Mom is early – Smoking Fetish Story

“Shit, shit, shit – Mom is early.” Courtney muttered to herself as she cleared the magazines from her living room table.

Mother and daughter embraced, and Courtney breathed in deeply the stale smoke resident on her jacket. Courtney and Michaela looked more like sisters, as they both had long auburn hair. However, Courtney didn’t have the feminine charm her mother had, which helped her win Prom Queen in her younger days.

“Happy birthday, princess. Hoes does it feel to be 23?”

“Better than 22,…have a seat.” Courtney responded, showing Michaela to the sofa. As she went to make them a cup of coffee, Michaela noted the pristine ashtray on her table.

Such a pity it’s not used, she thought as she removed a pack of cigarettes from her jacket pocket.

When Courtney returned, she witnessed Michaela smile while toying with the pack between her hands.

“Mind if I smoke?” she teased, flipping the pack lid open.

“Not at all. I wish I could join you without puking.” Courtney joked.

The only daughter of a leading tobacco executive, Courtney was home schooled, and avoided the anti-smoking influence from public education growing up. Despite

Part One – Family Matters

adopting her mother’s passion for the habit, her efforts to experience the smoking sensation never materialised. In her eyes, failing to follow directly in her family tradition, she left the family home to start a new life.

After lighting up, Courtney watched with envy as Michaela took a long drag. Courtney had a smoking fetish, and never got bored of the smoking process as she witness others savour the nicotine. Minutes passed by as Courtney continued to watch her mother smoke effortlessly, while they engaged in light conversation. She observed how Michaela seemed completely relaxed when feeding her need for nicotine.

With the cigarette almost finished, Michaela playfully extended the filter towards her daughter.

“Take it.” Michaela coaxed as her daughter reluctantly accepted the cigarette.

“But we have been through this many times, Mom – I just can’t get the hang of this.” Courtney pleaded, torn between wanting to feel closer to her mother as well as not trying to gag as the acrid smoke danced towards the ceiling.

“Please try again, for me, honey. Just remember what I showed you before.” Michaela pleaded, flashing a smile to reassure Courtney.

Here goes nothing, Courtney thought, as she raised the smouldering filter towards her lips. With her eyes fixated on the burning ember, she wrapped her lips around the filter, and sucked gently. The tobacco hissed, and smoke flooded her mouth. With Michaela nodding approvingly, she inhaled the smoke down into her lungs. However, as the smoke spread inside, Courtney panicked at the warm feeling, and spat out the smoke, ensuing a prolonged coughing fit. As smoke spewed out, Courtney’s eyes watered, and her mother removed the filter from her hands, before grinding it out in the ashtray.

“You are a natural.” Michaela teased, as her daughter regained her composure, slightly embarrassed by her latest failed attempt to embrace the habit.

“Sorry.” Courtney meakly replied.

As Courtney took another sip of her coffee to dispel the taste, Michaela handed a small box to her daughter.

“Don’t worry about it. Happy birthday.” Michaela smiled as Courtney ripped open the box and took out the unfamiliar item.

As she stared at the item, she instantly recognised this as a black, metallic lighter. Unlike traditional lighters, the flint wheel was contained inside the casing shell, whilst the trigger button was deeper.

How ironic, Courtney smiled.
“This will be great for lighting candles.” She teased after her display.

“This lighter is great for many things, my dear, and for you smoking will be one of them.” Michaela said, with a hint of seriousness in her voice.

With her thumb on the trigger, Courtney pressed down playfully and a flame appeared from atop. As the flame appeared, Courtney could feel a sharp pain in her head. As quick as the migraine throbbed, it dissipated.

“What was that?”

“That is now you ready. Before I explain, do me a favour and light me a smoke.” Michaela asked.

Rather than question this request, Courtney picked up the pack, and placed a filter between her lips, with Michaela smiling back.

As she reluctantly lit up, memories and taste from her last experience were still fresh in her mind. When the smoke filled her mouth, it seemed different – smooth, comforting. Before Courtney considered handing the cigarette over to her mother, she inhaled the smoke into her lungs. This time, there was no anxiety as the smoke greeted her lungs. As the buzz took over, she pursed her lips and gently exhaled a stream of smoke proudly. With no adverse reaction to the nicotine, Courtney smiled dreamily at her mother, before handing over the cigarette.

“I see you enjoyed that. Why don’t you join me while I explain everything?” Michaela suggested, dangling her cigarette and extending the pack back towards her daughter.

