Sarah’s secret desire (Raucher) – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah’s Secret Desire

Sarah’s Lungs Chapter 2

When I put up the post that led you here, I hadn’t yet
written this story. I didn’t know how bad I would get. Well
let me tell you, folks…IT’S BAD!!! Please don’t continue
reading unless really hard core stuff turns you on.

Besides the usual disgusting lung stuff, there’s a little
bit of incest in the story, just because the idea of it
seemed arousing at the time I was writing it. Remember that
Sarah is no longer a minor and that this is a
no-holds-barred fantasy.

Sarah woke up the day after her mother’s funeral with a
great idea. She went to her father and asked him what was
going to happen to her mother’s body now that she’s dead.
He told her that Lori was an organ donor and would
therefore be in the hospital until they determine all the
organs she can donate to people who need them. Besides her
lungs, everything else about her worked pretty well.

“There’s no way anyone could possibly use her lungs for
anything, right?” Sarah asked. Her father replied
“absolutely not. they’re far too damaged.”

“Then how about this…What if I had one of her lungs
transplanted into MY chest.”

Sarah’s question shocked and excited him. Could it be done?
How? He asked her “are you sure you would want to do
something like that?”

“Yes I am! I’m more sure about this than anything else in
the world. And I know Dr. Richards would do it for me. It’s
obvious from when he treated mom that he has an intense
smoking fetish. He’s a heart and lung surgeon and was part
of the team that was involved in the first few lung
transplants that they showed on the news. I know his
patients didn’t fully regain their health and it’s not
definite that the transplants will last for more than a
couple of years, but that’s all the time I would need to
enjoy having a lung in my chest like mom’s. I don’t want to
have to wait decades for my lungs to get like mom’s. I want
it now.”

Her father agreed to request it as long as she really
wanted it. He hugged her and gently told her that he was
saddened at the prospect of potentially losing the two most
beloved women in his life in the span of a few years, but
he didn’t deny Lori her ultimate pleasure and he won’t deny
hers. Secretly he was thrilled at the idea of his very own
daughter having the the a lung from his life-long smoking
wife. He embraced her closely and secretly imagined the
diseased lung that may shortly be in her chest. He smiled
at the thought of a cancer developing in the tender young
chest of his dear daughter and of her soon passing away. He
wished he could plant a tumor in her right now, but he knew
something equally fantastic would happen. He gently stroked
her back and imagined he was stroking her lungs.

As they stood in embrace, Sarah whispered in his ear”I know
that you want this as much as I do. I know that you want me
to die of lung cancer, daddy, and I don’t mind. I like it
that you feel that way and I want to get sick for you as
soon as possible. Tell me that you want your little girl to
get sick and die.”

Taken by surprise, he mumbled the words incoherently, to
which Sarah replied “Say it so I can hear you, daddy. I
want you to so badly.”

“I want my little girl to get sick and die”, he whispered
gently, “I want you to get cancer in your lungs and die.”

“That’s better, she said. She then moved her tender lips to
his and began to kiss him deeply. Her smoke tinged lips and
tongue tasted so good in his mouth. She took one of her
hands and moved it down to her p u s s y, where she shoved
his finger deep into the soft, creamy flesh between her
legs. He said “I want you now, Sarah” and proceeded to move
his penis into his young daughters soft vagina. When he was
deep inside her, he felt something hard at the tip of his
penis. She took her father’s member out of her for a moment
to pull out a huge wad of tobacco that she had put into her
cervyx. Seeing that he was confused, she told him “It’s not
only my lungs that like tobacco. I want to try to get
cancer down there, too. Imagine how sexy it would be to
have cancer in the sexiest part of my body. I’ve been
keeping tobacco inside of my p u s s y since I was 8 years
old. I keep it in there constantly, replacing it every
week. It sometimes makes me sore, but it hurts so good.”

