Becoming BabyGirl – Smoking Fetish Story

What do you do when life hands you an opportunity on a silver platter? You say ‘thank you very much’ and you take it! To do otherwise is foolhardy. And that’s just what happened to me six months ago at Consolidated Industries, LLC where I used to work in maintenance. I’ve since moved on to a rather lucrative self-employment. This is my account of what, where, why, when and how…

I was called upstairs on a Wednesday to fix a desk drawer that stuck in one of the front offices of a real bitch of a little Manager/Facilitator named Janice Dembosky. Her nickname is the ‘Terrier’, or rather, it was. Blonde, thirty-six years old, rather short…five-foot-four in five inch heels, big tits, big ass, shapely legs all wrapped up in a business suit. She was used to having things her way. Anyone who crossed her got the axe, and that was her job anyway…to cut costs by intimidating the employees to work harder for less. I had heard the stories, seen her in action as she berated a girl to tears on the floor of the R & D section while I was mopping up a section of hallway. I also happened to see her several times out in the designated smoking area. She loved to smoke, and Janice was very good at it. She smoked all-white, 120 length cigarettes held in the center of her pouty lips as she sucked them wearing her pink lipstick. Then she power-inhaled, held the smoke momentarily and sent a thick plume out directly in front of her…confidently, not like the other gals who do the wimpy and ugly sideways exhale, apologetically, not wanting their smoke to ‘bother anyone‘. And she used a smart black leather case with a chrome pinch clasp that held her cigarettes and lighter.

So, on this particular morning, I arrived on the fourteenth floor to respond to the service order for the desk. I’m just about invisible in my grey one-piece coverall as I walked down the long corridor past the bull pens, the cubicles of the middle managers and bean counters that work for Consolidated. My firm is under contract to them and two other tenants in the building that sits in downtown Boston. That meant that I’m not subject to any of their individual corporate bullshit. I’m good at what I do, and a problem solver by nature anyway. That’s why my hourly rate was 28.50, so I made a good bone every two weeks. I approached Ms. Dembosky’s office, just in time to hear her shrieking at some unfortunate that he’d best get his shit together, or else! He came out past me, white as a sheet, and I felt for him…I really did. I knocked on the door, and things got off to a bad start immediately.

“And just what the fuck do YOU want?”

I informed her that I was there to see about the problem with her desk drawer, but I could come back in another two weeks if it was not convenient. She looked like a sow, all red and choleric, like she wanted to run me over and slash me with her tusks. But evidently, she figured she’d waited long enough to get some help, and refrained from biting her nose off to spite herself. She forced a smile and lit a cigarette. Her office is equipped with a ceiling-installed smoker’s exhaust system, the kind that costs several thousand for the unit. She wheeled her high back chair off to the side and sat down in it to supervise my work. Her legs were crossed, and she was wearing five inch cream colored Donna Karan stiletto heels to match her outfit. Verrry fuckable, a real ‘spinner‘. I pictured her trussed up to the disciplinary frame in my basement, with those heels on as I got down on my knees and looked underneath the desk to the back of the drawer. I could see the problem…she’s slammed it closed so many times, the left-hand track with the ball bearings is bent. It will have to be replaced, and it would take a week for the part to come in. I informed her of what I saw, and she power dragged her cigarette and asked me if I could do anything in the interim. Smart gal. I took the drawer out, used my Makita cordless to unscrew the track and bent it back into some semblance of straight, then reinstalled it, and replaced the drawer. It worked a little better, but the assembly still needed replacing. She came up behind me and got down on her knees to lean in and look, her face about six inches from mine. She brought the cigarette to her lips and puffed on it, then turned to look at me with those green eyes…and then I took hold of her chin and kissed her luscious pink lips!

Janice Dembosky went limp, as she moaned her sweet smoke into my mouth…I got hard immediately, reached down into her low-cut blouse and pinched her left nipple hard.

“OH God…OHH GOD…I need to be FUCKED”, she moaned.

“Oh no, Janice…what you NEED goes WAYYY beyond that…”, I said.

She whimpered, and I told her to smoke that cigarette. We’re on the carpet behind her massive mahogany desk. It extends down to the casters, with no opening in the front. I push her onto her back and quickly undo the buttons of her blouse as she is smoking that cigarette with about ¾ of an inch of ash on it. My thumb and forefingernails start to pinch both of her fat nipples painfully, rolling them, as she moans out her smoke.

