Nicki Sees the Light – Smoking Fetish Story

“You’re not a lesbian, Nicki!” Sarah was trying to reassure
Nicki who had just experienced the most intensely
gratifying orgasm of her young life.

“But I’ve never felt this way before,” cooed Nicki with a
satisfied smile on her face. She lit up another of Sarah’s
Marlboro 100s and inhaled the delicious smoke deep into her
formerly perfect, formerly pristine lungs.

“Nicki, the reason you had such a great orgasm is that I
understand your passion for smoking. It is apparent that
you have an intense smoking fetish, just as I do. You have
probably had it all along, but have kept it suppressed.
This was your first sexual experience since allowing your
fetish to come out in the open. I was able to help you
release the passions you had stored up inside of you,
because I have the same passions. I know exactly what to do
to turn you on. By the same token, I was able to tell you
exactly what to do to turn me on. That doesn’t mean you’re
in love with me, Nicki.” Sarah was starting to worry that
she had gone too far with Nicki.

“I know I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any boy,
Sarah.” Nicki inhaled the smoke from her cigarette deep
into her lungs as she stared at Sarah with the starstruck
gaze of a teenager in love for the first time.

“Nicki, you just need to find a man who shares your passion
for smoking. If you think you had a good time with me, it
will be even more incredible if you can find a man who
shares your fetish. If you can find a man who is turned on
by your smoking, he will do anything for you. They are out
there, Nicki. You just have to keep your eyes open.” Sarah
was not ready for a sexual relationship with Nicki. She had
enjoyed the experience they had just shared, but knew it
was simply a case of two people sharing the same incredible
passion for smoking. She was not in love with Nicki, at
least not in the traditional sense. She was incredibly
aroused by the thought of Nicki’s fresh and healthy lungs
being turned to a deep, chocolatey brown. She was even more
aroused to think that she was in some way responsible for
the virtually inevitable ruination of Nicki’s lungs,
already well underway. She even hoped that she and Nicki
could repeat the scene that had just taken place in her
bedroom. But she wasn’t ready for a monogamous
relationship, at least not with Nicki. She wanted to make
sure Nicki knew how she felt. But she could see how hung up
Nicki was, and wanted to make sure not to hurt her.

“Sarah, I want to see you again,” said Nicki. “Is it OK if
I come over tomorrow?” She took another long, deep drag
from her cigarette and sucked the smoke down into the
nether regions of her sensual respiratory organs.

Sarah thought for a second and said, “OK. We’ll talk in the
morning, after a good night’s sleep.” Sarah had to think of
a way to let Nicki down gently.

Sarah did not sleep well that night. She chain-smoked three
full packs of Marlboro 100s as she lay in bed thinking
about Nicki. She hoped she would be able to think of
something by morning.

It was ten o’clock, Sunday morning. Nicki walked up to
Sarah’s front door and rang the doorbell. As she heard the
doorknob turning, she fully expected to see Sarah’s face
emerge from behind the door. Her smile turned to a look of
mild surprise as she saw a man’s face instead. Dangling
from the man’s lips was a freshly lit cigarette.

“Oh, hi!” said Nicki. “You must be Sarah’s father. I’m
Nicki, a friend of Sarah’s. Is Sarah home?”

The man took a long drag from his cigarette, removed the
cigarette from his lips, and inhaled deeply. He held the
smoke deep in his lungs for a few seconds, then spoke. “Hi,
Nicki. I’m Sarah’s father. But, please, call me Mark. All
of Sarah’s closest friends do. Sarah told me all about
you.” Smoke came out of Mark’s mouth with each syllable he
uttered. The smoke was, perhaps not coincidentally, hitting
Nicki directly in the face. Nicki did not flinch the
tiniest bit. Rather, she seemed to enjoy the smoke.

“Sarah’s not home, I’m afraid,” said Mark. He saw a look of
disappointment cross Nicki’s face as he informed her of the
bad news.

“But she knew I was coming,” said Nicki.

Mark took another long drag from his cigarette and inhaled
deeply. “Sarah told me to tell you she is sorry. She and
her mother just left to go to the mall. They will probably
be shopping most of the day. Sarah’s mother asked her to go
shopping with her at breakfast this morning. It was kind of
a spur of the moment thing. Sarah didn’t want to pass up
the opportunity to spend the day shopping and smoking with
her mother. I hope you understand.”

“Oh, that would be so wonderful, to spend the day shopping
and smoking with my mother. I’m afraid that’s something I
can only dream about,” said Nicki. “Tell Sarah I
understand. Will you give her this for me, please?”

