Sarah – Lung Hammer (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah and Tom arrived at the airport thirty minutes before
the scheduled departure of their flight. The flight would
take them to Richmond, Virginia, where they would be met by
someone from Philip Morris. Where they would be taken after
that was somewhat of a mystery. For security reasons, they
were not told their exact destination, only that they would
be met at the airport.

Sarah was extremely nervous about enduring a three-hour
flight without a cigarette. She had never gone that long
without a cigarette in her memory. Even when Sarah was an
infant, her mother, Lori, always made sure that Sarah had
nicotine in her system at each feeding. Lori’s breast milk
was, of course, saturated with nicotine. And, while feeding
Sarah, Lori always made sure to exhale her smoke in Sarah’s
direction. Sarah had started taking drags on her own at
only a few months of age, and, by the age of one, was
smoking five cigarettes per day. So, except while sleeping,
even at the age of one, Sarah had never gone three hours
without a cigarette. Since the age of twelve, Sarah had
endured irregular sleeping patterns. She rarely slept more
than two consecutive hours without waking up to smoke. She
usually woke up two or three times each night with a severe
coughing spell. She always took advantage of each
opportunity to inhale mass quantities of tar and nicotine
deep into her lungs. Needless to say, this would be a new
challenge for Sarah.

Before leaving her house, Sarah had stuck two nicotine
patches on each arm. She had loaded her purse with chewing
tobacco. She said, “Tom, let’s find the nearest smoking
lounge. I want to pump my lungs full of smoke before the
plane leaves.” Her hands were trembling.

Tom said, “There’s a lounge right around the corner from
our gate. Follow me.”

Sarah lit up a cigarette as soon as she set foot in the
lounge. She inhaled deeply and, without exhaling, took
another drag. She repeated this process over and over,
quickly, until her entire cigarette had been consumed. It
took just two minutes for Sarah to smoke an entire
cigarette. Tom had not seen a visible exhale escape from
Sarah’s lungs. Even before they had found a table, Sarah
had lit her second cigarette and had inhaled most of it
into her lungs.

Tom found a table in the corner of the lounge. As they sat
down he said, “We can sit here until the plane is ready to
leave. Smoke as much as you want, Sarah.”

“I’m going to smoke two packs of cigarettes before we board
the plane,” said Sarah, inhaling smoke from her cigarette
as it dangled from her lips. She was reaching for something
in her purse.

“Two packs? But the plane leaves in twenty minutes, Sarah,”
said Tom.

“I know,” said Sarah. “Watch this.” She triple-pumped the
remainder of her cigarette and dropped it into the ashtray.
From her purse she extracted a roll of cigarettes which
appeared to be taped together. Before leaving home, Sarah
had taped together four bundles of unfiltered Pall Malls.
Each bundle had ten cigarettes taped together. Sarah placed
one end of the bundle into her mouth. She flicked her
lighter to life and waved the flame across the other end of
the bundle as she inhaled. As her cheeks indented, Sarah
felt a thick, dense cloud of smoke enter her mouth. When
her mouth was as full as it could get, she removed the
cigarettes from her mouth and inhaled quickly and deeply.
Sarah felt a rush as the pure nicotine cloud filled her
lungs. It was more smoke than even Sarah was used to. “Ahh,
that feels good,” said Sarah, coughing a deep, gurgly
cough. “I call this a ‘lung hammer.’ Take a drag and you’ll
know why.” She took another long, deep drag from the bundle
and inhaled the smoke deep into her ravaged lungs. Sarah
did her best not to exhale any of the thick, tar-rich
smoke. She wanted all of it to stay in her lungs.

Sarah took one long drag after another from her bundle,
inhaling each drag as deeply as possible. She never paused
more than two or three seconds between drags. As she
reached the end of her cigarettes, the bundle was getting
extremely hot. She took one last double-pump, inhaled
deeply, and dropped the bundle into the ashtray. With thick
smoke flowing from her nostrils, she pulled her second
bundle from her purse and lit up. Less than five minutes
had passed since she had lit her first bundle.

“Damn!” said Tom, who now had a major hard-on, “You really
will smoke two packs in twenty minutes! That is so

Sarah was already three drags into her second bundle when
she said, “Did you have any doubts, Tommy Boy?”

“I guess I should know better by now,” said Tom. “No one
can smoke the way you do, Sarah!”

