Michelle Freeman 2 – Smoking Fetish Story

Michelle unsteadily wobbled and shuffled on her feet as she tried to focus on her face in the mirror and to do so she took a step forward and groaned and took a brief step back as her naked belly leant against the cold porcelain sink for support, she wobbled forwards squishing the freezing white pottery deep into her soft fleshy stomach skin as she got her face as close to the mirror as possible as she attempted to apply her dusty pink lipstick and rubbed her lips together. She sighed, it was again badly done again, it was a little smudged, but at this point in the day, she determined it was close enough for her. She turned her head a couple of times and studied her face; Miriam had reluctantly dragged her fat hungover arse off the sofa and to the hairdressers this afternoon for them both to have their hair done. It took hours, but they got a couple of glasses of wine during the process. She smiled happily at her new freshly bouncing bob it was still holding its shape as she twisted her head as it was still lagged in hair spray.

She beamed at herself in the mirror and then frowned as she accidently staggered and wobbled backwards further away from the mirror, she shook her head and stepped forward as she was meant to be doing her eyes, no sooner was she lined up in front of the glass, and focusing on her slightly blood shot eyes, she looked tot eh side and smiled as Miriam face loomed in the reflection beside her hair.

“Babes, are you sure those two are actually going to turn up? You got them absolutely plastered on Wednesday, they are still bound to have a two-day hangover!” Miriam stated as she leaned against the door frame.

Michelle shrugged her shoulders “Babes, I do thinks that they ares game!” she responded then continued to rub her lips together. She looked down and smiled, picked up her nearly empty large wine glass from inside the sink and took another gulp smearing the imprint of her fresh pink lipstick against the rim.

Miriam lifted her head off the door frame and nodded “Good, and if you are still sober enough, the plan I have for you is more wine with them downstairs, then Brian is picking us all up at 8 so we can go for a couple of pints and maybe some food at Matt’s, we can head over the road for more wine at Cheryl’s, then thinking shots and moonshine at Bar 9 and then see if any of you are still standing for a dance?”

“Thinks they, me, ush, can easily cope with that!” Michelle grinned as carrying her empty glass, she let go of the sink and swayed towards the door, catching the frame for support.

“I am sure you can, Let’s, see if they turn up, but can I say one thing babes, I know you are tipsy again, but with your new haircut you are looking amazing, absolutely gorgeous!”

“Hell Babes, I am a little tiny bit relaxed and your gor..sexy and wonderful too.” she staggered slightly to the side. “I would say we are both, babes, going out to get very much more drunk whether those two comes or not!” Michelle grinned as Miriam leaned in for a kiss. With the kiss broken Miriam stepped back and Michelle bumped off the door frame as she moved to leave the bathroom.

“Babes are you okay, honestly?

Michelle nodded and fluttered her eyelashes and took a gulp of her wine. “This ish only my fourthish or maybe more glass of todays, I don’t know and de feelings the bestest evers, I am very fine!” she grinned and took another noisy slurp of the empty glass and frowned.

“Oh, if you are sure babes, but you better get dressed!” Miriam grinned as she squeezed and caressed Michelle’s large naked buttocks as she wobbled towards the bedroom “Your fresh clean drinking knickers are on the bed for you, I’ve put the ones from this morning in the wash already!”

“Tanks Babes!” Michelle grinned as she made her way towards the bedroom holding the wall with her fingertips.


The doorbell went and Miriam clubbed down the stairs in her heels and as they pressed and rang the bell several times, almost urgently, she opened the door to see both Tina and Caitlin standing on the doorstep. Caitlin was furiously dragging

on her cigarette whilst almost running on the spot wiggling her bare knees and legs together.

“Evening, you both okay?”

“Yes!” Caitlin stated with her exhale, “But I soooo need your loo! Sooorryy.” she grinned as she dropped the cigarette on the floor unstubbed out and almost barged past Miriam pulling her short white skirt up her equally white thighs until it was up around her waist flashing her bright green thong which was splitting her white pert buttocks as she pushed Michelle’s office door open and made her way towards the toilet.

“Sorry about that!” Tina stated as she slowly made her way in taking off her denim jacket and folding it over her arm showing off that chest was contained in bright pink boob tube, her braless nipples instantly popped hard through the fabric as the cool air hit them. “We’ve had a couple of drinks in the Oak, you know, just because of because, and someone against my advice chose not visit the ladies instead deciding for her that going outside for ciggy was more of a priority after the wine, before coming over the road.”

Miriam shrugged her shoulders “Its fine, as you know around here our knickers, skirts and whatever else tend to end up rather saturated more than we care worry about, cigarettes or not. Anyway, how has the rest of the week been?” Miriam tried to make light casual conversation as they moved into Michelle’s office.

“Thursday was murder, the world really didn’t stop spinning and we didn’t get out of bed, until way gone lunchtime! But after about a gallon of Lucozade and some chicken soup we soon felt better.”

Miriam nodded as she held open Michelle’s office door and let Tina in. “Well, I am glad that you came back for the social night out on the town before Caitlin goes to uni!”

“We debated it yesterday as we started to feel better, actually manged to function and we had to go to town, as Catlin desperately needed more ciggy’s, you know something, I am slightly disappointed with Michelle for Catlin’s newfound addiction, anyway, actually neither of us would have missed it” Tina stated as they book looked up at Caitlin’s flipflops clattered on the floor as she walked back from the toilet still pulling her skirt back down her thighs.

“Hey, where is Michelle?” Caitlin asked once she was back alongside her mum and Miriam as she rubbed her wet hands on her denim skirt.

Miriam chuckled, “Yeah she is on the way!” as they heard the clumping on the wooded stairs, and soon the smell of cigarettes and perfume soon filled the void.

“Hey girlys!” Michelle swayed into the room in maxi dress loosely done up flashing her black stocking toppers and most of her bra as she swished into the room in flat black shoes, before taking a couple of adjusting steps to stop moving. “Wery much looking forwards to a good great night out with you!” She then placed her filter between her lips and pulled on the cigarette that she had between her fingers.

Caitlin looked at Tina to Miriam and then to Michelle, “We are too!” she grinned.

“Great as we are all here let us open the drinks for you all!” Miriam stated as she made her way to the fridge bent down and then pulled out two bottles of chilled white wine.


Caitlin tilted her head way back in an over exaggerated way and poured the last dribble of wine into her mouth, slapping and licking her lips together and then running her tongue around them as she put the empty glass down on the coffee table and then smiled triumphantly as she glanced at Tina with a little naughty smile as pulled yet another cigarette out of the pack in her handbag and placed it between her lips as Michelle wobbled forwards picked up the lighter of the table and then leaned across with the flame and helped her light it, her cheek concaved as she briefly pulled on it “So Michelle, no games this evening?” She asked with her exhale as Miriam stayed where she was in the cloud of smoke and with a smile unsteadily topped up the empty wine glass before topping hers up too.

Miriam took the bottle from Michelle, shuffled back in the chair and then topped up her own glass as she shook her head and smiled across at Michelle as she put the empty bottle down next to the other one, “Well Catlin, not intentionally, I think the only aim of this evening is to drink, chat, have fun, maybe ogle at some sexy men and if we accidently get you very drunk before going home then that is a bonus.”

Tina looked at Caitlin and smiled and crossed over her light blue, slim fitted jeans legs again and took a gulp of her wine. “That is the reason we didn’t wear heals!” Tina grinned and took another generous gulp of her wine showing off her sparkly green but flat shoe.

“Very sensible idea!” Miriam enthusiastically nodded as brought her glass to her lips and sipped as she glanced across at Michelle in her undone maxi dress slipping open revealing even more of her lacey black bra and white flesh as she reached across and flicked her cigarette vaguely near the ashtray. “But girls we do need to finish these drinks, as Brian will be coming in bit to pick us up and take us in to town, as such as we are all relatively still sober this is a public broadcast, can we all please go to the toilet in the bathroom” she quickly glanced at Michelle and with a smile as she spoke “or in your knickers, before getting in the cab, as he charges a fortune for every puddle he finds!”

Caitlin nodded “How long have we got?” she asked looking at Miriam before placing her filter back between her lips and hungrily dragging again on her cigarette.

Miriam looked at her wrist and spun her silver watch around her slim wrist and smiled, “Enough time for you to finish the cigarette, wine and definitely visit the toilet!”.

Caitlin exhaling and then smiled happily bobbed her head “Okay!” she grinned at her mum as in perfect synchronicity both took a long gulp of their wine.


Brian smiled as he held the door open of his people carrier car and got a glance of Caitlin’s green knickers as her short skirt hiked up her legs as she clumsily climbed into the back of his taxi, he closed the door and ran around and got in the driver’s seat. “Evening girls, you are…all okay?” He called as he looked in the rear-view mirror.

They all giggled “Yes!” and then giggled some more.
“So, to the Cork and Bottle as usual?” Brian asked looking in the rear-view mirror. “Yes please!” Miriam replied trying to be in control of her flock.

“No problem. Just to let you know Miriam, as I know you are the sensible one, before you all get too drunk, that my daughter Bryony will be picking you all up this evening, I need a night off!”

“Ohhh lucky you!” Caitlin giggled leaning forward.

“Nothing like that!” Brian replied. “I wish!” he grinned in the mirror.

The girls all went “yeah, yeah!” and then they descended in silence as he drove the car the relatively short distance to the first bar.

“Are you all doing that challenge they are doing, can win a 500 smackaroonies?” Brian asked as he drove along.

“What?” Tina pipped up from the back.

“Pay for the food but get free drinks!” he chuckled as he hit the indicator stalk and pulled off the main road into a carpark.

Michelle looked at Miriam and raised her eyebrow at her, Miriam grinned back “I thought you might win it!” she smiled and squeezed Michelle’s damp thigh with her hand.

“Babsh, you are schometimes very wonderful!” Michelle slurred and grinned and squeezed Miriam’s thigh back as Miriam dried her hand on her other leg.


The four of them giggled and slowly made their way into the pub and were directed to the booked table. The smiling blonde hostess dressed all in tight fitted black jeans, topped off with a black shirt informed that the food will be ready at eight thirty and drinks would start flowing shortly, with the winner declared by ten.

“Miriam what’s the plan?” Tina asked leaning forward on the table once they had shuffled around the corner so that they were all seated.

“We are going to drink and eat, whilst Michelle eats and drinks!” She grinned.

Michelle shook her head. “No babes, you are going to do the eating, and we …” she tried to count “three will do de dinking!” she slurred, she grinned as they looked up as the barmaid carried over on a big circular tray four large pitchers of beer.

“Thank you very much!” Miriam smiled as she opened her purse and offered the barmaid her credit card once the drinks where on the table before turning to the group “Pardon?”

“Come on girls, letch be drunk!” Michelle announced as she unsteadily started to pour the frothy larger out of the pitcher mostly into the glasses.

“Fuck there is one each!” Exclaimed Tina looking at the large volume of liquid in front of her.

“And?” Grinned Michelle, “Bottoms up, knickers down, tits out, come on!” And picked up the full glass.

They all giggled and clinked their glasses together with a large “cheers!” from them all before taking a large gulp.

“Ohhh mum this is going to be fun but messy.” Caitlin grinned as she hugged her pint of larger and looked at Tina.

They topped up their beers from the pitcher as the large pizzas arrived on the table and the background music lowered and there was a screech of feedback noise before a booming voice came across the air.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our inaugural pizza and beer night. I hope you are all hungry, we will be looking to those tables who manage to finish the lot, your time starts now!”


Over the next hour there was a flurry of pizzas, pitchers, and rotating stumbling for toilet visits, but there was constant, Michelle just stayed sat exactly where she was calmly eating the pizza and guzzling her beers. She finally emptied her pint glass and burped loudly and pushed the empty plate to the middle of the table grinned at Miriam.

“Whoops I’m dun!” she smiled and then burped again and stroked her extended belly.

Miriam patted her legs “Well done babes! You’ve cleared the plates!” She looked around at the bar to see tables still with food on them.

“Youse helped me!” she grinned as Miriam wiped her hand on the back of the seat. “Whoopie!” Caitlin cheered overly excitedly bouncing on the seat.

“Fucks babes, I sose needs ash ciggy now!” Michelle slurred and wiped her face with her arm again as she looked to get out from the bench seat.

“Ooh so do I, I will come with you!” Grinned Caitlin as she glanced at her mum almost for permission, Tina smiled, shrugged her shoulders and nodded.

Miriam shuffled out from behind the table and then helped Michelle wiggle and huff across the bench seat so that unsteadily like new born lamb attempt stand up, it took them a couple off attempts before she was upright and pointing in the right direction of the door, the back of her dress was scrunched up almost eaten and swallowed by her hungry buttocks, Miriam dutifully pulled at it a little bit, so it was hanging free the best it could in its sodden state, as she held her upright. “Babes are you sure you are okay?”

Michelle grinned and nodded “Babes I’m wondershall, windowful…” she then giggled “I’m full!”

“Babes, do you still want to go outside?”

Michelle nodded and grinned a droopy smile “Defishingly!” she said holding on to the wall for support as Miriam picked up the pack of cigarettes off the table and placed it in Michelle’s hand making sure her fingers were securely around it.

“Caitlin, please help her, won’t you?” Miriam looked at the skinny wafer thing blonde girl who nodded in agreement as she negotiated but banged the edge of the table as she leant over picking her pack and lighter off the table, almost as an afterthought as she came around.

“Of course, you’ve done amazing job!” Caitlin said as she wrapped her slim wrist around Michelle’s soft waist and helped her as they both giggled as stepped together out through the double doors to the smoking area.

Tina looked at Miriam as the two of them disappeared out of sight through the door and winced. “Is Michelle alright?” she asked with motherly tones.

Miriam chuckled as she opened her handbag and pulled out a load of tissues and dropped them on the seat where Michelle had been sitting and started patting down the mess, as if nothing were out of the ordinary “She has been drinking all day as usual, she is absolutely fine. Nothing unusual. We will see when the nicotine fiends have had their top up if we have won and then head over the road for some shots.

“Do you want a hand?” Tina asked as she offered to pat down the chair now covered in tissues.

“Nah, please just keep drinking, it’s okay, I’m used it and they will be back in a minute.”

Tina nodded enthusiastically “Can I say one thing?”

