Carla The Secretary – Smoking Fetish Story

Carla had worked as a secretary at her local town hall for 5 years, she was a legal secretary, her job was to check the other typists work before it was issued to the general public.

Carla was 5ft 3inches tall, she had a figure that was slender, she was a dress size of 10, she had a clear non-regional English accent, her face was soft and very kind looking. Her hair was dark and straight, it was always tied back in a pony tail that touched her bottom. Carla was 30 years old and single.

Her mother had always put Carla being single down to her cigar smoking, she kept telling her men don’t like it. Carla had told her Mum she had quit but in-fact she was still smoking a cigar a day.

The time was approaching 17:25, Carla was finishing work at 17:30, just as she was closing down her desk top PC, her boss Dave came up to her.

“Evening Carla could you do me a favour please ?” asked Dave.

Carla looked up and nodded.

“I know its late put this 50 page document needs to be checked for tomorrow, I will pay you overtime this evening, treble time plus a 50 bonus, please,” asked Dave.

Carla didn’t really need the money but it would go towards buying her something nice.

“Sure,” she replied.

Dave handed her the disk, Carla turned back on the PC and placed in the disk, she opened the file and started to examine the document. After she had finished the first 5 pages she was alone in the office, the cleaners had been in Carla was all alone.

Carla needed her cigar, she normally had a cigar on the way home, in the fresh air, this way there was no smell on her when she got home. Carla wondered how she could have her smoke. A few moments later she had an idea.

Carla stood up and started to strip out of her clothes, she removed her jacket, blouse, skirt, shoes, her bra and knickers where all taken off. She was stood there naked, her lightly tanned skin was on full display. She picked up her clothes and took them out of her office, she placed them on a table outside so the smell of the cigar would not go on them. She returned to her office, she walked over to her coat, took out the cigar in its tube, lighter, she placed them on her table, she then placed the coat on the table outside.

Carla returned to her office and sat at her desk, she picked up her cigar tube, she pulled the foil cap off, she then removed the cork cap. She sniffed the aroma of the cigar in the tube. She gently tipped the glass tube down and the cigar gently fell into her hand. Carla ran the cigar under her nose, the aroma was fine, she rolled the cigar by her ear a clear sound.

The office had a strict no-smoking policy, but as Carla was on her own it would be okay, she would open her window and the smell would go out. Carla took a pen and made a hole in the cap, she placed the cigar in her mouth and took a draw, she was checking for blockages in the rolled cigar. It was all clear. She clicked her lighter, the butane lighter flame appeared. Carla moved the cigar in her mouth in to the flame, the lighter was held in her left hand, she took draws on the cigar, after two draws she rotated the cigar with her right hand. She rotated the cigar twice, she then took her finger off the lighter the flame died. Carla lent back in her seat, the cigar was still in her mouth, she took a long draw on the cigar, her tiny mouth started to fill with smoke, she removed the cigar from her mouth, she rolled the smoke around her mouth, she opened her lips a little bit and blew the smoke out.

She stood up and walked over to the window, Carla held the cigar in-between her first and second finger of her right hand. She released the catch and opened the window with her left hand. After that she returned to her seat and started to read the document.

Carla had the 6″ cigar dangling from her mouth as she read the document, occasionally she would draw on the cigar, the tip would glow orange, then die, she would release her lip grip on the cigar and the smoke would drift out of her mouth.

After she had read the next 10 pages Carla had smoked about an inch of the cigar, she taped the ash into an empty cup on the table. Carla then realised she needed a drink, a cool drink, a can of pop.

Carla stood up and left her office, she took her purse and headed to the drink machine down the corridor, she carried her cigar with her. She walked down the corridor, the stogie still in her mouth, she passed a full length mirror, she admired herself in the mirror.

She had the cigar dangling from her mouth, Carla took a draw on her cigar as she looked herself up and down, when she had finished she exhaled the smoke.

“Not bad,” she thought.

Carla then continued towards the drinks machine, she took the cigar from her mouth, before she removed it she took a draw on it, she inserted the cigar up her pussy, as she did this she exhaled the smoke into the night time air. Carla was stood there cigar smouldering away in her pussy, she opened her purse and placed the required coins into the machine. Carla then selected a can of lemonade. She took the cigar from her pussy, as she removed it a wisp of smoke rolled from her pussy, the cigar was returned to her mouth, she took a satisfying draw on the cigar, as she picked up her can she let out an exhale of smoke. Carla then headed back to the office where she worked.

She sat at her desk, opened the can, took a sip, as soon as she had swallowed the liquid, the cigar was returned to her mouth. Carla continued to smoke and drink her lemonade.

By the time she had finished the document she had smoked the cigar and finished her can. Carla then got dressed and headed home.

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