Seducing Our Snooping Babysitter – Smoking Fetish Story

My girlfriend Jennifer, the mother of our seven year old son, is one horny and devious bitch when she wants to be, which is often enough to more than satisfy me! One night two months ago, she showed me the footage taken with a hidden nanny-cam of our babysitter masturbating in our bedroom the previous Friday night, and proposed that we fuck her and teach her a lesson. Carey is eighteen, and verrry sexy. She’s got long blonde hair, a pretty face with big eyes and full lips, a killer little body marbled with what I consider to be just the right amount of baby fat, and smokes Marlboro Light 100’s. She’s also pierced through her nipples, clit and tongue. The tongue we obviously knew about. Jen is 36, loves to smoke her Virginia Slims Luxury Lights 120’s, and is slender, with short brown hair, small titties with puffy nipples, a fantastic ass and legs, and the tastiest poonanny I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. She’s also verrry bisexual, has a sweet tooth for young snatch, and sometimes brings them home to share with me. She goes out alone on average three times a month to satisfy her lust for pussy…

“Just look at that lusty little bitch getting busy with MY vibrator in our bed…I thought I smelled pussy last week when we got home, and so I checked the footage. Bingo! I already masturbated to it SEVERAL times, and now I’m gonna smoke a cig and jerk you off while you get to check her out. But I say we’re gonna have to make her pay for rummaging around in our stuff and using my dildo, by spanking and fucking her realll good! Ready? Check this out…”, she said, giving my cock a slow lick as Carey came into focus on the laptop. I watched as she played with her nipples, and then took a cigarette and lit up, “She’s obviously horny, legal and a little slut…look at her fuckin’ nipple rings, fer crissakes! Are you in?”, she asked, as she dragged on her Virginia Slims 120 and began to stroke my seven inches.

I noticed the baby lotion standing by…she likes to use that for the ‘big finish’ so she can go really fast and make my cum fly!

“Fuck yesss! This is quality stuff, as far as hiddn cams go, and awesome blacknail material to boot!”, I groaned, as I watched Carey diddling herself as she played with her fat nipples and smoked her long white cigarette with obvious pleasure, and my cock got even harder. “Why…the NERVE of that tasty little tart. Me thinks she doth need to be eaten to within an inch of her young life, then fucked lustily with my hard sausage whilst she pleasures your tasty pussy with her full lips, until you both scream…whadya think?”.

She giggled and agreed with me, telling me that’s just part of what she had in mind for her, and then used her smoky mouth on my swollen head as she jacked me faster. Jen can really suck a cock when she wants to, and decided to finish me with her mouth instead of by hand. It took maybe five minutes, just about the time our babysitter was climaxing ecstatically on the screen for the nth time with Jen’s thick dildo all up in her, and my girlfriend had me cumming into her smoky mouth, then finished her cigarette as I began to eat her. She wanted me to make her squirt tonite. I told her she had to light another cigarette for me, and she readily did it. She has the fetish just like I do, only worse! Carey was hired because she had asked Jen for permission to smoke during her interview, making her perspective employer very wet, and so Jen picked her specially out of three applicants, then masturbated to orgasm after the girl left. Now she was sitting in the chair in our bedroom, legs up on the arms, smoking her cigarette for me as I kissed her lips and fucked her wetly with my hand. In between drags she moaned out the plan…

“We take Bobby to your mom’s for the night, then get her over here to ‘babysit’ like usual, except we show her the footage and tell her it’ll be on the net if she doesn’t cooperate! Mmmmmm…keep doing that…I want to blindfold her and suck her off while you fuck me…faster, darling…she’ll have no choice but to submit…I’m cumming…OHHhh SHITTT, Steven I just LOVE it when you DO MEEEeee…”. and Jen went off, giving up her cum in four, very nice arcing shots to my waiting mouth. She knows now much I love to drink her juices, and she indulges me pretty often!