Courtney accepted the fresh cigarette with relish, and lit up gracefully, as the nicotine buzz returned.

This was indeed a very happy birthday.

Part Two – Bait

Virginia, Six Months Later

A plastic bag was blown around the deserted car park by the gentle breeze. Swaying back and forth, the item danced in and out of sight, glistening in the city lights that shone from above.

From the car, Courtney watched the display, hypnotized by the repetition on display. Half an hour had passed, as she waited for Kayla to arrive. As Courtney gnawed at her chewing gum, the car door opened and her best friend sat beside her.

“Sorry I’m late. Won’t happen again.” Kayla smiled.

“Yeah right. One of these days I’m gonna get us a taxi meter.” Courtney joked.

Every night, Courtney would pick up her best friend, whom didn’t drive, directly from work. Courtney was a laboratory assistant at a university, and loved everything about science and learning. Whilst Kayla had a very nerdy, open personality, her counterpart was more private. On their way back home, Kayla would talk at length about the various projects she would be working on to her best friend.

Sticking another piece of gum into her mouth, Courtney nodded mindlessly as her friend droned on about an anti-smoking project her team were working on lately. As they were stuck in traffic, Courtney’s mind returned to the events of her 23rd birthday…

“How the hell am I enjoying this? Why is there no cough?” Courtney retorted as smoke punctuated her words.

As she continued to smoke the cigarette with no adverse reactions, Michaela smiled.

“This is your gift – the gift of addiction. Now your fetish can be supplemented by mental and physical addiction to smoke itself. You can embrace your desire on every level. I know you always wanted this.” Michaela boasted.

“How did this happen, though?” Courtney asked, taking another drag effortlessly.

“The lighter in your hand is no ordinary lighter. Built within the lighter is a device – a transmitter. Over the last ten years we have been trying to find a way to implant subconscious messages into unsuspecting victims, but we haven’t found anything subtle enough as a delivery mechanism.” Michaela spoke as she deashed her cigarette.

“However, this breakthrough – your gift – is perfect. The device within, with just one click of the button, releases signals at a high-pitched frequency, undetectable by the human ear. We have found in lab tests that the frequency can alter the thinking parts in the brain. With fine-tuning, we have been successful in planting a psychological addiction to smoking in non-smoking volunteers, who are paid handsomely.”

“So why you telling me this?” Courtney asked curiously, as she raised the cigarette for another deep puff. Her posture resembled that of her mother, relaxed and natural, as the cigarette represented an extension of her being.

“Simple. The next part of my birthday gift is a job. You want to follow in the family footsteps. Here is your chance…” Michaela stated, cigarette dangling as she removed a file from her bag and handed it over to her daughter.

Courtney let her cigarette dangle, as she opened the file and began reading the paperwork inside.

“Kayla Foster? Who the hell is that?”

“That my dear is your project for the next six months at least. Through our surveillance, Kayla is the ideal initial contact to test our new product outwith a lab environment. I want you, with the use of this device, to introduce Kayla to nicotine.” Michaela smiled as the tilted her head to exhale a cone of smoke.

Soon, Courtney’s car drew outside Kayla’s flat.

“Thanks again Courtney, I’ll pay you next time…” Kayla smiled, as she adjusted her glasses.

“Hey wait there, we need to talk.” Courtney stated, as she chomped on the nicotine gum aggressively.

Since working undercover at a local bar to engage with Kayla, their friendship blossomed beyond the basic parameters. During her smoky conversation with her mother, Courtney had been briefed about every aspect of Kayla’s life, from her routines to her relationships. With this knowledge, Courtney and Kayla grew extremely close, and soon became flatmates. Kayla was no longer a target or project in Courtney’s eyes, but an equal friend. However, smoking to feed her growing habit behind Kayla’s back was agony.

Soon this agony would be over – Time for me to go to the next stage.

“There is something you need to know…” Courtney sighed as she opened the glove compartment and removed a pack of cigarettes.

“What the hell are you doing with those?! Don’t tell me you smoke?” Kayla retorted as her best friend opened the pristine ashtray and spat her tasteless gum inside.

“Yeah, pal. I’m afraid I’ve been smoking behind your back for the last month.” Courtney lied, feigning disappointment.

Kayla sat wide-eyed as her best friend took out a cigarette from the pack, and placed the filter between her lips.

As the cigarette dangled, Courtney looked droopily at Kayla, her mouth gaping wide in shock. Courtney removed the lighter from the pack and manoeuvred it so the red panel button was facing her.