Nicki held out a brand new carton of Marlboro 100s.
Attached to the carton was a sticky note. On the note Mark
read, “To Sarah–Love, Nicki.” Mark noticed that the “o’s”
and the dots over the “i’s” were shaped like little hearts.
“Whew, she’s got it bad,” he thought to himself.

“I’ll be sure to give this to Sarah when she gets home,”
said Mark. “But I hope you don’t have to leave right away.
Any friend of Sarah’s is a friend of mine. Won’t you come
in for a glass of lemonade?” Mark double-pumped his
cigarette and exhaled a long stream of smoke through his
nostrils as he stared into Nicki’s eyes.

Nicki looked shyly at the ground for a second, then
replied, “OK, that sounds great.”

Nicki stepped into the house as Mark shut the door behind
her. “Come on into the kithcen,” he said. “I just made a
fresh pitcher of lemonade.”

Nicki followed Mark into the kitchen and watched him pour a
tall class of lemonade. He turned around and handed her the
glass. As she took a long drink, Mark reached into his
shirt pocket. He pulled out his pack of Marlboro Reds and
shook one loose. He said, “And what kind of gentleman would
I be if I didn’t offer you a cigarette? I was so happy to
learn that you have recently taken up smoking. It’s a
decision you will never regret. Would you like to smoke one
of mine?” He held the pack, with the protruding filter,
directly under Nicki’s nose.

Nicki blushed. She had never smoked in front of an adult
before. She wasn’t sure what to say. Finally, the aroma of
the fresh tobacco under her nose was more than she could
bear. She cleared her throat and said, “I’d love a
cigarette, Mark.”

Nicki reached down with her luscious lips and slowly
extracted the cigarette from Mark’s pack. It dangled from
her lips while Mark fumbled for his lighter. He purposely
misfired the lighter a few times so he could watch the
cigarette dangling from Nicki’s beautiful mouth. Each time
he flicked the wheel on his lighter, Nicki’s cheeks started
to indent. A small wet spot was beginning to form on the
front of Mark’s pants. Finally, Mark’s lighter came to
life. He held the flame near the end of Nicki’s cigarette
and watched in awe as Nicki began her incredible inhale. He
could hear the whooshing of the smoke being drawn into
Nicki’s powerful lungs. Just as the smoke from Nicki’s
first drag disappeared forever into the blackness of her
lungs, she began a second, even more powerful drag. Mark
watched a thick ball of creamy smoke dance momentarily in
Nicki’s open mouth before it was pulled down to mix with
the smoke from Nicki’s first drag. Nicki closed her eyes
and let out a satisfied, “Ahhhhhhhh”, as she slowly
exhaled. A barely visible stream of smoke, little more than
a greenish haze, came out of Nicki as she exhaled. Most of
the smoke had been retained deep within the millions of
tiny air sacs comprising Nicki’s glorious lungs. There the
smoke would remain, to become a permanent part of Nicki, to
become the latest addition to the ever-increasing mass of
tar Nicki now carried around with her wherever she went.

“Thanks, Mark. I really needed a cigarette,” said Nicki.
“It’s been only fifteen minutes since I smoked one in my
bedroom, but I was really craving another one. It doesn’t
take very long to get hooked, does it?”

Mark’s erection was both instantaneous and overpowering. He
made no attempt to hide it. Nicki stared at the enormous
bulge in Mark’s pants, but didn’t bat an eye. She knew she
was responsible for the hot, throbbing flesh in Mark’s
pants, and it made her feel extremely sexy. The tip of
Nicki’s cigarette glowed brightly as she took another long

Mark somehow managed to speak. “Nicki, believe me when I
tell you that you look incredibly beautiful smoking a
cigarette. Sarah told me that you are not yet ready to
start smoking in public. I can’t urge you strongly enough
to reconsider. I think you should smoke wherever you go, in
front of everyone you meet. You should make it a point to
smoke in front of every one of your friends, especially the
boys. You will find that boys will be putty in your hands.
They will be falling all over themselves trying to get a
date with you. Not only will the boys find you irresistibly
sexy, but you will feel better about yourself, as well. You
will have more self-confidence than you have ever had
before. Smoking will change your life in ways you could
never imagine. Trust me, Nicki. I know what I’m talking

Nicki took another cheek-hollowing drag. She inhaled deeply
and said, “Do you really think I’m sexy, Mark?” Short
bursts of smoke came out of her mouth as she spoke.

“Far more than I care to admit, Nicki! I have rarely seen a
sight as lovely as you are at this moment.” Mark’s penis
was swollen to the point that it was starting to hurt.

“Would you like to kiss me?” asked Nicki as she took
another deep drag from her nearly finished cigarette.

“Most definitely…but I’d better not,” said Mark. “I’m a
married man. You’re my daughter’s friend. I could get into
big trouble!”

