The old story called Lori’s lungs – Smoking Fetish Story

Part1 Lori got home from a long day at work and collapsed into bed. She immedately reached over to her nightstand to retrieve a new pack of Marlboro Reds and a lighter. She works as the accounant at her husband’s very busy law office and just had a very hectic day. Several hours before quitting time she ran out of cigarettes and didn’t have time to get more. As soon as she finished her caseload for the day she rushed home to smoke. She rarely went a half hour without a cigarette and almost couldn’t function at more than an hour without one. She got that way thanks to the fact that her husband encouraged everyone at the office – ESPECIALLY her – to smoke as much as they want while they work. Soon she had the cellophane wrapper of the pack. She placed the filter on her lips and began to draw smoke into her mouth as she lit the tip of the cigarette. when she drew as much smoke as her mouthk could hold, she inhaled the smoke as deeply as she could into her hungry and waiting lungs. Her breasts rose and her ribs expanded as the rich smoke surged passed her throat and filled her delicate lungs to capacity. She held her breath for nearly a minute to allow the creamy tar to soak into her lung tissue. Inside her lungs the heavier particles from the toxic smoke immediately began to settle on her cilia (the fine hairs that sweep pollutants out of the lungs), then the lighter particles and remaining heavy particles attatched themselves to the surfaces of her tens of millions of microscopic air sacs. Over theg 32 years that she had been smoking, the these very tissues had taken in such an enourmous amount of tar that they had been soaked all the way through and were stained a dark brown. They had also become much more brittle, which was apparent in her wheeze. Where the blood vessels met the airsacs, nicotine was transferred and soon was circulated throughout her waiting body. She finally exhaled a barely visible stream of smoke. She was aroused by the fact that the smoke she couldn’t see was smoke that was permanently a part of her lungs now. Over the years her fetish for smoking had not diminished one bit. It never grew old. In fact, as the years of smoking piled up, a new dimension was added due to the fact that she had inhaled so much smoke over time. The jiggling of keys at the door downstairs meant that her husband was now home. She was extremely excited and lit up another cigarette. She couldn’t wait…
Lori: Continued part two
Lori suddenly jumped up, and placed the half smoked cigarette in her mouth as she ran up the 12 steps towards the bedroom to surprise her husband. The slight physical exertion of walking across the room and up the first few steps caused her breathing to be labored. As she continued rapidly climbing the stairs, she felt her breathing grow more labored, and she gasped for breath by the time she reached the top. Her ever present wheezing was even more intensified and echoed thru the room. Her hands shook as she triple dragged the remaining cigarette, to take more rich creamy tar deep into her lungs and pump calming nicotine into her bloodstream. She began to cough violently, as her chest began to heave in reaction to the massive amounts of tar and nicotine she had consumed over 32 years of smoking. The cough was echoing thruout the house as her husband walked in the door…
Lori’s Lung’s, Part Three Lori reached the front door and coughed to clear her throat as her husband walked thru the door. She smiled when she saw he was carrying a carton of Virginia Slims 100’s. Not the lights, but rather the full flavor 100’s. “Thank you, Honey” she said as she took the carton and opened is hurridly. Sitting down, she opened a pack and lit up. Her husband watched in dumb admiration as she double pumped and inhaled the smoke deeply into her lungs. He felt himself become excited as he watched her chest expand and visualized the warm, thick, creamy smoke filling and penetrating her tar stained lungs. He encouraged her continue pumping hard on the long white cigarette. Lori complied, and she could almost feel the warm tar continue to collect on the surfaces of her now ravaged lungs when she inhaled.
