, but by the fifth day she didn’t mind the gum. in fact, she said it just tasted minty.

day 6 and this was the day she was to start smoking – not only that but smoke a whole pack! she was nervous. at 7:30 AM one of the men woke her up and said it is time. i can’t believe i’m going to deliberately poison my body she thought to herself. she pulled out a cigarette and lit it. you must inhale for this experiment to be successful and he showed her how. from the first inhale she never coughed. she was confused as to why they immediately tasted pretty good and made her feel nice. the men explained that her body had got used to constantly having nicotine. not only that but constantly breathing in all that second hand smoke for 5 days made it easier as well. at 10pm she was smoking her 18th cigarette and feeling a bit exhausted from all the smoke she was pouring into her lungs and asked if she could go to bed. they said no way and made her smoke #19 and #20 before bed. she passed out, secretly wondering if she had made a big mistake.

it was killing her not to work out as she had a strict regimen ever day but they wanted this to be part of the show. most smokers don’t exercise regularly so we want to full effect they explained. they also fed her pretty unhealthy food like pizza and wings. she was getting through the 20 cigarettes pretty easily by the end of the first week. maybe i can do a whole month of this, she thought.

something strange happened on day 9. she awoke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. the other men were sleeping (this was a huge 2 br suite). when she got up she noticed one of the men’s packs of cigarettes sitting on the table. she immediately got this excited feeling and had a strong urge to smoke. almost without thinking she took one out of the pack and took her lighter into the bathroom and hungrily lit up. she smoked the cigarette in less than 3 minutes and dropped it into the toilet and went back to sleep. what is wrong with me, she thought?? that night, when she was smoking #20 she couldn’t help but smile when she knew it was actually #21.

she went to bed horny that night and stayed up to masturbate when everyone else was asleep. she felt like such a bad girl. every morning she would wake up in the middle of the night and sneak an extra cigarette.

finally on day #21 for some reason she noticed she was already on her 20th cigarette of the day and it was only 8pm. the crew just smiled and said she didn’t have to smoke anymore that day. by 9, she couldn’t take it and asked one of the men for a smoke. startled he looked at her and asked why. the film was rolling. i guess my body needs more nicotine this evening…watching you gentlemen enjoying cigarette smoke and not being able to join you is killing me. he could see the hunger in her eyes and gave her a cigarette. she ended up smoking 5 more that evening!

this repeated until the end of the experiment. with the ‘extra’ one (or two!) in the middle of the night and evening, she was a pack and a half a day smoker! after smoking cigarette #30 on day 30, the doctor told her she was experiencing quite shocking health effects. her BP and heart rate were elevated and her teeth were already showing some light discoloration. good thing you’re going to quit now he said. she admittedly was sad, she had grown very fond of her cigarettes. she knew quitting would be difficult but he ensured her that starting tomorrow he had a sure-fire way to make sure quitting would be easy with no withdrawal effects. she was glad to hear it and went to sleep.

she awoke again the next morning at 4am and it saddened her to not see the pack of cigarettes she was used to stealing. she became very nervous and really needed nicotine. shit, i need to go find someones pack. as she started to look around in the dark room she didn’t see much of anything. she turned on the light and the room was empty – so was the other room! no men, no cigarettes, no cameras. she was downright panicky. there was a note on her bed along with 42 dollars.

the note read: “oh my dear janice we have a confession to make. we actually own an underground website where members get off on turning healthy individuals into cigarette smokers. you will never see any of us again, but we got some great footage that our members will get off on. i imagine right now you are dying to smoke. i will let you know at your level you are most definitely hooked on nicotine. just enjoy life as a smoker. we have left you 42 dollars – the nearest gas station is right across the street. they are expecting you and will give you a carton of the cigarettes you have been smoking marlboro red 100s. of course you can try to quit on your own but don’t deny who you are now. you love to smoke – we saw it with every deep drag you took. you enjoyed every minute of this experience.’

she was furious. she took the money and left the hotel room for the first time in 40 days and went to her car where she had planned to go home and tell her husband what had happened.

but instead she drove to the gas station and asked for a carton of marlboro red 100s. the clerk said ‘ah janice. i’ve been expecting you. enjoy these!’ she tore open the carton and a pack and placed a cigarette between her lips before she even left the store. as the opened the door she expertly clicked her lighter to life and leaned her cigarette in for a cheek-hollowing drag. fuck this is nice she thought. then she went back to the hotel and asked the front desk if she had the room for 5 more days. he said yes. she immediately became thrilled at the realization she was going to be able to smoke 2 packs a day for the duration of her stay. she went back to the room lit up and undressed. she had the most intense orgasm of her life furiously puffing away on her cigarette while massaging her pussy. it would be the first of many smoking induced orgasms she would have over the next 5 days. she now loved being a naughty little chain smoker and felt so wonderful. so what if i am unhealthy – i would rather be an unhealthy smoker than a health freak. god i can’t believe i ever lived without my cigarettes! she thought about what she would do about her job and family. she would buy 2 cartons after leaving and bring all the ashtrays home to place around the house. she knew she was going back home a committed two-pack-a day smoker, if not more and would be smoking in her own house whether they liked it or not. she was also excited about smoking in her car and in public. she was a nicotine addict and so happy these perverts chose her to introduce her to a life with cigarettes. i only with i could thank them she said out loud to herself, smoke billowing out of her mouth and nose with every syllable as she stared at herself in a mirror. God, I’m one fucking sexy smoking machine she thought to herself as she pulled out cigarette #46 of the day. it was only 7pm.

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