Sarah Ought to Be in Pictures (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah opened her front door and stepped out into the fresh
morning air. She breathed in deeply and smiled as the fresh
air filled her lungs. She smelled, for possibly the first
time in her life, the invigorating freshness of a spring
morning. She ran across her lawn and started turning
cartwheels. “Jesus, I should have done this long ago,” she
said to herself as she crumpled her last pack of cigarettes
and tossed it down the sewer. Sarah had just finished
destroying all the cigarettes in her house. She had thrown
out all the ashtrays and lighters. She had made a big
decision. “No more cigarettes for me,” she thought. “My
lungs will be fresh and pink and spongy in no time. Never
again will filthy, black tar enter my lungs. I am going to
start working out and eating nothing but health food. I
should live to be ninety. God, what was I thinking all
these years?” She went back into her house and ran up and
down her stairs three or four times, just to get warmed up.
Without feeling the least bit winded, and without the
slightest urge to cough, she stepped outside again. “I
think I’ll run ten miles,” she thought as she once again
breathed fresh cool air into her suddenly rejuvenated
lungs. As she started sprinting down the street she noticed
a Marlboro billboard in the distance. With a scowl on her
face she said, “Fuck you, Philip Morris! Fuck you and all
the lung cancer you have created. Well, you won’t be able
to count Sarah Polmoni’s lungs among your rancid spoils.
From now on you can refer to me as Sarah Polmoni,
ex-smoker. Fuck you, Philip Morris! Fuck you!”

“Oh, fuck!” cried Sarah as she woke up coughing her lungs
out. “Jesus, what a fucking nightmare that was,” she
thought as her usual deep morning hacking began in earnest.
The coughed up tar from deep within her blackened chest
brought a wonderful ashtray-like taste to Sarah’s mouth.
She could hardly catch her breath as one deep, gurgly cough
after another emanated from Sarah’s ruined lungs. She was
in a cold sweat from the dream she had just awakened from.
There was an incredible pain in Sarah’s chest. It was worse
than she had ever felt before. Her lungs felt full and
thick. They were densely packed with the tar she had
accumulated from her twenty-two years of smoking. Normal
breathing was becoming a problem for Sarah. The emphysema
in her left lung was at such an advanced stage that she was
basically breathing with one lung. Ironically, the
operation during which her mother’s formerly cancerous lung
had been implanted into her chest, had probably extended
her life, quite the opposite of what had been intended.
Sarah had hoped to speed up the onset of lung cancer by
being implanted with the lung of her mother who had smoked
more than three packs of Marlboro Reds per day for the last
32 years of her life. Without Lori’s right lung to sustain
her, Sarah would surely already be dead from emphysema. At
the very least, she would be permanently bedridden and
attached to an oxygen tank.

As she struggled to breathe and thought about what she was
doing to her lungs, Sarah felt a warm moistness developing
in her panties. Her hands trembled as she reached for the
pack of Marlboro Black 100s next to her bed. She had smoked
over five packs of these incredible cigarettes the previous
evening. Each cigarette had pumped 75 milligrams of tar
into her ever-worsening lungs. She could not believe how
much she loved her new cigarettes. She couldn’t wait to
light her first one of the day. Sarah placed the filter of
her cigarette in the right side of her mouth as she
continued coughing through the left side of her mouth.
Somehow she was able to light up and inhale deeply between
coughs. Through experience Sarah had learned to smoke even
during a severe coughing spell. She would take a drag
between coughs and quickly inhale the smoke deep into her
lungs. When the coughing resumed, some smoke would
inevitably be coughed out, but Sarah had learned to cough
from the top of her lungs and retain most of the smoke deep
in the bottom of her lungs. She smoked and coughed as she
became more and more aroused.

As Sarah inhaled the thick, black smoke from her cigarette,
she felt a heavy warmness fill her lungs. The enhanced tar
in her new cigarettes created a very special feeling. Her
lungs had never felt so full. The more smoke she inhaled,
the more she felt the fullness in her chest. Her lungs felt
like two bags of wet cement. She was now highly aroused.
Still coughing, Sarah pulled a second cigarette from her
pack. She lit it from her nearly finished first cigarette.
With her fresh cigarette dangling from her lips, Sarah
looked at Tom who was, amazingly, still asleep. He was
apparently worn out from his late night of smoky sex games
with Sarah. Sarah started gently massaging the tip of Tom’s
limp penis. With her other hand she was playing with her
own pussy. She continued to smoke her dangling cigarette
between deep, hacking coughs. She exhaled and coughed
directly into Tom’s face.