Lori’s Lungs Part 3……..alternative
With that thought she brought the quickly diminishing cigarette to her anciously awaiting lips, and seeing there was but 1 more opportunity to perform a richly satisfying pull, she decided to give it all she had…. As her lips clamped down and she began to draw, the brightly glowing cylinder pointed upwards… As she felt her mouth filling with the thick creamy smoke, she redoubled her efforts as the cigarette began it’s long, slow journy downward…..By now pointing towards the floor as her cheeks, soooo hollow, almost touched one another…. She briefly removed the shrinking cig from her mouth, producing a small, but EXTREMLY creamy ball which retreated into her waiting lungs almost as quickly as the cigarette returned to her hungry lips….Again she began a Long SLOW pull as smoke started to billow from her thick, creamy streams that rebounded off her ample breasts..When her mouth could retract no more she again slightly puled the cig from her lips to produce a larger, more defined ball of RICH CREAMY smoke which she in haled quickly and deeply into her falteringn lungs…..Seing just one last pull bfore she was smoking filter, she replaced the dying cig back to take a last extraordinay pull, all the while OOZING even thicker, CREAMIER white jets of extacy from her experienced nose….Noticing that she might be lucky enough to get one more quicky in she quickly, yet deeply inhaled and without missing a beat pylled on the final grains of smoldering tobacco….The only difference this time was she held in the initial drag ….and when to smoke from the FINAL drag ( on this cigarette, anyway) was SOOOO hot her lips burned….She brought the cig awaway fro her mouth….Opening it to reveal an incredibly thick and quickly growing ball of some of the CREAMIEST smoke her increasingly arroused husband had ever seen in the many years he had enjoyed watching his supremly experienced wife smoke…….The ball expanded…by now almost engulfing her face as she began to rapidly breath in, in order not to lose even a wisp of the lucious, tar rich cancer producing smoke……MMMMMM….He loved that sound….Her expanding lungs hissed and wheezed……Playing a tune that was magic to his ears (and CROTCH!!!) As the last of the luscious cream slipped slowly down her throat…..Her lungs hit MAXIMUM expansion, which these days wasn’t as large as it used tobe, and she held the immense extra rich tar filled smoke from the very butt of the cigarette she was crushing in the rapidly filling ashtray. She turned her head towards him and began slowly exhaling…directing the incredably thick strem downward…and as it began obscuring her now trobbing nipples she began to bring it upward ….stopping about middway to fire off a couple of thick perfectly formed rings… As it had been awhile sice any air had entered her toast lungs ….she gasped for a breath…and even this produce a ball that even experinced smokers can’t perform…And there it was….That sexy, gurgling sound her husband loved so much…He knew that soon she would be hacking….GOD HE LOVED THAT…….And boy was he right…after a few attempts of getting a breath…smoke still pouring from every facial orrifice…It began….A hacking so wet, gurrgly and deep that the bass sounds from her railing lungs echoed throughout the house, interspersed with whistling, fluid bubbling breaths…..As she finally got all the brown speckled phlegm that her lungs would offer up to her this time…she was at long last able to take a labored wheezy breath…AH-MMMM..she cleared her throat and looked over at him and instantly noticed the bulge, puntuated by a slimy wet spot on her husbands otherwise clean slacks..UGH-.MMMM one last clearing of the throat and she spoke to him……”Isee my little exibition did its job” she said in a deep, throaty smoke cured voice. Looking at him sexily she said “GOD I need a cigarette” teasingly……..With this she reached over and daintally picked up her pack and deliberatly eased a long white cylinder from the pack and brought it gently to her glistening lips…It dangled momentarily as she picked up her lighter….brought it to life and sucked gently until she saw the tip begin to glow…Letting out a dainty puff of smoke to make sure it was alight, she started in in earnest….caving in her cheeks as the cig moved slowly up and down……Without removing it she inhaled through the side of her mouth with creamy vigor and drew intensly again…forcing the cig violently downward as her cheeks caved in…small wisps emmanating from her nose…. She pulled the cig slowly from her lips….and flattenned them…signaling that she was about to perform one her now infamous super cream balls…He could hardly wait…And then it appeared…Like a supernova….Expanding violently into the universe that was her husbands