“You know it, babe,” said Sarah with a long talking exhale.
She was actually starting to get a buzz from the enormous
amount of nicotine she was pumping into her body. She took
one long, deep drag after another, barely pausing between
drags. As she neared the end of her second bundle, she
started to feel a little dizzy.

Tom said, “Maybe you should stop now, Sarah. You’re
starting to turn a little green.”

“I need more smoke in my lungs, Tom,” said Sarah. “I won’t
be able to smoke for three hours. This is going to have to
last me a while.” Sarah took the third bundle from her
purse and placed it into her mouth. As she lit up, instead
of taking a normal drag, she did a direct lung inhale, as
one would do when smoking a joint. The heavy rush of
high-tar smoke into Sarah’s lungs was highly intense. It
made Sarah’s chest hurt. Her throat felt as if it were on
fire. Sarah resisted the urge to cough and took another,
much deeper, direct lung inhale. The intense smoke was
overwhelming. Sarah was close to passing out. But, instead
of stopping, she went on. She finished the entire bundle
with nothing but direct lung inhales. She literally
breathed all the smoke from ten unfiltered cigarettes
directly into her lungs. And that’s exactly where most of
the smoke remained.

“Wow! You’ll have to try this sometime, Tom,” said Sarah,
reaching for her fourth, and final, bundle. “My lungs have
never hurt this much. They have never felt so full.” Sarah
was now highly aroused, but resisted the urge to play with
herself, being in a public place.

Sarah wrapped her sensuous lips around her final bundle of
cigarettes. Tom said, “Let me light it, Sarah.” He held the
flame of the lighter near the end of Sarah’s bundle. As
Sarah started sucking, Tom moved the flame around
carefully, making sure each of the ten cigarettes was lit.

Sarah drew the thick smoke into her aching lungs. Her chest
expanded as it filled with the warm, rich, toxins. “Oooo,
that hurts so good,” said Sarah as she took another deep
drag from her bundle. “I still need more smoke in my lungs.
Light up three of my Marlboro 100s, Tom.”

As Tom followed his orders, Sarah continued to suck and
inhale from the unfiltered bundle of Pall Malls. When Tom
had lit three cigarettes, Sarah took an enormous drag from
her bundle, inhaled deeply, and held the smoke in her
lungs. She set the bundle down in her ashtray and took the
three cigarettes from Tom. She took a quick drag from all
three, inhaled, and stuck two in her nostrils. She stuck
the third cigarette into the hole in her trachea. With her
mouth closed, Sarah breathed in. All three cigarettes
glowed brightly. She then picked up the bundle and took
another very deep direct lung inhale. As she inhaled from
her bundle, the other three cigarettes all glowed brightly.
Sarah was smoking thirteen cigarettes at one time.

“Ahh, this is more like it,” said Sarah. “I wish they could
pack this much tar into one cigarette.” Sarah was literally
breathing nothing but cigarette smoke as she worked her way
through her final bundle. She felt very lightheaded and
was, again, close to passing out. Every now and then she
would have to breathe through her mouth just to keep from
blacking out. But she always followed her small breath of
air with a high-tar lung-chaser from her bundle.

Tom said, “We have to get to our gate, Sarah.”

Sarah triple-pumped the last little bit of her lung hammer
and dropped it into her ashtray. She then inhaled deeply on
the cigarettes in her nostrils and neck hole. Each one had
about a half-inch left to smoke. Sarah removed the
cigarettes and placed all three in her mouth. She took
several long, deep drags until there was nothing left but
burning filter. She had smoked forty-three cigarettes in
twenty minutes.

As Sarah stood up, she was a little wobbly on her legs. Her
body had taken in very little oxygen in the past twenty
minutes. Tom took her by the arm and helped her walk to the
gate. They boarded their plane with no time to spare. As
Sarah sat down in her seat on the plane, she pulled a large
wad of chewing tobacco from her purse and stuffed it into
her mouth. She sat back in her seat and tried to relax. It
would be a long three hours, thought Sarah to herself.

The first hour passed without incident. Sarah felt a little
jittery, but was coping. She had replaced her chewing
tobacco with a fresh wad. She tilted her head back and let
some of the tobacco juice run down her throat. She was
careful not to swallow too much, but it tasted so good. She
tried to read, anything to take her mind off smoking. As
she opened her magazine, the first thing she saw was an ad
for Kools. The slogan read “B Kool.” It showed a sexy lady
sitting in a bar, looking admiringly at a guy who was
holding a lit Kool between his fingers. Sarah moaned. She
flipped a few pages and saw a beautiful black woman
exhaling smoke from her Winston. “God, I want a cigarette,”
she said.

