Misty’s Role Models – Smoking Fetish Story

Little Misty Witt sits in her kindergarten classroom working on a simple worksheet at the end of the school day. Misty looks up to the clock on the wall to find it 2:55, ten minutes until the school day ended. As she looks up, the little boy next to her notices that she’s chewing gum. The boy smiles fiendishly before walking up to the teacher, who’s working on paperwork of her own.
“Miss Tompkins, Misty’s chewing gum.” the little boy tattles.
The 25-year-old Miss Tompkins raises her head to reveal her beautiful face and long, brown hair. She stands up, revealing her curvy figure, concealed underneath her sweater and tight black skirt. She slowly approaches Misty, who sits in her desk as inconspicuously as possible.
“Misty.” utters Miss Tompkins scoldingly.
Misty looks up with guilty eyes, fully revealing her sweet face, blue eyes, and long brown hair.
“What?” Misty says, barely above a whisper. “Spit out your gum!”
“Yes, Miss Tompkins.” Misty mutters apologetically before walking to the garbage can to spit out her gum.
“This is the second time I’ve talked to you about this. If you chew gum in class again, I’ll have to keep you after school.”
Misty sits back down with an embarrassed look on her face. At 3:05, the school bell rings and the students begin to leave the school building, including Misty, who appears to be in a bigger rush than the others.
Outside the building, Sandra Witt sits in her car watching the school doors. Sandra looks exactly like Misty, but with 20 years maturity. Her long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes accentuate her astounding figure, which is covered only partially by a skimpy pink bikini. Sandra opens up a new pack of Marlboro 100 Lights, extracts the first cigarette, and lights it, before inhaling her first deep drag.
Her partially-exposed breasts rise as she takes in the smoke, and then lower again as she exhales a long stream of smoke that hits the front windshield and then scatters across the top of the dash. In seconds, Sandra sees children empty out of the school building, and her daughter, Misty, is one of the first to exit. Sandra pulls out another Marlboro 100 Light from the pack and uses her own burning cigarette to light the second one. Misty soon opens the passenger door of the car and steps in, met with her mother’s loving smile. As Misty closes the door, her mother hands her the fresh cigarette.
“Thanks, mommy!” exclaims Misty as she does every day when her mother greets her after school with a lit cigarette. Misty wastes no time inhaling a deep drag off the cigarette, then exhales a stream of smoke that dances around on the dash just like her mother’s did. Sandra smiles deeply at the sight of her six-year-old daughter smoking. Not only did she think it was cute to see the large cigarette in Misty’s tiny hand and mouth, she was excited by the thought of Misty’s tiny pink lungs turning black from the tar in the cigarettes. Having been smoking for nearly two years, Sandra knows that Misty is already addicted to cigarettes. She also knows that most people would think she’s a bad mother because of it, but she really doesn’t care.
Sandra drives off wearing only a bikini and a pair of sandals. Once Misty finishes nearly half of the cigarette, she finally looks peculiarly at her mother dressed in a bathing suit.
“Mommy, why are you wearing your swimsuit?”
Sandra turns to Misty and exhales a stream of smoke straight into her face.
“Well, I brought yours as well because we’re going to the beach today.”
Misty’s eyes light up as Sandra continues.
“I just got a 50-cent-per-hour raise today and we’re gonna celebrate.”
Misty keeps on grinning, taking a pause to inhale another deep drag off her Marlboro 100 Light.
“So how was your day, honey?”
“Not very good. Miss Tompkins caught me with my gum again.”

Sandra cringes that Misty was caught again chewing the nicotine gum she had given her to satisfy her cravings during the school day.
“Oh, honey, I don’t know what to do for you about that. I know how tough it must be to go all day without a cigarette and the gum is the only thing I can think of to help you. I can’t put you on the patch because if the wrong person saw it, we’d both be in trouble. When you get older, you’ll be able to smoke between classes and during lunch, but now, nobody will let you because you’re so young.”
Misty nods at her mother’s words and tosses her finished cigarette out the cracked car window and, still not satisfied, immediately reaches for the open pack and lighter on the dash. Sandra smiles approvingly as Misty pulls out another cigarette and lights it herself, looking like a pro at her young age.
A few minutes later, Sandra and Misty arrive at the beach. Misty changes into her bathing suit and happily runs into the water while her mother lays on a towel in her sultry pink bikini, her attractive body taking in the warm sun while she chain- smokes Marlboro 100 Lights. She uses the sand near her as an ashtray and a collection of white cigarette butts are soon sticking up out of the sand near her. Every few minutes, Misty comes running out of the water towards her mother excitedly. Sandra would make sure nobody was watching, then let Misty take a drag off her cigarette before she went back into the water. The sexy Sandra draws a lot of attention from men walking by, and one finally approaches her. The currently-single Sandra flirts with the man for several minutes, then sees Misty approaching them, and decides to put the guy to the test. Sandra hands Misty her cigarette in front of the man and Misty takes a drag. The man gives a shocked, negative reaction to Sandra letting her six-year-old smoke, so Sandra tells him to get lost. She knows that if a man she meets can’t accept Misty’s smoking, it’s best to cut her losses and run because Misty is a smoker, and nothing could change that now.
Soon afterwards, Misty and Sandra leave the beach, and cruise around town for an hour or so, allowing Misty to smoke three more cigarettes before they go out for supper at the pizza parlour. Sandra sits in the smoking section and smokes frequently, but doesn’t let Misty smoke in public. However, she occasionally gives in to Misty’s hungry eyes, and hands her the cigarette for a quick drag, always hoping that nobody will see her.

