Sarah Leaves an Impression (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah was having the time of her smoke-filled life. She was
nearing the end of her week at Division F, the top-secret
smoking fetish division of Philip Morris. She had smoked
while eating, she had smoked while pissing, she had smoked
while fucking, she had smoked while masturbating. She had
smoked while modeling a closet full of the sexiest clothes
she had ever seen. She had chain-smoked Marlboro Black
100s, the strongest cigarettes ever produced, since the
moment she had arrived at Division F. Her chest hurt worse
then ever. Her lungs felt heavy and full. Her breathing had
become more labored and she now wheezed noticeably with
every breath she took. Her chronic cough had become much
worse. In short, Sarah had never enjoyed herself more. She
had been in a near-constant state of arousal the entire

Sarah and Phil, the head of Division F, were in a warehouse
where Phil was giving Sarah a private tour. Tom, Sarah’s
companion, was asleep in his room, exhausted from a week’s
worth of smoky sex with Sarah. Phil said, “This is where we
age our specially treated tobacco which is used in our
Marlboro Blacks.” There were large bunches of tobacco
leaves throughout the warehouse. Sarah was standing by a
large pile of leaves which had just been processed.

“God, it smells so good in here,” said Sarah as she lit
another Marlboro Black 100. “Even I can smell the aroma,”
she said, laughing.

“If you want a great smoking experience, pick up one of
those tobacco leaves, Sarah,” said Phil, pointing to the
pile near Sarah. “Roll it up like a cigar and stick it in
your mouth.”

Sarah took a long drag from her Marlboro, inhaled deeply,
and handed her cigarette to Phil. She picked out a nice,
big tobacco leaf. She rolled it up tightly and placed one
end in her mouth. Phil held out his lighter as Sarah puffed
away. After a few puffs, she got her “cigar” going. She
took a nice, long drag and inhaled very deeply. A smile
came to Sarah’s face as the pure rush of nicotine filled
her craving lungs. The super-enhanced tar in the special
tobacco was quite evident as Sarah’s chest felt full and
thick. “This is amazing,” said Sarah as she inhaled another
lungful of the deadly brew. She held the thick, dark smoke
deep in her lungs where she could feel it permeating her
lung tissue. The smoke was thick and dense, but incredibly
mild. “Can you make me some cigars from this tobacco?” she
asked. “A good cigar is sometimes a nice change of pace.”

“Consider it done,” said Phil. “I will personally ship them
to your house.”

“Phil, I can’t thank you enough for having me here,” said
Sarah, coughing. “I’m so glad I got a chance to see this
place before I die of lung cancer. If I’m still alive next
year at this time, I’ll have to bring my father here. He
may have to push me around in a wheelchair, of course.”
Sarah took a long drag from her tobacco roll and inhaled
the tar-enhanced smoke deep into her heavily damaged lungs.

Phil, who no longer tried to hide his erection while around
Sarah, said. “The pleasure has been all mine, Sarah. I’d
love to have you back here any time.” Phil and his crew had
photographed or videotaped virtually every moment of
Sarah’s stay at Division F. “You have produced enough
masturbation material to keep everyone at Division F
smiling for years to come.”

Sarah blushed and said, “It has been a lot of fun. I’ve
always wanted to be a movie star.” She started coughing.

“You will be a multi-media star, Sarah,” said Phil. “We
have enough material to produce several volumes of Sarah
Polmoni smoking videos. And be sure to watch the magazine
stands. Your Marlboro 100 ads should start appearing next
month. I already have the whole campaign planned. Your ads
will be the hottest cigarette ads ever produced. They will
show you lighting up, taking cheek-hollowing drags, and
letting out voluminous exhales. In other words, they will
show a sexy woman actually smoking. A whole new generation
of young boys will start whacking off to magazine ads, just
as I did when I was a boy.”

“I can’t wait,” said Sarah, giggling like a little girl as
she inhaled another lungful of smoke from her rolled-up,
tar-enhanced tobacco leaf.

“I think we did a fine job picking out a wardrobe for your
ads,” said Phil. “Feel free to keep all the clothes,

“Thanks, Phil,” she said. “But some of the dresses were a
little tight. You must have been a little off on the

“Hmm,” said Phil. “We got the measurements straight from
Dr. Richards.”

“Well, it wasn’t really a problem,” said Sarah. “I just
felt a little snug in some of the outfits.” Sarah took
another long drag from her tobacco roll. She tried to
suppress a cough as she inhaled deeply.

“No one who looks at your ads or videos will be looking at
the clothing, anyway,” said Phil, grinning.

Sarah laughed and started coughing again.

Phil said, “As your lungs begin to deteriorate, I hope
you’ll keep me in mind, Sarah. I would love to get some
videotape of you smoking while wheelchair-bound. It would
be even better if your were forced to haul an oxygen tank
around with you.”

Sarah felt herself becoming aroused. She took a long drag
from her hand-rolled cigar and inhaled the smoke deep into
her ever-blackening lungs.

“And, when and if you get lung cancer, I would love to do a
documentary on you,” said Phil. “I would capture on tape
your steadily worsening condition as you grew weaker and
weaker. I would capture every bit of coughed up blood in
glorious color. I would film each cheek-hollowing drag as
you struggled to inhale smoke into your disintegrating

Sarah was now fingering herself as Phil’s description got
her more and more aroused.