bliss…a ball so thick and creamy that light could hardly escape…and then as if light truly couldn’t escape, it rapidly disappeared into her wide open mouth with a whoosing, whitling breath that he was sure that it had penetrated into the DEEPEST (and especially after 32 years of this type of smoking) DARKEST portions of here raveged dark brown and black speckled lungs. In fact, he thought, that one was SOOOOO DEEP…that he was almost sure her toe nails were turning brown. Smoke began pouring out of her as she approached him and wafted sexily behind her as she knealt before him…As she freed his throbbing beast …each breath she took exuded the lingering smoke which would never completly exit her lungs…..”My aren’t we excited” rasped she brought the glowing cylinder again to her hungry lips..Intensly pulling she took one….two….three…..FOUR intense drags…producing a thick creamy ball with each inhale….Sensing she was almost to capacity she took one long final pull…keep in mind not a molecule of tar had yet to escape….and filled her lungs to capacity….She blew a short, yet thick burst on the head of his member and then went down on him vigorously…the thick smoke pouring from her nostrils engulfed as she pumped Him…five times…billowing all the while …..Due to the fact that her 32 years of INTENSE SMOKING (she loved it almost as much as her hubby was loving her now) had left her w/ the capacity of a 2000 year old…. for air anyway….she had to come up for a breath…………. Lori lay there after another incredible session. smoking while love making had always been so incredible. Knowing that her smoking pleased him so and gave her a thrill every time. But she knew that this couldn’t go on much longer. After 32 years of 3 packs per day, she knew that her lungs were worsening. She loved it though from the time she was 15 and her mother gave her the first one to now. But after over 700,000 cigarettes, enough for 2 or 3 lifetimes, she knew. She knew that her lungs were shriveled from constant assaults from cigarette smoke. The constant wheexe, the inability to climb stairs, and the ever present wracking cough. But with every double pump she knew that deep inside she was adding more tar to clog them even further. The blackness inside of her only made her even more excited as she puffed deeply again as he lay sleeping beside her. The feeling of the smoke deep in her lungs, blackening them further was a feeling she could not give up. She coughed again, that deep wracking cough that hurt to her toes. But it was the only way to even partially clear her lungs anymore. A cough would alow her to get oxygen although it was amazing it could still penetrate. Lori knew how black her lungs were, how tortured it was for her to breathe anymore but as she double pumped again she knew she had to have it. She lived for it and yet she knew that one day soon she would pay the ultimate price. Ah but it was worth it. Nothing better than the feeling of the smoke. She inhaled and exhaled with a loud wheeze. It brought a smile even though she knew. Well she’s worry about that later. She had to go shopping for another 2 cartons. maybe this time she’d make them last 10 days. Nah….. As they layed back on their bed, Lori and her husband turned on the tv. They decided to watch some news. As they watched, Lori again reached for her cigarettes and pulled one out. As she lit it up, her husband took his cue. One of his favorite activities was to hug his wife from behind in a loving embrace, with his arms around her chest, while she smoked. As she began to inhale the smoke deep into her lungs, he felt her chest expand in his arms. He got incredibly hot thinking about the fact that the beautiful chest of the woman he loved was full of toxic, cancer causing smoke. He wanted her to hold it in as long as she could so that as much of the tar andm# carcinogens could soak into her as possible. She did indeed hold it for a long time and with each ticking second his arousal grew as he imagined the oily poisons depositing on her delicate lung tissue. Before exhaling, she took another deep drag and inhaled it on top of the one she was already holding. He knew that she loved to make sure that she inhaled the smoke deep enough to penetrate every square inch of her lungs. She didn’t want a single air sac to be spared the onslaught. As she exhaled, a dull yellow hazek came out of her soft lips, testifying to the extent to which the smoke particles absorbed into her lung tissue. She turned her head back to look at him and smile. She knew what he was thinking. As she took another deep breath of dirty smoke, his mind wandered to thinking about certain smoking facts, which always turned him on. Lori was 16 when she started smoking three packs a day. Her mother