By 7:30, the two arrive in front of their house, each smoking cigarettes as they walk onto the porch. Both are startled to see the face of a familiar man waiting by the door.
“John.” Sandra says, startled.
“Hi, Daddy.” Misty then says apprehensively.
“Hi, pumpkin. How are you doing?”
“Fine.” Misty answers coolly before taking a drag off her cigarette.
“What do you want?” Sandra asks.
“Right to the point, as always. I want you, Sandra. I made a mistake when I walked out. I want another chance.”
“We’ve been through this before. You left me when I needed you most. I got by then, so I certainly don’t need you now.”
Anger builds in John’s eyes as he realises it’s hopeless.
“Well, this isn’t over, Sandra. I want custody of my little girl. When child services finds out that you let your six-year-old daughter smoke, my getting custody shouldn’t be too hard.”
Sandra gives Misty a mock-befuddled look. “Misty, daddy says I let you smoke. Do I?”
“No, mommy,” Misty answers in the way they rehearsed. “I’ve never smoked before in my life. I wouldn’t even now how.”
Both Sandra and Misty then inhale deep drags off their cigarettes and exhale towards John, before giggling. John’s anger intensifies and he simply walks away cursing. He leaves the property and drives home.
When Misty and Sandra get in the house, they each smoke a few more cigarettes before 9:00. Misty has to go to bed in a half hour and has smoked all twelve of the cigarettes her mom allows her to smoke per day, but she wants another.

“Mommy, can I have another cigarette?” Misty finally asks.
“Sorry, honey, you know the deal. Twelve per day. Two in the morning before school, and ten after school,” Sandra finishes her sentence by taking another drag and unconsciously exhales towards Misty.
“But mommy, it’s not fair. You get to smoke as much as you want to all day, and I can’t even smoke the entire time I’m at school.”
Remembering Misty’s situation at school, Sandra becomes sympathetic and caves in.
“All right, one more tonight, and I’ll let you smoke fifteen a day starting tomorrow since you can’t chew the gum at school anymore.”
“Thanks, mommy! I love you so much!” Misty exclaims as she pulls out another cigarette and lights herself up.
Sandra smiles proudly at the sight of her accomplished little smoking daughter enjoying her last cigarette before bed.
The next morning, Sandra and Misty get ready for work and school. After each eating a bowl of cereal, Misty and Sandra smoke a cigarette. Sandra had smoked one before waking Misty, but this was Misty’s first of the day. They both savour the smoke and inhale it deeply into their lungs, helping each of them to wake up on the dreary morning. As they do every morning, they each light up a second cigarette before Sandra drives Misty to school, then goes to work herself. Before they leave, Sandra goes to the bathroom. Sitting at the kitchen table finishing her cigarette, Misty sees the open pack in front of her. Knowing that her mother has left the room, Misty quickly extracts two cigarettes from the pack and puts them into the front pocket of her school bag, along with the lighter. In a couple minutes, her mother returns and they head off for the day.
At 10:30, in her kindergarten class, Misty is craving a cigarette and remembers that she has two in her bag. She decides to follow through with the plan she devised that morning. She proceeds up to Miss Tompkins.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” she asks with a somewhat nervous and guilty look on her face.
“Sure, Misty,” Miss Tompkins answers with a smile.
Misty leaves the room and goes to her locker in the hallway. She opens it and pulls out the lighter and one of the cigarettes from her schoolbag, then quickly puts them both in her jeans pocket. She walks down the hall and passes the girls bathroom, exits out the back exit and continues around the building to a secluded area behind the school where she often found cigarette butts all over the ground. Misty sits against the wall and lights her cigarette. A satisfied look emerges on her face as she draws smoke into her small body. She continues to smoke the cigarette for a couple minutes before she hears footsteps approaching. She turns and finds Miss Tompkins walking towards her while lighting her own cigarette, not seeing Misty until the cigarette was lit. They both freeze like deer in headlights as they see lit cigarettes in each other’s hands. Miss Tompkins finally approaches Misty and can’t help but chuckle at the sight of cute Misty with a cigarette in her hand.
“You said you were going to the bathroom, Misty.”
Misty continues to sit frozen, unable to respond.
“I didn’t know you smoked. Do your parents know?”
“Yes,” Misty says bashfully, looking to the ground. “My mommy showed me how to smoke a long time ago.”
“She did,” Miss Tompkins replies, her smile deepening. “Well, go ahead and smoke your cigarette then. Nobody will catch us back here. I sneak four or five cigarettes a day back here when you kids are having quiet time or milk break or recess.”
Misty happily takes another drag off her cigarette. Miss Tompkins watches and can tell that Misty has indeed smoked for some time already, and is probably deeply addicted.
“Well, I’d like to let you smoke whenever you want to, Misty, but I could get in trouble. We’ll have to make this a one-time treat, okay?”