“Kiss me…KISS meee…”, she pleads, “I…I think I’m gonna CUMMM!”

“No you’re not. I FORBID you to cum, bitch! As a matter of fact, you’re going to show up at my place at six o’clock tonite…and THEN you can cum!”

“Ohhhh GOD…I need to cum so badly…please kiss meee”, she says in a little girl voice. Her eyes are pleading with me. I release her nipples and get up.

“Will there be anything else I can do for you today, Ms. Dembosky?”

She’s mine, putty in my hands! I quickly take one of her business cards and scribble my address on the back of it, and toss it down at her. “SIX O’ CLOCK”, I tell her. She is whimpering. “DO NOT touch yourself. You will cum ONLY for me…when and if I SAY so. Do you understand?”

“Yes”, she offers meekly, eyes downcast.

She’s done, defeated, captivated. I watch her as she puffs on her cigarette and the inch long ash drops to the carpet.

“Now you can just take that ash up in your fingernails and dump it in your mouth, bitch…DO IT NOW!”, and she does what she’s told, making a grimace. “Somebody has to clean that up for you otherwise…a human being that you don’t even notice. But that’s gonna change soon”, I say and then I left her quivering on her carpeted floor as I exited her office. She’s a submissive…a classic case.

Six o’ clock, no Janice. Ten minutes later, a BMW pulled into my driveway. It’s her. She got out and I saw that she had on slacks and heels. I wasn’t pleased. The fact that she’d changed probably meant that she’d taken a shower and gotten herself off. I met her at the door and grabbed her by her blonde hair to pull her in. She immediately burst into tears and apologized for being late…she needed cigarettes. I held her fistfull of hair as I looked into her green eyes and saw she was telling the truth, then released her.

“Take off your clothes”, I ordered.

She quivered as she did what she was told. Her little four-foot-eleven inch body was voluptuous…beautiful…flawless. I almost gasped, but maintained control. I immediately blindfolded her to take away her sight, and led her over to the sofa. I rifled in her handbag and got her cigarettes…there was one left in the pack of Virginia Slims 120 menthols within her black leather pouch, and a new, unopened one. I lit it, removed and crumpled the empty pack, then parted her thighs to explore her cunt. It was already wet, so I inserted the filter of the cigarette into her vagina and left it smoldering there as I worked on her nipples and watched the cigarette jerking upwards with her love muscles…Janice was moaning loudly. I removed the cigarette and put it between her lips after I ashed it and told her to taste herself. She dragged as she dangled and moaned out smoke. Then I took the cigarette and told her to sit forward, with her ass cheeks at the edge of the cushions…the cigarette went an inch into her asshole and twitched as I worked her fat nipples again. Back into her mouth. She drew on it and moaned that she needed to cum. I pinched her nipples mercilessly and demanded to know if she had masturbated. She screamed that she hadn’t…she was waiting for me.

“So why are you doing what I tell you to do? You’re the bitch ‘Terrier’…the boss cunt…always trying to be bigger than everyone…fucking others over, never to be touched. Why are you suddenly so very eager to obey me, a lowly maintenance man?”, I demanded, already knowing the answer. She shook like a leaf as she smoked the half-done cigarette…


“You mean…I’m DOMINANT, and inside, you’re just a little submissive CUNT, arent you?”

“Y-Yesss…I need…”

“You need a DADDY…because you never HAD one…did you?”, I finished triumphantly. She shook as she began to sob under the blindfold. I had hit a nerve in the very core of her needy Self…“You want me to be Daddy…I KNOW this. Go ahead and ask me to be your Daddy!”. She wailed and shook, the cigarette trembling in her fingers. I took it from her and put it out. “Ask me…go ahead, dear”, I said gently.

“Please will you be my Daddy?”

“Will you submit to my will in all things?”, I demanded. She nodded her head like a little girl. “Say it…promise me”.

“Yes…I’ll do whatever you tell me to…I PROMISE!”, she sobbed. I twisted her nipples and she stopped sobbing, moaning passionately instead. I knew she was in for a night of unbridled ecstasy…and that she wouldn’t leave unless I kicked her out. I resisted the impulse to be tender…this bitch needed training.

