Nicki – By The Dawn’s Early Light – Smoking Fetish Story

The pollution of Nicki’s lungs was progressing nicely. She
had been smoking for only a couple of months, but was
already smoking over three packs of full-flavored, high-tar
cigarettes per day. She was still experimenting with
different brands and had not yet found a cigarette she
didn’t like. On the shelf of her closet were more than a
dozen different cartons of cigarettes, all courtesy of Mark
Polmoni, Nicki’s new smoking patron. She had cartons of
Marlboro 100s, Kool Super Longs, Winston 100s, Salem 100s,
Benson and Hedges (regular and menthol), Virginia Slims
(regular and menthol), Newport 100s, and even a carton of
Pall Mall unfiltered, for those times when she needed extra

Nicki woke up each morning with an incredible tightness in
her chest and the taste of yesterday’s nicotine in her
mouth. She had already gotten into the habit of
automatically reaching for her cigarettes before even
opening her eyes. It was almost impossible for her to light
up quickly enough as she looked forward to that first
deeply inhaled drag of the day. Ahhh, the first drag of the
day. She always held it deep in her chest and never
released it. She thought of it as laying the foundation for
her enormous daily intake of tar and nicotine. Nicki had
developed an almost insatiable appetite for nicotine. Her
incredible lungs simply could not get enough smoke.

Nicki’s mother had taken the news of Nicki’s new smoking
habit very hard. Nicki had always been taught that smoking
was evil and that smokers were to be shunned. Nicki had
tried to hide her smoking at first, but could not do so for
long. Smoking only in her bedroom, she eventually saturated
her sheets and clothing with the smell of cigarette smoke.
Nicki’s mother was angry at first. She had threatened to
throw Nicki out of the house if Nicki didn’t quit smoking.
But, gradually, she had come to accept the inevitable. She
was devastated, but she had come to realize that Nicki’s
love of nicotine was much too strong for her to ever give
up cigarettes.

Nicki was preparing for her usual early morning run before
getting ready for school. With a freshly lit Kool 100
dangling from her moist lips, she stood in front of her
closet and scratched her head. “Hmmmm, what should I smoke
today?” she thought as she performed a perfect dangling
double pump and inhaled the smoke deep into the darkest
regions of her massive lungs. As she looked over her vast
selection of cigarettes she plucked out a fresh pack of
Newport 100s and tucked it into the pocket of her jogging
shorts. “Ahhh, these babies are so strong. They’ll get my
lungs in good shape for my next cross-country race,” she
thought. Nicki’s new strategy was to smoke very high-tar
cigarettes during her training runs and then switch to
lower-tar cigarettes during her actual races. She reasoned
that the sudden drop-off in tar would allow her to have
more endurance during her races.

With her cigarette still dangling from her lips, and with
smoke rushing from her nostrils, Nicki trotted down the
stairs. She nearly ran smack into her mother at the bottom
of the stairs. “Oh, Nicki, must you smoke so much?” asked
Mrs. St. James. “Even while running? For God’s sake, you’re
going to kill yourself.”

“Mom, we’ve been through all of this,” said Nicki. “I am a
smoker. Get it through your head. If you want to kick me
out of the house, go right ahead. But I’m not going to quit
smoking. I’ve never been happier in my life. I’ve never
felt better about myself.”

“Your father would have been so disappointed,” said Nicki’s
mother. Nicki’s father had died several years earlier. He
had been far more vehemently opposed to smoking than even
Nicki’s mother. He definitely would have kicked Nicki out
of the house if he had caught her smoking. “Oh, Nicki,
where did I go wrong?” sobbed her mother.

“Mom, the only thing you did wrong was to teach me that
smokers are bad people,” said Nicki. “Since I’ve been
smoking, I’ve met a lot of new, wonderful friends. They’re
much more fun and not as uptight as my non-smoking friends.
Smoking is wonderful, Mother. Maybe you should try it.”

Nicki’s mother stared blankly into space for a few seconds.
Then she shuffled off to the kitchen, sat down at the
table, put her head into her hands, and started crying.

“I’m sorry I’ve been such a disappointment to you, Mom,”
said Nicki. “I love you. But, what you need to understand
is, I love my cigarettes, too. Please don’t ask me to
choose between the two of you. You may not like my choice.
I’ve gotta run now.” Nicki took a deep drag from her
cigarette and stepped outdoors with smoke pouring from her

* * * * * *

Several blocks away, Sarah was lighting her twelfth
cigarette of the morning as she sipped a cup of coffee in
the pre-dawn haze of the Polmoni kitchen. She was sitting
there in her bathrobe and slippers with dark circles under
her eyes. Sarah heard footsteps and turned her head just as
she was completing a lung-saturating double-pump on her
Marlboro 100. It was her father, Mark, who had wandered
into the kitchen for his morning cup of coffee.