Misty frowns. “But you won’t let me chew my gum in class either. Mommy says the gum helps me go without cigarettes for awhile. Now, you won’t let smoke either. Why?”
“I see. You’re chewing nicotine gum…” Miss Tompkins then begins to consider the situation as Misty finishes her cigarette, drops it to the ground, and steps on it to put it out.
“I’ll make a deal with you, Misty. I can’t let you chew your gum in class. It would be unfair to the other kids. But, if it’s all right with your mother, I’ll make up an excuse to let you come outside with me for a smoke every time I do, but if has to be our secret. You can’t tell any of your friends.”
Misty smiles and cheers. “Will you really let me smoke, Miss Tompkins?”
“Only if you agree to keep it a secret.”
“I promise. I won’t tell anybody except my mommy.”
“All right, then. Would you like another of my cigarettes, right now?” Miss Tompkins asks, holding her open pack of Marlboro Reds to Misty.
Misty is still a little reluctant, particularly with the different brand, but can’t resist her young teacher’s offer. She pulls out one of the Marlboros and inserts the filter into her mouth.
“Let me get that for you, sweetie.” Miss Tompkins offers Misty a light.
Misty smokes the Marlboro, which she finds a bit too strong at first, but grows used to it as she talks to Miss Tompkins while they smoke. Miss Tompkins offers to let Misty smoke her Marlboro Reds every time they go out for a smoke. When Misty finishes the cigarette and decides she likes it, she agrees to Miss Tompkins offer. The two soon return to the classroom, determined to keep their arrangement a secret from all the other students.
The arrangement works beautifully. Every day, Miss Tompkins tells Misty to go to exercise at the gym where several kindergarteners with poor coordination skills went to exercise for a few minutes per day. Misty’s coordination was just fine, but the other students did not know that, giving her the perfect excuse. Misty would sneak out to their secluded spot behind the school and wait for Miss Tompkins to

join her for a cigarette. They smoked together three times a school day, and had great conversations. They got to know to each other very well, and Miss Tompkins was impressed at Misty’s maturity for her age. Misty quickly became teacher’s pet. Sandra was delighted to find out about Misty and Miss Tompkins arrangement, solving the problem of Misty’s cravings during the school day. Now, along with the fifteen cigarettes Sandra lets Misty smoke every day at home, Misty was able to smoke nearly a pack a day, and Sandra was very happy for her.
In a few weeks, it was time for parent-teacher conferences, and Miss Tompkins very much looks forward to talking to Sandra Witt. As scheduled, Sandra enters the kindergarten classroom to talk with Misty’s young teacher at 8:30 PM.
“Have a seat, Ms. Witt. Thanks for coming.”
“Thank you.” Sandra responds with a smile.
“There’s not much I can say about Misty other than the fact that she is the brightest and best-behaved student in my class. Her work is excellent, and she is truly an asset to the class.”
“Sounds great.” Sandra answers proudly.
“And I’d also like to thank you personally for your decision to let Misty smoke. I’m sure she’s told you that we both take cigarette breaks together behind the school.”
“Many times.” Sandra answers with a smile.
“She’s such a wonderful girl. You’ve done such a great job with her. I’m gonna be a mother someday, and when I am, I’m gonna start my child smoking as young as you started Misty. I wish all parents let their kids smoke. It would make my job so much easier. Cigarettes would help calm my students down, and in a class full of kindergarteners, I need all the help I can get.”
“Thanks. I thought I was doing the right thing when I got Misty to start smoking.”
“You definitely did. My only concern now is what will happen to Misty next year when I’m not her teacher any more. I’d hate for Misty to have to give up smoking during the school day. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’ll come up something to solve the problem.”

Sandra smiles and shakes Miss Tompkins hand when the conference ends in a few minutes, happy to see that Misty has such a friendly and understanding teacher. With role models like the two of them, Misty was certain to turnout just fine.

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