was a heavy smoker before she died of lung cancer and allowed her to smoke around the house whenever she wanted. She was now 48, so she had been smoking three packs a day for 32 years. He read many places that a pack a day smoker inhales the equivalent of one cup of tar into their lungs each year. That means she has inhaled a total of 96 cups of tar into her lungs and is not stopping anytime soon. Each of those cups of tar took their toll on her resperatory system, as evidenced by her throaty cough, raspy voice, and shortness of breath. He was sure she had the tenuous beginnings of emphysema as all long-term smokers get after a while, but he wondered how her body was making progress with developing cancer. They both promised each other that if one of them got any kind of smoking-related cancer they would forego treatment, even if it was caught in a very early stage that was 100% treatable. They figured they could tell the doctor that it was against their religion to have surgery or something. In any case, that vow enhanced the fetish enormously and they planned to stick to it. Lori turned off the tv and turned to face her husband. He knew she wanted to make love. “Let’s play game 22”, Lori said. Lori and her husband had compiled a list of 144 smoking games they liked to play for foreplay. Numbering and listing them helped them keep track of all the games so they knew which one they wanted to do at the time. She took off all her clothes and said “ok, you’re the genie.” He lit a cigarette for her while she rubbed on a lamp from her bedstand. “I am
the great genie of Baghdad and will grant you a wish.” he said. She giggled and said “Well, there is one wish I’ve been fantasizing about for a long time…” “Anything you wish, my master!” “Could you….give me lung cancer?” “But of course. I have lit this magic cigarette and when you finish it, a tumor will appear in your lungs.” He handed her the cigarette and held it to lips as she took a drag off of it. While she inhaled the “magic” smoke, her imagined a tumor forming in her lungs. She continued smoking, each puff deeper than the last, as she embraced him and said “oh…Genie. I…I feel something growing in my chest. A sweet and gentle sort of fullness.” With the last drag she put the cigarette out and hopped onto her husband’s manhood. “Oooh. I feel the cancer in my lungs. thank you. thank you.” They made passionate love the rest of the night. End of part four.
Part five
As she continued to ride her steed, she felt the first pang of a pre- orgasmic muscle spasm shoot through her body, apparently shaking something loose…as her now familiar deep, gurgling hack began. This didn’t slow her down ant, though…in fact, she picked up the pace of her thrusts as her lungs continued to rail. This, of course, excited her husband immensly..and as she continued to hack, both could feel his manhood grow and begin to throb intensly, signaling his impending ejaculation. As her hacks grew more and more intense and gurgly, he could hold on no longer, and the familiar, but still intense spasms shot through him as he spewed an unusually large quantity of his hot semen into his coughing wife. The feeling of his hot fluid rebounding off her cervix was to much for her to handle, and her orgasm began in earnest as well. The intense involuntary muscle spasms began shooting through her untill they were so intense that it felt as though her very soul was shaking…when at last..the final spasm shot through her, so intense that it violently shook her entire body,,,,apparently….or should I say, this time for sure shaking something loose as the two to three minutes of intense hacking finally produced something from the very depths of her blackened, fluid filled lungs….In the thros of orgasm she couldn’t keep it in her mouth and it shot, like a bullet out of her and splatted onto her husbands chest. As she recovered from her orgasm and opened her eyes, she saw it there and said “Look, my studly genie, your magic worked!!!!” What she was refering to was the fact that, normaly her hard earned sputm was dark green, speckled with dark brown spots….This beauty,however, was dark brown( usually the color of the spots) and speckled with bright red, obviously blood. She eagerly lapped it up, cleared her throat and leaned over her husband, his trobbing… yet slowly shrinking manhood still inside her, to grab her beloved post coital cigarette. As she leaned over toward the nightstand, her ample firm breasts obscured his face. While she rustled around he imagined he had x-ray eyes and peered through her smooth tits to get a peek at her, as he imagined that is, blackened, raisan-like sacs that used to be her pink healthy lungs….the imagined tumor slowly, yet insiduously, growing within