“Hold on, babe,” said Tom. “You’ve only got an hour and a
half to go.”

Sarah put the magazine down and opened her purse for some
more chewing tobacco. She saw her opened pack of Marlboro
100s. She took out the pack and held it to her nose. She
started sniffing the fresh tobacco. “Oh, baby, I wish I
could smoke you right now,” she said to her cigarettes. She
moved the pack down to her crotch and started rubbing it
against her pussy.

“Sarah, you’re just making it harder on yourself,” said
Tom, who was pretty hard himself, watching Sarah. “Try to

“Yeah, right,” said Sarah. “Have you ever tried to sleep
when you really wanted a cigarette?”

“Pretty close to impossible, eh?” said Tom. “Want to play

Sarah stared blankly for a few seconds, then said, “I have
to go to the bathroom.”

“OK,” said Tom. He leaned over and gave Sarah a deep kiss,
probing the inside of her mouth with his tongue. “God, I
love the taste of your mouth, Sarah. Hurry back.” Sarah
left Tom with a lingering taste of nicotine in his mouth
and a gigantic erection in his pants.

There were two restrooms, one in the front of the plane and
one in the back. Sarah walked to the one in the back of the
plane, even though her seat was very close to the front of
the plane. She shut the door of the restroom and opened her
purse. From her purse she extracted her cigarettes, her
lighter, and a small, battery-operated smokeless ashtray,
the kind that is supposed to suck in all the smoke from
your cigarette so no smoke is left lingering in the air.
Sarah lit up and took four very long, very deep drags,
holding all of the smoke deep in her lungs. She held the
burning end of the cigarette close to the ashtray so all of
the smoke could be trapped by its filter.

Sarah took several more long, deep drags and inhaled each
one deep into her craving lungs. She felt the tar and
nicotine soaking into her lung tissue. Rarely had a
cigarette tasted so good to Sarah. Between Sarah’s lungs
and the smokeless ashtray, most of the smoke from Sarah’s
cigarette was trapped so that it did not get into the air
of the restroom.

Sarah finished off her cigarette in a matter of minutes,
inhaling each drag completely, pausing no more than a few
seconds between drags. She triple-pumped the last little
bit of tobacco and saw the filter starting to burn. She
held all of the smoke deep in her lungs, refusing to exhale
any of it. She held the tip of her cigarette under some
running water, wrapped the butt in a paper towel, and
disposed of it.

Sarah didn’t think she could smell any smoke in the air,
but she didn’t trust her own sense of smell. It had been
deadened by her lifetime of smoking. She didn’t want to
take any chances. Sarah’s stomach had been feeling queasy
the last few days, and ninety minutes without a cigarette
had only made it worse. She had a plan. She sat down on the
toilet and dumped a large load of very messy diarrhea. The
stench was strong enough for even Sarah to smell it. She
wiped herself, but didn’t flush. She hoped the smell would
be strong enough to cover up any lingering smoke in the
air. She opened the door a crack to make sure no one was
waiting outside. With her head down she walked quickly up
to her seat.

Tom noticed the smell in Sarah’s hair immediately. “Sarah,”
he whispered. “You’ve been smoking.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” said Sarah. “Keep your voice down.”

Tom grabbed Sarah’s head and locked mouths with her. They
spent several minutes of deep French kissing as Tom’s
erection returned in full force. Sarah massaged Tom’s penis
with one hand and rubbed her own pussy with her other hand.
They each could have cum on the spot, but Tom finally said,
“We’d better cool it. One of the flight attendants is

Sarah coughed in her deep, gurgly way and straightened her
clothing. Tom was grinning as he sat up in his seat. The
flight attendant seemed to be looking at each of the
passengers. Tom said, “You can get into big trouble for
smoking on a plane, Sarah. I think they’re looking for

Sarah said, “They couldn’t have detected anything. I used
my smokeless ashtray. And I really, uhh, masked the smell
of the smoke.” Sarah started laughing as she thought about
her little stunt. She breathed a nicotine-laden sigh of
relief as the flight attendant walked by without saying
anything to her. Sarah felt much better now that she had
filled her lungs with her smoky nectar. She tilted her seat
back and actually slept for a while. She woke up twenty
minutes before the plane was to land. She turned to Tom and
said, “I have to go to the bathroom again.”

