“It Hurts So Good, My Husband!” – Smoking Fetish Story

Ayame-san says that I spoil her, but what can I say? I’m nuts about her, and she knows it. Right now, she’s lying prone, smoking her long cigarette and moaning prettily with a pillow under her tummy to raise herself up for me as my stiff tongue probes her little puckered hole and my two fingers penetrate her wet little cunt below it. Her name written in Japanese kanji translates as ‘iris’ and that is exactly what the petals of her delicate labia look like to me when they’re parted and dewy with her excitement. Which is a very frequent occurrence now in our household these days…

I met her when I bought her services for the night while I was staying in Tokyo’s Shibuya district on business. I was seeking a lady who smoked cigarettes and was closer to my age to hopefully be able to converse with me intelligently as well as fuck me. Ayame-san arrived and turned out to be perfection…her English was just this side of fluent, and when she allowed me to light her cigarette and then kiss her, the night of intimacy and sex that resulted was nothing short of intense. It must have been for her as well, because the next day was her day off and she arranged to show me Asakusa and then Sensouji, the historic Buddhist temple. We had dinner, and then retired to my hotel room to continue where we left off. She’s 37 and divorced, with no children, and to me, her beauty is beyond mere words…as soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one I had been waiting for all these years. It cost me almost five thousand USD to spend that first night with her, but it was the best investment in myself I could have ever made. When Ayame-san saw my erect penis for the first time, her eyes got wide and she licked her lips. I found out later what she meant when she moaned out odachi and nukimi repeatedly as I fucked her tight pussy. She was telling me how much she loved taking my ‘big drawn sword’ inside her. I could feel her contractions as she came, and squirting is pretty hard to fake.

My rudimentary knowledge of Japanese was soon getting better under her tutelage, especially my slang. After I stole her out from under her contract with the Belgian expat who ran the escort agency, and while she was still legally married to her drunken debaucher of a husband, I brought her here to the States for the first time. It turned out to be a six-week, extended visit that was like our honeymoon. When she spent that first night at my beach house in Rio Del Mar, she sat up on the window bench seat with her brightly colored, short red silk happi robe open, legs spread and touching herself”’

 Mite kudasai…O-manko wa nurete imasuwakarimas’ka ? See? My cunt is very wet for you!” she giggled, asking me if I understood, then added “Watashi ni tabako o onegai …watashi wa jii kōi o mite! Give me a cigarette and then watch me play with myself! I know how much it pleases you…”

I quickly retrieved her Capri 120’s from the table, placed one between her red lips and lit it, then Ayame-san closed her eyes and moaned out a rich plume of smoke from deep inside herself, languidly masturbating and moaning with her fingers carressing her clitoris.

Kore wa anata o yorokobanai ? Do you like it?”

“…You know I do…it makes me want to eat you all up!” I told her as she dragged and snapped a ball of smoke into herself again, causing her to moan out her sweet exhale for me to savor as it billowed into my face. I took the last of it when my lips touched her soft ones buttered in lipstick…

“…Yatte kudasai…please then, do it!” she whispered.

I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her little pussy, getting it nice and wet as Ayame-san sent her creamy exhales down to me and squirmed. Within seconds she was moaning in that high pitched way that tells me she’s about to cum…Japanese was pouring out of her!

Anata wa watashi ga kuru~tsu tsukuruma watashi o fakku shite kudasai…oh, you make me so crazy when you do this! Please fuck me…give it to me now, baby!”

My cock buried itself in her all the way in one thrust that made her scream, and I picked her up and walked around the room with her legs wrapped around my waist, making her dance up and down on me with my hands cupping her delicious little bottom. She moaned loudly, sucking on her cigarette, inhaling almost convulsively as her lips locked onto mine, filling me with her sweet smoke as she came again and again. Her heated juices just cascaded down my thighs and legs and I couldn’t hold back…I blew a mighty load up inside of her and I couldn’t get her down onto the coffee table, the nearest piece of furniture, fast enough! She had me so hard for her with her filthy talk and cigarette smoke that I just kept pumping in and out of her, causing her to shriek and sob…

When she had cum again, I pulled out and Ayame-san smoked the last of her Capri, sucking me off as I squatted over her upturned, pretty face and filled her mouth with my hot jizz. Tears streamed down her face, making her mascara run and I scooped her up and took her right to bed. We kissed and cuddled while she had yet another cigarette and then she ended up straddling me, begging me to pinch her hard nipples, riding me until her contractions made her shake all over and her juices flooded my scotum. That night I asked her to marry me. She said she wanted that more than anything, but she had many loose ends to take care of…impressing upon me the need to be patient if I wanted to be with her.