“Hey, Pumpkin, you’re up early,” said Mark, yawning. “I
thought I smelled something good in the kitchen.” He
stretched his arms and breathed in deeply as Sarah’s
second-hand smoke filled his lungs.

“I woke up about an hour ago with another real bad coughing
spell,” said Sarah. “I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I’ve
just been sitting here working on my lung cancer.” Sarah’s
cheeks caved in around the dark, tar-stained filter of her
Marlboro 100 as the tip of her cigarette glowed brightly.

Mark felt an immediate stiffening in his shorts. He loved
it when Sarah talked that way. He didn’t dare admit how
much the thought of a malignant tumor growing in the lungs
of his young daughter aroused him. Maybe Sarah already
knew. She was a Polmoni, after all. She probably felt
exactly the same way. She had been making comments like
this, more and more, recently. But, maybe it was just her
dark sense of humor. Mark couldn’t be quite sure. He picked
up the morning newspaper and held it in front of his
growing erection.

“Too bad your mother didn’t hear you coughing,” said Mark.
“She would have been happy to come down here with you and
work on her own lungs.”

“I know, Daddy,” said Sarah. “But, Mommy’s had a
twenty-year head start on me. Her lungs are so much blacker
than mine, it’s not even funny. I just wish I could make my
lungs more like hers. I love the thought of smoking while
she’s asleep. It makes me feel like I’m catching up to her.
I know I’ve got a long way to go, but every little bit
helps.” Sarah took a double-pump from her Marlboro 100,
inhaled deeply, and held all of the smoke deep in her dark,
brittle lungs.

Mark forgot all about his morning coffee. He said, “I think
I hear your mother now. I’d better go in and give her a
good morning kiss.”

Sarah smiled as she dragged deeply on her nearly finished
cigarette. Within seconds she heard the rhythmic creaking
of bedsprings from her parents’ room. She stuck a fresh
cigarette between her lips and lit it from the glowing
cigarette butt in her hand. Her cheeks indented deeply as
she sucked more sweet smoke deep into her tar-encrusted
lungs. With smoke flowing from her nostrils and a fresh
Marlboro 100 dangling from her lips, she slipped her hand
into her panties and thought, “God, I love smoking.”

* * * * * *

Nicki was just starting to break a sweat as she hit the
mile mark and finished off her Newport 100 with a
cheek-hollowing double-pump. She flicked her cigarette butt
into the dark street and kept running as she exhaled two
long streams of smoke through her nostrils. Nicki had
developed a new morning running routine. She would run as
far as she could until her lungs couldn’t take it anymore.
Then she would stop, panting, light up a cigarette, and
pump her lungs full of glorious, high-tar cigarette smoke.
Then, after a few deeply inhaled drags, she would start
running again, with her cigarette dangling from her lips.
She would finish her cigarette while running, with a series
of dangling, deep inhales. She would double-pump her
cigarette as it got to the end, and then flick her glowing
butt into the early-morning street. She would repeat this
process until she had run ten miles. As the weeks passed,
the distances between cigarettes became shorter and
shorter. The number of cigarettes smoked each morning
became greater and greater. Nicki’s goal was to smoke a
full pack of cigarettes with each morning run.

On this morning, Nicki passed a familiar place. It was the
convenience store at which she had bought her very first
pack of cigarettes. She stopped and walked up to the door.
She peeked inside and saw the clerk who had sold her that
first pack. It was so early in the morning, there were no
customers in the store. Nicki placed a fresh Newport 100
between her lips, lit up, triple-pumped her lungs full of
rich, toxic smoke, and walked into the store with her long,
freshly lit cigarette dangling from her lips.

“Hi, remember me?” said Nicki, panting heavily.

The clerk looked up, did a quick double-take, and turned
red in the face. “Uhhh, of course I remember you,” said the
clerk who felt an immediate tightening in his pants. “Is
your mother out of cigarettes again?” he asked with a

“No, but I need some advice,” said Nicki, whose heart was
racing rapidly as she inhaled a lungful of thick, tar-rich
smoke from her Newport 100.

“I’ll see if I can help,” said the clerk.

“What cigarette would you recommend for cross-country
running?” asked Nicki. “I need something I can smoke during
my races so that I won’t get winded so quickly. I was
thinking of a low-tar cigarette. But I’ve never smoked one
of those before. I’m afraid I won’t like them. Do you think
you can help me…uhh…David?” Nicki squinted to read the
clerk’s name from the nametag on his shirt.