A few minutes after the plane landed Sarah was led off the
plane by two flight attendants and handed over to a couple
of security guards who were waiting for her. Sarah had been
caught smoking on the plane. “You never should have smoked
that second cigarette,” whispered Tom as they led Sarah to
the security office.

Sarah was not detained for long. A quick phone call to her
father and everything was magically worked out. Tom and
Sarah headed first for the nearest smoking lounge so that
Sarah could, once again, fill her never-pink lungs with her
beloved tar and nicotine. After sucking down six cigarettes
in rapid succession, Sarah and Tom headed for baggage
claim. There they were greeted by a man who recognized
Sarah from a picture Dr. Richards had sent him.

“Hello, are you Sarah Polmoni?” said the man.

“The one and only,” said Sarah.

“I’m Phil, Phil Morris,” he said.

“As in Philip Morris?” laughed Sarah. “Give me a break.”

“My last name is really Morris. I had my first name legally
changed. I just thought it was a cool idea”, said Phil.
“I’m the head of Philip Morris’ Division F, which Dr.
Richards has told you about. I have the perfect job for a
smoking fetishist, and the perfect name to match. Now,
let’s get you two out of here. I have a limousine waiting.
You must be Tom.” Phil shook Tom’s hand.

“Yes. Pleased to meet you, Phil,” said Tom.

Phil led Tom and Sarah to a sleek, black limousine. He had
a porter bring their luggage. After all three were settled
in the air-conditioned limousine, Phil said, “Allow me to
give each of you a complimentary carton of Marlboro Blacks.
For you, Sarah, a carton of Marlboro Black 100s. And for
you, Tom, a carton of Marlboro Black Menthol 100s. These
cigarettes are the pride and joy of Division F. They were
developed especially for smokers like you, Sarah. You’ll
notice the carton and the pack are exactly like your normal
cigarettes, except the gold is replaced by black. For the
menthols, the green is replaced by black. Other than that,
they look like regular Marlboro packs and cartons. The
cigarettes themselves also look like normal Marlboros.”

“What’s different about them?” asked Sarah.

“Well, first of all, feel the carton, Sarah,” said Phil.

“Wow! It’s heavy,” said Sarah.

“It’s nearly twice as heavy as a normal carton,” said Phil.
“That’s because of all the additives and chemicals we have
put into the tobacco to enhance it.”

“Enhance in what way?” asked Sarah, suddenly very excited.

“We at Division F have altered the tobacco so that the tar
content has been greatly increased,” said Phil. “Also, the
nicotine level has been slightly decreased. But we have
added other chemicals to ensure that none of the
pleasurable effects of the nicotine have been lost. In
fact, you will get much more pleasure from these cigarettes
than from normal cigarettes. So, the bottom line is, you
will get much more tar to fill your lungs, but you will not
feel the ill effects of too much nicotine, so you can smoke
as much as you want. And, from what I hear of you, you will
want to smoke a lot of these cigarettes, Sarah.”

“I have to try one now,” said Sarah, breathlessly.

“Be my guest,” said Phil.

Sarah’s hands were trembling as she opened a pack of
Marlboro Black 100s. “Just how much tar do these cigarettes
have?” she asked.

“Each cigarette has about five times the normal amount of
tar, roughly 75 milligrams,” said Phil, proudly.

“Holy shit!” said Sarah. She was so excited, she couldn’t
hold her lighter steady. Tom held the lighter for her and
watched in awe as Sarah inhaled the thick, toxic smoke deep
into her blackened chest. Her eyes widened as she inhaled.
She had never felt such a fullness in her lungs. The smoke
was thick and dense, but surprisingly mild. “Now, this is a
lung hammer,” she said. She took a second cheek-hollowing
drag and pulled the thick smoke deep into her lungs. After
holding the smoke inside for as long as she could, Sarah
finally exhaled. What came out was thick, dark smoke, like
the smoke from a barbecue grill. Sarah had a big grin on
her face. “This is the best cigarette I’ve ever smoked!”
she said. Tom and Phil had full erections. “I have to get a
large supply of these cigarettes, Phil. How can I get

“We can arrange to have them shipped to you, Sarah,” said
Phil. “I will personally see to it that you will never be
without Marlboro Blacks.”

