Doctors verdict (Jenny) – Smoking Fetish Story

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“First of all Jenny before we go into details with regards
to your pregnancy I would like to give you a thorough
medical as I see from your records that you haven’t seen a
doctor in quit some time” said Dr Miles as Jenny and Danny
seated themselves before his desk. “Please feel free to
smoke,” said Dr Miles pushing a large crystal ashtray on
his desk towards them. “If you don’t mind standing Jenny,
first of all I’d like to listen to your lungs,” said Dr
Miles as he placed his stethoscope in his ears. Lifting
Jenny’s shirt to get access to her back the doctor gently
placed the end of his stethoscope on Jenny’s back. “Now if
you can take a deep inhale and exhale a few times please
Jenny,” said the doctor. Instinctively Jenny placed her
Pall Mall to her lips and took a large inhale from it, not
thinking that the doctor just wished her to inhale, not
specifically with a cig. “Oh my god, this is amazing,” said
Dr Miles as a bulge began to appear in his trousers. “I
have never heard lungs that sound so bad, you must be a
very heavy smoker Jenny, and do you realise just how bad
your lungs are? I’ve heard better lungs on 70-year-old
chain smokers,” said the astonished doctor. “I do realise
Dr Miles I’ve been working on them for a few years now, are
they really that bad?” said a slightly excited Jenny “Jenny
I would love to take an x-ray of your lung if you have
time, I can’t understand how you can still breath to be
perfectly honest and on a personal note I would really love
to have a picture of such a pretty chain smokers lungs,
your lungs are showing signs of very advanced emphysema and
by the sounds of it large parts of your lungs have already
collapsed in on themselves.” “Doc you don’t know how happy
I am to hear that, I’ve been punishing my lungs for years
to hear what you just told me” replied Jenny with tears of
joy in her eyes. Danny had tears in his eyes to, and
couldn’t help the thoughts running through his head, what
if her x-ray shows a cancer I really want it to so bad, I
want to watch as it takes hold of my beautiful girlfriend
and takes her away from me. Dr Miles took Jenny into an
adjoining room for her x-ray and explained on returning to
both of them that he would get it developed and have the
results for them and their own copy within the week. “Now
on the matter of your pregnancy, I can see this being a
difficult one because of your lifestyle and ill health. One
thing you must know though Jenny is that should you let
your nicotine levels drop even slightly you could suffer a
miscarriage. That baby growing in you will be so dependant
on the nicotine in your blood the shock alone of reduced
levels would kill it” said the doctor. Jenny immediately
fired up a second Pall Mall and began to suck in the filthy
smoke from two of the white unfiltered cigarettes at the
same time. “I’ll not let that happen” said Jenny smiling
through the thick clouds of smoke coming from the two Pall
Malls. “Secondly, and this is probably the most important
part for both of you to help with, when your child is born,
it will be born highly dependant on nicotine, to this end
it will be a born smoker and you must take measures to
ensure the child has all the smoke and nicotine it needs,
and luckily I have just the thing here that I invented
myself” said the doctor as he moved into a side room and
wheeled out an intensive care baby crib. “This might look
like any ordinary new born intensive care crib, but this
one is special, with the help of the society of the black
lung and its members I have created this just for this very
type of situation. Your child will be the first of many to
use the smoke crib” said the doctor, beaming from ear to
ear obviously proud of his creation. The doctor then went
onto explain how cigars and cigarettes numbers depending on
the level of addiction could be placed into various slots
within the crib allowing the newborn to inhale the toxic
bounty of the smoke into its eagerly waiting lungs. “Your
child will never have to live without smoke in its lungs,
it will have blackened smoke damaged lungs even before it
can hold its first cigarette, obviously as the child grows
and can smoke for itself you can start to remove it from
the crib.” Said the doctor. Jenny and Danny had both become
very horny listening what treat lay in store for their baby
and paid very little attention to anything else the doctor
said, to eager to get home and smoke and fuck.

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