“Then Daddy says get up and come with me!”, and she gasped and smiled happily, jumping up onto her high heels.

I was about to break her and rebuild her. I led her by the hand carefully downstairs into the basement, and over to the whipping frame, where I stood her up against it so that she was bent over at the waist. Her wrists were shackled, as were her ankles, and then I ran the strap around her waist and buckled it securely. Her breasts dangled, and I quickly clamped her nipples as she howled, then added weights to them…a pound on each one. Janice quivered with the pain and the erotic anticipation of what lay ahead.

“Could I have a cigarette, Daddy?”, she asked sweetly.

“You could, but no you MAY not. We have work to do, young lady! Afterwards, we’ll see”.

I began by flogging her with a suede flogger…her back, her buttocks, her inner thighs, her cunt, and she sobbed. She got to feel the warmth that comes after the initial sting. I told her that the pain she inflicted with her tongue to those under her was far worse than what she was undergoing…I asked her how it felt to ruin other people’s, other family’s lives. Then I used a battery powered electric zapper wand on her nipples and ass cheeks until she howled. I moved around and kissed her mouth, telling her I could be either hard or loving…and Janice moaned and begged her Daddy to love her. I fed her my cock for a couple of minutes as she sucked happily, begging me for cum. I told her she needed to earn it. Then I went back to paddling her behind and electrifying her. I worked her over for a good two hours or so, bringing her to the brink of orgasm repeatedly, but stopping before she could cum. I knew she was getting tired by the sound of her crying…it was just like a girl who cries herself to sleep after a spanking. I was almost done…and I wanted to tell her to hold on…it was almost over…but I resisted the temptation to be loving. I had to see this through with her…if this was going to work out, there was no room for either of us to backslide!

I selected a cane about the thickness of a pencil, and two feet long before it crooked. Her ample buttocks quivered when I laid it on them after swinging it to make it whistle. The first stroke came down, and she cried out that it hurt. The second came down and made a pink mark as she jerked and cried out again. Then I began. Each cheek got six strokes, and six deep pink stripes were raised in her white flesh. Janice was screaming by the end of it as I rubbed oil into her soft skin. My hand went into the crack of her ass and cunt, and she stopped crying and began to moan. My slippery finger teased her puckered hole as she moaned and sighed.

“Do you like that, baby?”

“Ohhh yesss, Daddy! It feels so goood…I need something in my bum!”

“You were a very brave girl…would you like that cigarette now? Ask me again”

“MMmmmm…yesss…may I please smoke a cigarette, Daddy?”

“Are you my good girl?”

“I want to be, Daddy…but…it’s for you to say if I am or not…”. Good fucking answer! I was impressed!

Janice parted her lips to accept the cigarette and I lit it for her. She drew happily on it, sending her plume out in front of her as my middle finger probed her asshole to my second joint. She moaned happily.

“Are you going to fuck me with your big cock now, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby…I’m going to have your little asshole after I have your wet pussy…would you like that?”

“PLEEEASE fuck me, Daddy…I NEED it sooo bad! Please make me your BabyGirl…”

So THAT’S what she wanted…to be my BabyGirl! I didn’t know what twisted shit she had endured to get her to this point, but her ass quivered in anticipation, and my cock was so hard it was leaking! I unshackled her wrists so she could smoke her cigarette and enjoy it, and she begged me to kiss her. I told her to take a drag, and when I kissed her she moaned out her smoke frantically and shook all over as she took my face in her hands. I held that kiss as she came HARD! The combination of pain and stimulation had gotten to her, and her orgasm ripped through her just from a kiss! What a gift we’d both been given…I had found my true submissive, and she had found her Daddy! I quickly moved to get behind her…my cock entered her wet pussy and she screamed in delight as I gave it to her in long strokes, and quickly came again, her muscles milking my hardness. I withdrew and worked it into her bum as she shrieked and puffed her cigarette like a locomotive as I really put it to her until she screamed again that she loved her Daddy and she was cumming so hard, and her pussy just sprayed hot juice all over my balls. As soon as I felt her wet heat, I just shuddered and blasted into her…cumming like I never had before, and she squealed in delight, and then cried as she felt my hot cum bathing her insides as I held her hips for support…

