Devotion & Desire – Smoking Fetish Story

For her final year at university, Helen was doing specialist work on neurophysiology. Though it was not as specialist as some of her hobbies. She could never decide which was her favorite, smoking or sex, so she combined the two whenever possible. Aside from that, she was getting very good at electronics.

Her latest toy was the neurostimulator. She had discovered the exact frequencies and locations to apply electrical signals to enhance pleasure. She had tuned it so that just three controls gave her all the responses she wanted. The first was sexual, of course. The lower settings induced a generally horniness which, with increasing intensity, became an overwhelming need for sex. The induced arousal was matched with increased physical sensitivity and responses to any kind of sexual activity. In its initial form, it was sensational. The orgasms were intense but generalized. With further research, she had refined it so the sidebands could be adaptively tuned to focus pleasure in the nipples in response to stimulation. Helen had spent a weekend of exhaustive (and exhausting) testing to prove the stimulator.

The second control, just as important to Helen, enhanced both the pleasure in smoking and the intensity of the need to smoke. This too she tested for long periods finding she could easily be induced to smoke 10 cigarettes in an hour. In addition, she could keep that up for four hours straight. Unfortunately, that left her so wired on nicotine she couldn’t sleep. A third control could be added to induce varying states of relaxation akin to hypnotic trance. As well as helping her sleep, this new dimension to the stimulator could be used to induce a degree of suggestibility or compliance where anyone would willingly addict them to cigarettes or embrace any sexual activity. Alternatively, both at the same time. After ten years of research, Helen had absolutely no problem in trying to convert as many women as she could to lesbian sex, smoking and preferably both together. She was basically on one long sexual power trip. In addition, as she realized what she could do with the neurostimulator she entered an almost ecstatic state of arousal. The prototype stimulator had been mind-blowing. Next she wanted to make a practical, portable set, or better still two

For the next couple of weeks all her pent up sexual energy was directed into electronics. The result was two pairs of small silver boxes. The main one attached to the head with an electrode strip that went back from temple to temple and provided stimulation to the pleasure centers of the brain. This worked in conjunction with another strapped to the left arm which monitored and controlled whole body responses heart rate, breathing and so on. And though to some extent they responded automatically she included a radio link to allow her to adjust the three main aspects smoke, sex and compliance as she liked. The end result wouldn’t have looked out of place in the original Star Trek, especially as she’d included an indicator LED that flashed different colors in response to the stimulators activity. She decided to move on to a more ambitious test. Moreover, she knew exactly who she would like to try out the power of the neurostimulators on.

They say that people study psychology in order to work out their own problems. In Helen’s opinion Jayne and Kaylee, who she met regularly at psychology seminars, needed to put in a lot more work. Socially inept, they were both offensively holier-than-thou non-smokers. Also they weren’t just chronically straight, they’d come out with anti-lesbian sentiments if they thought there was no danger of a politically correct put down. The thought of using the neurostimulator to get these two to smoke and get each other off was irresistible.
Of course, Helen didn’t let them know what a pair of shits she thought they were. Instead, she politely asked them if they would help with a little private experiment, she was doing on electro-hypnosis. Typically, they claimed hypnosis was rubbish that they were both extremely resistant and that no one had ever succeeded in putting them under. Helen cheerfully replied that would be ideal. After all they wouldn’t want her to bias her experiment in favor of a positive result. Helen had become an expert at manipulating people.

Eager to show her up they agreed without hesitation to Helen making a video of the session, accepting her line that it would save her the bother of taking notes.

“Yeah, right. Look Helen, you’re not going to pull any stage hypnotist tricks on us.” Jayne boasted

Helen smiled and turned on the camera.
“Tell me if you feel a change at any time.” Helen advised.
A few seconds later, Helen turned it up to the borderline where relaxation became suggestibility, adding some sexual stimulation at the same time.

“Oh yeah, that’s nice. “said Jayne.

“Kaylee, you feel anything?” Helen asked.


“How would you describe it?”

“It’s lovely, if feel really relaxed, floaty almost and kind of horny too. Like maybe I’m about to drift into a wet dream.” Kaylee replied.
“Yeah, kind of like that too.” Jayne agreed.

“So you’d be happy to stay like this for a while longer?”

“Very.” They both chimed in.

Helen carried on a show of scientific questioning to show they were alert and rational and then added.

“Now this isn’t part of the experiment but would you mind if I smoke?” Helen asked.