The next night we were ready. I went and picked Carey up as usual, careful not to let my excitement show as she lit up as soon as she got in. She can’t smoke in her house, so it’s a luxury for her to have a job where she can smoke cigarettes to her little heart’s content. She was a little pissy…she had just found out that her boyfriend the biker had been cheating on her. This was good…revenge sex is very satisfying, and that’s another angle I’d use to convince her to cooperate and take her ‘punishment’, if need be. Actually, I didn’t think she’d be that difficult…

Jen was waiting with the footage cued up on the laptop. Carey greeted her, and Jen called her over to watch herself. It was quite the movie…she diddled herself with Jen’s vibrator, which meant she had snooped in our drawers to find it. Of course she was mortified, and blushed like hell, but she couldn’t deny the evidence. Jen handed her the silk scarf and told her she had a choice. Either blindfold herself and take her punishment, or she would hit ‘send’ and upload it on Xhamster dot com and make her an instant pornstar. Carey tried to weasel, but she was dead meat when I reached around from behind and found her erect nipples. Jen kissed her, and she was all done putting up a fight! She moaned and tied the scarf round her head, and Jen made sure she couldn’t see, tucking the bottom of it up to block out any light.

We took her to bed and quickly stripped her of her top, bra, shorts and panties. It was then we saw her clit was pierced…Jen whistled.

“Wowww…you pretty little fucking SLUT! Now you’re REALLY gonna get sucked and fucked tonite…NO MERCY!”

Jen lit a cigarette and seduced her, kissing her with smoke as she sucked her beautiful pierced nipples. Carey moaned as I parted her thighs and explored her young, wet pussy, and then I laughed and told Jen her clot’s hood had a vertical piercing! Carey went shithouse as I began to tongue that ring and used my two fingers up inside her verrry wet teenage snatch. Jen held the Marlboro Light 100 for her to suck on as I pleasured her…and she was definitely enjoying herself, as she moaned out her sweet smoke for Jen to kiss.

“Are going to fuck me soon?”, she asked hopefully, and then cried out as I took her whole clit, ring and all, in my mouth.

Jen ashed the cigarette and had her smoke some more, then kissed her and told her she was gonna get the fucking of her young life tonite. Carey shook all over as I fucked her with my fingers and sucked her clit, then moaned that she was going to come…really, really hard… and her shaking got worse. Jen told her to take a drag and let go. My fingers made an obscene wet sound as I frigged her clit with my other hand. Carey screamed that she was cumming, and began to squirt and spray. Her pussy juice tasted strong and clean as I drank the barely legal blonde’s offerings as she shouted and cried that she had never, ever cum like this before! When she had calmed own, Jen switched places with me and ate her pussy as I fed her a cigarette and my cock. She was really good at sucking, and I had never felt a tongue ring before…it drove me mental within minutes, and I had to pull out to keep from shooting too fast!

“It’s time to take your punishment, young lady. You violated our trust by snooping around and using Jen’s toy. Get up. You’re going to be spanked, and I’m not joking!”

She eagerly got up and quivered with excitement. I sat on the edge of the bed and took her across my knee. Jen had an old fashioned silver-plated broad hairbrush we had picked at an antique store ready for my use, but for now just pinched Carey‘s big nipples as I commenced her punishment. I started with my hand, loving the deel of her yielding, plump ass cheeks under the sting of my palm. For every three smacks, I massaged her cheeks, and she was soon crying out as her ass was reddened. I then used the hairbrush and really gave it to her until she sobbed in my lap.

“Are you sorry? Will you ever look into other people’s drawers again?”

“Yes, I’m sooo sorry! And no…I WON’T do it again…I promise!”, she cried, squirming as I smacked her some more.

She was really crying as I had her stand up, and Jen hugged her and whispered that she hoped that Carey had learned her lesson…and then she kissed her and made her stop crying as she laid her down in the bed and soon they were making out hot and heavy. Jen asked Carey what she wanted next, because she had been such a brave girl to take her punishment.

“I need a cigarette and a cock…I need to be fucked really, really bad!”

“Do we need to use a condom?”

“No…I have an IUD”, she moaned as my hand flicked her clit ring. “Can I please take off the blindfold now?”, and Jen gave her permission to remove it.

Carey laid down and lit a cigarette, moaning that I had made her ass ‘tender’, but that she knew she deserved it. She was very cute, lying there smoking, just the right amount of baby fat in her tits, face and legs to whet my appetite. Jen said she’d be back, and left us alone.