Miriam looked up her hands wrapped in soggy yellow stained tissue looking a little confused “Yeah?”

Tina smiled kindly “Please Miriam, relax and just get as fucked as the rest of us?”

Miriam stopped patting the tissue on the chair, nodded and laughed “Oh don’t worry, I am sure that will happen…” she continued patting “…we will move on in minute and get the shots going and I promise then to join in!”

Tina grinned “Good, don’t want you missing out,” she glanced at the window and saw the exhaled smoke drifting past clearly lit by the outside lights “But I might take this time to pop to the ladies again before there is a need to mop up more of the chair, back in sec!” Tina stated as she picked up the pint glass and chugged down the final third of her beer almost banging the empty glass back down on the table as she got up, knocking the table in the process and the nearly empty glasses all wobbled as she tried to stand straight far too early. She paused, took a deep breath, and shuffled clear of the table, she wiggled her hips and tugged at her jeans belt hooks to try pull them up to stop flashing the turquoise whale tail of her knickers, then staggered slightly to the right before looking around the noisy bar, finally got her compass working and headed off towards following the large sign with an arrow saying toilet against the far wall.

Miriam shivered and sniffed the air as the door opened and she could smell the usual potent odour of fresh smoke permeating off Michelle and Caitlin as they slowly made their way back to the table. She caught the end of Michelle saying “shhh theyse won’t mind!”

“So, sorry about the wait!” Caitlin stated as they both helped Michelle back on the bench seat. “We might have had the excuse for couple whilst out there!” she grinned.

Miriam wryly shook her head grinning “I wouldn’t expect any less!” Miriam smiled at them both. “It looks like we didn’t win, but hey when Tina gets back shall we head on to the next bar?”

Michelle enthusiastically nodded. “Muchy many more drinks needed!” she exclaimed as she picked up the last of her beer and poured a lot down her chin.

*** Miriam lined up four shots of double vodka on the table.

“Come on girls, let us get these down us!” She smiled as she picked up the first one. “There is definitely more afterwards!”

The girls whooped together, except Michelle who did it two beats later.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Down in one!” Miriam whooped again as she then chucked the drink straight down her throat and then pulled her disgusted face as the alcohol burned.

As the empty glasses clattered as they landed on the table, they all looked at each other pulling an equally silly face.

“So, girls, who is up for another one?” Miriam stated. “I know I am!” she grinned.

Michelle nodded putting both arms in the air and enthusiastically waved them around as she staggered and bounced around as if she was box dancing “Letsh gets dis party started!” she boomed as she staggered uncontrolled sideways before she collided and bounced off a pillar and then Miriam then attempted to turn her so that she moved towards the bar as Michelle frantically waved at the bar maid with 4 fingers up. Successfully getting her attention.

Chapter 2 later that evening.

Bryony Page yawned as sat in her dad’s blue seven seat people carrier bored out of her mind, she already read most of her textbook for her course, and with an exaggerated sigh she looked at the centre console and picked up her now cold McDonald’s cappuccino and took a gulp and winced at the cool fluid as he went down her throat. She had done a couple of pick up and drops in town as he had asked, but she now as it had just gone half eleven had to keep her schedule clear for his most important and well-paying and customer. He had warned her that Miriam and the girls would as usual be extremely drunk and explained that is why

he wanted to have the seats covered in the blue tarpaulin just in case they threw up or had an accident. She thought it a little excessive and probably uncomfortable, but after her last drop off as she huffed and puffed as she clambered around the back of the car with the two large blue sheets folding them as if she was making a bed, and then after crawling around she managed to tie the eyelets down to the seat stanchions.

As she sat Bryony watched the empty carpark as her finger pressed down on the black button as the electric motor slowly wound down the window and she shivved as the fresh crisp evening air graced her face as she glanced across the deserted carpark, the distant repetitive beats of the blend of music from the bars around drifting and filling the still void. She leant over and opened the glove box, and smiled, her dad’s not so secret pack of Marlboro reds were in there. She flipped open the lid and smiled at the filters and the lighter, and soon with smoke drifting across the carpark she was flicking the growing ash on the edge of the glass as she watched the ash drift off across the carpark, she really could not understand why her dad did this for a job, it was boring and she was bored out of her mind and after reading her book she had played with her phone and “completed” Facebook which was quick on a Saturday, Twitter and a good chunk of Instagram there was literally no news that evening, even the annoying President was quiet, she only agreed to cover her Dad’s Saturday night shift as a method of giving her dad a break and getting a little cash before going back to her third-year journalism course.

Bryony closed her eyes and took another long drag on the cigarette, exhaled and with her finger flicked her second cigarette across the carpark and as she ran her tongue around her lips cleaning them of the vial taste she watched as the sparks from the tip hit the tarmac and the filter rolled into a gully and into a drain, she then turned her head as the nearby church tower gently and slowly bonged its twelve beats.

With the last bong echoing around the carpark she heard a female voice screech and looked across to the alley way which lead into the main street and winced as she rolled her eyes in anticipation as she heard a shrieking, and whooping coming from gaggle of women as their voices echoed around the quiet carpark, she gulped air hoping that they were not her pick up and the shrieks and giggles got louder and louder, she could see that there were four of them linked arm in arm staggering sideways as if they were in the chorus singers in stage show before correcting themselves and staggering the other way as they attempted to move forward together before all stopping and giggling and shrieking and dancing on the

spot again. She took another a deep breath of fresh air and shuffled up in her seat as one of the women screeched at the top of her voice so that everyone in town, even those were fast asleep, now knew that she now desperately needed a wee.


Caitlin let go of Tina’s arm and watched as with her latest cigarette clamped in the corner of her lips and smoke drifting out her nose as she struggled as she twiddled and fiddled as she eventually undid the brass coloured top button on her skirt as she staggered uncontrollably towards the pay and display machine “Its okays, mum ash I’m just going to hides over here!” she put her finger to her mouth as to suggest the need to be quiet as grinned as she tugged at her skirt pulling it up high around her waist, almost like the boob tube like her mum was wearing, flashing her uncovered buttocks as she stumbled further across the carpark.

“Are you okay?” Miriam asked as she meandered around as she was holding on to Michelle as they were both staggered sideways whilst trying to look at Caitlin holding herself up on the parking meter with her thong still around her thigh.

“Babsh she is wery silly why she just doest do what we do?” Michelle looked at smiled at Miriam and leaned in for kiss.

“But babes, we are rather naughty, aren’t we!” Miriam tipsily ginned and as they stood there, arms around each other’s waist and the leaned in and kissed, as their lips unlocked, they then both sighed and as they squished their bodies tight together there was a loud hissing and then gentle splattering on the floor and a sudden puddle developing and growing on the wet tarmac between their feet. The smiled at each other and then passionately kissed again.

“Muuuum I’m very good!” Caitlin shouted loudly distracting Michelle and Miriam from their intimate moment, and they both turned to look as she attempted to pull her bright green thong down and then squat. She balanced for a few seconds as they all stood and watched as she peed before a few seconds later screeching as she fell with another loud screech as she landing on her bare bottom on the wet tarmac and into her stream that she had just made. “Fuck!” she shouted as she dropped her cigarette and waved her arms around in the air as the giggling Tina staggered as she made her way over and offered her hands to help pull Caitlin up. They were soon hugging and almost dancing around the car park whilst Caitlin’s buttocks with the now red with patterned imprint of the tarmac etched in on full display.

“Come on youse two!” Miriam hollered across the carpark loudly. “Wese needs to finds the taxi!” she flailed her arms around. “She shud bees overs theres!” Miriam waved her hands again and shook both legs with the now cold dribbles still running down the inside of her thighs.


Bryony shivered as she jumped out of the car shutting her door, the slamming noise reverberated and echoed around the carpark, she crossed her arms across under her chest and then sat back against the bonnet and tutted under her breath as she waited and waited. She tried a friendly smile and wave to get their attention as they individually staggered in opposite directions across the carpark vaguely towards the car.

She coughed to clear her throat and then at the top of her voice shouted, “Are any of you girls Miriam?” She watched and waited and then finally smiled.

“Oh, that’s Meeee!” Miriam shouted back and grinned and waved vigorously in the direction of the car giggling as she then staggered sideways and wrapped her arm around Michelle’s waist again and started moving them both towards the car.

Bryony slowly nodded head and grimaced and winced as the task ahead of her got bigger as the girls got closer. She was relieved that the skirt of the weeing girl was now around the hips even if the fly was wide open flashing her knickers to everyone.

“Well hello Ladies, it does look like have you had a good evening?” Bryony rhetorically asked as she pulled the sliding door open.

“Yesh Tanks you merry much!” Miriam replied as she leaned against the car with her bottom leaving a damp round impression as if a wet football had been licked against the paintwork as wobbled and stood up. “Just a little drink or two, haven’t we girls!” she grinned as she made a pincer movement with her finger to insinuate small. “It was good fun wasn’t it?” She asked.

“Definitely!” Tina responded as she again helped by tugging down Caitlin’s skirt.

“Muum!” she screeched as her skirt slipped down her skinny legs again and landed around her ankles “just leave it…” she staggered forward as she leaned and then once she had come to a stop she wiggled her hips pulling the skirt back up “…But

mum…ooh mum…fuck I lost my ciggy!” Caitlin whinged looking back towards the parking metre and her puddle.

“Darling, don’t stress, I am sure you can have another one later!” Tina scolded her.

“So, girls, who’s up for little, tiny night cap at ours?” Miriam interrupted as she climbed in the back of the car.

“Hell yeah!” they all replied.

Bryony coughed at the smoky, alcohol, perfume and with a further sniff distinct smell of urine smell that wafted off the girls as they staggered past her and started to climb into the back “In you get Ladies!” With everyone in she opened her door, and then started the car, and wound down the passenger side window as well to create some airflow.

“Babes, can you do it for me?” Michelle asked holding the seatbelt as she tried to get it in the slot.

Michelle giggled “This is the reason I don’t drink when out.” She leant across and fiddled with it until it clunked.

“So, everyone now successfully strapped in?” Bryony asked.

“Yeah!” They all giggled.

“Excellent!” Bryony smiled and shook her head as she got the car in gear and started to drive off checking them in the rear-view mirror. “Right girls what have you been out celebrating?”

“Oh…that’s me, me getting drunk before uni!” Caitlin replied sharply. “whoop whoop!” she danced in her seat as the tarpaulin crinkled and crackled under her bottom as she moved.

Bryony furrowed her forehead as she looked confused. “Pardon?”

Michelle butted in “Wese are profeshional drinkers, well I am!” she slurred and grinned.


“Ise and my babes Miriam gets peeps drunk, wery drunk, most wonderfully dunk, don’t we babes?” Michelle stated happily.

Bryony chuckled as she looked back in the mirror. “I am intrigued!” she said almost rhetorically.

“Yes drives, we ares good at getting drunk, let me find me card.” Miriam stated as she sat back in her chair and put her hand around in her bra. “Fuck, where the fucks are, they?” she grumbled to herself as she pulled and stretched down the neck of her top, so it was under her breasts flashing her lacy black bra, with further rummaging she pulled down her cups and dug under soft breasts “Tada!” she announced she pulled out the curved warm white business card leaving her now naked breasts on display as she leaned forward and offered the card through the gap between the driver and passenger side seats.

“Oh thanks, I will have read later!” Bryony shook her head as she took the card off her between her fingers and dropped it down on the central console and then glanced back in the mirror as Miriam went about pushing her breasts mostly back into her bra. “but looks like you had fun!”

“Hell yeah!” Caitlin excitedly said interrupting them.

“Call us if you wants lots of drinks based fun!” Miriam stated as she fought with her left breast before shrugging and leaving it slightly exposed.

Bryony looked at the women in her mirror and the debate of calling them in the morning out of interest crossed her face. “Oh, right, well, yes, okay…I might, but only for studies purposes!”

Miriam squeezed Michelle’s legs and nodded “Shes so gunna get pissed with us!” and smiled at Bryony’s face in the mirror “Great, we does great research, don’t we babes!” she grinned.

“Ooooh, how much longer is it?” Tina interrupted with a squark as her hands clasped together between her legs as squeezed her thighs tighter together.

“Not long girls!” Bryony replied shaking her head and winced with the crackling of the tarpaulin every time one of the women moved.

“Oh cool…”

“You okay mum?” Caitlin asked.
“Err, yeah, I will be once we get there!”

“I just want another ciggy!” Caitlin moaned as she wrapped her arm around her mum’s neck and kissed on her on the cheek.

“Well, Cait, you will have to wait, as more importantly I now need a wee!” Tina responded squeezing her thighs together again.


Michelle and Miriam wobbled out the taxi and slid shut the door and all four of them staggered towards the door and they totally uncoordinated attempted to wave at Bryony as she drove off.

Michelle coughed and rubbed her hands on her dress, “I am thinking about a ciggy and some gin and tonics!” she declared as she pulled a cigarette out her bag and placed the filter between her lips as they followed Miriam up to the front door who then started unsteadily leaning against the wall started to hunt inside her handbag.

Caitlin nodded as she looked inside her bag and pulled out her pack and lighter. “Sounds like a great idea!”

“Oohhh hurry up!” Tina whinged as she danced on the spot her legs tightly together undoing the top button on her jeans as her legs bounced up and down.

Caitlin stumbled slightly to the side as she focused on lighting the cigarette, before exhaling with sigh as she dropped the pack back in the bag.

“I am, I am, I need to finds the key first!” Miriam stated as she rummaged faster, and Tina danced and bobbed around, her breasts bouncing up and down in her pink boobtube. “It’s in here somewhere!”

“Mum, just squat and do it there?” Caitlin pointed to the floor as she flicked her ash off before taking another hungry drag of smoke.

“No, I can’t, am not as young and carefree you!”

“It’s okay you two we are nearly there!” Miriam replied as she smiled as she produced the key in her hand.

“Oh good! I am fucking ready to explode!” Tina replied looking towards the door.

