The Smoking Cheerleader Sisters – Smoking Fetish Story

Heather Sullivan is a 33-year-old mother living in a quiet suburban household. She is a gorgeous natural blond with a perfect, sexy figure that landed her a job as a cheerleader for a professional football team. However, she retired two years ago to spend more time with her family, especially since her husband’s income had grown so substantially after his recent promotion. The two incomes were no longer necessary. Her husband John and her daughters Katie and Krissy, ages 14 and 13, respectively, are the most important things in her life and now she has endless free time to spend with them.
Heather’s life was mostly safe and conservative, except for her three-pack-a-day cigarette habit. She had smoked Marlboro 100 Lights since she was 13 and has been able to indulge her habit even more now that she doesn’t work. Her husband doesn’t smoke, but has always been turned on by her smoking. Three years ago, Heather sensed that her daughters were curious about smoking and she began to encourage Katie and Krissy to start. The girls were initially bashful about accepting, but Heather was persistent, knowing how satisfying her own smoking habit had been. She wanted to provide the same pleasure for her daughters. So at ages 10 and 11, Katie and Krissie became smokers. They started on Marlboro 100 Lights, their mother’s brand, and keep going back to it, even though they’ve tried nearly every brand. Heather is proud of starting her daughters smoking and knows how it will improve their stressful teen years as well as their future relations with boys.
Katie and Krissy are currently in 9th grade and 8th grade, and smoke two packs a day on weekdays, and rival their mothers’ three-pack-a-day habit on weekends and summer break. They love their smoking addiction and have no intention of ever quitting. They have gotten into trouble at school a couple of times for smoking either in the building or on school grounds. Every day at lunch, both girls go outside and hang out with the other smokers in their middle school. They also sneak a cigarette outside after each hour class period. The girls like the attention they get from other boys, but are careful not to let it go too far. Neither girl wants to become sexually active at this point and don’t have permission to date until they’re sixteen anyway. Nonetheless, they like the crowds of boys that circle around them and stare with awe as the beautiful blonde girls smoke with style and finesse like no other girls their age could.
Katie and Krissy are also the leaders of their grade’s cheerleading squads, following in their mother’s footsteps. The girls set a goal to get all of the other cheerleaders to start smoking. Since Katie and Krissy were the leaders of their respective squads, the other girls looked up to them and it didn’t take long for Katie and Krissy to convince them to smoke. In three months, 12 out of 15 of Krissy’s 8th grade squad had started smoking, and 13 out of 15 of Katie’s 9th grade squad were smokers. As soon as practice ended, the girls would rush outside in their short cheerleaders skirts for a cigarette. Most girls smoked Marlboro 100 Lights, the same brand that Katie and Krissy smoked. Their coaches knew that the girls had started smoking because they could smell the smoke on them and could hear them wheeze and gasp after a heavy workout. The coaches also knew that Katie and Krissy were the bad influences. However, they didn’t do anything about it because the girls’ natural abilities in cheerleading were so strong. Angry parents of the other girls often called John and Heather Sullivan to notify them that Katie and Krissy had gotten their sweet, precious daughters to start smoking. Heather and John usually just politely let the caller vent their rage before quietly apologising and then hang up and laugh about it, proud of their daughters for passing on the joy of smoking to their friends. Heather always gives her daughters $5 for every teenager they start smoking.
John has always had a major fetish for female smokers, and the fetish was enhanced greatly when he met the chain-smoking Heather in high school. He doesn’t smoke himself and is often repulsed in the presence of male or unattractive female smokers, but feels content in the presence of his wife and daughters smoking. It is a rare occasion to see one of the women in the house not either holding a cigarette in her hand or letting it dangle between her lips. The household budget for cigarettes has now increased to nearly $150 a week since the girls have started to smoke more. There are multiple ashtrays in every room of the house, each overflowing with white cigarette butts, lying on a bed of tobacco ash. Heather and the girls smoke in every room of the house, even when they are in the bathroom or eating supper. The cloud of cigarette smoke in the house never seems to completely fade, but it seldom bothers John. The only time John does have a problem is when he’s in the car with the three female smokers, especially in the winter when they only crack the window open a little ways. The second-hand smoke often irritates John’s eyes. However, he usually doesn’t complain because he knows Heather, Katie, and Krissy are enjoying it every time they inhale nicotine into their lungs. He often worries about the health risks associated with smoking, even though his wife and daughters don’t, but he knows that they love smoking too much and are far too addicted to ever give it up anyway.