She came from a cramped apartment on the outskirts of metropolitan Tokyo, and when she saw how I lived, how I wanted both of us to live together, Ayame-san couldn’t believe how much space I had. It literally turned her on, and she insisted I fuck her in every one of the six rooms. She spent hours luxuriating on the beach while I went to work and then I came home to be ‘kept’ by her fresh-cooked meals. Ayame-san asked me to start calling her ‘Iris’, and soon all of the local grocers knew the beautiful Japanese woman who spoke fluent English whom I was living with by that name, because she insisted on frequent trips to buy fresh vegetables. Just the sight of her in her silk scarf to protect her long hair from the sun and wind as she rode beside me in my Miata down Route 1 to Watsonville, smoking her cigarette and smiling behind her sunglasses at me made my heart sing and my dick hard! Twice when it rained and the top was up, I got my cock sucked to excruciating orgasm as I drove in the little blue sports car while Iris enjoyed her Capri at the same time.

Those six weeks passed way too quickly and she had to go back to Tokyo. Instead of using Mineta San Jose, she insisted on flying JAL out of San Francisco, and on the fifty mile drive, she gave me a beautiful, teasing handjob with her left hand that lasted for three of her cigarettes over the course of twenty or so minutes. She brought me to the very brink of orgasm three times before finally letting me cum explosively into one of her silk scarves, and then she carefully folded it up to take back to Japan with her. Our goodbye in the terminal was a tearful affair, and she was still crying as she went through the departure gate and down the ramp, pulling her carry-on.

Ayame-san called me when her flight arrived safely at Narita, and then I didn’t hear from her for three, agonizing days. It turns out that she had succumbed to the Belgian’s hard-sell once he heard that she was back in Tokyo, and she’d gone back to doing escort work. She was afraid to tell me, for good reason. I was furious when she finally returned my call and I found out. It was as if the time we spent together was just a ‘freebie’…a vacation for her. I could hear in her voice just how my thoughtless words had stung her, and I regretted it. She was fighting back tears as she calmly tried to assure me that nothing was further from the truth…the Chotei Rikon, Family Court that was hearing her pettition for divorce was likely to take at least six months and cost upwards of a million or more Yen because her husband was pissed that she wanted to marry a gaijin. He was ducking being served the papers and promised to tie it up for a long, long time. The only other alternative was to make pay-offs to the right officials so that she could bring it directly to Saiban, a judicial court presided over by an actual judge, and there was still the matter of what she did for work.

I gritted my teeth for the long haul, swallowing my feelings of jelousy and had to make do with having cyber-sex with her via Skype a couple times a week. Most times, she was Iris…dressed in lingerie and smoking long cigarettes for me, telling me how much she missed my Big Sword. But several times she gave me a treat…making herself up beautifully for me, in white face powder made from rice, her eyes lined with black and her lips painted crimson, dressing in traditional kimono and using harigata, a traditional lacquered dildo of paper mache’ as she smoked kiseru, the long stemmed tobacco pipe and got us both off. After each session, Iris/Ayame-san always ended our Skype in the same way, blowing me a kiss as she smiled…

Oboete oite kudasai…anata o hontōni aishi teru, Kenji-san…zutto aishite imasu ! Please remember this…I love you so very much, Kenneth…and I always will!”

Four, long months passed. Then came the call that broke my heart. Her pettition for divorce had been thrown out because he was cross-filing and charging her for adultery with me. It was okay for her to go with other men, both Japanese and foreigners, as long as he was getting the benefits of her earnings to subsidize his gambling and carousing. But he was being a prick now that Ayame-san was about to shut off the milk from the cow.

“We should pray that my advocate can pay off the right men so that Saiban will hear my pettition…or else Rokudenashi, the Asshole must be paid to acept the divorce.”

I transferred 2 million Yen, about twenty thousand USD into her bank account and after a week, she was very excited.

“Kenji-san…Saiban will hear my divorce in three weeks’ time…advocate says it’s looking good, thanks to the bribe money you sent to me! I’m so very happy…I want to do something special with you! Call me on Skype now, baby!”

What followed was twenty minutes of the most unhinged cyber-sex I’ve ever had…Iris lit a cigarette in bed and asked me to go and get one of the vibrators she had left behind, then she lubed up a black rubber cock only slightly smaller than me and the two of us proceeded to bugger ourselves in our bottoms until we came together explosively. But she wasn’t satisfied with that. She had me go and get plastic wrap and place it over the camera tightly, then watch her smoke and masturbate as I jerked off a second time, shooting cum into and all over the lens…

“I miss the flavor and heat of your Big Sword when you cum for meee…and after tonite, I am not working any longer…I promise!”

I’ve lit her cigarette; she’s dangling it between her red lips and shaking as she smokes and moans with my hands holding her slender hips…the swollen head of my heavily lubed penis is going slowly into Ayame-san’s anus now for the first time. She’s already cum from being eaten and her pussy fucked as she lies prone beneath me, huffing out a plume of creamy, bluish smoke, taking my cock in her ass to go where she’s promised that no other man’s penis has ever gone before. We just got married in a civil ceremony on the beach, and now on our wedding night, she’s giving the cherry of her ass to me as a sacred present of her love.

“MMMmm…sssore wa yoi itai! It hurts me so good…ma watashi o fakku shite kudasai…anata o hontōni aishi teru, shujin! Please fuck me now…I love you so very, very much, my husband!”

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