When I had collected myself, I pulled out and released her. She immediately got down on her knees, felt for and began sucking my cock that had just been in her ass, masturbating furiously. I got hard immediately, as much from her obvious submission as the sensation, and she paused to beg me for a cigarette. I lit it for her, and Janice smoked it as she sucked me and pleasured my ass with her fingers until I came in her throat and she swallowed every drop. When she was done, I removed her blindfold. She smacked her lips happily as she looked up at me with her sparkling green eyes…

“Am I your pretty BabyGirl? Please Daddy…tell me that I am…”. I just groaned and nodded.

“Yes, you are…you’re my verrry sweet BabyGirl…let’s get you cleaned up”. I took her upstairs and ran the shower, putting her in the spray and getting in with her. I washed every inch of her as she quivered and moaned happily, then dried her off and had her brush her teeth.

“Will you powder my bottom for me, Daddy?”, she asked prettily.

I took her to bed and got some baby powder, massaging her asshole and bottom with it as she cooed. I had a hard-on again, and she asked to suck it. I told her to smoke a cigarette and gave her a bottle of baby lotion to jerk me off with. She kissed me with smoke and proceeded to give me a slow and sensuous hand job like I had never experoenced, until I reached for a hand towel and came in it, disappointing her. She pouted and said she had wanted it in her mouth! I told her she wasn’t always going to get her way, and spanked her until she sobbed. But all it really did was get her horny all over again, and she rubbed her hot, wet pussy up and down my thigh as she sucked her thumb. I knew she needed to cum deeply, explosively, to make a deep impression inside her spirit, so I propped her up on pillows and had her smoke another cigarette. Then I proceeded to fuck her wet cunt with my fingers very quickly until my palm was slapping her wet vulva as she moaned and enjoyed smoking her VS 120 menthol prettily for me until she just shook all over, moaned low from deep inside of herself and cried out that she was cumming…and it was a BIG one! When she started squirting, she screamed and sprayed hot juices all over my hand and the bedding, and I just kept going! She moaned and tried to push my hand away, but I held her legs open with my knees and masturbated her furiously, telling her to keep smoking that cigarette…I knew that as soon as my thumb started flicking her clit, she was a goner…and when I did, she erupted all over again wetly, screaming…and then passed out, emotionally and physically exhausted!

Janice slept literally like a baby all through the night, and I called us both in sick as soon as 8 o’clock came. It had been a big night for her. She had been transformed into the girl she kept hidden away inside for many years, and I let her sleep. Around eleven, she padded out into the living room, rubbing her eyes and came to snuggle up with me on the sofa, looking to be kissed. She was awful cute. She had used my brush and pony elastics to put her hair up into two pigtails, and I couldn’t resist kissing her.

“Good morning, Daddy…may I have a cigarette? Am I still your BabyGirl?”, she asked hopefully. I saw that she was serious…she craved reassurance. What the fuck had happened to her as a child, I wondered, to make her so vicious, and yet deep down so needy?

“Yes you are…you’re my sweet BabyGirl, and yes you may”, I said, giving her a tender hug as I placed one between her pink lips and lit her, watching her cheeks hollow as she sucked it.

She sighed out her smoke happily as she kissed me and her hand found my penis. It was already rock hard…

“OOOooooo…may I please suck your cock, Daddy?”, she moaned. “Please?”

I let her go down on me as she enjoyed her cigarette. She was a natural cock sucker, obviously orally fixated, and I came hard just as she was taking her last puff from her 120. Janice swallowed me happily, then licked up what had escaped from her mouth as I put her butt out. I took her back to bed and ate her delicious pussy, making her flood my mouth, and then introduced her to the Hitachi Pleasure Wand, until she screamed. She was in love with me. I saw it in her starry green eyes. I knew that when the time was right, and I had built up enough trust so she didn’t fear abandonment or rejection, she would feel comfortable enough to share with me what had made her such ‘damaged goods’…

“What am I going to do now?”, she asked me later. “I can’t do my job anymore…they want the hatchet lady I’ve been…and we both know I’m no longer the ‘Terrier’. You found out my little secret and ‘outted‘ me…we both know I‘m really a submissive”, she said, snuggling in and kissing me.