David quickly glanced upward and thought, “Thank you, God.”
Then he looked at Nicki and said, “You’re one of the Filter
Queens, aren’t you?” Lori had suggested the name for
Nicki’s track team. Since the girls had started smoking
during their track events, they had received enormous press
coverage. Both the pro – and anti-smoking forces showed up
in full force at each track meet. “I recognized your
picture in the papers,” said David.

“Yeah, I guess you could say I’m the Queen of the Queens,”
laughed Nicki as she double-pumped her Newport 100. “So,
you’ve been reading about me, huh?”

“Yes,” said David. “I’ve actually started a scrapbook on
the Filter Queens. I think all of you are wonderful,
but…especially you.” David blushed. “I’ve been thinking
about you ever since you came into the store a few weeks
ago.” David’s erection was enormous. He couldn’t believe he
was talking so boldly to Nicki, but something had come over

“Is that a fact?” said Nicki. Now she was blushing. She
glanced downward and took a long, deep drag from her
Newport 100. “So, do you think you can recommend
something?” she asked.

“Certainly,” said David. “I think Marlboro Light Menthol
100s would do the trick. Not only that, but I think you
would look very beautiful smoking them. I love to see a
woman smoking a long, white cigarette. I think an
all-white, 100 millimeter cigarette would look especially
stunning between your slender fingers.” David could not
believe these words were coming from his mouth. He had
always been very shy around women. He had a somewhat
nerdy-looking appearance and had absolutely no
self-confidence when it came to women. But, somehow, he was
able to speak to Nicki. There was something different about
her, something special. There was also a very special bulge
in his pants, which seemed to help.

“Hmmm,” said Nicki. “You’ve convinced me. I’ll buy a pack.”

“Please, allow me,” said David. “It would be my extreme
honor to buy cigarettes for you. Here’s a pack. Try them
and see if you like them. If you do, I’ll give you a

“Thank you,” said Nicki. She triple-pumped the remainder of
her Newport 100 and dropped the glowing butt to the floor,
where she crushed it out with the toe of her running shoe.
David opened the pack of Marlboro Light Menthol 100s and
offered one to Nicki. As she dangled the long, white
cigarette from her lips, David nervously flicked his Bic
lighter to life and gave Nicki a light. He watched in
ecstasy as Nicki inhaled the fresh smoke deep into her
wonderful lungs. With a surprised look, she inhaled deeply
again, and again. “Wow!” said Nicki. “I can hardly feel
anything. These are so light. And they taste good. There’s
just enough menthol to leave a cool, clean taste in my
mouth. I think I could run twenty miles smoking these. You
know your cigarettes, David.”

David thought the bulge in his pants was going to burst. He
was practically drooling as Nicki continued to feed her
lungs. “You look extremely beautiful smoking that
cigarette…if you don’t mind my saying so,” he stammered.

“I don’t mind at all,” said Nicki. She exhaled a long
stream of smoke in David’s direction.

David now felt an extra surge of self-confidence. He said,
“Nicki, do you think you could ever consider going on a
date…with me?”

“Are you serious?” asked Nicki.

“Sorry, you must have a boyfriend,” said David,
apologetically. “You can probably have any boy you want. I
shouldn’t have asked.”

“No, it’s not that,” said Nicki. “I just wasn’t expecting
such a question so suddenly. Actually, I don’t currently
have a boyfriend. I’ve been kind of waiting for the right
man to come along. You don’t mind my smoking?”

“Nicki, I think a woman who smokes is something to be
worshipped,” said David.

“There are many boys who don’t feel that way,” said Nicki.
“Some of the boys I used to hang around with have said they
are disgusted by my new smoking habit, and don’t want to
see me anymore unless I quit smoking. That’s part of the
reason I don’t currently have a boyfriend. The man I marry
will have to accept my cigarettes as a part of me. We’re a
package. You can’t get one without the other.”

“I would never think of asking you to give up your
cigarettes, Nicki,” said David. “I would encourage you to
smoke anywhere and anytime you desired.”

“Would you like to share this cigarette with me, David?”
asked Nicki. She took a cheek-hollowing drag and held her
cigarette out to David.

David felt as if he were going to faint. His knees were
wobbly. His erection was so intense, he could barely walk.
Gingerly, he stepped over to the door, locked it, and hung
the “closed” sign in the window. He said to Nicki, “Let’s
go into the back room, where we can have some privacy.”

Nicki and David alternated drags from Nicki’s cigarette,
gazing into each other’s eyes, as they slowly made their
way to the back room. There, Nicki took a final drag from
the spent cigarette and inhaled deeply. As David watched
her, he slowly moved his face towards hers. He gently
placed his lips on Nicki’s and started kissing her. He
could taste the sweet smoke on Nicki’s breath. His head was
spinning. He thought he was in a dream.

