Jenny Begins – Smoking Fetish Story

It was around 6am when Jenny awoke to the sounds of her
mother coughing in the next room, nothing unusual about
this as for as long as Jenny could remember her mother
always awoke like this, a consequence of her 3ppd habit.

Unlike most children of 13 Jenny was very mature for her age, having lived with just her mother since the death of her father when she was 7 she had to take on responsibilities at an early age and had been helping around the house and fixing meals for her mother from an early age.
After dressing Jenny left her bedroom and went to the kitchen to get breakfast before leaving for school. By this time Jennys mother Sonia was fixing breakfast, an ever present unfiltered cigarette dangling from her mouth.
“Morning Honey, are you looking forward to your last day of school before summer starts?” said Jennys mom
“Yeh, can’t wait for the break” said Jenny as she hopped onto a stool

Breakfast was a quite affair as Sonia read papers and chain
smoked while Jenny ate.

While eating Jenny admired her mother at 32 she was still young yet the large volume of unfiltered cigs that she smoked had taken there affect on her. The fingers of her right hand were permanently stained a dark yellow and her teeth had a permanent patina of nicotine staining them, also a result of her smoking was her top lip was slightly yellow from her constant nose exhales and her skin had aged to a level beyond her 32 years. Yet despite all of this Jenny new that her mom was happy, she constantly remarked to Jenny how she loved her cigs and couldn’t live without them, had what she claimed was “the best job in the world” working as an architect from home earning a considerable wage and could smoke when she wanted. Although sad at the loss of her father to cancer at an early age Jenny new that with her mothers job they would never go without.
“Mom, whats it like to smoke?” said Jenny as she finished her breakfast
“Pardon?” said Sonia slightly confused as she looked up from her papers
“I wanted to know what its like to smoke, you seem to really enjoy it and daddy always smoked as well” said Jenny as she put her dishes into the sink
“Well it is good honey, but don’t forget what happened to daddy, in the end his smoking killed him and eventually it will kill me to” said Sonia through an exhale
“So why smoke? at school they tell us its bad and the TV says the same, so if its going to kill you why do you do it?” said Jenny as she got ready to leave
“Well honey we haven’t got time to talk about this now cause your school bus will be here any minute now, and to be honest I need to think about what you’ve asked me before we talk about it, tonight when you get home we’ll order a takeaway and sit down and I’ll explain everything, I new this time would come but I didn’t expect it right now.” said Sonia while chaining into another cigarette.
“OK” said Jenny as she kissed her mother, temporarily getting covered in smoke as her mother exhaled while kissing.
Thinking nothing more of it Jenny left for her final day school before the summer break.
After ensuring Jenny wasn’t going to return Sonia went in to her bedroom and sat at her dressing table looking at her wedding picture of her husband she spoke.
“John, it time, I only wish you were her to enjoy this with me, its time for our baby to start smoking, shes been ever so good John, never once criticising me for smoking or ever asking me to stop, I did as we always said, every night I go into her room while shes asleep and whisper to her telling her shes going to smoke while I blow smoke into her sleeping face, she looks just like an angel with a halo of smoke”
With the thoughts in her head that Jenny was going to start smoking soon she lit a fresh cigarette and removed her trousers and panties and started to touch her moist clit. The thoughts of her young daughters pink lungs starting to turn brown and sickly was to much for her and she just had to touch herself. Smoke billowing from her mouth and nostrils cigarette firmly clamped in her lips she began rubbing her clit with vigour. By her third chained cig the unfiltered smoke had started to work its magic as the toxins soaked into her already black lungs. She started to speak then to the picture of Jenny next to her bed.
“Honey, we’re going to change your life tonight, I’m going to make you a slave to nicotine just like me and your father, I ‘m going to start the cancers growing in you just like the ones I feed in me, I want your lungs to turn black like mine, and I now you will to honey, cause you were born for this”
Thinking about her own black lungs drove Sonia to the edge and as she sucked for dear life on her 5 cig she came while thrusting her fingers into her clit.
Wheezing heavily from the exertion Sonia light a fresh cig and lay back on her bed thinking of all the pleasures of destruction she was going to bring into Jennys life tonight.
At 3.30 Jenny arrived home, oblivious to the events that were going to unfold that night, her mother greeted her with the usual smokey kiss and told her that she would be ordering pizza for dinner. She then asked Jenny to join her in the lounge when she had put all her stuff away.
Jenny entered the lounge and took her usual seat next to her mother on the couch in the cloud of smoke that constantly surrounded her. Looking quizzically at the carton of unfiltered Pall Malls on the coffee table she turned to her mother.
“Honey, you know the conversation we had this morning about why I smoke, well am going to tell you but first I need to be honest with you, I don’t smoke 2-3 packs a day like I always told you I smoke 5, yes thats right I smoke 100 cigs everyday, and each one is as good as the last, I never told you because I did’nt want to scare you” said Sonia
“Mom, thats OK I’m not scared, I’m kind of proud that my mom smokes more than anyone else!” said Jenny
Sonia was taken aback by this as this wasn’t the response she expected, in fact it was completely the opposite.
