First Date: The Bang Session – Smoking Fetish Story

We walk up the front steps, her in front and me right behind staring at the pack of cigarettes and lighter in her one hand and the keys in the other.

She lets go of my attention briefly as I realize this is going to be a real short trip if her mom is home. Kelly beat me to it when she said “Don’t worry. My mom’s shift at the hospital won’t be over for several hours so we will have plenty of time to have a lot of fun”.

The duality of my raging hard on versus the reality that I am a grown man who is worried about my girls mom coming home in the middle of us fooling around is not lost on me for one second.

We enter the boringly traditional upper middle class Philly Suburban home and don’t even make the slightest detour to any where in the house but straight up the stairs.

As I watched her perfectly shaped leather clad ass wiggle up the stairs I could hear the clack of the designer heels hit every step. This girls butt cheeks looked like they could defy gravity if they wanted to.

In the upstairs guest room where Kelly was staying there was a four post bed which pretty much dominated the square footage. Little did I know that once Satin sheets replaced cotton ones, that bed would hold for me in future encounters levels of smoking/sex pleasure not even the most erotic fetish porn could match.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

There was also an open armed E-Z boy chair of sorts hiding somewhat clumsily in the corner of the room. I wasn’t even sure why it was there at first until Kelly told me she would routinely used it to recline and smoke in order to relieve stress after having a phone encounter with her ex. Often she would strip down naked and with a cigarette in one hand and a vibrator in the other would proceed to obliviate herself to some other place, the only worry at that time is if one of the neighbors could hear her moaning of the faint hum of the device out of the open window which she used to quickly dispatch the acrid smelling smoke.

Now it was my turn to get a ride on the “pleasure” chair. Kelly sat me down and then proceeded to straddle my lap, working one skin tight black hide covered leg at a time through the side openings. If you traded the leather pants in for breeches and the stilettos in for flat soled boots, you would have though she was an equestrian mounting a horse and not some hard dick she had seduced into her soon to be cum drenched, smoke filled lair.

She began to grind on my hips only taking time to lean to her left to pull an ashtray out of a small cabinet on the side and once again to lean forward to open the window behind me with the later resulting in her huge sweater ensconced tits pressing firmly against my face.

As she put the all white cigarette to her mouth I went to reach into my back pocket to do the gentlemanly thing and give her a light but she slapped my hand and said “No. I am in charge right now”.

She took the all white lighter in one hand, place the cig in her mouth with the other and then covered the whole operation tightly with the palm of her free hand as she lit up and took a deep inhale, blowing the contents up in the air in one incredibly sexy arched back plume of smoke.

The the grinding began and that bitch rode me like an mechanical bull at a red neck dive bar, her cigarette shod hand working its way from my shoulder to the top of my head to the back of my neck to my chest and back around towards my ass.

She then leaned into me and with her smoky breath said “Do you want to fuck me?”. It was more like a statement than it was a question.

I replied “If I could cut a hole right in those pants I would stick my dick in you right now” to which we both realized that as hot as that would be it was an expensive proposition, one which would be better spent buying more smokes, leather, latex, heels and toys for future use.

At that point I decided I had enough and without permission or expectation I stood up, driving my legs almost through the floor to which she immediately wrapped her legs around me in a erogenous body scissor. I threw her down on the bed, unbuckled her designer belt, unsnapped her pants and threw the heels off her feet and onto the bed.

Slowly I pulled her pants down her muscular thighs, later which I would learn she built up doing double sessions as a competitive cheerleader and soccer player in high school and college. In my experience those two groups always had the hottest, sluttiest after school activities participants in the entire student body, random memories of sexy images past coursing through my brain for only a second made my dick even harder for the experience that was about to come.

Just as I pulled her pants off I went to plunge my dick deep inside of her when she took one last drag from her smoke and said “Stop. Before you fuck me I want you to walk over there and grab my smokes, lighter and ash tray cause I want to light up while you pump the cum out of my ass.”

I did as I was told and just as I laid the tools of sensuality in place she said “And grab my heels. I like to fuck with my heels on. It’s hotter that way”.

I agreed and like a horny engorged version of Prince Charming to her soon to be jizzed filled version of Cinderella I slipped the designer fuck me shoes onto her feet and began to get to work.

The rest of the details of this session seem at this time to be rather inconsequential. I would thrust, she would cum on my dick, I would thrust again, her giant fake tits, now exposed by her having pulled the sweater up to her neck revealing a bright blue shiny satin designer bra, would jiggle uncontrollably.

I would thrust, she would moan and then she would take a deep drag off her cigarette, pulling the smoke again deeply into her lungs only showing evermore how deeply linked her vagina and her smoking habit were.

Not that I was one to talk. Every time she would smoke or every time I would look over and see those leather pants on the floor or feel those designer heels press into my back or see those giant breasts hugged by lingerie slap around with every thrust, my dick became harder than it had ever been in my life.

I so badly wanted to tell her how as much as I like our conversation in the coffee shop that right now all I could see her as was a dirty little cunt that I wanted to cum inside of. She noticed my brain was going someplace else and asked between drags of what must have been her fourth or fifth cigarette of the afternoon:

“You want to say something right now. What is it?”.

To which I replied “What are you a mind reader or something”?

To which she said “Yes. Now out with it. Tell me the truth!”.

To which I said “I think you are a dirty little cunt and all I want to do right now is cum inside of you, drag you over to my house, dress you up in another slutty sexy outfit and then light you up a cigarette and then cum inside of you again”.

Thinking the honestly was too much (as it often is for women no matter how much they claim otherwise) Kelly literally reached up, violently grabbed my by the back of my head, pulled my face into her gigantic tits, pulled my head up again and looked me eye to eye and said:

“You see these fucking tits. These are your fucking tits if you want them. And that cock between your legs is my cock if you want it that way too. The only thing I really like more than I like you is fucking your hard prick while I smoke. Having your face buried in my snatch while I smoke would be a close second too but either way I don’t care. You want me to be your little sexed up, dressed to kill cum dumpster? Well know I want that even more than you do”.

She continued “I am going to put this cigarette out and then you are going to grab me by my throat, jam your cock into me and cum into me so hard that I feel it in the back of my neck”.

I stopped pumping for a brief second if out of nothing other than amazement at the entire ordeal.

She proceeded to slap me in the face.

And then said “I didn’t say stop pumping. Get back to work!”.

So I did.

She then said “when you are done blowing your load inside my body I am going to go out, buy a designer dress on my ex’s credit card, come over to your house dressed to kill and then light up a ciggie and suck whatever remaining cum is left in those soon to be drained balls of yours. I might even stick my finger up your asshole to boot. It depends on what kind of mood I am in and what kind of dress I buy. If it is leather then you better be ready for a long night cause mommy is going to have her way with you. Think you can handle that?”.

I had no response. Only a Noah’s ark like flood wave of cum which clearly stamped my approval.

I pulled my dick out. The remained drippings of cum leaked all over her tight, toned tummy.

Kelly sat up, sucked me dry, grabbed her cigarettes and put the ash tray away.

She said “I am going to get dressed and then go shopping. You were wonderful”.

I said “Well I thought you were wonderful too”.

She kissed me.

“Leave your address on my nightstand and go home eat something and then take a nap. I want your well rested for some more “exercise” tonight”.

(to be continued)

Story by ralphmalph

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