“Fuck!” Miriam shouted as there was a tingle as her bunch of keys dropped on the floor and Miriam groaned as she bent over to pick them up.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh dear!” she squeezed her thighs together “Fucks, it’s too late!” Tina said with a resigned tinge in her voice as Miriam finally got the key in the lock and turned it as Tina looked down at her tight light denim jeans quickly darkening as there was a hissing sound emanating from her crutch and then as she uncomfortably wiggled her hips two more dark lines trickled around her pert buttocks and then quickly flowed down the inside of her thighs down towards the floor. She sighed loudly. “Ughh, I feels so much better, but I’m cold now!” she wiggled and squashed her dark streaky thighs together.

“Thought it would, and it certainly doesn’t matter! Come on let us get in!” Miriam grinned.


Michelle burped and giggled as leant her weight against the white fridge and with great effort fought the knot loosely tied around her waist which she eventually undid, and with a half a step forward she slipped out of her sodden dress and dropped it on the floor, she then turned and bent over to open the fridge, her black cotton knickers which where wet and twisted and climbing up between her large red raw buttocks as she rummaged around and then pulled out the gin and bottle of tonic in both hands and staggered sideways holding the bottles as the fridge door shut on its own. “So, who the fuck wants anshuher drink? I knows I does!” she grinned as she then noisily dropped them on the counter.

Miriam grinned “Oh babes go on, arm twisted and all that! How about you twose?” as she looked down and giggled at Tina on the floor fighting to take her skin-tight soaking wet trousers off.

Tina looked up as she had the jeans around her ankles, “Yeah, go on!” As she smiled as she rolled backwards as her jeans finally popped off her feet.

Caitlin smiled dreamily and tipsily “Okay, just the one, youse okay mum?” She looked at her mum flat on her back.

“I wills be!” she said as nodded as she sat crossed legged on the floor, her sopping jeans in a pile by her toes as she sat in just her now dark blue saturated knickers, her face cheerily grinning at the silliness of it all.

Chapter 3- Sunday Morning

“Babes, ughhh, whats that noise?” Michelle groaned as she slowly slipped and fell off the sofa and gently landed on to carpeted floor of their upstairs living room with a loud bump and subsequent groan as the incessant noise combined with her throbbing inside hurt her head.

“Shhh phone!” Miriam coughed and groaned as she too woke up, and looked around.

“Oh babes, is it your office phone?” Michelle as she moved the glasses around the coffee table.

Miriam rubbed her eyes with one hand and scratched her messy black hair with the other and yawned and nodded licking her gin flavoured lips “It will go away!”

“Babes, it might be important work type call?” Michelle asked as she picked a nearly empty glass and swirled the contents around and brought it to her lips, urged at the smell, and thought better of it and putting it down again, as she then hunted around the table until she found her pack of Marlboro red cigarettes behind one of the empty bottles smiling once she got it between her fingers. With the filter firmly between her lips she then had to again move all the empty gin glasses around until she could find her Bic lighter. With two deep drags she got it alight. “Babes are you going to answer it?” She asked as the smoke poured out of her mouth.

“Ugh, do I need too?”

“Yes!” Michelle replied nodding her head, then regretted moving her head quite so much with an uneasy frown and pulled hard on her cigarette.

Miriam sighed and climbed up on all fours off the floor and then like a naked female neanderthal becoming human she slowly got up and strode forward groaning, moaning and spluttering as she made her way down the stairs, as the phone kept ringing and ringing.

With a deep breath Miriam pushed open the door and sighed the exhale as she stared and growled at the phone as the chirping ringing noise was echoing around the empty room she leant forward and grabbed it, and as if it was soap in her uncoordinated still drunk hands she swiftly dropped the handset down the side of the desk and watched it hypnotizingly swing for a few seconds before sighing and bending down and retrieving it. “Hello?” She coughed as she sat down in her office chair the handset to her ears, she shivered as the cold leather touched her naked buttocks and she instantly sat up straighter keeping her back off the chair.

“Hello?” She almost growled and coughed hard and then groaned holding her forehead in agony.

“Oh, good morning Bryony…” She said with her best telephone voice she could muster with a croaky voice.

“Oh, is it afternoon, oops, my apologies.” Miriam shook her head and blinked a couple of times trying to focus, she flicked some sleep from the corner of her eye and then briefly studied it trapped in her nail. “How can I help you Bryony?” She croaked and coughed again and groaned as she held her forehead as brain hurt from coughing, and then sat as she twirled her hair between her fingers and nodded as she tried to focus and listen.

She smiled, scratched her mop of her whilst she nodded and stretched her spare arm straightening a crick in her neck as she listened “Oh, cool okay, let me have a look.” Miriam then wiggled the mouse and brought her computer to life and then put the handset in the crook of her neck and shoulder as she typed her password hit enter and then swore under her breath as she slowly and carefully retyped it. “We don’t normally let people observe, but as its you, and for college…hang one.” She nodded again.

“Right, let me see,” she hummed to herself as she tried to focus on the screen “oh yes, we have our favourite, I have got Tiffany doing a top up at four on Monday, you could come and observe her couple of hours with Michelle?”

“Excellent, if you could get here for, let’s say a little early at 345 on Monday?”

“Ideal!” Miriam hung up and then leant forward on the desk with her head in both hands and groaned and ran her hands through her hair messing her locks up even more.

She forced herself off the desk and with seep sigh and then with trepidation made her way towards Michelle’s office her bare feet slapping against the cold tiles, to see what state they left it in. She leant against the door frame and shook her head. The coughed as the usual smell of stale alcohol and cigarettes was just as overpowering, in the corner of the room the twister map was still out, covered in fluids, she hoped was split gin. She laughed to herself of the memory of Michelle, Caitlin and Tina all naked slippery wet and very tangled up on the mat before collapsing in a giggling heap.

Miriam looked collection of clothes and sodden underwear scattered across the room she absentmindedly scratched her naked breast and shuddered as she remembered she was naked, she winced as she took in and thought about the mess, before turning and slowly heading up the stairs.


Michelle powered an exhaled out to the side and then smiled “Hey Babes, was it important?” she asked as she reached over to the kitchen table and stubbed out her cigarette in the ashtray, ran her tongue across her dry lips and then picked up the steaming hot cup of coffee from the counter that she was leaning her full weight against and took a gulp.

Miriam chuckled “Yeah and no, babes, it was that Bryony from last night!” she scratched her head and her unruly mop of hair again.

Michelle’s face was completely nonplussed “Oh, where did we find her?” she asked before taking another gulp of coffee.

Miriam chuckled “Yeah babes, you were so wasted, don’t you remember she was the taxi driver that got us home, if you can remember she wants to study you for her course!”

Michelle again looked bewildered and shrugged her shoulders and took another slug of her coffee “What? Still life, not sure my wobbly fat arse is worthy of art?” She put down her mug and picked up two apples from their fruit bowl and held them in front of her large sagging breasts and covered her nipples and grinned like a lunatic.

Miriam giggled and groaned “Nah babes, but that does give me an idea, anyway, don’t be silly babes, she is doing a journalism course, and thinks our project is an interesting one for her summer report.”

“Not sure me getting a load of men or women drunk every afternoon is that interesting?” Michelle said taking a bite out one of the apples and putting the other one back and picking up her coffee as she chewed.

Miriam picked up her mug of coffee and took a gulp, “Ahhhh” she sighed loudly as the coffee flowed down her throat “I have no idea. We will have to see, but first Babes, I desperately need to visit the bathroom, a shower, then maybe another coffee, preferably in that order and then after we get dressed, we definitely need clean up downstairs…again as it looks like we had fun down there.” She grinned, “We also might want to see if Caitlin and Tina want their wet clothes back, or if we are binning them!”

Michelle shrugged her shoulders and gulped her coffee, as Miriam put down the mug and swanned off towards the bathroom.

Chapter 4 Monday Morning

Miriam smiled at Michelle with a “Morning babes” as she swished in through the office door in her fitted white dress with large black belt around the waist and balanced holding the coffees in her hand and kicked the closed with her back pump covered foot and leaned in for a kiss and then handed Michelle her takeaway Starbucks coffee and sat down at her desk, opened her hand bag and pushed to packs of Marlboro reds across the table to the grateful Michelle before she then shuffled the paperwork.

“At least we had a lie in this morning!” She grinned as she took another gulp of coffee.

“Tell me about it, babes it was wonderful, and no freaking hangover!” Michelle smiled back as she unwrapped the cellophane from one of the packs.

“So, I assume no hair of the dog this morning babes?”

Michelle saluted and then giggled at her own attempt at humour and then flipped open the pack.

“That’s good babes, we’ve got to give the head and liver a rest a couple of days a week, any way you are free until this afternoon, starting the week gently, we have got our favourite Tiffany back again, not sure why she keeps coming back, but she keeps paying, we will keep her drinking.”

“I’m her favourite barmaid I think!” Michelle grinned as she hugged her coffee with a unlit cigarette between her fingers and took another gulp.

“But you have got the added bonus of that pretty little thing in Bryony just as an observer for her college, if Tiffany doesn’t appreciate being observed, I will bring her in here, and she can watch the screen with me.”

Michelle rose and eyebrow and looked over her coffee, “Will you now?” she grinned cheekily and took a noisily slurp before putting the cigarette between her lips.

“Babes?” Miriam looked with her stern face.

“I am sure Tiffany will be fine, she will have quit her job early to go to the pub anyway before she turns up!”

“Only if you are sure babes?”

Michelle nodded as she focused on the flame from her lighter in her right hand as she concentrated on lighting her very delayed, first cigarette of the day.


Bryony hopped off her bike and leaned against the black metal railing and then took off her helmet shaking her blonde hair free, running her hands through it a couple of times to release the cramped helmet hair, she then fiddled with the lock wrapped around under the saddle, before strapping her helmet through the cable at the same time as she locked it securely, spinning and scrambling the numbers. She then rummaged in her rucksack, pulled out her compact and studied her helmet hair again, before trying to tidy it up, she then studied her face and makeup, she rubbed her subtle pink lips together and dropped it back in her bag, she moved from foot to foot nervously for a second, pulling her blue jeans out of her crutch and then walked across to the front door, looked up and pushed her finger on the doorbell, yes, she was five minutes early, but she wanted to be there and prepared, she rubbed her thighs together as she waited on the doorstep wondering what drunken mess she was going to find inside.

The far soberer than expected Miriam answered the door “Hey, you must be Bryony, come on in, I hope we didn’t embarrass ourselves too much in front of you on Saturday night?” She grinned.

“Nah you were fine!” Bryony grinned politely clearly lying through her teeth. “No more raucous than the rest of the crowds!” she chuckled nervously.

“That’s a relief, felt it in the morning mind you.” Michelle admitted.

Bryony nodded with a raised eyebrow “I may have noticed on the phone.”

“Oh…” Miriam grimaced “yes…anyway come in, we just need to do the basic paperwork, and then I will introduce you again to my partner Michelle, who you will be observing working her magic this afternoon.”

“Great, thanks so much for this, I am really intrigued!”

They entered the office and Miriam offered for her to take a seat as Bryony looked around taking the sparsely decorated and bare room in.

“So, as you are aware may be partaking in the drinking of the alcohol during your observance, we just need to you sign this form, ensuring we that we have no liability if you get drunk after consuming said alcohol.”

Bryony snapped her inquisitive head back to focus on Miriam “Oh, that’s fine, but I am not drinking?” she stated.

A smiled crept across Miriam lips as she raised an eyebrow, “Did you drive here?” “Oh no!” She grinned.
Miriam nodded “Goody, then I think you will be!”
Bryony loudly gulped shaking her head dismissively.

“Anyway, could you please just sign the form, we haven’t hurt anyone yet!”

“Oh, really, oh, okay I guess I will have to sign it then.” She asked with confusion reigning across her face and almost nervously picked up the pen.

Miriam nodded, “Yes please, we can’t let you in the room without it signed. I would normally take your money now, but on this occasion…” she smiled “…we will let that slide!” Miriam attempted a supportive grunt as Bryony neatly squiggled her name on the bottom the sheet in blue ink. “I think its best that you go in meet Michelle again, she is a like me a little more sober than last time you saw her, then

you can get comfortable before her customer Tiffany arrives, she normally just does Fridays, but she booked in for today as well, is that okay?”

Bryony nodded nervously. “Yeah, I guess so…just for my notes are you Michelle’s secretary?”

A wry smile crossed Miriam’s face and she raised her bushy brown eyebrow and tutted, “Something like that I guess, you could call me her Business partner?”

Bryony nodded “oh ok.” She smiled happily. ***

Michelle sat at her desk, she tried to put her hair up, but since her hair cut, the bob cut was too short, it wouldn’t make a pony tail, she shook her head and dropped the hair band grumpily back on the desk, then picked up her phone, scrolled through a couple of times and then put down again, twisted her mouth and then and rearranged the papers for the tenth time and looked up the door as the blonde Bryony tentatively turned the handle and push it open until she was standing there, she the nervously smiled. “Hey?”

“Oh, hey Bryony, please come in and take a seat.” Michelle got up and pointed to the chair she had positioned in the corner of the room “You can face us; I don’t expect you have a dunce’s hat on!” she attempted humour.

“Oh thanks, that’s a relief.” She grinned again nervously.

“So, can I offer you anything to drink, I expect you are nervous, a drink will help to reduce those pesky nerves before Tiff arrives?” Michelle asked as she made her way across the room towards the cupboards and fridge.

Bryony’s eyes widened as she shook her head “Oh, a coffee would be nice, I don’t want to actually drink any alcohol, this is for my college stuff, I just want to watch, obverse and if possible, ask the odd question.” She stated and patted her clipboard under her arm.

Michelle turned back to look at Bryony and raised an eyebrow, tutted and turned then stepped back from the cupboard carrying a bottle of wine “Hmmm, okay, this process is far more interesting if you get drunk with them!” Michelle said as then sat back down, twisted the screw top, and paused as the wine glugged noisily as poured it into a glass, took a gulp and then she then highlighted to Bryony, if she

needed it where the toilet was if she chose to use it, and that she was free to join in with the drinks at any time.

“Before you start with your customer can I ask you a couple of questions?” Bryony looked towards Michelle with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Michelle put down her wine glass, rolled her eyes with a smile and pulled a cigarette out the pack on the table and bounced the cylinder a couple of times. “Yeah, I thought this might happen”, and placed the filter between her lips, and tilted her head slightly to the right as she flicked the lighter and soon smoke was drifting out of her nose and up over her brown eyes as she looked back across at Bryony.