them. Meanwhile, Lorie had finally wrestled a smoke from the barely reachable pack and flicked her lighter to life, and began her traditional super pull. His face still obscured by her luscious breasts, he wished he could witness what he was sure would be an incredible, stylish drag (especially after an orgasm like that one!!!) He was satisfied, though, by the feeling of those yummy breasts squishing even tighter against his face as Lori inhaled deeply and creamily, cigarette still dangling, as she replaced the lighter on the nightstand. By the time she had sat up and he was at last able to catch a glimpse of her, she was well into the second pump…Cigarette already pointing downward and glowing BRIGHTLY…..Just in time to see her second dagling inhale of this series….GOD…It always amazed him…She was the only smoker he’d EVER witnnessed (and believe me..throughout his lifetime of fetishing…there had been inumerable sightings) who could perform a perfect french inhale without removing the cigareete from her mouth. After this , her little “feat of magic” she began drawing again fervently…and when her mouth could hold no more…she reched up and removed the cylinder, by now with an inch long…brightly glowing head…And produced a huge craemy ball which continued to grow till she bgan it’s retreat with a whooshing breath with which she intended to fill the remaining capacity of her lungs with the third pump on top of the other two unexhaled intense drags…As she neared capacity she had to chase after a rogue wisp of smoke that dared to try to escape from her craemy super nova…As she caught it she could not breath in any deeper, in fact, what little elasticity she had left in her raveged lungs fought back and a wisp of inhaled smoke escaped her mouth…..She held what was left for as long as she could and sexily let out what hadn’t become permenently a part of her. When she exhaled all she could she began to breath and if you didn’t know her history, or what she had just done, You’d think she had just run a marathon….Her breathing rapid, labored and wheezing….Undaunted she brought the cig back to her lips and sucked hard…Her huby especially loved when she smoked out of breath because he knew the drags whould be hard, rapid and numerous…and this time would be no exception…. 1…2…3….4….all with audible…CREAMY inhales…and finally…the fifth…long slow and hard…Trying her best to keep all the smoke in her was futile and creamy little wisps began to emulate from her nose…. Finally when she could fill her mouth no more or hold her breath not a second longer she removed the cig and took a breath that seemed as if she had just franticly reached the surface of a VERY deep pool….Although the breath was violent…in her immitable style…she still produced a creamy emination which allowed her husband to watch the creamy smoke rapidly retreat down her throat into her expanding chest…after a brief hold she began a thick creamy exhale which she directed up…and down..She took a breath and began a second surprising thick stream…One more breath and again a thick stream…akin to what you’d see the average smoker perform on their first exhale…this time she paused and formed her mouth into an”O” and shot a fast thick ring towards her husbands face…Which perfectly incircled his nose…He sniffed it right into him and that action made his blood begin migrating …..To all the right places………….
Lori’s lungs part six.
Lori woke up the next morning after a glorious night of love-making with her husband. She sat up in bed and began her Saturday morning with a typical coughing fit. For about ten minutes she coughed loudly and deeply as her lungs tried to expel but a small portion of the tar she had absorbed into them. In a way, she regretted the fact that the tar that came up was exiting her lungs after she put all that time and effort into putting it there, but on the other hand she always loved the rich, complex taste of the tar at the back of her throat and liked the fact that the taste of it made the fact of what was in her lungs more real. Once again, as last night, she noticed that some blood was present in the tarry mixture. This could possibly be a sign that an actual cancer may have blossomed in her lungs, but it wasn’t a sure sign. She noticed that her husband was still asleep next to her and wasn’t woken up by her coughing. She went ahead and lit her first cigarette of the day. It truly was her favorite. All night long, her lungs had breathed clean air and her few remaining cilia began to awaken from their near-perpetual paralysis to attempt to sweep out some of the overwhelming pollution in her bronchial tubes┐A job that would never happen in her lifetime. (Note: every time a smoker inhales smoke, the nicotine paralyzes the ciliam for up