“Fine.” Jayne said.

Kaylee merely added, “You shouldn’t smoke, it’s bad for you.”

“Maybe. We don’t really know how smoking will affect me. Anyway, I like to smoke. Also I smoke a lot. 40 cigarettes a day or more, so I get really tense if I don’t smoke.”

“Why do you smoke so much?” Kaylee asked.

“Because I really like it. We can talk about smoking as much as you like, but first you haven’t answered my question Kaylee, do you mind if I smoke?”

“No, go ahead if you must.”

“Thank you.”

Helen had been adding more sexual stimulation very gradually. In their induced state of relaxation, Kaylee and Jayne hardly noticed the sexual tension increasing in the room. Helen did though, with great pleasure especially at their subtle responses to her own pleasure at lighting up. She eased the compliance slightly higher and said, “So, Kaylee, you want to talk some more about smoking?”

“Sure, why not?”

“What would you like to know?”

“Why an intelligent girl like you smokes?” Kayleigh asked.

“Like I said, because I like it. You could say nicotine is my drug of choice. Most people choose to take some drug or other. I notice you two seem to get a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from alcohol. So far that has been your drug of choice right?”

“You could say that.” Both girls responded.

“Drinking is an enjoyable part of your life. I feel just the same about smoking. Only nicotine is a far superior drug, relaxing, exiting, intensely pleasurable and you can smoke day and night without falling over, throwing up or suffering a hangover. Better still smoking cigarettes are a delightfully controlled way to get that drug into your system. If I want to get an extra nicotine hit I can drag in more smoke, inhale it that bit deeper like this, Helen did a double pump, snapping the smoke deep into her lungs, as she exhaled she said, And that feels really good. However, maybe you already know that. Have you ever smoked Kaylee?”

“I smoked a bit of a joint once at a party. Felt kind of weird, woozy you know. Didn’t really like it.”

“Yeah, you don’t want to go messing about with drugs. You want to try some pure tobacco, I know you’d love it. And Jayne, how about you?”

“Yeah I smoked a bit once. When I was about 15, there was a gang I wanted to be in and they smoked. I tried it quite a few times. Tasted horrible at first but then, yeah, I kind of got into it. But they were losers and I was well out of it.”

Now that she knew their brains had felt the effects of nicotine she decided to add some smoking stimulation into the mix.

To cover her actions she said, “It’s a shame the smokers you knew were losers, but you know smoking doesn’t make you a loser. You don’t think I’m a loser and I smoke a lot.”

“No.” the girls responded.

“Good. So, you wanted to know why I smoke, well of course smoking 40 a day I’m heavily addicted to the nicotine. And I like that. It feels really good to crave cigarettes and even better to light up it makes smoking so much more satisfying. Of course, if I can’t smoke for some time I get pretty ratty, but I really like the feeling of wanting a cigarette. It’s a bit like how being really thirsty makes a drink taste all the better. Or how lusting after someone makes it all the sweeter when you get to fuck them. You see what I mean?”
“Yeah.” They chorused.

And also I like the social identity of being a smoker. Having a cigarette is a good way of spending social time with other people. Life can be rushed but smokers know they need a break. Also smokers help each other out. Any smoker understands what it’s like to be addicted, to want or need a cigarette badly. Therefore, a smoker will always give you a cigarette if you want one. It’s polite to offer to pay but most smokers will give you a cigarette. We’ve all bummed a smoke in need and that kind of links us. Do you see what I mean?” Helen said as she took another drag.

“I hadn’t thought of that. “Jayne said, Kaylee just made some kind of affirmative grunt. Cautiously Helen increased the stimulation so they would more certainly be compliant to any suggestion.

“So would you like to see what it’s like to have a cigarette together?”

Both girls nodded to the suggestion.

“That’s great. It’s always good to have friends to smoke with.” Helen said.

Helen handed out cigarettes, demonstrated how to light up and gave them each a lighter.

“There, now you can both light your cigarettes.”

Not even conscious they were acting on her directions the two girls duly lit their cigarettes.

“That’s great – you’re doing good! You can be more relaxed about it though. Trust me, this is easy. You feel really comfortable with a cigarette in your hands. Were just friends, smokers having a smoke together, right?” Helen suggested.