Bryony smiled nodded and dug into her bag and pulled out an old Dictaphone and shrugged her shoulders as to apologise for recording the conversation as she glanced down the side and then clicked the buttons and looked up as Michelle pulled again on her cigarette. “Who and what are you, what’s your role?” She asked as the exhaled smoke filled a void in the middle of the room.

“I am Michelle Freeman, and I am a professional drinking specialist…try saying that drunk. I often try and always fail to say it right.” she grinned as flicked the ash into ashtray on her desk and looked back at Bryony again.

“Go on,” Bryony nodded “What does that mean?”

“I give people who are a little lost, or wanting help, a hand?” Michelle looked back at Bryony sitting knees together all prim and proper in the corner.

“On Saturday night I met you, you were completely and utterly drunk, very much needing a hand?”

Michelle nonchalantly shrugged “Yeah and?” she replied looking down at the desk and casually rolling the cigarette on the edge ashtray knocking the ash off.

“Can I put it to you, that wasn’t you helping someone, that was you just getting uncontrolled drunk?”

Michelle snorted “Oh, god yes, absolutely, I had a night out, a rare one, I am normally here behind the desk, as I still need let my hair down, well I would, if it wasn’t cut so bloody short, anyway, it was our monthly blow out, after both Caitlin and Tina completed the course!” She grinned and the placed the cigarette back

between her lips, her cheeks collapsed, and her chest rose as she pulled on the cigarette.

“Course?” Bryony asked whilst Michelle inhaled.

“Yeah!” Michelle said before pausing to let the smoke billow out of her mouth “We offer a tailor-made drinking package!” she grinned.

“To get people drunk?”

“Yeah, to let go of their inhibitions, let their hair down, change their focus and if they get rat arsed in the process, its good, almost harmless fun, you should try it!”

“So, who is coming into day?”

Michelle grinned “Oh, my regular Tiffany, she absolute drinking star!” She licked her lips and then took a long gulp of her wine.

“Why does she keep coming back?”

“Because I think she is…err, bored…she likes my company… I guess?” Michelle said as she shrugged her shoulders with hint of her own boredom and took another hit on her cigarette.

“So, are you her excuse to drink to excess?” Bryony probed.

Michelle chuckled and brought her hand to her mouth as she gently coughed “Oh more than likely!” she nodded smiled and took another lungful of smoke.

“So, what are you going to with her today?”

“Well, we will have our usual weekend catchup over the rest of this bottle of merlot, and then, I am thinking today, we will hit the cocktails.”

Bryony nodded “So, does each customer follow the same routine?”

Michelle smiled and let the smoke drift out of her nose as then turned her head and looked at Bryony “No and yes, its customer led, but the destination is the same. We will do a bit of sobriety testing, and then keep drinking!”

“They are drunk when they leave?”

“It depends on what their aim is. Sometimes, I am just a glass of wine or beer after work, take the edges off, other times they want oblivion and I feel as if I have failed if they don’t leave drunk, but all my customers should leave happy, yes!”

Bryony nodded tilted her head and further interrogated “Alcohol is a depressant? How are you making them happy?”

Michelle looked to her hand and the cigarette burning between her fingers, the smoke rise up and smiled before she brought the filter to her lips and briefly closed her eyes as she pulled the smoke in to her lungs as she thought before exhaling a cone into the middle the room. “Because they can escape their reality for a few hours.” She stated as she ran her tongue around her lips.

“But you send them back to the reality now plastered drunk?” Bryony tapped her pen on her chin as she stared at Michelle.

Michelle winced as she looked across at Bryony as smoke drifted out of her nose and then back at her glass and then back at Bryony again, “Yeah and, they pay for it?” She stated and then pulled on the cigarette again.

“Oh, I see, so, Michelle, when was…” Bryony looked down and checked her notes “Tiffany due?”

Smoke poured out of Michelle’s mouth as she looked down at her mobile phone and smiled “Oh about 10 minutes ago, she is always late.” Michelle grinned took yet another longing drag on her cigarette and then stubbed it out as she exhaled.

They both jumped slightly when the land line phone on Michelle’s desk unexpectedly rung, she picked it up and smiled, “Hey babes, yeah babes, of course babes, send her through!” and the clunked the phone back in the cradle. She rubbed her hands together and got up from her chair carrying her glass of wine “Let’s get the party started!” She grinned and danced on the spot.


Tiffany giggled as she made her way into the room carrying a tray of donuts, her long blonde ponytail swishing just above her coccyx behind her as she moved, she looked at Bryony who was looking stern in the corner and frowned back “Hey you two, Miriam explained, I’m cool, more the merrier, but as long as you drink and eat too!” She smiled as her thighs swished together her overly tight fitted flowery dress

as she made her way across the room placing the supermarket tray of twelve delights on Michelle’s desk.

“Good afternoon Tiff, so yes, this is Bryony, she is just observing me, only for her college work, the information will be totally anonymous…wont it?” she asked turning to look at Bryony and giving her a glare, who nodded in response as she nervously chewed on her pen. “Thank you for the goodies, they look delightful!” Michelle grinned. “Before you sit, can you do the line for me as usual!” she grinned.

Tiffany nodded as slowly shuffled along the line in her heels before she sat down in the chair opposite Michelle and then tried and failed to cross her legs over in the tight around her thighs short dress. “The donuts are little offering, seeing as I hope you don’t mind me coming back again so soon?” She grinned.

“God no, why would we complain, the more donuts and wine the better!” Michelle stated as she pulled open her bottom drawer and got another wine glass out, and then with a quick twist of the lid topped up both wine glasses in front of her, then offered a glass to Tiffany. “I might have the chocolate one!” She grinned as she picked up the donut and started chewing on it. Hmm so nice!” she licked her lips and then gulped the wine to wash it down.

“Is, err, Bryony not going to join in?” Tiffany asked looking into the corner before taking a gulp of her red wine and leaning across and picking up the sugar-coated bun and started chewing.

“I really shouldn’t, this is research for college.” She tapped her still lidded pen against her notepad.

“Oh, come on, even you can have a tiny, tasty donut, and…” she licked her lips “…this Merlot is delicious; Michelle and Miriam do have excellent taste.”

“Go on, just share one glass?” Michelle asked swirling the wine around before taking a mouthful.

Bryony looked at the two women holding their full glasses of wine, bit her bottom lip, gulped air like a fish out of water for a second, and then nodded. “Oh, go on, one tiny donut and then maybe a small glass of wine won’t hurt.”


Bryony sat and gently sipped her wine almost apologetically before bending down and putting the glass on the floor, pushing it behind the chair leg as if not knock it over as she focused on taking notes of nothing much as the two women opposite her chewed-on donuts and gulped their wine, and chatting about nothing, Bryony surprised as watching the exploits of Saturday night when they actually took turns going to the bathroom, between smoking copious amounts of cigarettes, and chatting louder and louder as the wine glasses emptied quicker and quicker whilst comparing their equally drunken exploits of what since their meet up on Friday, it was only when they finished the bottle of wine, did they again look at Bryony with her now empty glass.

“Oh, I am just going to use the ladies, if that is okay?” Bryony asked pressing pause on her Dictaphone as she got up.

Michelle shrugged her shoulders “Help yourself, can you please walk the line too!” she replied to Bryony as they both watched as she made her way across the room, tugging at the belt hook on her jeans as she walked, and with a confused face on easily walked along the white line on the floor, Michelle then looked back at Tiffany, “Shall we open another bottle or go on to the cocktails?”

“Am I on the clock?” Tiffany asked loosely dangling the empty wine glass sideways by the stalk as she held it between her fingers.

Michelle looked at the empty wine bottle, and then back at Tiffany, shrugged her shoulders and then shook her head “As its you, nah!”

Tiffany beamed “Great can we have another bottle, seeing as we are technically sharing it?” She asked as she glanced across at the bathroom door.

“Yeah, its rude not to!” Michelle grinned as she pulled open her desk drawer and produced another bottle of merlot.


Bryony purposefully strode back to her chair; her shoulders sank as she sat down and smiled at the already topped-up to the brim glass on the floor beside her. She bent down picked it up took a sip as if not to spill any and then and grinned at Michelle “Thank you!” shrugged her shoulders and took another gulp and then put it down and clicked her Dictaphone on.

“No problem!” Michelle replied. “Shall we carry on?”

“Oh first, is it okay, before you continue if I can ask Tiffany a couple questions?” Michelle looked at Tiffany “That’s up to you!” she grinned and picked up her drink.

She smiled warmly defensively picked up her glass “Yeah?” and took a large Dutch courage style gulp and swallowed overly loudly.

“Thank you, you are so kind, so, I guess the first place to start is I guess…why exactly are you here?” Bryony lent forward in her chair, wiggled her weight before sitting back straight again as she waited for the response.

Tiffany giggled. “I need a release from the stress of work, and I find Michelle does a wonderful job for me!” she then gulped her wine. “I used to be a skinny worried thing, and now, hell I am 30, maybe 40 pounds heavier, normally drunk or getting drunk and I feeling good with myself.” She grinned and stroked her extended belly and then tugged the rising hem of her dress back down her bare white leg a little.

“So, does it actually work?” Bryony asked and bit on her pen.

“God yeah! I love our sessions, I really look forward to them, the following day, maybe not, but I know the next session is coming soon.” She beamed and took another gulp.

Bryony nodded and removed the pen from her mouth as if it was cigarette and tapped on her notepad “Can I be rude and ask how much you drink?” Bryony tentatively leaned forward.

Tiffany smiled “You can ask, but I have absolutely no idea, I don’t count.” And then took a gulp of her wine.

“But you enjoy your sessions?”
“God yeah, the best thing! Michelle is wonderful host.”

“What do you get out of them?” Bryony further probed before smiling as she saw her glass, she picked it up and took another gulp of her wine.

Tiffany nodded, giggled again, and as she thought took a supportive swig from her glass and ran her tongue along her red lips and smiled again. “What other than enjoying Michelle’s company, devouring way too many cigarettes, whilst eating a too large a Pizza all to myself, in the process of ruining my clothes, especially my

soaking wet knickers at times, all whilst hoping that I don’t throw up, but to be fair it’s not a problem if I do, and then of course, the worse bit…”she chuckled and took a gulp of wine to wet her throat, “waking up the following day a cracking headache?”

Bryony looked perplexed for a second “Err yeah?”

Tiffany took another slug of wine “I feel happy in myself for the afternoon, I then look forward to doing it all over again the following day!”

Bryony nodded, “Okay cool, without Michelle?” and picked up her glass and took a supportive gulp.

“Maybe…” Tiffany responded.

“Just one thing regarding throwing up, why aim for it?”

Michelle interrupted with a cough “I think I will answer this for Tiffany, if that is okay?” She glanced at both girls who nodded. “Smokers cough, to remove the toxins and build up from smoke, right?”

“Err yeah?” Bryony replied.

“Well alcohol is a poison too, it’s no different, you smoke too much you cough, if you drink too much, your body rejects it. You are then sick.” Michelle politely informed.


“But compared to smoking there is one good bit, once your stomach is empty… there is now plenty of room for more drink!” Michelle stated triumphantly. She then shuffled her papers on the desk “On that note, talking of more drink I think we should finish this bottle as quickly as possible, and then as Miriam kindly bought the schnapps over the weekend, I am thinking we can have an afternoon of Sex on the Beach!”

Tiffany grinned like a Cheshire cat, “Yeah, that sounds good,” Tiffany tuned her head and urged with her head “come on Bryony drink up!”



Over the next half an hour there was a flurry of more wine being drunk with intermittent munching on rest of the donuts, Bryony was sitting there quietly sipping her wine as the other two gulped it down. They drank two full glasses to her half.

Tiffany giggled as she put the empty glass back on to Michelle’s desk, “I need a piddle again, wills be right back, top her up pease!” she grinned as she stood up, instantly sat back down again, chuckled at herself as she shook her head and then slowly got back up again.

“Soes does you want another bottle?” Michelle asked as she picked up the empty one, shook it and then dropped it noisily into her wastepaper bin beside her.

“Ohh, yeahs please!” she smiled as she wavered. “Are you both okay?” Bryony asked.

Tiffany turned “Yeah, other than a problem of a very empty glass and over full bladder, I’m wonderful!” she smiled rubbing her belly.

“So, what happens now?” Bryony asked.

Michelle chuckled “I will very quickly solve the empty glass situation now!” she stated as she pulled out a fresh bottle from her drawer. “But before you go, can you do the line again for me!”!

Tiffany nodded in approval of course, she kicked off her heels as she stood up and looked at Bryony, “And I am just going to try save my knickers!” She grinned “You can write that down as proof!” she stated she wiggled her legs and arse doing a brief ‘pee dance’ before she slowly tried to follow the line as she staggered off it before correcting herself as she headed towards the bathroom.

Michelle laughed “It’s far too late to save mine!”

Bryony sniffed the air and quizzically looked across at Michelle as she leaned forward as topped up the glasses, the wine slugging out of the bottle and splashing into the glass. “Are you always this wet?”

“Pardon?” Michelle asked putting the bottle back down and raising an eyebrow.

Bryony smiled “Are you always wetting yourself, as I know you did on Saturday night before getting the car?” she steered with her eyes for both of them to look down at the small puddle trickling out from the chair legs and quickly growing on the floor by Michelle’s desk.

Michelle chuckled and wiggled on her seat nervously and sighed “Sometimes, but mostly if I am in the mood for it!” she grinned and reached across and pulled out another cigarette from the pack.

“So, how often is that?” Bryony probed as Michelle flicked the lighter and a cloud of smoke drifted over them.

She chuckled and quickly lit the cigarette “Maybe a couple of times a day, or week or more!” she dreamily grinned and briefly pulled on her cigarette again before exhaling away from Bryony, she ran her tongue along her lips “Definitely only when I am nearly or very drunk” she grinned and looked at the bottle.

“Don’t you get bored of it, just getting drunk, making a mess, doesn’t it get repetitive?”

“I wash an office bound accountant, nooow that was repetitive!” Michelle slurred.

“Is this fun, sitting in cold wet knickers all day do you, you know, force your customers to wet themselves?”