to twenty minutes after exposure, leaving the lungs less protected from dust and other pollutants. After many years of smoking the cilia start to disappear and eventually are all gone.) She lit the end of the cigarette as she put the the clean, white filter tip to her mouth. Sucking with vigor, the glowing embers came to life as all of the chemicals contained in the tobacco vaporized into a toxic cloud of smoke which was drawn into her mouth. Once there, The chemical brew was trapped in her palatte where it mingled with the unprotected tissues of her tongue, gums, teeth, and inner cheeks, exposing them for perhaps the billionth time to substances that irritated her cells. She then began to draw the smoke into her throat, which was likewise irritated over the years with countless exposures to carcinogens and irritants. Beyond that the smoke travelled through her esophagus, paralyzing cilia on the way, finally
branching out to the hundreds of millions of microscopic air sacs and tubes that made up the bulk of her lungs. There, the reluctant inside-out tree of her lungs began to once again absorb the warm, creamy bounty that they were deluged with. Over the time she held the smoke, most of the tar was absorbed into the solid tissue while the tiny blood vessels that were fed by the lungs readily scooped up the nicotine and carbon monoxide to take the toxic chemicals to every cell of her body. The nicotine began to shrink her blood vessels and forced her 48 year old heart to beat faster. All of this gave her the sensation that she loved. The early morning nicotine rush and the fullness in her chest that comes from smoking the first cigarette after an eight-hour hiatus. A few more deep, satisfying puffs stained her once clean filter a deep brown. She knew that the brown she saw there was a small portionl of the tar that was now trapped deep inside her body under her breasts, in her lungs. Before putting her cigarette out, she quietly took a drag on the cigarette, inhaled deeply, then gently blew it in her husband’s face, where his nose and mouth inhaled and exhaled it. She figured she would give him a head-start for the day. Doing this reminded her of her daughter, who was having her 22nd birthday soon. She was away at college and was going to visit next week. She remembered the excitement that she and her husband felt when the pregnancy test came back positive. He immediately went out and bought an assortment of filtered and unfiltered cigarettes, cigars, clove cigarettes, and a pipe for Lori to celebrate their chance to finally live out their ultimate fantasy: For Lori to smoke while she was pregnant. Of course Lori preferred to smoke Marlboro Reds, but for one week and a few times throughout her pregnancy she would smoke as great a variety of smokeables as she could as a symbolic gesture. When he came back with all the materials, Lori lit up an unfiltered Pall Mall, a clove, a cigar, and a pipe and began to inhale the smoke from all of without a break for air. Needless to say she inhaled everything. While she was doing that, she would rub her stomach and say “I’m smoking for two now. I hope baby likes all the smoke its getting.” Throughout her pregnancy, Lori moved up to smoking four or five packs a day. It was unbelievably erotic when she was well along in her pregnancy with a huge belly showing. Her husband made sure that his future daughter would get as much nicotine while she was developing in the womb as possible by making sure to remind Lori to smoke more when she seemed to be smoking her pre-pregnancy amount. When Sarah was born she was a little underweight and had her lungs were slightly underdeveloped. The doctor said she would be fine but would never win a marathon. Lori took “slightly” underdeveloped as a challenge. There was plenty more growth for her daughter’s lungs to go through. She would make sure to stack the odds against them in time… End part six
She was startled out of her trip down memory lane by her husbands traditional morning hack session…And while it hardly compared to Lori’s morning performance (and how could it…as he didn’t smoke as much, or intensely as his committed wife loved….and now NEEDED, to) As she regained her composure, she realized just how much her fond memories of grooming her now lovelye daughter….even pre-natally… into the extremely sexy and intense smoker she was today made her crave an intensely smoked cigarette….And even though they were only an arms length away…by the time her hand reached her beloved smokes….it was shaking. The intense pangs of craving grew insided her as she nervously wrestled a cigarette from the pack, and brought it quickly to her quivering lips…..groping fervently with her other hand to grab her lighter as she fumbled desparatly