“Thank you, Phil. I can feel the cancer in my lungs
already,” said Sarah as her cheeks caved in around the
filter of her new best friend. Tom and Phil carefully
shifted in their seats as their erections intensified.

“Of course, these won’t be available to the general
public,” said Phil. “Only to special customers like you,

Sarah smiled as she greedily inhaled the rest of her
Marlboro Black into her lungs. The more she smoked, the
more she wanted. She immediately lit up a second cigarette
and inhaled deeply. She was becoming very aroused from the
incredible fullness in her lungs. She took another drag,
inhaled, and pulled Tom’s face to hers. She started kissing
him. As their lips locked, Sarah exhaled all of her
lung-filtered smoke into Tom. Tom inhaled all of Sarah’s
sweet smoke into his own lungs and started massaging
Sarah’s breasts, imagining he was massaging her lungs.
Sarah’s panties were wet. She desperately wanted to fuck.
“Are we almost there?” she asked. She inhaled deeply from
her Marlboro Black 100.

“Yes,” said Phil. “It’s right ahead.” He watched as a
thick, black cone of smoke came out of Sarah’s mouth.

The limousine pulled up to a gate in a large security
fence. Behind the fence was a large, unmarked building
which looked like an airplane hangar. In fact, it used to
be one.

“Welcome to Division F,” said Phil. “There used to be a
small airport here. When it closed, we bought the property
and turned this hangar into our experimental lab. There are
living quarters inside. Your room is fully stocked with
cigarettes. You will also find a VCR with a large selection
of smoking fetish videos and nearly every cigarette
commercial ever made. We are quite proud of our

“This is my kind of place,” said Sarah as she took another
long, cheek-hollowing drag from her ultra-high-tar Marlboro

“I have to admit, working here is like a dream for me,”
said Phil. The limousine pulled up to the door and stopped.
“I’ll let you two relax in your room for a while,” said
Phil. “Later on, we can go out for dinner and discuss our
plans for the week.”

“Sounds great,” said Sarah, now very horny.

Phil led Sarah and Tom to their room. There was a large bed
with silk sheets. The room was stocked with cartons and
cartons of cigarettes. There were plenty of Marlboro
Blacks, but there were also cartons of all of Philip
Morris’ other brands, just for variety. There were ashtrays
all over the room. There was a large screen TV with a VCR
and stacks of video tapes. In the middle of the room was a
large hot tub with a whirlpool. Sarah shook loose another
Marlboro Black from her pack. She placed the filter between
her lips and flicked her lighter to life. Her cheeks
indented deeply as she drew the dense smoke into her mouth.
She removed the cigarette from her mouth and parted her
lips slightly. Tom and Phil watched as a large ball of
smoke danced momentarily in Sarah’s sensuous mouth. They
felt a swelling in their groins as Sarah inhaled and the
dense smoke-ball disappeared into Sarah’s wonderful, black,
craving lungs, never to be seen again. As Sarah felt the
wonderful fullness in her lungs, she sat down on the bed.
She started rolling around and wrapping herself in the silk
sheets. She lay back on the bed and took a long,
cheek-hollowing drag. Tom and Phil watched Sarah’s glorious
breasts rise as she inhaled the smoke deep into her
tar-laden chest. As she held the smoke in her lungs and
felt the wonderful toxins soaking into her dark and brittle
lung tissue, she placed her hand in her crotch and started
rubbing. She crossed her legs around her hand and started
moaning. Tom, now with a very intense erection, said, “I
think we need some privacy, Phil.”

“Take all the time you need,” said Phil with an envious
grin on his face. “Give me a call when you’re ready.
There’s a list of phone numbers next to the phone.

“Thanks,” said Tom. He shut the door behind Phil and turned
to Sarah.

“Oh, Tommy, please help me fill my poor little lungs with
smoke,” said Sarah in a pouting voice. “I just can’t seem
to get enough smoke.” Tom pounced on Sarah for the start of
a very intense session of smoky sex.

Back in his room, Phil turned on a TV monitor. There, in
living color, was Tom sliding his rock-hard penis between
Sarah’s spread legs while shotgunning her unhealthy lungs
full of smoke. Phil had conveniently forgotten to mention
the hidden video cameras located strategically around the
guest room. As he pulled his swollen dick out of his pants,
he thought, “Silly me. How could I forget such an important
detail?” With a devilish grin he started stroking himself.
“Oh well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

(to be continued)

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