She then lit up a cigarette and started pulling smoke into
her mouth as she brought her face close to his. As she
opened her mouth. He got to see all the smoke swirl and
then whisp away down her throat and into her chest, which
expanded to full capacity in his arms. She held her breath
and brought her lips to his, then poured all of the smoke
into his lungs. God how he loved the smell of smoke
filtered by human lungs. “I wish both of your lungs could
collapse right now and leave you dead in my arms…” he
thoughtlessly blurted out. “That’s the spirit, daddy”, she
laughed as they moved to the bedroom to make love.

He now felt that his daughter was the sexiest woman on the
planet and he was looking forward to having actual
intercourse with her.

The next day they made an appointment with doctor Richards.
When he found out about their plan, he first confessed that
they were right about him. He would be excited to go
through with the operation, though it would have to be done
with great secrecy. As they spoke for a while, he lamented
that it was sad to actually replace people’s wonderfully
diseased lungs with new ones, but he loved his job because
it gave him a chance to do what few smoke fetishers get to
do – handle diseased lungs. There is nothing like looking
into a woman’s chest and seeing with your own eyes the
scarred remains of her diseased lungs. Even better is
reaching in and actually holding the beautiful mass of
seared flesh. Most smoke fetishers, when they see a woman
smoking, try to imagine what the inside of her chest looks
like, but I know first hand, in three dimensions. It’s like
being in a state of nirvana. And the tumors themselves –
large cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, I know them
all intimitaly. It’s a shame to have to reverse the fine
progress the tumors are making in the women’s bodies, but
that’s my job.

Sarah and her father expressed some jealosy at Dr.
Richards’ good fortune, but he told them not to be jealous,
because they will now get a chance to see Lori’s lungs
themselves, and her lungs are by far the best he’s ever
seen. They walked over to the bed she was laying in as
various organs of hers were being kept alive for
transplant. She was covered in a sheet.

The doctor began to speak: “At this time we have to pick
out a lung for your transplant. Both of them had cancer in
them and both are equally damaged, but one of them had only
a minor cancer and it was removed. The decision you must
make is whether you want cancer right away or whether you
want to wait two or three years, because that is how long
it will take for the other one to re-develop one in its
current state. If you wait, you will have a longer, but not
too long time to enjoy the wheezing and coughing and
cramping you’ll have with the lung.”

Sarah chose the non-cancerous lung because she figured even
though it gave her a 3 decade head start, she would like to
EARN her cancer. She wanted to be at least partially
responsible for making it happen.

“With that decided, brace yourselves, because what you are
about to see is intense. You may think you’ll like it, but
there’s a possibility that the real thing may make you
change your mind, particularly since it is your mother and
your wife.”

They told him to go ahead. When he lifted the veil, Sarah
and her father beheld the most amazing sight of their
lives. Far from being disgusted, they both found it the
most beatiful vision they had ever layed eyes on. There was
Lori, dead from lung cancer, with her chest opened wide
revealing two black, twisted lungs. Each lung was stained a
mottled paisley of black and brown. rather than a smoothly
consistent surface, various parts of the surface were
bubbled out and other parts were buckled in. small, black
lesions were strewn over a glossy, slimy petina.”They’re
beautiful”, Sarah commented.

“Go ahead and pick them up”, said the doctor. Sarah and her
father reached into Lori’s chest and each pulled out a
lung. They had to snap it off of the brittle windpipe.
Sarah looked at the lung she was holding in awe. A huge
smile couldn’t remove itself from her face as she brought
the lung to her lips and kissed it.

By the way, later on today I’ll prepare the lung with
preservatives, kind of like a taxidermist does to keep it
from rotting. Once I do that, you can keep it.

“Really?!? Oh, thank you Dr. Richards. and thank you daddy
for helping me with this. I’m the happiest girl in the
world.” Said Sarah.”By the way, what do we owe you for

“Absolutely nothing. Doing this to your young body is more
than adequate payment. By the way, when your healthy lung
is removed, what do you want to do with it?”

“I want to burn it. It’ll be my way of saying out with the
new and in with the old!”

The end of part 2.

Does anyone DARE continue this story.


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