My Destuction Story – Smoking Fetish Story

    To set the seen all of my family smoke, and they are all
pack a day or more smokers, this includes my older sister.
I was up until the age of about 8 a total anti-smoker I
hated the smell and everything. I was also clever enough to
know haw bad it was for you. But aged 8 something inside me
snapped I began to be interested by smoking. I started to
sit near my mothers ashtray and try to inhale the smoke
coming from it. My mother a heavy smoker used to leave
everynight a half smoked cig on her dressing table, from
when she went to bed. Inevitably she would forget about
this cig the next day and I also knew this, I began to take
the half smoked cig and and watch myself inhale from it in
the mirror (unlit!). A couple of months after this my
desire to smoke got the better of me and I lit one sneaking
one of my mothers lighters. Wow, I can still remember the
feeling now although I didn’t inhale properly my whole body
buzzed, now I’m older I recognise this as one of the first
times I ever felt aroused. This carried on for sometime,
never really inhaling and only ever being on the occasions
I was alone in the house, my next big step was aged about
ten, I realised I wasn’t inhaling because of the amount of
smoke which left my mouth and none ever came out of my
nose. But I was ready to to progress, I stole a full cig
out of my sisters packet and took it to the upstairs toilet
with a stolen lighter where I could smoke out of the
window. Ready to try my first inhale the lit cig in my
hands I got busted, my father needed the toilet and wanted
me out, asking why I was taking so long. Throwing the cig
out of the window I fanned the air and left the toilet
without inhaling, and minus my first full cig (my father
never guessed what I was about to do:). Curiosity in
satisfied and summer holidays looming I made a plan to
cycle to a shop I had heard sold cigs to kids and buy my
own pack. Weeks later the time came and I went to the shop
on my bike wearing cut down jeans and a t-shirt,
unbelievably I got served with my cigs and matches even
though I looked so young (I said they were fo rmy gran).
Back on my bike, heart thumping in my virgin chest I raced
to a local park and found a desserted spot near a river.
Hands shaking I opened the pack and extracted my first cig,
by this time my heart was beating out of my still pure
chest and my lungs were crying out for the destruction I
was about to unleash on them. It took about 10 badly light
matches in my shaking hands to light the cig, but I got it
lit, I was ready for the inhale. Bang, I nearly choked to
death, the horror of it all made my throw the cig in the
river. But moments later I wanted more, I wanted to feel it
again, others could smoke so I definetly could, I wouldn’t
be defeated. Again I lit the cig badly but got it lit, this
time I took smaller inhales, it was amazing, I still
cherish the memory fondly, my first full cig, I was so
proud. I smoked 1 more in a similar fasion and then hid the
cigs and headed for home, cherishing the tobacco taste in
my mouth. This carried on all through the holidays, my
secret bike rides to my little hideout near the river for a
cig, I soon began to improve my inhales and smoking
technique, mirroring the other smokers I had seen. Things
were quite then during school again, I had the odd cig
stole from my sister or my mother when no one was home. It
was the next school break that I hit the next level, twice
a week I was left alone at home during hte day when my
mother went shopping, I had made a plan to hide cigs and a
lighter under my bed and as soon as she left smoke as much
as I could until she returned. I was about to discover a
joy of chain smoking that would stay with me forever and to
push a growing addiction past the point of no return.

My mother left the house at around 8:30 and once I was sure she wouldn’t return that was it, taking an ashtray to my room, I started my smoking at first I could only manage a couple in a row but don’t forget I wasn’t quite 11 yet! I started to tell myself that I wanted to smoke a pack a day as soon as possible like my family. Many times through that holiday I made myself sick, I know now this was a nicotine overdose, the first time it happened I had smoked about 10 cigs in 2 and a half hours. I passed out on my bed for a while afterwards, first thing I did when I came around though was light another cig, just one more I used to tell myself and then I’d pack all my smoking kit away and try to clear the air by opening windows.

I carried on this way all through my school years keeping
my secret from my family (OK I was caught a couple of
times, but I told them never again!!!) I had my first
orgasm smoking during one of these sessions and ever since
the two things have been inseperable. Aged 16 I got my
first parttime job working on market stalls, the man that
ran the stall was a chain smoker so he never bothered that
I smoked and at last I had money to start really buying
cigs rather than limmiting my intake to when I got spending
money of my parents. The other good thing about him was
that he kept offering me cigs cause he smoked so much my
consumption rose in the days I worked for him. It was then
that I started to get the tell tale signs of being a
smoker, my fingers started to go yellow and I had to wash
them frequently to remove the stains and because I’d been
working with the man on the stall I’d developed his habit
of doing things with a cigs dangling from my mouth at all
times, this led to the bit under my nose starting to get a
yellowish tinge at times. I remember telling one of my
friends about how much I smoked on the days I worked on the
stall, they were disgusted they couldn’t belive that daily
twice a week I was smoking 2 whole packs, they thought it
was bad enough that I smoked around a pack a day anyway. By
this time my previous ambition of being a pack a day smoker
had changed to being a chain smoker, although I never
realised it until much later whilst on the internet, I had
been growing a lung damage fetish from an early age. Over
the next few years of this continuing, and my love of
smoking growing I found that I could no longer run for very
long and I got out of breath after climbing a few flights
of stairs. The next big event in my life was the death of
my father when I was 18, it hit me hard and in turn I hit
the smoking just as hard, 2 packs a day became the norm and
I started to steal (I do regret this) from my mother and
sister to feed my addiction. Money I was given for lunch
everything went on cigs, the result of this was that I
became painfully thin and my health hit an all time low
(because of the sorrow etc my family just ignored the fact
I smoked, not saying a word and acting as if I didn’t). I
left home a year after this to go to university, to study
of all things biology. Arriving at university the first
thing I did before all else was to visit the super market
and buy my first carton (Marlboro Reds, forgot to mention
my brand of choice, I switched to these from Benson &
Hedges at about 17) ever of cigs (I’d bought them a couple
of packs a time before this just in case someone found
them) I remeber being so excited when I bought them, I
still get a twinge of joy now ever carton I buy. Taking
them back to the room I had all to my self I set about my
smoking with a new joy and freedom. The next day my first
full day on my own I set to work, I smoked just short of 3
packs that day, at times smoking while eating in my room.
Again through my university years my health tumbled again
to were I am now. Today am 27 years old, I still smoke
Marlboros 2 packs a day week days and 3 or more at
weekends, I can’t run full stop now and stairs make me out
of breath just looking at them. I have a good job and an
understanding boss who lets me take smoke breaks every
hour. I get chest pains every now and then and if I go to
long without a cig I begin to cough uncontrollably, but
then again I cough a lot anyway. I’ve tried various other
brands but always go back to my Reds, I also enjoy the odd
cigar to get that maximum tar/nicotine hit. I still binge
smoke as I did when I was a kid in my bedroom but now its
often multiples that I binge smoke, 13 in 1 hour is my best
yet, although as when I was a kid I was sick and passed out
afterwards. I’m smoking a Marlboro right now, smoke pouring
from my black lungs, and I look at my ashtray filled with
the filters spent while I write this and long for many
more, and cherish the many that have left there poisened
bounty in my body. I enjoyed telling my story, its brought
back good memories. I visit here often and enjoy all of the
stories, maybe I’ll try to write one soon Thanks Smokey

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