Michelle chuckled and brought the filter again to her lips as she thought about the questions as she pulled the smoke in to her lungs, she exhaled and then looked at Bryony as a smile crept across her face. “Nah, but on this occasion,” she grinned and looked at Bryony “I could make an exception!” she laughed at herself and then brought the cigarette back to her lips and pulled hard on it yet again. She exhaled a cone then looked again at Bryony, “Normally my customers will use the toilet, then they might squat where they are, only when they are truly and gloriously fucked do they normally wet themselves, mainly its done rather unknowingly or with some its earlier and all very willingly, it’s done all by themselves, as I say, you can’t defy gravity, if it goes in the top, it’s got to come out the bottom at some point, which brings us on to the more important thing for us, flow, can I offer you some more wine?” Michelle tried to flip the conversation back in her favour again as she hovered the half empty bottle in Bryony’s direction.

“What does Miriam think of you doing this?” Bryony probed further holding her hand protectively over her glass.

“She loves me, especially when I am wet for her!” Michelle grinned and almost cackled.

Bryony shook her head looking at the wavering bottle. “I am trying my best to stay sober to study all of this!” she said defiantly.

Michelle shook her head in response and smiled, she placed the filter back between her red lips pulled on her cigarette and exhaled a sharp cone out into the room, “Oh, go on, just one more glass with us won’t hurt.” She stated with the smoke drifting out of her mouth, she then smiled again but with deep intent in her eyes as she had her cigarette in one hand and the bottle in the other that was wavering above the glass.

“I really shouldn’t!”

“Go on Biriani, you know you want too!” Tiffany shouted across the room as she then giggled as she stopped where she was and tugged at the hem of her dress a pulled it further down her thighs in an attempt to stop flashing her white mesh knickers before continuing to stagger back from the bathroom.

Bryony laughed and shook her head at her name removed her hand from the top of her glass. “Oh, go on then, you’ve twisted my arms!” As Michelle quickly leaned over, before Bryony could change her mind and topped up her glass. The bottle was then firmly placed back on the desk as she pulled on the cigarette once more.

“That’s our girl!” Tiffany replied as she sat down and picked up her now full glass.

Bryony looked surprized, “So, what do you two do now?” Bryony asked and brought the wine to her lips, smiled at them both and took a gulp.

“That’s easy, first Tiffany and I we finish the wine, and then and only then, can I get the schnaps out for an afternoon of sex on the beach, yeah!” she grinned and danced on her seat and, looked a little uncomfortable as the obvious sound her buttocks squelching as she moved in her chair and then took a distracting gulp of wine.


Bryony again walked back from the toilet and at Michelle’s bellowed request as she opened the door easily followed the line into the middle of the room, she chuckled to herself as she watched Michelle who was leaning wobbling against the

counter in just her large black cotton knickers and none matching white bra as she had seemed to have lost her dress, stirring the huge pitcher of the pinkish cocktail.

“Oh, did I miss anything?” She asked as she looked across as Tiffany in a slumped position, her legs wide apart holding herself up on the chair whilst she tried to light yet another cigarette.

“Nope!” Michelle grinned “I just needed to be little more comfortable!” she stated as she continued stirring. “Being comfortable around here, is very important!” she said determinedly.

“Oh, okay.” Bryony replied a little unconvinced. “So, what are you two going to do now?”

“Oh, all of us, aren’t we Tiff?” Michelle turned to Tiffany who was again mid drag on her cigarette, “are going to play drink sex whilst we think.” Tiffany nodded with the cigarette bouncing too as it was precariously lodged in the corner of her lips.

“Think about what?” Bryony again tried to innocently probe.

Michelle giggled “I don’t know, how about sex?” she giggled “I am going to ask the questions, you know some word games, and whilst you think of the answer, we all drink!”


“Your gunna drink with us!” Tiffany suggested from the other side of the room “Michelle’s games are always way fun with all of us!” she giggled as she tried to get up and join them.

Michelle slowly poured the mixed drink into the large glasses, the ice cubes clanging against the glass as they tumbled in. She picked up one glass took a small step forward before stepping back against the counter “So youse ready for the games?” she asked took a gulp and “ahed” and licked her lips nodding.


After rather tipsily and over enthusiastically agreeing to come back the following day for more drinks and with a bit of help from the very helpful and sober Miriam who did the undoing the bike lock and then holding the frame steady, Bryony managed get back on her bike and she unsteadily wobbled as she slowly and

“carefully” peddled down the street as she clearly having difficulties going in straight as the bike was quivering and wavering all over the place, but eventually managing to get home safely and in one piece.

The bike was quickly dumped in the garden hedge, and she ignored her mum as she eventually opened the front door; her dad was already out at work and unsteadily climbed the stairs annoyed with herself for being so drunk as she held the handrail in desperation to help her get up the steps. She with a gentle bounce off the landing banister she headed straight to the bathroom, almost slamming the door shut before turning pulling down her jeans and promptly sitting on the toilet whilst inspecting the damage, debating if it could be sweat or was it pee. She was cross with herself there was clearly small 50p sized damp patch on the crutch of her jeans. And whilst she admonished herself, as she looked down closer to herself and at her knickers, first in disgust at the damp patch in the gusset and then she giggled as she removed her fingers, sighed and there was a loud tinkling and hissing her own pee jetted and arced through her already slightly wet white lacey kickers and down into the toilet bowl below.


Over on the other side of town Miriam handed naked and slouching on the sofa Michelle another pint glass of water. “Come on babes, get it down you, need you thinking sort of straight before we think about dinner.

“Buttt Babes!” Michelle groaned as she took the glass in hand and sipped it.

“Come on Babes, you know we need to do this, we do it every night, then we can have a bath together, wash your hair a little!”

Michelle nodded as she sighed with a sullen face as she took now the third pint glass of water and started gulping it down, she didn’t care that there were two streams of water pouring out the side of the lips and splashing and dripping down covering her sagging breasts and then pooling on the sofa and dripping on to the already piss soaked wet floor.

Chapter 5 Tuesday Afternoon

Bryony sat on her slightly uncomfortable wooden chair in the corner and looked around the room as she sat there with her Dictaphone on top her clipboard and then took in the empty room again, her hangover headache had cleared by about ten, and with a bit of toasted bread for lunch she was starting to feel human and

had even tried to make sense of her notes before setting off at three when she had cycled over. She determined that she raring to go, Michelle had laughed off her sheepish explanation of wetting herself once she had got home and that she that she had drunk four pints of cold water in an attempt to try and sober up and had then very much wet herself again.

The reason the room was empty was Michelle had just then had popped to the bathroom, Bryony assumed trying to prove a point that occasionally she might actually use it rather than just her knickers for convenience, this was highlighted that she didn’t even bother to shut the door leaving Bryony alone in the unoccupied space with just her own thoughts. There was evidence that the room had been tidied from the state that it was in when she had left it the night before. There was the distinct whiff of bleach and cleaning fluids in the air, covering the overpowering whiff of smoke, urine and wine from the night before.

The floor had been moped clean as was sparkling. She looked down noted the cleaning in her notepad, and the tapped the pen against her mouth as the toilet flushed and few moments later Michelle reappeared dressed in her high waisted black leggings and red lowcut fitted t-shirt highlighting all her bulging curves.

Michelle sighed and coughed as she sat back down and picked up her nearly empty wine glass and swallowed some before focusing on her guest “So, Bryony, I am glad that we had fun yesterday, and that you could join in, this customer is an interesting character, you would probably call her an alcoholic, she can drink and smoke me under the table!” Michelle laughed and coughed again as she pulled a fresh cigarette out of the pack as if her comment reminded her to do so and with deft click of the lighter soon got it alight pulling hard on it to get the instant hit she required.

“Oh, so why does she keep visiting?”

Michelle chuckled her exhale the smoke danced out of her mouth and then nose. “Her husband used to come and join me, I used to get him drunk, so he could join her at home drunk, a quick alcohol sprint for him afterwork he used to see it as. But she was jealous of me getting him drunk, so decided to come too. Now she just comes on her own. He might come over later, you never know!” She grinned and pulled open her drawer and retrieved her bottle of wine and twisted the lid and topped up her glass, before putting the bottle back in the drawer.

“So, what games will you play with her?” Bryony tapped her pen on the note as she tilted her head enquiringly.

Michelle sipped her wine, nodded as thought and then put the filter back between her lips and pulled on her cigarette before exhaling “She is a vodka fiend, so she will be hitting the vodka hard, I might set up the chairs, as that is always good fun to watch while a drink my wine!”

Michelle grinned “Don’t worry, all will become clear in a minute.” Bryony nodded “So, where is she?”

Michelle giggled and shrugged her shoulders “I assume she will be making her way from back from another bar!” She laughed rubbing her thumb along her lips before taking another hit on her cigarette.

“Are you all your customers late?” She asked watching the exhaled smoke drift across the room.

Michelle flicked the ash of her cigarette and chuckled, “Yeah, the already drunk ones are!” She smiled at her phone on the desk as it wrang and picked it up. “Hey babes, all ready, yeah send her in, oh really?” she shook her head, took a long drag on the cigarette as she put the phone back on the cradle, exhaled and stubbed the cigarette out as they and looked intently at the door.

They both looked intently at the door and it soon burst open with the large Fiona wearing grey leggings and yellow t-shirt at least two sizes too small and short as it was riding up her belly, her clearly braless breasts were wobbling and fighting the top as stumbled in.

Bryony tried and failed to stifle a cough as smoky alcohol fuelled personal aroma of Fiona appeared in front of them.

“Afternoon Fiona, how lovely to see you again.” Michelle replied and introduced Bryony as her eyes were practically out on stalks. “How has your week been, I assume you have kept drunk and well?”

Fiona smiled as she opened her handbag and pulled out her pack of cigarettes and lighter. “Definitely!” she continued to growl with her deep voice she licked her

lips and put her filter between them. She coughed and then flicked her lighter and drew heavily on the cigarette.

Bryony eyes widened as she wrote down on her note pad, “Already wet…” as the observed the dark shapes in the leggings in the crutch and tutted.

“So whats the plan Michelle, when do I get my voddy?” Fiona asked with urgency.

“First as ever, can you walk my line?” She smiled.

Fiona tutted, rolled her eyes, and smiled “Yeah, whatev’s” and with her cigarette dangled in the corner of her lips she heaved herself out of the chair and waddled towards the line, correcting her course as she walked. She got to the end and did a very unstable turn before looking back at the girls. Michelle gave a little clap “Well done, excellent skills!” she smiled as Bryony raised an eyebrow having watched Fiona struggle to walk in a straight line and wrote that down her notes.

Michelle grinned and turned to Bryony, “Go on, now it’s your turn on the catwalk yeah!” she smiled “Go on!” she waved her hand in the direction of the white line on the floor.

Bryony chuckled as she put her note pad down and got up with a bemused face and walked across the room and then with one foot in front of the other easily walked along the white line. She turned and put her arms on her hips and looked at Michelle “So what was that for?”

“Just benchmarking, no different to yesterday.”

Bryony shook her head as a sudden flashback hit her of trying and very much failing to walk in a straight line after finishing nearly a pint of Sex on the Beach flooded her forgotten memories. She got up and crossed the room and compared to Fiona easily walked along the line.

Michelle clapped her hands “Wonderful both of you right shall we play our first game?”

Bryony nodded and promptly sat back down on her chair, crossed her legs over and picked up her notebook and smiled looking at the two of them.


Bryony sat with open mouth as she watched with open mouth as Fiona stumbled backwards and forwards down the line taking a shot of vodka at each end and then wobbling back to take another.

She got the chair closest to Michelle and took the shot wiped her arm across her lips and burped loudly. “Ohh tis ish good!” she grinned.

“Excellent, I think you have done enough there, we are now going to play some more games!” Michelle grinned as she stood up and staggered sideway slightly as she made her way to the game’s cupboard. She kneeled and the got on all fours as she rummaged inside the cupboard her large arse wobbling in her almost translucent nature of them fabric as she hunted. “ahhah!” she declared as she reversed crawled slightly from having her head in the cupboard and appeared with large rectangular box with Jenga written across it.

Michelle carried the box over to the coffee table and almost with a Tada moment pulled the box up leaving the perfectly set up blocks in place.

Bryony leaned forward “What are you two doing now?” Michelle chuckled “We are all going to play drinking Jenga.”

Fiona staggered across the room towards Michelle “Oohh I used to play tis game!” she grinned.

Michelle picked up her wine glass and took a preparatory gulp, licked her lips and gently coughed “For every single successful removal of the block you take a gulp of your drink.” She took a large gulp “If it all falls down, you down the drink.” Michelle grinned and finished off her drink in one long chug. Putting the empty glass down beside the tower.

“Arse you coming to play too?” Fiona looked at Bryony her head wobbling slightly loosely on her shoulders.

Bryony smiled and shook her head “It’s okay thank you, I will let you two do this one!”

Fiona shook her head and stumbled sideways in the process “Yoush should do this touse!” she grinned as she slowly plodded and staggered as she made her way over to Michelle.

Bryony waved her hand dismissively, “Nah, I am ok, I drank far too much yesterday!”

A wry smile crept across Michelle’s face. “Oh, come on Bryony it will only be a couple of tiny drinks, comes overs and play!”

Bryony had the largest world-weary sigh and slowly nodded with the knowledge of impending doom as she looked around the room and the door actively contemplating leaving.


Michelle wobbled backwards triumphantly after yet again successfully sliding the box up with all the bricks set up perfectly, as Fiona fell on to the couch her legs wide apart and giggled and stroked her still sopping wet crutch and then casually tried to wipe her hands dry on the leather sofa as she shuffled up and concentrated again on the rebuilt tower in front of her and with focus slowly pushed a block out with her index finger, just catching it before it fell on the table, she smiled as she placed it back on the top of the tower and picked up her shot glass and threw the contents down in her mouth, swallowing and then grinning as she did. Michelle casually topped up the shot glass as Bryony moved forward and pushed her finger through the next level and placed it too on the top. Michelle and Fiona both looked at her she picked up the tumbler and gulped down the vodka and orange juice.

Michelle smiled as she staggered towards the tower and removed on the edge piece and place it on the top and with her lopsided grin smiled and then took a gulp of her wine, licking the corner of her mouth for the missed dribble.

Fiona manged to wiggle out a piece and somehow even with her complete disorientation manged to get the block on top. Michelle nodded at her and she grinned as she took another shot.