“I’ll never tell if you won’t,” said Nicki. She
double-pumped the remainder of her cigarette and inhaled so
deeply that her lungs felt as if they would burst. The hard
nipples of her petite breasts were protruding noticeably
through the soft fabric of her lightweight shirt. Nicki was
not wearing a bra.

This was all the encouragement Mark needed. Before Nicki
could exhale, he placed his mouth over hers and started
kissing her. His tongue began exploring the inside of
Nicki’s mouth as his hands began exploring her breasts.
Mark started licking the insides of Nicki’s cheeks,
savoring the taste of the still-hot nicotine in her mouth.
Nicki slid her hand down to the bulge in Mark’s pants as
she began to exhale. Mark began to inhale as he felt
Nicki’s lung-filtered smoke entering his mouth. He kept his
mouth locked firmly over hers. They continued their deep
French kissing as Nicki’s smoke eventually started flowing
from Mark’s nostrils.

By this time Nicki’s hand had worked its way inside of
Mark’s pants and was stroking his hard cock. “Oh my God,”
moaned Nicki. “I need another cigarette.” While her right
hand continued to stroke Mark’s penis, her left hand
reached into his shirt pocket for his cigarettes. She
pulled out the pack and shook a cigarette loose. With her
smoky lips she pulled the cigarette out of the pack and let
it dangle in Mark’s face. “Light me,” she said. Mark found
his lighter and flicked it to life. Nicki inhaled deeply,
held the smoke in her lungs, and took a second drag, which
she also inhaled. She removed her denim shorts and her
panties and started rubbing her pussy with her left hand,
while still holding Mark’s dick with her right. With her
cigarette dangling from her lips, she was moaning in

She took another long drag and looked around for a place to
lie down. The kitchen table was the only nearby option. She
swept the few items from the table onto the floor and
propped herself up onto the flat surface. It was a large
oak table with solid legs. She lay back and spread her legs
apart. The cool, smooth surface of the table felt good
against her sticky, sweaty back. She took another long drag
from her cigarette and said, “f— me, Mark! Now! I want
you to f— me between the legs! I need to feel your hard
cock inside my hairy pussy! f— me over and over! f— me
until every last drop of semen has been drained from your
limp and lifeless dick!”

Mark nearly flew onto the table. He didn’t wait for a
second invitation. As he inserted his rigid penis into
Nicki’s hot, wet pussy he said, “God! I feel just like John
Garfield in ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice.’ But Lana
Turner never looked as good as you do, Nicki!” Even though
the scene he was remembering was actually from the remake,
with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange, it seemed so much
more erotic to him to picture himself f—ing Lana Turner
on the kitchen table.

Nicki was now moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Each thrust
from Mark’s rigid member brought her impending orgasm
closer and closer. Mark could tell that she was on the
verge of her climax. He reached over and took the cigarette
from Nicki’s hand. He took a long drag and inhaled deeply.
He placed his mouth over Nicki’s and exhaled all of his
smoke directly into Nicki’s heaving chest. He began to
thrust faster and faster until Nicki was completely
overtaken by a body-shaking orgasm of incredible
proportions. The shuddering of Nicki’s body, combined with
her screams of ecstasy, sent Mark over the edge. He shot
his white-hot load deep into Nicki’s moist vagina. He
continued to pump and thrust, and Nicki continued to moan,
until his penis had been completely deflated and he lay,
exhausted, on top of Nicki.

“Oh, my God!” said Nicki. “That was incredible. I don’t
know what came over me. I’ve never done anything like that
before. It’s like I was possessed or something. I couldn’t
stop myself. Oh, no! You must think I’m a cheap slut! I
hope you don’t think I…”

“Woah! Slow down, Nicki,” said Mark. “There’s nothing wrong
with you at all. You’re a beautiful young lady who is going
to turn the heads of many, many young men. I’m the one who
should be apologizing to you. I should have been able to
control myself better.”

“Don’t apologize,” said Nicki. “I wanted it as much as you
did. Oh, God! I hope Sarah doesn’t find out about this.”

“As far as I’m concerned, this will remain our little
secret,” said Mark. “I just hope this has demonstrated to
you the power your smoking can have over men. Use it to
your advantage. Find a guy who worships you for your
smoking and you will both live happily ever after.”

“Wow! Just like a fairy tale,” said Nicki, who was now
dressing herself.

“I often feel that I am living in a fairy tale myself,”
said Mark. “I am fortunate enough to have married a woman
who shares the same incredible passion for smoking that I
have. And we have produced a daughter who, as incredible as
it seems, has an even more intense passion for smoking than
either of us. Every day with these two women is like a
dream come true for me. You can live the same dream, Nicki.
Just find the right man.”