“Jenny tell me the truth have you been smoking?” said Sonia as she lit a fresh cig, trying to probe into the reasons for Jennys response.
“No mom, I would never do anything without telling you, but I will smoke one day!” replied Jenny
Sonia completely taken aback by this turn of events probed further into Jennys attitude “Honey why do you think you will start smoking?
“Well mom, its obvious isn’t it, smoking is great, I look how happy you are when your smoking and I love the smell of the smoke, I always have. This sounds weird I know but I know people comment about your nicotine stains but I want them to, I love it when you kiss me and the smoke goes around my head, and every night when we sit together and your smoking I try to breath in as much of the smoke into me as I can, I thought you knew!” said Jenny
Grinning from ear to ear Sonia inhaled an enormous drag from her cig finishing it off and then hugged Jenny blowing the exhale directly at her face, “I love you honey, you really are so much like your father was and I am, you were born to smoke, I never realise you knew”
“I love you too mom, and I’ve always known, I want to be like daddy was and you are”
With that Sonia completely revised her plan to start Jenny smoking “Honey, I was going to teach you to smoke tonight, I thought I may of had to persuade you but I’m starting to think that you want to anyway, that carton of cigs was for you as a start smoking present”
“Oh, mom I so much want to start smoking, I just never knew how to ask, I thought you might get annoyed” said Jenny as she reached over and picked up her start smoking present.
She then opened the carton and took out her first ever packet of cigs, she then proceeded to open the pack and extract a cig which she then tapped down on the side of the pack as she had seen her mother do thousands of times.
Sonia was astonished, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, Jenny was a natural, she’d obviously watched her closely all these years, she just sat their now waiting for a light from her mother as if it was the most natural thing in the world, knowing that living with her and the lung training exercises she secretly did to Jenny all these years she knew she should be able to take the strong unfiltered smoke. Leaning over tears in her eyes Sonia lit Jennys cig.
“Oh, honey you look beautiful your a natural” said Sonia smoke exiting her own mouth as she spoke.
Jenny accepted the light and inhaled her first ever cig, immediately she felt the flood of smoke into her body and every part of her started to tingle, she even started to feel moist, she felt like a man taking his first drink after being lost in the desert. She felt whole, like all her life something had been missing and this was it, she just kept inhaling and inhaling, exhales coming out via her nostrils as she made inhales.
Sonia started to become moist herself watching her daughters pleasure and started to smoke in the same manner as her daughter, when Jenny furiously tore at her pack to get another cig out and lit it of the previous one she couldn’t believe it, she herself chained into another cig as usual.
Jenny started to feel manic, she was now into her 3 cig and just kept feeling better and better but the aching in her crotch was getting worse, instinctively she touched pants there as the aching grew.
Sonia couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she was watching her daughter chain smoke and yes, she had just seen her touch her pants, she was feeling the same way she was, already she was at the advanced stages, it was unbelievable, but not as unbelievable as the way her crotch burned to be touched.
“Honey, you look so beautiful, i’m going to have to do something now that I can’t hold back I never expected you to take this so well, please don’t hate me for what I’m going to do” said Sonia, fresh cig firmly clamped between her lips as she removed her trousers and panties and started to rub her clit like a maniac.
Eyes wide at what her mother was doing in front of her Jenny chained into another cig and as her mother did, removed her trousers and panties and began rubbing her own clit.
“Oh, god mom, this is so good” she said cig firmly clamped between her lips, “Why did’nt you tell me sooner?”
Tears in her eyes Sonia replied “I’m so sorry honey, I was scared you wouldn’t want to smoke let alone masturbate with me, please forgive me”
“Mom, i love you, you don’t have to be sorry” said Jenny as she light another cig while still rubbing her clit.
The combination of nicotine and masturbation was to much for Jenny and the thoughts running around her head burst out of her mouth “Oh God I want cancer, I want my lungs to be so black like my moms, I want to be smoking every second of everyday.”
This was to much for Sonia she grabbed her cigs and lit 4 fresh ones handing 2 to Jenny she thrust the other 2 in her own mouth, “Jenny honey, this will destroy your lungs faster”
Jenny accepted the cigs and with that both women plunged there fingers within themselves each sucking on the cigs at the same time as rubbing themselves, almost in unison they both erupted in orgasm. Leaning back Jenny could hear her mother wheezing from the exertion, and just slightly she could hear her own lungs heading for the same destruction as she panted for breath.
Even though she was used to cigarette smoke because of her mother the large amount she had just taken in was to much for Jenny and after extinguishing her cig she closed her eyes and passed out leaning against her mother.
Sonia new the cause of Jenny passing out as she had done this many times herself so she just sat their smoking and stroking her sleeping daughters hair. She thought about what had just happened and smiled thinking about all of the pleasures they would experience together. She also thought back to when Jenny was a baby and how she used to let her suckle on her nicotine stained fingers, back then John always said to her Jenny was a natural born smoker, how proud he would of been to of watched his beloved daughter take those first steps to destruction.