Bryony stayed kneeling by the table and gently pushed the centre bar out two up from bottom and smiled as she stretched and put it on the top, she shrugged her shoulders as if to say that was easy. Michelle unsteadily topped up more vodka and splashed more orange juice into the tumbler glass beside Bryony. “Well done, down the hatch again!” she grinned as Bryony looked at both women and picked up the glass and took a small slurp and then recoiled as pulled a face and licked

her lips after swallowing and as she put the glass down whilst Michelle with a big grin topped up the glass with vodka.

Fiona wobbled around the tower and gently with one finger pushed a block out from halfway and with a grin put it on the top and downed her shot of vodka with a single gulp.

As Bryony tried to push a simple piece the whole tower came crashing down, Bryony yelped as the blocks crashed around her.

“Oh well, down in one again!” Michelle grinned looking at the vodka and orange drink.

Bryony sighed reluctantly picked up the glass and took a large gulp, and with coercion from Michelle and Fiona finished off the contents of glass, pulling a face as the alcohol and orange went down.

“Wonderful, let’s go again, this is fun!” Michelle giggled as she squeezed her thighs together before releasing as she bent over and started to carefully put the blocks back in the box.

“Oops I need a pee now!” Fiona announced as she attempted to levered herself off the sofa and fell back giggling before trying again and eventually staggered around the room not heading in the direction of the bathroom.

Michelle shrugged her shoulders “Youse knows youse don’t need permishion to pish from me!” She giggled.

Fiona nodded as she staggered around the room briefly as she wiggled her leggings and then her what had been bright yellow knickers down around her thick thighs flashing her large fat, bright white ass at both of them before turning slightly and attempting a squat as the jet of piss thundered from between her thighs and splattered down on to the floor creating a river in the middle of the tiles.

Michelle smiled as the hissing subsided across the room, she looked at Bryony “Youse maksh a note… see somes of my cuschtomers don’t wets themshelves does they!” she giggled as she put the final brick inside the box as Fiona tugged and pulled as she pulled her sopping wet knickers up, leaving her leggings still down around her thighs as she awkwardly staggered back towards them.

“Readies for more drinks to goes downs again?” Michelle asked and Fiona nodded as she smiled lopsidedly, her eye lids were looking very heavy as she then gave up with her leggings halfway around her buttocks and sat back down with a deep sigh. Michelle carefully tipped the box upside down and pulled the cardboard tube away from the blocks and chuckled that she had again got it right.

“Let’s go again! Youse cans starts the games Bryony!” Michelle grinned as she took a large gulp from her wine.

“I fink yourse trying to gets my drunks, as I should really be doing my studying of you two, it’s very very much more important!” she said almost talking nonsense as trying to focus as she picked up her topped-up glass and took a gulp unprompted.

Michelle shook her head, it wobbled on as if on a loose gimble “Youse are studying us very good!” She then waved her finger towards the bottle “Buts to studies properlies, youse needs lots more vodka!” she grinned as she attempted twice to pick up the vodka bottle and then messily topped up Bryony’s the nearly empty glass in her hand, pouring lots on her hand and table as Bryony looked on slowly nodding.

“Okay, justs maybes justs one more game” she said using her finger struggling to hold it straight whilst attempting the emphasis the single digit, “thens I really need to do some more of my verily important notes!” she said defiantly as Fiona squealed excitedly as she pushed the first block out and took another congratulatory gulp of vodka.

“Excellent!” Michelle beamed.

“But I doze tinks youse gettings me as ickle bits too drunk?” Bryony’s head wobbled as she stated the fact.


Bryony wavered to the left and then to the right bouncing off the door frame of the bathroom before she grabbed it for security, she shook her head and glared at it as if it was at fault for moving. She looked up, smiled and cheesily waved at Miriam, who was standing there with her short hair up away from her face looking purposeful as she leaned on a wooden mop handle having obviously cleaned up a puddle on the floor whilst looking stern whilst talking to Michelle.

She turned at looked a Bryony “Ah there you are, how you doing babes, I think it’s time to finish things for the day now!” she smiled and looked across as Bryony tried to negotiate the still wet mopped floor as she crossed over the room to her rucksack and notepad before sitting firmly down in the chair with a satisfactory sigh.

“Babes, were doing wery fine babes arnt we!” Michelle slurred and stuttered as she looked up.

“And….we’ve onlys just started drinks” Fiona groaned as she leaned and tried with a pincer like movement with her fingers as she failed to line them up as to pick up her glass directly in front of her she shook her head and then giggled, and changed her angle and successfully picked her pack of cigarettes, she burped and slumped down eventually getting a filter between her lips.

Miriam smiled kindly and looked at the drunken mess in front of her, she ignored Michelle “Come on you Fiona, do you think you can you get yourself dressed, as you ought to go home?” she tugged at Fiona’s leggings still around her thighs. “Come on lift your bottom!”

“I’m very good!” she giggled and batted Miriam away as the unlit cigarette bounced between her lips.

“But we might need to get you pants up a little?” Miriam tried to force the subject.

“I’m good, I just need my smokes!” Fiona replied this time stroking her now sodden crutch of her knickers and moaned loudly.

Miriam wryly smiled and nodded, that’s great to hear, and you can definitely carry on doing that just as soon as you get home to your husband, he will love it just as much as we do! But we really need to get you dressed!” She said sternly before turning across and looking at Bryony “Everything okay with you?”

Bryony giggled and nodded she focused on what she was trying to say “Yesh, I thinks I mights have hads a little too much to drink!” she then giggled again as she picked up her pen and with her head a little droopy flicked at the pen in attempt to do work, and the lid popped off, but it fell on her note pad rolled across and dropped on to her knee before falling on the floor. She giggled at herself before leaning forward trying to reach it with the tips of her fingers down by her feet, she shrieked as she tumbled forward on to the floor landing in a heap, her jeans yawning and her white thong riding high up across her back.

“You are okay down there?” Miriam chuckled as she watched Bryony shaking her head as she slowly climbed on to all fours.

“I will be when I get home!” Bryony almost growled as she climbed up her chair, tugging her top down trying to cover her gaping back before grabbing hold of her pen and papers securely on the chair as she got herself positioned.

“Are you okay to get home though?”

She again nodded very slowly and purposefully “Yesh, I broughts my bikes!” she looked confused as her head turned to look around the room.

“Will you be okay on that?”

She smiled looking confused for a second before the realisation hit “Oh yes its outside!” she giggled and grinned to herself.

“So Bryony, and more importantly for us, will you be coming back tomorrow?” Miriam asked as Bryony focused hard trying to get the pen lid back on the pen missing a couple of times getting the alignment right.

Bryony vigorously shook her head and then paused as the world clearly spun on the vodka polished gimble, her head wobbled a little uncontrolled “I needs to doose my report in bys Friday night ands I , and I needs to bees wey much shoberer dan thish!” she grinned and tapped her notebook with her pen with mainly illegible scribblings on it before giggling as the bounced out of hand on to the page, before rolling on to the floor again.

Miriam nodded in agreement “Oh, well that makes perfect sense!” and then briefly looked back as there was a loud hissing noise behind her as Michelle grinned as she casually released the contents of bladder which was currently jetting and gushing through her already saturated leggings in an arc down on to the recently cleaned floor. With a dismissive sigh she looked back at Bryony, “Well yes, don’t let us ruin your course, but once you get your report in, feel free to pop over and celebrate a little more with us!” Miriam grinned still leaning on the mop handle. “But you confirm that you are okay if you sit here, whilst I get these other two drunkards sorted out?” Bryony nodded as she took looked happy as she managed retrieve the pen from the floor without falling off the chair as she concentrated and manged to get the pen lid off and then as her head wobbled as if a bolt was loose around on her neck she tried to focus on her notes and put the pen to paper. “Great!”

Chapter 6 Thursday Afternoon

Michelle sniffed, groaned and licked her lips as she slowly and delicately raised her head from the soft arm of the sofa and reached across, her soft belly skin dipping and folding against itself like tectonic plates as she stretched and pulled yet another cigarette from her open pack on the coffee table and then stretched her fingers to the lighter. She got the filter to her lips before stopping and looking across the room.

“Babes, any more dishes? Plus, you might want to get up, and dressed!” Miriam announced as she swanned from kitchen in her in her splattered with water grey jogging bottoms and black t shirt wearing her yellow washing up gloves, she sat down and pushed the ashtray away from the corner of the coffee table and took a perch looking over Michelle and took a gulp of her coffee.

“Why babes, I’m happy here, and we haven’t got anyone today, you’re in scruff?” Michelle said almost depressed as she focused on getting the flame on the tip of the cigarette before exhaling.

Miriam ignored the cloud of smoke bellowing out of Michelle’s mouth “Well, yesterday whilst you were having fun with Bryony and Tiffany, I got us tickets to the Alexis Licht private opening afternoon at Creces, just down the road, his art is amazing, it drools sexy sophistication, I spent all afternoon googling it.”

Michelle groaned “Babes, we can’t afford any of it!” she placed the filter back between her lips and her eyes closed as her cheeks collapsed as she pulled the smoke into her lungs.

“Babes, but we can window shop.”

“Babes. don’t think we have any wall space up here left for prints since you last went to a showing?” Michelle stated as the smoke tumbled out of her mouth.

“I don’t know babes…maybe I can move some around, or put some in the loft?”

Michelle sighed “Yeah babes you could, how long have I got?” she asked as she brushed ash from her naked belly onto the floor.

Miriam looked found her mobile phone grizzled and pulled her yellow glove off and swiped the phone whilst it lay on the table and looked at the time, “Its one now babe, the show opens at three.” She announced as she put the glove back on.

“Can I be fashionably late?” she grinned and pulled hard on the cigarette, closing her eyes again as she did.

“No babes, thought you would be interested in the wine and cheese!” Miriam coughed gently as Michelle’s cloud of exhaled smoke engulfed her.

Michelle opened her eyes at the mention of cheese and groaned as she heaved her body and shuffled round on the sofa, so she was now sideways her large full breasts were squished against each other and the sofa and she supported her head with her spare hand “Babes, why didn’t you say earlier?”

“Did I not babes?” Miriam cheekily smiled.

Whilst Michelle started frowning “No babes, oh fuck babes where’s the ashtray?” she asked holding her cigarette so that the elongated ash upright as if not drop more of it.

“Oh, sorry babes its behind me!” Miriam said before twisting and retrieving the offending item and putting the overly stuffed with butts ashtray on her lap as Michelle smiled at Miriam as she reached across the flicked the ash off.

Miriam took hold of the offered her hand removed the cigarette from Michelle’s fingers and placed it between her own glove covered hand and placed it between her lips, took one long drag, exhaled, flicked the ash off on the ashtray on her own lap, licked her lips and then handed the shrinking cigarette back to Michelle before sighing as she got up and then grimacing as she carried the reeking ashtray at arm’s length to the kitchen to empty it.


Miriam stood with both hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side. “Come on babes, it’s time to get your gorgeous fat arse up and in the shower, you haven’t got time for a bath!”

Michelle looked up, her tongue licked her crumb covered lips and removed her hand from her packet of crisps “Do we have too?” She asked and then took another couple of Doritos and started crunchily chewing.


“I’ve been thinking babes, you know what? I can wear that pretty dress that I wore to your nephews christening!” She mused and picked up some more orange triangles between her fingers and chewed again.

A look of surprise crossed Miriam’s face. “Oh, yes that was really nice, but babes that was like three or four years ago?”

“Yeah, and babes I looked fucking hot in it?” Michelle licked her crumb covered lips again.

Miriam looked at the floor and then back at Michelle. “You did babes, you did….” ***

Michelle slipped her stocking covered feet into the two bright red shoes in front of the mirror and wobbled around a bit before bending her knees a little and tugging the hem of the low-cut red flowery dress and then standing up straight and pulling the fabric in the opposite direction up around her large cleavage.

“Babes, I can still get in the dress, it still fits!” she shouted back. “But babes can you do the zip?”

“That’s good!” Miriam shouted from the bathroom as she applied her make up in the other mirror. “On my way.” She rubbed her lipstick covered lips together smiled at the mirror and then made her way into the bedroom.

Michelle was standing in front of the mirror with the dress back wide open, it was more off her shoulders than on, gaping open showing both her lacy leopard print bra strap, only just hooked on one the final black the metallic rung, squishing and digging into folds of her soft back skin and the open back revealed her pulled up high matching leopard print knickers whilst she was twisted her body in front of the mirror. She looked up and saw the reflection of Miriam behind her. “Can you do the honours babes?”

Miriam smiled as she wrapped her arms around Michelle’s belly “Of course babes!” she squeezed affectionately her soft middle and kissed the nape of her neck a couple of times before standing back and as Michelle made a conscious effort to breath in, she began tugging at the zip.

“Babes, please in a little more!” Miriam grinned as she tugged away.

Michelle sighed and her body bulged out and the zip slid down, reversing some of the gains “Babes, it’s an amazing dress, I thought it would still fit!” she grumped and put her arm on her hips and glared at herself in the mirror.

Miriam smiled warmly back at her in the mirror “Oh, come on, it’s a lovely dress, and you are looking stunning in it, go on, just one more go, I am sure it will fit you!” Miriam coaxed and as Michelle sucked herself in the best she could and finally with effort the zip made its way to the top. As she let her breath out her body filled the dress out, her curves and shape fighting the cotton at the seams.

Michelle grimaced “Oh, it makes my tits look good, but bollocks babes, I’m just too fat…for it now.” Michelle whinged as she hugged herself in the dress in front of the mirror, her shape pushing tightly the corners of the dress, the black bow on the front of her large comfortable knickers was highlighting as a bump on the fabric.

“Babes, you look a million dollars and as you said it’s a stunning dress and you are definitely my amazing women!” Miriam grinned.

Michelle frowned as twisted her body in the mirror and rubbed her lips together and smiled at herself and then confidently nodded as her hands traversed the tight fabric. She then smiled and nodded as her hands and arms almost hugged herself “You are right babes, as ever, but I now desperately, and very much need a stiff drink and a smoke!” she grinned and turned away from the mirror and kissed Miriam on the lips before tottering in her heels towards the door.

Miriam winced “Babes, please wait until we are there, as we still need to negotiate the bus.”