“Will you please fuck me now?”, she asked nicely. When she dragged and inhaled, I kissed her and took her sweet smoke. She moaned into my mouth as her hand found my cock and close around it. “Seriously, dude…I really need you to fuck me! How much longer are you gonna wait to have this sweet young pussy of mine?”

She cried out when I entered her with one thrust, and I told her to relax and take it all as she enjoyed her cigarette. I long stroked her good, making her moan until she was almost finished with her cigarette, then I told her to take a final drag, because she was going to cum in about fifteen seconds. I pit it out for her, then hit that pussy brutally for ten seconds until she shook, screamed and came spraying all over my cock, and then I flipped her over just as Jen entered the room with a strap-on cock. I had Jen lay down and Carey mounted her and began to ride her as Jen played with her nipples. I took some K-Y warming gel and played with her asshole until she was moaning for it as my finger went in easily, then two. I straddled Jen’s thighs as I crouched behind Carey and leaned her forward to kiss Jen.

“I’ve never taken it in my ass before”, she moaned, “But I do want to try it…just please be gentle!”

Carey hissed as I worked my swollen cock head into her ass, stretching her ring of muscle slowly. I wanted this to be pleasurable for her, so she would want it again and again. She trembled as I went in all the way and stopped, letting her get used to seven, thick inches of cock, going where no man had gone before. Jen lit a Virginia Slims 120 for herself, and Carey asked for another cigarette, then smoked her Marlboro Light 100 as I gently fucked her in her ass and she rode the rubber cock up in her wet cunt. I let her control the action, and within a couple of minutes she was moaning that she was cumming…cumming…CUMMINGGG! This little tart was a screamer, for sure! I had held back from going off too quickly, but I allowed myself to shoot off in her ass and she said she could feel every burst of hot cum as I painted her insides! Jen then took off the strap on, and got Carey into a 69, eating her pussy and the cum out of Carey’s ass while the girl eagerly sucked her sweet pussy, until they both got off loudly!

We took a break and had a couple of drinks with her. It was around nine, and Jen asked me to go and pick up dinner. I heard later on that she had grabbed her waterproof jelly vibrator as she took that sweet, young thing into our large shower and made slow and tender love to her under the three jets of hot water we have, while I went and got Chinese take-out. When I got back, they were wet-headed and enjoying their cigarettes as they made out on the bed, very relaxed and satisfied. Carey dove into the chicken lo mein with gusto and a pair of chopsticks, showing us how she kept so delightfully chubby. Jen then told her after dinner that she was going to have a hot sperm dessert. She gave a look of distaste, and Jen told her she was going to shave my cock and balls and make a sundae out of me, complete with chocolate, whipped cream and a cherry, AFTER she taught her the proper way to give a smoking blowjob. Carey was now interested.

I was seated on top of a towel on a computer chair and Jen spread my legs, lathered me up, and quickly shaved my week’s worth of stubble from my package, sending Carey for a fresh change of hot water in the plastic basin and a facecloth. She had me all squeaky clean and got me into bed, on another towel underneath me. Jen lit two Virginia Slims 120’s and had Carey put on lipstick, then gave her a cigarette and told her to copy what she did. They took turns, bringing me to the brink of orgasm three times, and then Jen got up and went to the kitchen, coming back with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream and a jar of cherries. She quickly decorated me, and had Carey light another cigarette then told her to have at it. She only used her hand to smoke with, using her lips and tongue for everything else, and soon she was a sticky, smoky mess as she brought me off and happily took what I gave her, swallowing me right down. Afterward, she thanked Jen for helping her to get over her phobia of cum, agreeing that it made no sense to have a pierced tongue if she wasn’t willing to go all the way with a man’s cock.

We both took turns sucking her pussy…when I was doing it, Jen sat on her face, and when Jen did it, I had her suck my balls. Carey came wetly and loudly, then sucked Jen off, and took my load down her throat. She thanked us for a delightful evening, apologized again for ‘snooping’, and then asked if we could do this again…she had had the best orgasms ever, and lots of them! She kissed Jen goodnight passionately, and I took her home and got a real hot, smoky goodnight kiss before she put out her cigarette to go in. We’ve had three more hot sessions with her, and she’s been talking about bringing an Asian girl from her community college she met in the smoking area who loves to smoke Capri menthols and has expressed interest in swinging with an older couple…I know Jen can’t wait!

Story by mak69

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