Heather loves to go on shopping trips with the girls, which they do frequently. The outing usually takes all day since the women need to step outside every 15 minutes for a cigarette. The tense climate of the mall brings out their nicotine dependency even more than usual. Occasionally, Katie and Krissy bring along girlfriends on their smoking trips, all of whom have become smokers. Even though the friends don’t regularly smoke with the frequency that Katie and Krissy do, they manage to keep up with them during shopping trips. The others wish they could afford to smoke as much as Katie and Krissy do, but don’t have the luxury of their parents buying them an unlimited supply of cigarettes, like Heather does for her girls. Realising this, Heather sometimes buys an extra carton of smokes and gives them to Katie and Krissy’s friends as a gift. Heather also likes to take her daughters out to eat. They always sit in the smoking section and puff away while having heart-to-heart conversations. They often draw disapproving stares from other diners, but they don’t care. They talk and smoke as casually as if they were in their own home. When they leave the restaurant, the leave an ashtray full of white cigarette butts for the waitress to clean up.
One day, John arrives home from work at 5:30 to find his wife and daughters sitting in front of the TV smoking. He surprises them by setting a box of expensive Churchill cigars on the coffee table in front of them. Heather grins and expresses how much she loves a good cigar, while Katie and Krissy stare at the box curiously. Heather opens the box and extracts a cigar for herself. She clips off the end and holds her cigarette lighter up to light it. She grins with satisfaction as she inhales the cigar smoke. She then looks to her daughters and sees the curious looks in their eyes. She helps them light the cigars and teaches them how to smoke them, and eventually inhaling. For the next couple of weeks, the girls would come home and smoke a cigar after school. They were sad one day when they came home to find the last two cigars in the box. However, when John came home, he brought another box home with him. He said that a buddy at work could get him a box every week if he wanted. Katie and Krissy jumped with joy and told their dad to definitely accept the offer of more cigars. Both Heather and John told the girls to limit their cigar consumption to two a day because they couldn’t afford to pay for any more than that. The girls happily agreed, now able to incorporate a daily cigar habit along with their cigarette habit.
The girls would occasionally bring a cigar to smoke during lunch break at school because the boys were even more in awe watching them smoke cigars than cigarettes. Katie and Krissy would let some of the boys and their girlfriends have a puff or two on their cigars, and most liked it. Many of the girls were now even more jealous of Katie and Krissy than before. Most had just started to become sexier

smokers and were getting more attention from boys, but now Katie and Krissy were smoking cigars and were now getting the attention all to themselves again. The other girls wanted to smoke cigars, but knew they could not afford them, and would never be able to convince their parents to buy cigars for them. Occasionally, one of the boys would bring pipes and chew to the always-increasing smokers’ section across from the middle school. Katie and Krissy happily accepted the boys’ offers for a puff on a pipe or a plug of chew. The girls loved these as well and knew they would be lifelong tobacco users. They committed to themselves that no matter what, they would never quit smoking. They loved everything about smoking, including the smell. They loved the smell of their hair and clothes after smoking. They would always exhale into the wind so that the smoke would blow back into their face and cling to their hair and clothes. Smoking aroused every one of their senses and they were eternally grateful to their mother for getting them started at such a young age.
One Friday night, John and Heather decided to delay their night out till the next night so that they could stay home and watch videos with the girls. The girls picked the movies and John wasn’t too keen on their choices. This allowed him to watch more intently on Heather and the girls chain-smoking through the movies. A massive cloud of smoke hovered near the women the whole four hours and all three smoked one cigarette after another through both movies. As the clock struck midnight, Katie opened up her fourth pack of cigarettes of the day. Krissy opened her fourth pack a few minutes later. The girls smoked another half dozen Marlboro 100 Lights before the movies finished and they headed to bed.
Late the next night, John and Heather got home from their night out at 2:30 AM. They unlocked the door and quietly entered the house. Both were horny and knew what they wanted. With a cigarette between her lips, Heather told John to wait for her to slip into her lingerie and come into their bedroom in five minutes. While waiting, John slips into Katie and Krissy’s bedroom to find them sound asleep in their bunk bed. The dim night light allows John to see the inside of the room. On their two desks, the girls each had two overflowing ashtrays stuffed with white cigarette butts and a few cigar butts. John then notices the garbage can in the room filled almost exclusively with empty packs of cigarettes. John smiles and realises that his daughters’ heavy smoking was gonna make some lucky guy as happy as Heather made him 15 years ago. John slowly steps forward to Krissy, sleeping on the bottom bunk of the bed. As he approaches his daughter to give her a good-night kiss, he notices that she smells exactly like the ashtrays on the desk. As he kisses her on the forehead, she jerks awake and cuts loose a hoarse,

hacking cough to clear the volumes of tar in her throat. John looks down to his dress shirt, half believing that Krissy might have coughed tar all over him.
“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Krissy smiles, “That’s all right, daddy. Could you get me a cigarette?” she asks, pointing to a pack next to the ashtray on her desk.
John smiles back. “Okay, honey, but just one.”
Krissy sits up in her bed as her dad grabs her a cigarette along with her lighter and ashtray. He hands her the cigarette and sets the ashtray next to the bed. He holds the lighter up to her cigarette and lights it. Krissy’s cheeks hollow as she sucks hard on the cigarette, inhaling as much smoke as she can, her body gasping for nicotine. She continues to draw hard on the cigarette before thanking her father. John realises his five minutes are up, so he wishes Krissy a good night and leaves the room, ready to make love with his wife.

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