“Oh, come on babes just one small drink, I am sure that we can do the bus blindfolded babes!” Michelle tried puppy dog eyes and then blew a kiss across the room and made her way into the kitchen her dress and thighs swishing together as she moved, Miriam tutted, smiled, and shook her head knowing that she was no king Canute as there was soon a clattering of glasses emanating from the kitchen.


They hopped off the bus, Michelle again tugged at her dress both in opposite directions on both the lower and then upper hem, before they looked both ways determining which way to go and then headed off in what they had determined was the right direction.

“Babes I definitely now need another drink!” Michelle said as their heels briskly clipped and clopped along the pavement as they walked hand in hand with Miriam.

“Don’t worry you knows it’s not far.”

“But babes, I still can’t believe it, I really can’t believe that man thought I was pregnant!”

“Babes, at least he gave you a seat! The bus was rammed I had to stand the whole way.”

“But babes I am not that fat, am I babes?” she rested her hand on her belly burgeoning in the tight dress.

“You are beautiful to me!” Miriam undid her hand and wrapped it around her waist and squeezed her.

Michelle nodded and took a deep breath and whilst still holding Miriam’s hand stopped pulling her backwards “Oh, sorry, babes, could you maybe walk a little slower, we are not in rush.” She took a deep breath “As I think these heels are taller than usual?” she wobbled her foot for emphasis as she panted slightly.

Miriam smiled and shook her head “I guess so, we are nearly there!”

“Good, I don’t think I have walked this far in heels for ages babes!” She chuckled as she opened her purse and after fumbling around put a cigarette between her lips.

Miriam rolled her eyes “Any excuse for a ciggy break, yeah babes?”

Michelle nodded as she sheltered her face from the wind and got it alight. “You know me!” she grinned, shrugged her shoulders and then exhaled.

“Come on babes, we are nearly there, and you can have that drink!” Miriam grinned and took Michelle by the hand.

“And cheese!” Michelle grinned and lifted her head high, put the filter back between her lips and her cheeks collapsed as they stepped forward pulled the smoke in to her lungs as they started to make their way along the pavement again as the smoke billowed out from Michelle’s lips and drifted off behind them.


Michelle flicked yet another cigarette on to the floor as she exhaled a large cloud of smoke, they then checked that they both looked good nodding at each other in approval, and then opened the large glass door to the gallery, and after showing their tickets they tottered on their heels into the large white walled space, the walls, floor, and ceiling were all equally bright white. There were a dozen or so bright paintings dotted around the room. A pretty skim blonde girl in black jeans and a white shirt carrying with a tray of white wine walked past and grinned at Michelle as she took two glasses off the tray and then with reluctance on her face handed Miriam the other glass.

She took a long gulp of wine “I need a spare hand for the cheese and nibbles!” and licked her lips.

“Be good! But don’t you want to look at the art first?” Miriam asked.

Michelle glanced over to the spread “Not when there is wine and cheese available babes.”

Miriam looked at the flier in her hand “Day in the life of Wife” in bold red letters across the top and wistfully sucked her cheeks in as she nodded as she thought about what she was reading. “Oh, Alexis is doing a talk on his thoughts behind each of the painting in an hour or so. That should be interesting oh, and then his muse, his wife is doing a talk too.”

Michelle stifled a pretend yawn “Yeah, I am sure it will be!” she grinned and slugged back her wine again. “Are all the pictures of his wife?”

Miriam nodded “Oh yes, he even did some sculpting of him and her together” she winked “oh, come on babes the art will truly inspirational!” she grinned and took a large gulp of wine herself, licked her lips and nodded “Oh actually this wine is really nice one!” she grinned and took another large gulp finishing the glass in one. Just in time for the blonde to appear with the tray, Miriam smiled with an appreciated nod and swapped the glasses over.

Michelle looked around the room and nodded in an admiration “What you google when I am with customers is extremely random babes, if a little sexy!” She grinned and carrying her wine strode off her bottom wiggled as she made her way towards the spread of food.


They both stood looking at the first of the half a dozen, large, floor to ceiling sized oil painting of Alexis’s wife Charlotte, they were all hung on the bright white walls, off the white ceiling the bright spotlights hung down lit the canvas’s spread at intermittent distance along the walls.

The first painting one Charlotte was painted lying down on the bed, her chubby, streaks of blue varicose vein covered legs lying invitingly wide apart, almost centre to the painting her unshaven jet dark black pubes twisting and turning above her red raw post coital lips between her thighs, he had painted her skin a white but mottled colour, her large sagging breasts with large purple areolas were hanging free the lower one squishing against the bed sheet her smile looking warmly at the painter as she sat holding a can of green Carlsberg in one hand the other hand holding her dappled large belly. On the wall the printed words suggested the title of the painting was ‘Breakfast in Bed’.

“It’s stunning don’t you think babes, she is sexy as hell?” Miriam stated as she stepped back from reading the blurb on the wall and looking up at the painting gulped down her wine emptying the glass again and then studied it looking slightly disappointed.

Michelle chewed on a sausage roll and nodded, brushing the crumbs off her chest, and after looking down into the void, she retrieved a piece that fallen down her top and shrugged her shoulders “Yes, I guess so babes.”

Miriam’s focus returned to the wall and picture “Look at the brush strokes babes, she looks absolutely amazing. Alexis has got her focus so well.”

Michelle raised an eyebrow and nodded, “Yeah babes, whatever, you’ve been watching too much BBC Four whilst I am passed out, oh Babes, do you want another sausage roll?”

“Ohh yes babes, especially if you are going, another glass of this wine too, as its lovely.” Miriam handed her the empty glass.

Michelle nodded and smiled “Of course babes!” she smiled and turned and headed back towards the food as Miriam walked across to the next picture and looked up and smiled.

She chuckled as it was titled ‘WFH WTF’ and in the top left-hand corner in the background was a replication of the whole painting, a little unfinished leaning against an easel, surrounded by mess of lot of pots and brushes, there was a scattering of other unfinished canvases surrounding it, but in the foreground down what was perceived as a hallway was the large impression of the back of Charlotte filling most of the picture, she was dressed on her top half in a black work blazer, her white blouse collar evident around her neck as her messy dark bed hair was up in a bun, whilst she stared at the bright computer screen with lots of blurred oil splodges representing faces in boxes. Her large naked buttocks were squished and bulging against the hard wooden pine kitchen chair, they were split in two only by a thin black thong with its whale tale running along her back under the white blouse it was stretched and squeezing into her curvaceous muffin top love handles.

On the floor by the chair leg an empty bottle of wine on its side looking as if rolled against the chair leg the table next to a curled up black cat, a full ashtray on the desk just out site of the computer screen, a steaming hot mug of coffee in her hand, and behind her dangled off the chair a black lacy bra with the large bulging cups swung in the air.

Miriam looked up and chuckled at the sight of the painting as Michelle arrived beside her handed her a glass. “Babes, remind you of anyone?” She grinned and took a gulp of the wine.

Michelle looked up and took in the picture and then shrugged “Babes, you know I wouldn’t have a mug of coffee on the go and god that thong would chaff!” she smiled and chewed on the cheese off a stick before chasing the pineapple chunk with her tongue before then twiddling the stick. “Ooh actually babes, as we are in public, I am going to pop to the loo, and then go outside to have a ciggy or two, is that okay?”

Miriam rolled her eyes, nodded and gulped the wine “Yeah babes, see you in a minute, I will go once you get back.” She then shuffled with the crowds to the next picture.

The next large wall hanging was titled “After Lunch” It was painted in a very similar style, with large oily brush strokes and artistic splodges of paint, it was set in the kitchen, Charlotte this time was standing against the sink, her belly resting on top on the counter as she was again naked from the waist down, her curvaceous buttocks hanging free, her hands covered in the yellow marigolds as she stood

there scrubbing a white plate as she was clearly doing the dishes, a cigarette was dangled from her lips the smoke drifting up from the tip, it was evident in the painting that her focus was elsewhere then the dish in hand as she stared dreamily out through the window and out into the far distance beyond the hazy brown gate in the background. Miriam smiled between gulps of her own wine as she took in the huge paintings. Her nipples were now hard and protruding though the soft fabric of her outfit.

The next picture was titles ‘Washing Day’ and again centre of the picture was Charlotte but this one was more claustrophobic as it was a portrait of her bending over a white plastic washing basket on top of the faux wooden lino floor in front of a white washing machine. She was wearing a pink strappy top, and with the position she was in, it was obvious the there was no bra, the angle Alexis had painted showed right down the dark valley between her hanging breasts, there was a splash of paint to hint her hanging belly through the gap, her breasts and areolae were only just about contained within the fabric of the top.

One hand was reaching for the clothing to throw into the machine, the other was on the counter with a burning cigarette between her fingers being kept out the way of the clothes. A pink thong was cheekily escaping the machine and had yet to be properly pushed in. Miriam smiled and nodded taking it all in whilst taking repetitive gulps of her wine. The waitress came past and with a grin she swapped the glasses.

With the low mutterings of the art gallery, she moved on to the next picture titled ‘Dinner’. It was a self-portrait of the couple sitting on their green tatty sofa with two large takeaway pizzas boxes on their laps watching television. They were both mid bites, whilst focused on the TV in the corner of the room, for him the melted cheese was comically drooping sliding off the side of the slice and mixing with his dark beard. There was the half empty crate of Carlsberg cans on the floor in front of their matching brown slipper covered toes, with a scattering of empty crushed cans around their feet, her white work blouse was now folded hanging over the arm of the chair with her black thong on top.

Miriam smiled knowingly and followed the small crowd with the next painting, she wobbled backwards slightly in her heels before taking yet another recuperative couple of gulps of her wine as she looked up at the now large painting this time in landscape titled ‘Bathroom’ it was of again of the dark-haired Charlotte, this time she was lying in a bubble bath, her knees up on the side of the pink bath, her gluttoned full belly and breasts like large cream sandy islands poking above the

sea of white sea of bubble bath foam. Her head was lying back against the edge of the bath whilst her fat toes were playfully wedged up the tap holes, her wet washed hair tight and twisted down around her neck, Charlottes eyes were closed as her cheeks were in permanent concaved motion as the broad brushstrokes showed of the contentment in the face as she lovingly pulled on her cigarette, the tip burning a bright splodge of orange against the white of the tiles in the bathroom and then dark grey smoke snaked from the tip drifting and twisting up and mixing with the steam of the bathroom. Miriam couldn’t help but nod as she saw the ashtray wedged in the soap indent lodged against a yellow rubber duck and a shampoo bottle on her right was full of stubbed out cigarettes, the one on the left had yet another green can of Carlsberg prominently sitting in it alongside various shower gels.

Miriam licked her lips and took a gulp of wine and then sniffed the air and smiled knowingly as she smelt the almost delicious bow wave of the aroma of the potent smell of fresh cigarette smoke that surrounds a smoker as they move through a smoke free environment, she grinned tipsy smile as she turned her head as Michelle returned and stood beside her, she leaned in and kissed Michelle on the cheek and whispered, “I’m now very wet, it’s my turn for the loo” and then with her spare hand she affectionately squeezed Michelle’s soft backside and then passionately kissed Michelle on the lips before releasing her grip of the embrace and offering the now empty glass to Michelle and then stumbling to the side in her heels before over correcting her direction twice as she unsteadily headed off towards the grey door against the white wall with TOILETS in dark black font written above.

Michelle snorted a giggled and shrugged her shoulders and stood bored whilst looking at the painting twisted her lips trying to work out what everyone was enjoying before swapping both glasses over as the blonde waitress came past again. She walked again over to the food and nibbled on a couple of the tuna sandwiches before walking back to the spot where Miriam had left her.

A few minutes later Miriam came back out from the grey door, her lips bright red with freshly applied lipstick as she wiggled in her heels across the room back to Michelle where she was loyally still standing, Miriam quickly grabbed the full wine glass from her and took a recuperative gulp as Michelle smiled and tutted as she quickly opened the small black bag that Miriam had around her shoulder and tucked the protruding lacy pink knickers that were spilling out of the black leather bag a little further into it before closing it properly again. She winked and smiled

“That’s better for you babes!” as Miriam’s fingers crept along Michelle’s backside before she affectionately squeezed her hips.

They both grinned at each other “Oohh thanks they were a little too moist!” she smiled knowingly before turning and looking at the painting.

“Babes, it’s nice to think you get turned on by looking at a beautiful large, potentially drunk girl!” Michelle grinned.

“You know that definitely babes, oh definitely, but Babes, what, do you think of this picture?” Miriam asked before taking large gulp of her new wine.

“It’s okay, it’s her in a bath, it’s nothing special?” Michelle said disparagingly, not really caring. “I was going to tell you that I just had a smoke with her.” She pointed to the picture “Charlotte outside, she sounds lovely person, I think we would enjoy getting to know her!” she grinned. “I think she would appreciate our services!” She winked.

Miriam’s eyes widened “Oh wow babes, you will have introduced us babes, as can’t you recognise and see the Alexis’s love of the Charlotte through the painting?” Michelle asked before quaffing more of the wine and licking her lips with delight.

Michelle looked back at the painting and pointed “Err, I guess so, but look over there, babes,” she pointed with her finger around the glass “I can see that they have the same bath taps as us, as my toes do the same, but she is brave doing that, the hot tap hurts!” she giggled and took a slurp of her wine.

Miriam laughed loudly and exaggeratedly it almost echoed off the bare walls and ceiling and then took a two long gulps of her wine and licked her lips afterwards “Babes, you are amazing, but sometimes you are a muppet! Anyway, the last thing before the talks is a very impressive bronze statue, it is called ‘Bedtime’” she said overly loudly against the background chatter as the alcohol swum around her blood stream.

Michelle stood there and nodded in agreement. ***

In the far corner of the room, lit by two spot lights, just a little away from the paintings stood two full life size bronze statues one of Alexis and the other

Charlotte, she was on all fours as if she was on top of the bed, her large natural curvy breasts were beautiful sculpted hanging vertically down the humungous erect nipples almost reaching the floor, whilst a couple of paces behind her the slim muscular equally naked Alexis stood one hand on his hip the other reaching out to touch Charlottes rear, as his equally humongous semi erect penis was lining up to slide inside.