An hour or so later Jenny woke up and immediately hugged her mother, “Mom I love you so much I can’t believe what just happened, it was like a dream, I feel so good.
She then reached over and lit a cig from her rapidly emptying pack, “Mom, you don’t think I’m weird do you, about the things I was saying while I was touching myself?”
Lighting her own fresh cig Sonia replied “Honey, this is what we are, your father was the same, cigarettes to us are not just an addiction, there a love, they are part of us, it was your fathers greatest wish that you would want to die from smoking, and mine to, we love you so much but this is how it is”
“Oh mom, thats the most beautiful thing I ever heard, as soon as the smoke hit my lungs I had no doubts, now I understand why when at school everyone hated seeing the pictures of smokers lungs but I felt aroused, this is the best day of my life, mom I love you so much but I want you to die like daddy too, I want your lungs to be rotten, I want mine to be rotten too” said Jenny as sobbed and wrapped her arms around her mother.
“Its OK honey” said Sonia through her own tears
“There are ground rules though, you must always smoke unfiltered cigs like these, the only way to destroy your lungs is with these, secondly from now on you must smoke as much as you can, I’m not going to hold back any longer, so we can smoke as much as possible together, don’t worry about passing out again, I’m here for you and I’ll always be here with a fresh cig for you when you come around, soon enough you’ll be able smoke more like me, finally always smoke, whenever your awake always have a lit cig with you, I personally am going to move on to the final stage so I need your help with this as I’m going to try to have a cig in my mouth all the time in the evenings, I don’t want to take a breath without smoke in it”
With that they both lit fresh cigs.
Jenny sat their with her mother smoking and realised that what she was doing felt like the most natural thing in the world, she didn’t even mind the flecks of tobacco that she kept getting in her mouth, it all felt so good. After about an hour of chain smoking constantly having smoke in her lungs Jenny passed out again slumping against her mother. Again Sonia just stroked her hair until she came around after about 15 minutes, immediately as she opened her eyes her mother had placed a freshly lit cig in her mouth and she sucked for all she was worth. The only thought that went through her mind as she slowly came around was thank god her mother had a cig ready for her, after 15 minutes she was already needing a cig. Keeping the cig in her mouth she just inhaled and exhaled around it till it got so short and hot that she had to get a fresh one, the next cig she lit from the first smoke pouring from her nostrils as she lit the new one. The taste in her mouth was amazing she ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth relishing in the strong tobacco flavor, she new this wouldn’t last though as the strong unfiltered cigs would soon begin to destroy her taste buds. She turned then to look at her mother who was still sat next to her naked from the waste down and a world of her own cig clenched between her lips puffing away, she then looked at her self also naked from the waste down, with out thinking she started to rub her cig against her clit and then put it back into her mouth to drag on it, she continued this for the rest of the cig and when it was finished she lit another from the butt, as she inhaled on the new cig it hit her, she felt it start in her lungs as the tars she had put in them started to shift, the coughing fit lasted about 2 minutes, and when it was finished put the cig in her mouth and started to rub her chest, it hurt but it felt so damn good, she wanted it to happen again so she started to puff on the cig without removing it from her mouth.
Sonia sat their amazed she came out of her own smokey heaven when Jenny had started to cough, and she was now watching her take puff after puff, chaining cigs and rubbing her chest, how could this young girl smoke so much so soon was all she thought, and how much damage must she be doing?. It was to much and she started to rub her clit frantically.
Jenny noticed her mother had started to rub her clit again and aroused already felt her own juices running down her leg onto the couch, she just stared at her mother while still puffing away, she knew what she had to do, she loved her mother and smoking so much.
“Let me” she said to her mother cig clenched between her lips
Sonia didn’t know what to do, her own daughter wanted to touch her, as Jenny moved closer Sonia could see already that her top lip and around her nostrils were yellowing, and her fingers that were now touching her clit where yellow. This was wrong she knew, but it felt so good as Jenny rubbed her clit, while puffing frantically on her cig. She let herself get drawn in then, it was to good to resist, she lit 4 cigs again giving 2 to Jenny and removing the spent one from her lips. She lucked at her darkly stained fingers and realised that the nicotine on them need not be wasted, she pushed her heavily nicotine stained fingers into Jennys cunt and started to rub deep and hard, she new she was her daughter but something that felt so good had to be right.
Puffing on her cigs inhaling as much as possible into hear young lungs Jenny felt her mothers hand enter her cunt, wow it was so good, she started to pull even harder on the cigs, and soon she had to stop working her moms clit to get them both new cigs, with fresh cigs she stared to work her fingers in her moms cunt.
“Fuck me, fuck me” screamed Sonia as Jenny startred to work her cunt faster and harder
“WE WANT BLACK LUNGS, WE WANT TO SMOKE ALL OF THE TIME, WE WANT THE SMOKE TO GIVE US CANCER” they both chanted and in unison again they came together in smokey ecstasy.

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