She had a real point…I HAD ruined her as far as her job went, but she was the happiest she’d ever been in her life – she told me so, and her actions spoke loudly. We talked it over, and then it hit me. I was a much better Master than a maintenance man. I had a Dominatrix friend, Faye who had offered to set me up in business for years, the last time as recently as a month ago. I called her, and we agreed to meet at Jimmy’s Harborside for dinner. I took Janice back to her apartment so she could dress in something classy, and she had a shitload of sexy clothes! I picked out a smart little black leather miniskirt, matching jacket, a white button-down silk blouse with ruffles with no bra, fishnets and five inch stilettos. I knew that Faye would be envious! She was…offered me money for a night with her right in front of her, and I politely refused. I said we were ‘involved’, and Janice beamed happily. Faye understood, and wished us well. We got down to business. In exchange for thirty per cent, she would furnish the space and the necessary equipment to get us off the ground for six months. Then she asked what my angle was.

“My plan is to get rich suburban housewives in touch with their ‘inner slave’…BabyGirl is to be my lovely assistant, and she’ll be a perfect role model for them. Eventually, we’ll get the husbands in for training…”

“Fucking BRILLIANT! You’re a fucking GENIUS!”, Faye exclaimed, causing the surrounding tables full of patrons to notice us. “I suggest a hundred-fifty an hour to start, and I already have five clients for you!”, she hissed excitedly.

And that is how SubUrban SubMissions, LLC was born. BabyGirl came up with the name.
There was another birth, as well. From the moment I introduced her to Faye, Ms. Janice Dembosky ceased to exist in our hearts and minds, only on paper…there was now only a beautiful woman child called BabyGirl in my bed and by my side. She chose her own name, as well as our business’…pretty cool! Then she asked me to have her nipples, tongue and clit pierced as a sign of submission to me…I asked her if she was sure,and she said she was. I did the work myself, and she was so very grateful for the pain at my hands…she told me it meant the world to her! She looks and feels even more beautiful now!

I love my work! There’s nothing quite like the sight of a hot MILF in bondage, learning to do what she’s told, and loving it. BabyGirl is particularly good at playing Good Cop to my Bad Cop, and one of our favorite things to do is ‘roasted Piglet on the Spit’. That’s when a MILF gets rewarded for good behavior by BabyGirl on one end, wearing a vibrating strap-on rubber cock and thigh boots…enjoying her cigarette as she fucks the Piglet’s mouth, cunt or ass, and me on the other end, with my cock buried in the opposite of whichever of the MILF’s three orifices is facing me! Our clients are ecstatic, we’re making a boatload of cash, and at the end of the day around midnight we leave the dungeon, merely walking up two flights of stairs to be home.

BabyGirl gets her pink twelve ounce sippy cup filled with a fresh White Russian and plenty of ice. We unwind and she plays with herself and Daddy’s cock, using a dildo as she sips her drink and smokes a cigarette. She often begs for, and happily submits to, a brisk, thorough spanking over Daddy’s knee until she‘s pink, juicy and sobbing to be loved. Of course she just has to have her lips freshly buttered with pink lipstick, and a delicious VS 120 menthol cigarette or two to enjoy while Daddy kisses her boo-boo and loves her all up and down, in and out, until she screams and her little toes curl! Then she gets to swallow her favorite creamy, hot treat that she craves. We’ll have something to eat…a salad, a sandwich. Afterward, Daddy massages, fingerbangs and powders or sucks his little girl’s luscious, pink bottom and tushy, sometimes to orgasm(she’s both orally and anally fixated), and then my sweet one sighs, cuddles (it’s her favorite thing next to cigarettes and cock) with, and kisses Daddy as we watch a movie until we fall asleep…unless she’s still rambunctious and requires a good fucking…that happens frequently…never a dull moment! About ten in the morning, BabyGirl yawns, stretches and comes to me for her ‘happy good morning kiss’, enjoying her first cigarette as she cutely states that she needs Daddy’s cock in her sweet, smoky mouth. We have a light breakfast together, then shower and dress for work that starts at 1 PM in the dungeon of our home. These have now become our new family traditions…she’s a verrry complicated little Missy, needs lots of attention and reassurance, but it works for us…we love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Story by mak69

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