“Oh my god babes, this so much better than the photos on their website, look at him, he is amazing, and wow, look at her, the energy between these statues is just so stimulating.” Miriam’s own hand casually scratched her own excited crotch.

“Babes, I am thinking you’ve might have drunk too much?” Michelle cautioned as she wrapped her hand around Miriam’s waist.

She shook her rather loose head and waved her finger side to side “No, no, no babes, pots and kettles, I’ve had no more than you, I’m good, I’m muchly fine” Miriam stated defiantly and looking at the quarter empty glass, brought it to her lips and quickly chugged the rest of the wine down her throat” loudly sighing afterwards and wiping her chin with her hand to remove the dribbles “Oh that was nice, wheres that girl gone for more?” she licked her lips looking around “as we now importantly needs to finds a top ups, I’m very empty, anyways, babes, did you know, it said online that he used papier-mâché to model both of them correctly, even her tits and vag!” she again said overly loudly, before giggling, as other visitors turned their heads briefly as they pointed and tutted before continuing their own discussions, as she grinned back at them as she wobbled unsteadily in her heels as she stepped forward closer to the statue and trembled out of Michelle’s grasp, she stroked and caressed the large golden haunch of the bronze Charlotte she then, her hand stroking the body followed the casing around she bent down and giggled as she looked at the soft stomach and breasts both hanging down, her hands followed up along the back, the rolls of back fat raised by the shoulder blades, Miriam stroked her modelled hair, all tied back in a tight pony tail away from Charlottes face, the short butt of a cigarette between her grinning lips, Miriam’s continued to trail her fingers along the other side of the polished statue until she came back around to the backside.

“Babes…” Michelle stated worriedly as Miriam paused and looked up, her hands still lovingly wandering and caressing Charlotte’s bronze body.

“Yeah babes?” She smiled as she slowly turned to look behind her at the naked Alexis statue, her mouth opened wide as she studied the form “Wow, look babes,

he is very stunning, he is, wow, hung like a horse!” she grinned as she reached up and started stoking and caressing the brass member with her other hand.

Michelle’s eyes practically popped out on stalks “Oh god, Babes, please don’t touch it, or even break it off, we will definitely get thrown out?” she tried to whisper loudly in hushed tones.

Miriam ignored her as her left hand’s fingers with her bright red painted nails lovingly and intently caressed the golden brass buttocks of Charlotte before lifting up her own skirt a little, her own hand creeped inside her own thighs flashing her untamed, uncovered naked crotch to everyone whilst her right hand gently stroked and polished Alexis’ bronze member, between stroking her hands along the shaft she gently cupped the large brass balls before her fingers wrapped securely around the long thick brass shaft, a smile came across her face as she looked at the backside of the Charlotte model “Babes, fuck, look Babes, you can actually fuck her too!” She giggled as she removed her fingers between her crotch, the skirt dropped down again as she slowly slid her two wet fingers into the polished brass hole of the anatomically modelled backside as her other hand more vigorously started stroking the erect brass member by her ear, she moaned and turned her head and her mouth neared it.

Michelle sipped her wine and then looked up gulped loudly and grimaced, as there was a gruff cough from behind Miriam, her drunken grin disappeared as she froze mid stroke, her finger deep inside the female statue and her wide-open mouth, saliva dripping from her wet lips tantalising close to the tip of brass male penis.

Alexis and Charlotte were standing right behind Miriam, their arms around each other’s backs they tilted their heads sideways at the same time and looked quizzically on at Miriam whilst desperately struggling to keep a straight face between chortles as her tongue almost touched the bronzed tip, Alexis again deeply, almost politely, coughed again and Miriam clearly feeling the world looking at her, guiltily and slowly released her grip one finger at a time from the penis whilst still leaving her index and middle fingers still deep inside the female statue, as she stood there not moving as her face went bright crimson red, whilst behind her, the couple both burst out laughing.


Brian accelerated away in the cab with the two of them sat each other’s hand on their laps almost childishly giggling in the back of the taxi as he drove through the streets back towards their flat.

“Looks like you ladies have both had more fun again this afternoon?” He asked looking at them in the rear-view mirror.

“Yes, very much so Brian, if a little embarrassing.” Michelle twiddled the unlit cigarette between her fingers.

“My knowledge of you two over the years, that is nothing new!” he grinned as he flicked his eyes back in the mirror to look at them again in.

Michelle giggled “Think you can call shagging an inanimate object new?” she then burst out laughing and they both giggled loudly.

“Well, yes, that sounds interesting you can tell me more later!” Brian shook his head dismissively in the mirror “I’ve been meaning to ask you two something…”

“What Bri?”

“Easy, what have you done with my Bryony?”

They looked at each other, stifled a giggle snorted and then giggled again “Nothing Bri!” Michelle said all innocently defensively shaking their heads before giggling again.

“Yeah, tall story, she said she had been drinking with a couple of women…for a Uni project.”

“Yeah Bri?” Miriam again stifled a drunken incriminating giggle.

“Well, you two are the most likely culprits?”

“Whats the problem with that Bri?” Michelle asked.

Brian rolled his eyes in the mirror “On Tuesday I had to rescue her from the privet hedge on the driveway.”

Miriam drunkenly giggled again.

“Someone had cleverly suggested that rather than getting a cab, that they cycled home…”

Miriam giggled again. “Yeah Bri, and?” she chuckled.

“She was in no fit state to walk after an afternoon with you two, let alone bloody cycle!”

“And?” Miriam stifled yet another giggle. “You’ve seen enough of your clients like that before.” She full on giggled.

“Yes, but not my bloody daughter!”
“Oh…sorry Bri…” Miriam said with tipsy bravado. “Was she, like, okay?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, she was fine, I carried her into the house with sodden piss-stained jeans and dumped her in the bath to dry out, and we haven’t really seen her since as she been nursing the ‘world’s worst ever hangover’ whilst busy drinking vast quantities of coffee and eating plain toast whilst furiously writing her report.”

Michelle smiled knowingly and nodded “She is a good girl!”

“Yeah, Bry is. But she leaves again on Saturday; it will be strange not to have her in the house!” Brian stated. “But I bet she goes out again…” he mused.

“Oh Babes, sorry,” Miriam piped up as she looked out the window as they were driven along “do you think we could have a quick one in the Cork?” Miriam asked slightly drunkenly.

“Don’t you think you’ve drunk and embarrassed us enough babes?”

“Never, maybe one tiny one more drink?” Miriam asked and stroked Michelle’s legs.

“Babes, or we could just go home and drink?” Michelle caressed Miriam’s legs once again and smiled lovingly at her.

“Ladies, what are you two doing, I need to know now?” Brian asked.

“Home please!” Michelle stated taking control. “I need a ciggy!” she grinned.

“Ohhh.” Miriam sulked, but then groaned softly as Michelle’s distracted her as her fingers migrated further up her skirt and Miriam’s head soon drunkenly landed on Michelle’s shoulder as she quietly sighed as Michelle’s fingers got to work under the hem of the skirt.

Late Friday Evening.

Tiffany giggled as lay with her head and back on the soaking wet floor with her legs up in a wide apart Vee, she chuckled again as her dirty shoeless feet dangled down as her pee gushed through what was the last thing she was actually now wearing. They had been earlier this afternoon, bright white and pink polka dot cotton knickers which matched a bra which had long been discarded, but after a session with Michelle the knickers were very much a sorry state of tinged yellow and dark red dots. She climbed up on to her elbows to look down her wet body and watch the last spurts of the dribbles jetted out through her saturated gusset out on to the floor, her blonde hair was a sopping matted mess. But she was still happily giggling away.

Michelle smiled as she shifted her weight on the sofa and then pulled two cigarettes from the pack as the hissing subsided. She then leaned over offered Tiffany a post pee cigarette and then unsteadily the flame from her lighter, and they both lit up.

“I mery muchly need this!” Tiffany grinned as she stroked her sodden gusset and, delicately moved the fabric aside and slide her fingers inside herself and lay back in the puddle and moaned as she then brought the cigarette back to her lips and pulled on the cigarette.

Michelle chuckled, nodded encouragingly as she inhaled on her cigarette and then let the smoke drift out of her nose. They sat there in silence enjoying their nicotine.

The silence was ruined and they both jumped feet as the doorbell rang in the hallway. Tiffany’s feet were now splashing in the cooling puddle she had produced as they both sat still the cigarettes burning between their fingers as they looked intently at the office door. “Youse hasn’t gots us mores pizza?” Tiffany asked slurring whilst excitedly rubbing her belly.

“Don’t think so!” Michelle replied a little confused.

After a bit of commotion and within seconds the door burst open with Miriam standing in her grey sweatpants hugging a mug of coffee in her dark blue hoody with Bryony standing there all summery in in a pink camisole top and short blue jean skirt.

“Hey babes and Tiff, look who the cat dragged in?” Miriam announced as Bryony sheepishly grinned and took a corrective step to the side to stay in position.

“Ish been saysing goods byes to my fends…again!” she chuckled and looked to her shoulder pulled up her white bra strap that had fallen as the other side fell in support.

“Looks like you had fun time out?” Miriam stated as she supportively put her arm around Bryony as she started to stumble to the side and to stop her falling over. “We better ring your dad to pick you both up!” she grinned.

Bryony shook her head and then waited for the world and she then pointed and waved her finger vaguely in the direction of Michelle and Tiffany “Buts ise have comes for more funs with you!” she giggled and unsteadily tried to dance on the spot.

Miriam wryly smiled as she looked at the practically naked Tiffany sprawled out on the floor, her eyes rolling around their sockets and to Michelle still loosely dressed in her wraparound dress. “Hmmm, okay, carry on for now you three, I will call Brian for a pickup for half an hours’ time!”

Michelle drew on the cigarette and exhaled, “Help yourself to the vodka!” she said grinning as she stubbed the cigarette out and then pointed to the bottle of vodka on the little table.

“Ise will!” Bryony slurred as she was then released from Miriam she staggered sideways to the counter by the fridge and grabbed it for support before shaking her head and looked up across the room with determination in her eyes she staggered the other way slowly made her way into the middle of the room before like an ungraceful camel skating on ice, she slid in her white strappy sandals on Tiffany’s and Michelle’s puddle and slipped and tumbled to her knees, just a couple of paces away just out of reach from nearly empty bottle of vodka and sat her pert backside on the back of heels and with a stern face she looked at Michelle and then Tiffany and then focused on the table as pathetically stretched out her hand,

missed the bottle with a swipe before she started giggling uncontrollably as she tried and tried again.

An Hour Later on Friday Evening

Michelle leaned her body forward and groaned as she picked up the glass as she then gulped and chugged down the last of a vodka and orange as she sat on the edge of the sofa still in just her green knickers and not matching blue bra.

“Babes you know you will feel better for the bath?” Miriam suggested as she pottered around tidying up. “I will even run it for you.”

Michelle nodded “Yes babes, I knows that, but you knows what?”

“What babes?”

“Babes, I am feeling wery, very, meh and fat and just all so blob like!” She whined and poked her belly button wedged deep in one of her stomach rolls before taking two attempts at putting the glass down on the table before she finally pincered a cigarette from the open pack on the table, she placed the filter between her lips and fiddled and flicked the lighter, she inhaled and as she fell almost violently back on to sofa cushions as she exhaled.

“But you’re still my gorgeous babes!” Miriam tried to corral her mood as she folded a t-shirt over and placed it on the back on the pile of washing beside her.

Michelle drew again on the cigarette and her hand migrated over her belly and with her legs wide apart stroked between her thighs and moved the piss sodden gusset across to reveal her clit with her index finger, she exhaled and chuckled to herself. “You know what babes?”

“What babes?”
“I’ve been thinking, babes.”

“Yeah babes?” Miriam tiredly sighed as she folded a skirt over and placed with the top.

“Maybe, babes, you know, I should go back to being an accountant, sits in an office and drink coffees all day?” she slurred and then pulled hard on her cigarette and moaned as her fingers stroked harder. Her exhale drifted out her nose.

Miriam snorted in surprize as she looked across at Michelle spread eagle on the sofa, cigarette between her lips and fingers busy between her inviting thighs.

“Why babes?”

Michelle stopped rubbing herself and her sodden knickers snapped and splattered partially back in place halfway across her dark pubic hair covered crutch, as she looked up and across at Miriam, she removed the cigarette from her lips and exhaled and with a drunken groan she stretched forward to flick the ash off, took another gulp of her vodka orange before falling back again and again looking at Miriam. “Babes, I am merrily fucking pissed yet again, my knickers are all sodden” she twanged the gusset back into place, “I have eaten the amazing large meat feast pizza every night bar I think yesterday for like months. I am drunk by lunchtime I am utter pissing pissed mess of a fat cow!”

Miriam nodded in agreement “Yeah babes,” she brought another huge pair of Michelle’s black drinking knickers out of the washing basket and folded it and placed it with the tops. “But babes, I thought you liked it, naked women slithering in front of you, that tease show you do for the guys, the being able to walk around practically naked all day, having a incontinent bladder, thought that’s what you loved babe?”

Michelle pulled on the cigarette as Miriam talked gently nodding her head before exhaling “Babes…you know I like all that!”

“Well then, why stop?” Miriam quickly folded two more pairs of huge knickers.

Michell sighed and wobbled as she shuffled up on the sofa again and leaned her elbows on her knees and looked across at Michelle. “I just don’t know if I can do this anymore?” She closed her eyes as pulled on the cigarette again, exhaled a cone up to the ceiling, and then took quick almost desperate drag and stubbed it out as the smoke drifted out her nose, she looked across at Miriam and sighed more smoke out of her lungs and looked through her cloud and picked up her drink gulped down the rest of the vodka and orange almost dropped the empty glass on the table before resting her head in her hands.

“Babes, so I guess you want a top up before I get you in your bath?” Miriam asked as she dropped her small pink thong on to a different pile.

Michelle slowly raised her drunken heavy head from her hands stared at Miriam for a second and then looked at the empty glass and then back at Miriam as she

folded yet another top and shook her head before snorting and then slowly, she nodded.

“If you feel that way babes, we can swap for a bit, but you realise that you will need to stay sober in the office to help me out!”

Michelle swirled the empty glass around on the table as she thought. She tipped the last dribble down her throat and licked her lips “I guess we could try babes?”

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