to ignite it….When it, at last came to life she attempted to bring it to the tip of the now violently bouncing cylinder between her lips. Lori had to wait, what seemed like an eternity, as she brought her other hand up to steady the waiting cigarette. When it finally began to crackle and hiss to life she began the first pump of a long series of short, yet extremely hard pulls breathing each one in with a fervor she hadn’t required of herself in some time….And believe me….they were DEFINITLY required!!!! Her lungs filled with the blitzcrieg of rapid on top of the other, until on the eighth one she breathed in as deep as she could….rising to her tippy toes to free up any un-tar bathed tissue that may, as unlikely as that was, may have existed. Lungs filled to the point that her face was turning red…she brought her head to her knees and wrapped her arms around her legs to hold this position..The added pressure, she reasoned, would force the needed nicotine through her clogged alveoli that much quicker. As she began to rise…she exhaled slowly…and to her pleasant surprise…althought the cig was nearly half gone…..just a wispy haze emerged…This got her so excited that, without taking a breath of air…She began pumping again, and since the last series somewhat satisfied her, she could take her time
Continuing from part 7 where Lori was anxiously awaiting the return of her daughter Sarah from college. Lori could not wait any longer. It would be three days before her daughter would be home, and she needed something to pass the time. She decided that it was time for “Game 12” and went to work. So excited, she chained through 5 cigarettes while talking on the phone, leaving nothing but 5 dark brown stained filters, and a room full of smoke. She lit another as she got off the phone and quickly triple-pumped it till the filthy creamy smoke engulfed her body. The game was set; the party. The party involved Lori, three of Lori’s friends (Suzanne, Jenny, and Liz), and a male guest (not Lori’s husband). The plans were made, the women would be there at 8:00, and unsupecting Chris would arrive at 9:00. Jenny arrived first, her familiar hack could be heard blocks away. Jenny is 36, short, with a better than average chest and a nice body to go along. She arrived with four packs of Benson & Hedges ready to go. Suzanne and Liz arrived together a few minutes after. Suzanne is 44 and a mother of 3, Liz is 38 and single. Both are slender and very attractive, and also smoke the same brand, Eve 120’s. They all went into the living room filled with ashtrays, sat down, and of course, lit up. As they talked and smoked, the hacking and coughing was constant. Suzanne took a long deep pull of her Eve and went into a coughing fit after she exhaled. She had a deep but sexy voice, and it sounded like she was about to cough up part of her tar soaked black lung. She quickly took another deep drag, inhaled, and held the warm smoke in her wheezing lungs. “Ahh, that’s better” she said. Jenny was famous for her voluminous exhales. Everyone always commented on how much smoke she could suck out of a cigarette. She admitted that she enjoys when people call her the human exhaust pipe. Liz, not to be outdone, has been smoking since she was 10. Her mother was a heavy smoker, and encourage her to smoke 3 packs a day by the time she was 12. Liz performs cheek hollowing drags that would put most men on their knees. For the past 23 years, Liz has smoked 5 packs a day. 9:00 nears, and the women are smoking at a feverish pace. The room is filled to capacity with thick creamy toxic cigarette smoke. Lori has no ventalation, and the smoke just seems to linger endlessly. Chris arrives and is greeted by Lori, a VS 120 dangling from her lips, and a thick stream of exhaled smoke drifting at Chris. Chris has no idea why Lori asked him to come over. He is a non-smoker, but Lori had always suspected him to be a fetisher. Chris entered the living room and immediately coughed and gasped for what little oxygen was left in the room. They positioned Chris in the middle of the couch and the women all sat around him. They started intentionally blowing smoke into his face. Jenny blew an incredibly thick cloud of poison that put Chris over the edge, as he admitted his intense sexual arousal to what was going on. Liz then took a huge double – pump off her Eve and stuck her nicotine drenched lips on Chris’s lips for a smokey kiss. Chris could taste the lucious tar on her tounge as the others continually covered Chris with smoke. Liz then let out a loud, loose cough and produced a black ball of mucus that Chris sucked right into his mouth. Liz’s chest was burning as she continued to smoke. Chris was in heaven.

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