A flame sparked, and without taking her eyes of Kayla, lowered the tip to the inviting fire. Smoke flooded her mouth, caressing every tastebud before being sucked down into her chest. Unknown to Kayla, the signal was now activated, and working on her brain. Courtney flipped the pack and lighter onto the dashboard, as it intentionally landed within arms reach of Kayla.

Euphoria and appeasement filled Courtney’s brain, the nicotine reassuring her that her actions of “betrayal” were justified.

My friend will soon understand, she thought.

As Courtney exhaled against the windscreen, Kayla could only sit in frustrated silence. Questions raced through her mind as she continued to watch Courtney smoke blissfully.

Although Kayla was raging with anger at this development, a part of her was intrigued. Something inside her was curious. Kayla had never smoked before in her life, and had never been tempted. Her father was a doctor, and she was taught the dangers and evils that smoking entailed. Smokers were to be demonised.

Those beliefs seemed hollow as the smoke from the cigarette grew thicker. The smell was not noxious as she had found in the past, and her attention seemed inexplicably to be drawn to the pack on the dashboard.

Its working…damn this device is awesome, Courtney amused herself as she watched Kayla stare in confusion at the pack of cigarettes.

I should be lecturing Courtney for lying to me. But I cant stop thinking about smoking…

As Kayla continued to stare at the pack, she was unaware Courtney blew an uninhaled cloud straight at her. With the smoke caressing her skin, and the smell growing appealing, Kayla involuntarily picked up to examine the pack on the dashboard.

“I’m so sorry Kayla…I wanted to tell you before now. But I restarted when I started my job here. I promise I wont smoke in the flat. I’m sorry I let you down.” Courtney lied, expecting to do exactly that later tonight.

Smoking is addictive, Kayla read to herself from the cigarette packet. As she read the antismoking labels, the impact had little impact. For the first time in her life, Kayla felt she wanted to do something rebellious. Looking at Courtney sheepishly drag on her cigarette, she flipped the lid on the pack to reveal the cork filters.

If Courtney can do it…

As the haze of second-hand smoke swam around the front of the car, the smell grew more pleasant, and seemed to be reassuring Kayla of her new uncharacteristic move. Slowly, Kayla withdrew delicately a cigarette from the pack and examined the gold band around the filter.

This is wrong…

The cigarette felt light in the palm of her hand, lighter than she could have imagined. When positioning the cigarette between her two fingers, it sat perfectly… almost too natural. A hunger was growing inside of her, demanding to be fed.

This is wrong…but I need it.

Without further thought, Kayla placed the filter between her lips and picked up the lighter.

Courtney dragged hard, watching intently as her best friend lit her very first cigarette. The flame engulfed the tip, and Kayla could sense smoke in her mouth. However, this felt natural to her – comforting. Almost like a veteran, Kayla inhaled deeply without prompting. While the smoke explored her lungs for the first time, her body tingled. Orgasmic bliss took over her senses, and Kayla’s eyes rolled back momentarily into her head. As the sensation eased, Kayla tilted her head and exhaled a cone of smoke to the car ceiling.

“Fuck yeah, I’m not the only one that’s been smoking in secret. When did you start?” Courtney joked, knowing she had just witnessed a successful transformation.

“I don’t. I never have before. I don’t understand, smoking is bad for you, for me, for everybody…” Kayla said as she stared at the burning cylinder between her fingers.

In contradiction to her statement, Kayla was compelled to appease this new hunger again, and obediently dragged again on her cigarette, this time more casually.

“…but this is divine!” Kayla purred as she felt the nicotine buzz wash over her. The two friends sat in the car, and smoked silently.

As Kayla took a final puff from her cigarette, she ground the butt out reluctantly into the ashtray.

Courtney smiled “You are a natural, babe.”

“Well, it was enjoyable, but I’m not smoking again. Its bad and fucks you up, and I think you should quit. I don’t know why on earth I just done that. I cant even blame alcohol for this.”

“Tell you what babe, keep this as a souvenir of your first and only time smoking. I will try and quit.” Courtney lied as she handed the lighter to Kayla while pocketing the cigarettes into her pocket.

As the two friends headed to the flat, Courtney expected that the lighter, coupled with new desires, would tip her friend over the edge over the coming hours. By gifting the lighter to Kayla, the intention would be for Kayla to unwittingly enslave others to smoking habits. And with a large social circle, three sisters and an influential family, Courtney finally understood why Michaela targeted her new best friend to be the guinea pig.

It’s gonna be a long night, Courtney smiled.

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