“That sounds so wonderful. But how will I find the right
man?” asked Nicki.

“Don’t worry. He will find you,” Mark said. “Just keep
smoking. Smoke everywhere you go, in front of everyone you
meet. I guarantee he will find you. Just be patient. You’re
young. You have plenty of time.”

“You’ve convinced me,” said Nicki. “I’ll start smoking in
public. If my friends don’t like it…f— them!”

“That’s the spirit,” laughed Mark.

Nicki finished dressing and said, “Well, I’d better go now.
Thank you, Mark, for everything. Sarah sure is lucky to
have a father like you.”

“Thanks,” said Mark. “I’ll tell her you were here. And I’ll
be sure to give her this carton of cigarettes.”

“Oh, yeah. Let me see that carton for a moment, please,”
said Nicki.

Mark handed Nicki the carton. Nicki removed the sticky note
and handed the carton back to Mark. “Just tell her it’s
from me for all the cigarettes I bummed off of her
yesterday, OK?”

Sure thing,” said Mark. “See you later, Nicki. Stop by any

“Thank you, again, and goodbye,” said Nicki.

No sooner had Nicki walked out the door than Lori and Sarah
tiptoed down the stairs, giggling like little girls. As
soon as Lori reached the bottom of the stairs she broke
into one of her patented coughing spells. “Jesus!” she said
between deep, gurgly hacks, “I was afraid I was going to
start coughing while Nicki was still here.” She continued
to cough heavily for several minutes as she tried to regain
her composure. In her raspy, wheezing voice she turned to
Sarah and said, “Let me have a drag, Honey.”

“Sure, Mom, suck down some of this.” Sarah took a long drag
from her freshly lit Marlboro 100 and inhaled deeply before
handing the cigarette to her mother. With the smoke still
deep in her lungs, Sarah threw her arms around Mark and
gave him a big smoky kiss on the mouth. She said, “Oh,
Daddy! Our plan worked perfectly.”

Mark exhaled Sarah’s smoke and said, “I thought I performed
admirably, if I do say so myself.”

Lori was frantically inhaling smoke into her heavily
damaged lungs. Her coughing had finally subsided. The
damage Lori had inflicted on her own lungs from nearly
thirty years of smoking three packs per day of
full-strength Marlboro Reds was now more apparent than
ever. Her lungs had become dark and brittle. They made a
popping sound whenever they expanded to make room for
Lori’s smoke. Her ever-present wheeze was loud and
noticeable. She hacked and coughed constantly. As she took
another long, cheek-hollowing drag from her cigarette, Mark
gazed at her and thought she looked even sexier now than
she had looked on their wedding day.

Mark walked up to Lori from behind and put his arms tightly
around her. He loved to feel her lungs expanding as they
filled with smoke. Lori turned to Mark and said, “My studly
Marlboro man! You didn’t have to enjoy it quite so much,
you know.” She gave him a friendly jab in the ribs and
said, “All you had to do was convince Nicki she wasn’t in
love with Sarah.”

“But this was a delicate case,” said Mark with a grin. “It
required extra special care. I wanted to make sure I didn’t
blow it.”

“Well…anything for ‘the cause’, I guess,” said Lori with
a smile. She took another long drag from her cigarette and
said, “I was getting pretty h—- listening to you two down
here. I hope you saved something for me.”

“I’ve got something very special for you, right here,” said
Mark, tapping the pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket.
He pulled out a cigarette and lit up. He inhaled the smoke
into his lungs and placed his mouth over Lori’s. With all
the force he could muster, he exhaled all of his smoke into
Lori’s craving lungs. Lori took it all in and held the
smoke deep in her own dark lungs. Mark said, “I have just
implanted a very special gift into your lungs. It is a
magic black seed which, with the proper nurturing, will one
day grow into a beautiful lung cancer and kill you.”

Lori felt all tingly inside and said, “Oooooo, that sounds
so exciting! Can you give me emphysema, too?”

“Let’s go work on it,” said Mark as they headed toward
their bedroom.

Sarah shook her head and smiled as she watched her lovebird
parents enter their smoky love nest. Mark had recently
moved their bedroom to the first floor so Lori would not
have to climb stairs very often. Sarah lit another
cigarette and started up the stairs for her own bedroom. As
she paused to catch her breath, halfway up the flight of
stairs, she thought, “Maybe I can get Daddy to move my
bedroom downstairs, too.” In the distance Sarah could hear
her mother’s hacking cough, interrupted periodically by
moans of ecstasy. “But not today,” she thought. “It sounds
like he’s going to be busy for a while.” Sarah smiled, took
another deep drag, and continued her long journey up the

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