“And, of course, my ultimate goal would be to videotape
your actual death from lung cancer,” said Phil. “Your eyes
would bulge out as you realized your lungs had finally
stopped working. You would no longer be able to breathe.
You would try desperately to inhale smoke from your final
cigarette, but nothing would happen. You would
instinctively clutch at your chest as your body convulsed
in a futile effort to get oxygen. You would collapse and

Sarah was now moaning loudly and masturbating furiously.
Phil’s description of her death from lung cancer had
aroused her so much, she was completely out of control. She
stripped off her clothes and threw herself down in the
large pile of tobacco leaves. She grabbed a handful of
leaves and stuffed them into her pussy. She rubbed herself
with the specially treated tobacco leaves as she inhaled
the remainder of her tobacco roll deep into her lungs. She
motioned for her cigarette, which Phil was still holding.
With her cigarette dangling from her lips she took several
cheek-hollowing drags as she rolled around in the tobacco
pile and continued to masturbate. Within moments Sarah
brought herself to a shuddering orgasm as Phil watched in

Sarah wasn’t finished. She lit up two fresh cigarettes and
placed the filter of one into her pussy. “Watch this,
Phil,” she said. “Here’s a little trick I’ve been
practicing.” Sarah dragged deeply from the cigarette in her
mouth as she concentrated on the cigarette in her pussy.
Phil’s eyes widened as the tip of the cigarette began to
glow. Sarah was actually smoking with her pussy. “I’ve
learned to control my muscles so that I can actually draw
smoke into my vagina. Would you like to smoke my pussy,

Without a moment’s hesitation Phil was all over Sarah. He
removed the cigarette from Sarah’s vagina and placed his
mouth over her pussy. He began licking her with his tongue.
Slowly he inserted his tongue into Sarah’s smoky orifice.
As his tongue entered her vagina he could taste the smoke
inside. He breathed in with his mouth and felt Sarah’s
pussy smoke entering his lungs. With a large grin on his
face, he lifted his head and exhaled. A long plume of smoke
came out of Phil’s mouth.

“Pretty cool trick, huh?” said Sarah as she placed the
cigarette back into her pussy. Phil unzipped his pants as
Sarah refilled her vagina with smoke. Soon, Sarah and Phil
were engaged in smoke-trick number 69. Phil smoked Sarah’s
pussy while Sarah gave Phil a smoky blowjob. With thick,
creamy smoke flowing around Phil’s penis, and pouring from
Sarah’s nostrils, Phil shot his white-hot semen into
Sarah’s mouth. Sarah took a deep drag from her cigarette
and tasted the smoke mixing with Phil’s fluids. With Phil’s
tongue working its magic, Sarah was soon overcome by
another body-shaking orgasm. She moaned in ecstasy as semen
trickled from her mouth and smoke flowed from her nostrils.

Phil quickly dressed himself as Sarah lay back on her bed
of tobacco leaves. With a satisfied smile on her face she
lit a fresh cigarette. Phil said, “Sarah, you’re the most
incredible woman I have ever met. You have just fulfilled
one of my lifelong fantasies. I don’t know what to say. I
wish you could stay longer. Uh, we probably shouldn’t tell
Tom about this, should we?”

Sarah, laughing at Phil’s nervousness, said, “Don’t worry
about Tom. Knowing him, he’d love to see the video of what
we just did.” Sarah took a long drag from her fresh
Marlboro Black 100 and held the smoke deep in her lungs. As
she felt the incredible fullness in her chest she said,
“Oooo, I love the way my lungs feel when I smoke these

Phil said, “Uhh, I don’t think we had any cameras rolling
for that.”

Sarah tried to speak, but felt a cough coming on. She
coughed deeply several times and cleared her throat. Phil
reveled in the gurgly hacking sound coming from deep within
Sarah’s ravaged chest and felt his recently deflated penis
already starting to stiffen again. Finally, she said, “I’m
just having fun with you, Phil. Tom won’t have to know
about this. It will be our little secret.”

“Thanks. That makes me feel better,” said Phil.

The next morning Sarah and Tom were on their way back to
sunny California. The trip took three days, but they didn’t
mind. Sarah had insisted on renting a car for the trip
home. She had refused to go on another three-hour
non-smoking flight. Three days in a car with Sarah was an
experience Tom wouldn’t soon forget. She kept all the
windows up and chain-smoked constantly. Tom could barely
breathe, but he had a hard-on for the entire trip. Needless
to say, they stopped several times along the way to engage
in new smoky sex games.

When Sarah got home she listened to her phone messages.
There was one message that was of particular interest to
her. “Hello, Sarah, this is Dr. Richards,” the message
began. “Your father said you would be arriving home
tonight. I hope you had a safe trip home and I hope you
enjoyed yourself while you were gone. I would love to see
Division F myself someday. But, enough small talk. I have
some very important news for you, Sarah, something you will
want to hear right away. But it’s news I can’t tell you
over the phone. I have to see you in person. Please be at
my office first thing in the morning. I’ll see you then.
Oh, by the way, happy birthday!”

Sarah suddenly realized tomorrow would be her twenty-third
birthday. Her brain started spinning at a million miles per
hour. She suddenly felt very lightheaded. She felt a
terrible cramping sensation in the pit of her stomach. She
just knew what the doctor was going to tell her. Oh, what
an incredible birthday present if only it could be true!
Sarah realized she was becoming very moist. She was
incredibly aroused. Instinctively, she reached her hand
inside her panties and started fingering herself. She
couldn’t wait for the doctor’s office to open in the
morning. “Jesus, I’ll never be able to sleep tonight,” she
thought. She spent the entire night in her bed, inhaling
smoke deep into her lungs, coughing, and masturbating. By
morning, she had rubbed herself raw.

(to be continued)


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