Nicki took David’s hand and placed it on her breast. He
started massaging her nipples, which were firm and erect.
Nicki said, “I need another cigarette, David.” David had
brought the cigarettes with him. He pulled a fresh
cigarette from the pack and placed it gently between
Nicki’s lips. His hands were trembling as he lit her

David watched Nicki’s cheeks cave in as she drew smoke into
her incredible lungs. She exhaled all of her smoke into
David’s face as she reached down and started massaging the
bulge in David’s pants. He tried to inhale all of Nicki’s
sweet smoke as he continued massaging her breasts. Nicki’s
inhales became deeper and deeper as she gently unfastened
David’s pants. David slipped his pants down and stepped out
of them. Slowly he pulled down his shorts, revealing his
fully erect manhood. With her cigarette dangling from her
lips, Nicki reached her hand into her panties and inserted
her fingers into her very moist vagina. Then, with her
lubricated fingers, she grabbed David’s penis and started
gently stroking it. With her other hand she started
undressing herself.

David watched in awe as Nicki’s beautiful body was revealed
before him. It was the most perfect specimen of womanhood
he had ever seen. Her breasts still glistened with the
sweat from her morning run. They were not large breasts,
but were perfectly shaped. Her pointy nipples stood at
attention. There was not an ounce of fat on Nicki’s tight,
athletic body. He watched her chest expand with each deeply
inhaled drag from her cigarette. As she completed a drag he
placed his mouth over hers and began kissing her. The smoke
from Nicki’s lungs eventually worked its way into David’s
mouth. He inhaled it into his own lungs and exhaled it
through his nostrils as he continued kissing Nicki.

“Oooh, I’m so moist, David,” said Nicki as she moved the
filter of her cigarette down to her crotch. She gently
probed the moist folds of her vagina with her filter as she
started to moan. “Would you like a drag?” she said as she
held the cigarette up to David’s lips.

David gladly took the filter into his mouth and began
sucking. He could taste Nicki’s sweet juices combined with
the smoke entering his lungs. His penis was ready to burst.

David pulled a small folding cot out of a storage closet
and opened it up. Nicki gently pushed David down onto the
cot as she finished her cigarette and inhaled deeply. With
David lying on his back, Nicki straddled the cot and slowly
lowered herself onto David’s fully erect penis. As he felt
his manhood entering Nicki’s tight, slippery pussy, David
shuddered in delight. He had never felt anything so

Nicki started to moan softly as she gently rocked herself
back and forth, up and down. She said, “David, I need
another cigarette.” David fumbled for the nearby pack and
extracted a long, white cigarette. He placed it between
Nicki’s sensuous lips as she continued her rocking motion.
He grabbed the lighter and flicked it to life. He held the
flame to the end of Nicki’s cigarette and watched as Nicki
drew fresh smoke deep into her incredible lungs. He placed
his hands on her breasts and felt them expand as Nicki
inhaled deeply. Nicki’s nipples were hard and erect as she
took a second cheek-hollowing drag and inhaled the smoke
deeply into her once pink, athletic lungs. David ran the
palms of his hands back and forth over her nipples as Nicki
started bouncing up and down. She began moaning loudly.

As Nicki’s moans became louder and louder, her inhales
became deeper and deeper. Her cheeks were indenting deeply
as she drew smoke into her lungs in a series of non-stop
deep drags. She began bouncing her body up and down, faster
and faster. David was in a state of complete ecstasy. As
Nicki took an extra-deep inhale she began to scream. Her
body was taken over by a body-shaking orgasm. David could
hold it in no longer. His semen burst forth inside of Nicki
who was screaming, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” David kept
pumping Nicki’s body as he drained his penis of every last
drop of semen. Nicki continued to drag deeply on her
cigarette and soon reached a second, incredible climax. She
finished off her cigarette with a deeply inhaled drag and
leaned down and kissed David deeply on the mouth. She
pressed her body tightly against David’s and wrapped her
arms around him. David tasted the hot nicotine emanating
from Nicki’s lungs as he felt her nipples pressed tightly
against his chest. They lay there in a tight embrace for
several minutes, kissing and smooching gently. Finally,
Nicki said, “That was incredible, David. I need another…”

David put his hand over Nicki’s lips as he anticipated her
need. He lit up two cigarettes simultaneously. He placed
one in Nicki’s mouth and kept the other for himself. The
two lovebirds snuggled on the small cot and enjoyed their
first post-coattail smoke together.


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