Helen took a drag and the others followed suit. It was a little better but they still looked mechanical. Seeing them smoke was a thrill, but seeing them making like smokers would be a bigger thrill.
“Better, but let’s try applying some visualization to this. You’re relaxed, you feel good about smoking. It’s kind of exciting isn’t it, having a lit cigarette in your hand, able to take a drag anytime you want. There’s no need to worry about it as if you were still kids. You’re adults with a perfect right to smoke anytime you want to. Now is one of those times. You’re smoking because you’ve heard it makes you feel really good. You love the flavor of cigarette smoke, so rich and complex. So welcome the smoke into your lungs. You know how to do that. All your lives you seen people smoking, you have seen how easily they breathe in smoke and you know you can smoke just as easily. Everyone has his or her own style of smoking, so now you can start to discover your style. You are excited to discover all the ways you can take smoke into your body and feel it releasing its nicotine into your blood. So relax and relish the discovery. Be gentle at first but don’t be faint hearted, see how it feels to take the smoke deep into your lungs. How good it feels to exhale. There’s infinite variety, slow, fast, mouth, nostrils see what feels good for you. So that’s the visualization over, now were just mates having a smoke together.” Helen explained.

After that Helen let them get on with it and just watched. They’d lost all that uncomfortable look and were now even a bit playful copying her smoking and each others.

At this point Jayne took and lit another cigarette.

“Yeah, that’s good Jayne, you’re doing exactly the right thing. You know smoking makes you feel good so of course you’re going to smoke again. It’s a no brainer. And you know what It gets better. Every cigarette you smoke gets better than the one before.” Helen suggested.

“Really?” Kaylee asked.

“Sure, try it and you’ll see.”

Kaylee really didn’t need much encouragement, and also accepted and lit another cigarette.

“See, that’s so good isn’t it?” Helen said when they’d settled into their cigarettes.

“I know you’re going to carry on smoking now you know how good it is. It’s a no brainer, right? Something that good has got to be worth it.”

“Sure.” Kaylee responded as smoke punctuated her words.

“Course.” Jayne replied as she took took another drag.

“I can see you are really enjoying what the neurostimulator does for you. You were skeptical about the power of hypnotic suggestion but now you’re really glad it works. Without it you’d never have dreamed of becoming smokers and that would have been such a waste. But now you know how good it feels you’re going to keep on smoking, yes?” Helen asked as she lit up another cigarette.

“Too right!” Jayne replied.

“And what’s really exciting is the way the desire to smoke gets stronger the more you smoke. Now that you have smoked a couple of cigarettes you understand why cigarettes are so addictive. You can feel the seductive power of cigarettes and why would you want to resist that. Already you know that giving in to the temptation for a smoke is the right move. The pleasure of that rush as you inhale cigarette smoke into your lungs and feel the nicotine coursing through you body is so good you know you want that to be part of your life forever. You don’t have to think about it, you can feel in your bodies how right it is for you to smoke. And you can feel how the better you get at smoking the stronger the temptation for the next cigarette will be. You want that, you want to be addicted. It goes beyond the pleasure of smoking – there is something deeply hot and satisfying as you feel the nicotine getting its hooks into your body and mind. Smoking starts as a pleasure that you love and can only get from cigarettes. As you make smoking part of your everyday life, you’ll see how liberating it is. How choosing to becoming a smoker takes you beyond childish moralistic rules. Your choice to be a smoker marks your decision to take on you power as women. And with that you’ll leave behind your childish, romantic sexual ideas about men and embrace the intensely satisfying sexuality you can only share with other women. Only women can give you complete sexual satisfaction, and only with women can you know your true power to give full sexual release.”

As they all smoked together Helen gradually brought down their sex stimulation.
“So, I think were nearly done. I hope you enjoyed helping me out with the neurostimulator.”

Both girls nodded.

“Good. I’ll turn it off completely now – Here’s a little something for helping me out…”

Helen gave them each a pack of 20 cigarettes and a lighter.

“Thanks Helen.” Jayne smiled.

“I figured you would want to carry on smoking now you’ve started?”

“Of course.” Kaylee replied as she admired the pack of Marlboro Lights in her hand.

“Cool. So, what do you think now about hypnotic suggestion?”

“Same as always.” Kaylee said.

“Really? Therefore, when you came here you’d secretly wanted to start smoking and lust after other women?”


As they left, both girls lit up new cigarettes, embracing the night sky with bluish clouds of smoke.

After lighting a cigarette of her own, Helen decided it was good time to review her tape and make notes.

Story by Blackbladder

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