Within moments a grin appeared on Tom’s face. His penis
quickly stood at full attention. Sarah straddled Tom and
lowered herself onto his hard shaft. She let out a low,
deep moan followed closely by another round of coughing.
Tom reached up and started massaging Sarah’s full, round
breasts. He gently pinched her hard nipples as Sarah moaned
again in her deep smoker’s voice. Sarah was still coughing
as she continued to smoke the cigarette dangling from her
lips. Her ashes fell on Tom’s chest. Each hacking cough
shook Sarah’s entire body and brought Tom one step closer
to orgasm. He tried to hold back until Sarah was ready to
cum. As Sarah completed a drag from her cigarette, Tom took
the cigarette from her hand and took a drag of his own. He
inhaled deeply, waited until Sarah coughed, then pulled her
mouth to his and forcefully exhaled all of the smoke from
his lungs deep into Sarah’s. This was enough to send Sarah
over the edge. Her body quivered and shook with the force
of her orgasm, even as she continued to cough. Tom could
hold back no longer. His hot semen exploded inside of
Sarah. Sarah moaned again as she felt the warm fluid enter
her body. Tom continued to pump until he felt Sarah’s body
relaxing. Finally, Sarah’s orgasm was over and she lay down
on the bed next to Tom.

Tom grabbed two fresh cigarettes and lit them
simultaneously. He gave one to Sarah, whose coughing was
finally beginning to subside. She inhaled deeply, held the
smoke in her lungs, and inhaled again. “Oh, Tom, the
feeling in my lungs is so wonderful,” said Sarah. “These
cigarettes are incredible.” Tom just watched in awe as
Sarah inhaled lungful after lungful of tar-enhanced smoke.
She had an insatiable appetite when it came to nicotine.
The more she filled her lungs with smoke, the more she
wanted. Sarah finished her cigarette, got out of bed, and
felt a queasiness in her stomach. She went into the
bathroom and vomited.

Tom and Sarah showered and dressed and joined Phil for
breakfast in the Division F cafeteria. It was their first
full day at Division F. Phil laid out his plans for Sarah.
“Sarah, it’s quite simple,” he said. “We want to photograph
and videotape everything you do while you are here. Our
photographers will follow you around. They will film
everything you do.”

“Everything?” asked Sarah.

“Well, everything you do while smoking,” said Phil.

“That’s everything,” said Sarah as she lit up a fresh
Marlboro Black 100.

“Even if you smoke while peeing, we want to photograph you,
Sarah,” said Phil. “Is that OK with you?”

“I guess so,” said Sarah, dragging deeply on her cigarette.

“Everyone who works at Division F, including the
photographers, has an intense smoking fetish,” said Phil.
“So you don’t have to feel self-conscious about anything
you do while you’re here. If you want to masturbate while
smoking, go for it. Don’t hold anything back. We want to
capture it all on film. We have secretly produced some of
the best smoking fetish videos on the market today. I
predict that when we release your first smoking fetish
video, you will become the new star of the smoking fetish

“Oooh, it sounds so exciting,” said Sarah, alternating
bites of food with drags from her cigarette. “I’ve always
wanted to be in the movies.”

“You will notice,” said Phil, “that the closet in your room
is filled with a large selection of outfits and dresses in
your exact size. We would like to have you wear each outfit
at least once for the cameras. We have hired a makeup
artist to work with you during each session. We have set up
a couple of studios in which we would like to shoot
specific scenes. But, for the most part, you and Tom should
just enjoy yourselves and do whatever you want to do.
Naturally, the more you smoke, the better.”

“I think I can handle that part,” said Sarah as she took a
deep drag from her cigarette.

“And, of course, you will be paid handsomely for your
services,” said Phil. “In addition to cash, we will make
sure you have a lifetime supply of Marlboro Black 100s.”

“Well, that won’t be for very long,” said Sarah, inhaling
more smoke deep into her ravaged lungs. “I can feel my
lungs starting to break down already. They can’t last much
longer. especially with these wonderful new cigarettes. I
could hardly breathe when I woke up this morning.” Tom and
Phil had to shift in their seats as they felt erections
coming on. Sarah triple-pumped the remainder of her
cigarette and lit up a fresh one.

“Well, Sarah,” said Phil. “We can’t actually print this on
the pack, but your new cigarettes are almost guaranteed to
cause lung cancer. Once you start smoking those babies,
there’s no turning back.”

Sarah made a low, deep moaning sound as she pulled another
cigarette from her pack. She lit it up and started smoking
two cigarettes simultaneously. She took several long, deep
drags and held all of the smoke deep in her lungs. She
closed her eyes and felt the warm toxins working their way
into her lung tissue. She felt a new moistness in her

“And, um…,” stammered Phil. “in addition to smoking
fetish videos, we want to produce magazine ads and
potential cigarette commercials for television. We are
working on getting cigarette commercials back on the air.”

“God, that would be so wonderful,” said Sarah. “My parents
grew up with cigarette commercials. I feel cheated because
I was born too late.”

“It could happen,” said Phil, who was mesmerized by Sarah’s
smoking. “Our lobbyists have accomplished amazing things. I
am especially anxious to produce some Marlboro ads with
women in them. I’ve been trying to convince our marketing
department for years to lose the cowboy. Or, at least, give
him a female counterpart. I guess they don’t feel any need
to change, considering our market position. It’s hard to
argue with number one.”

“The cowboy never did anything for me,” said Sarah. “I’d
love to be in some Marlboro ads.”

“They’ll be the sexiest cigarette ads ever,” said Phil.

“It sounds fun,” said Sarah. “I can’t wait to get started.”

“Then it’s all settled?” asked Phil.

“On one condition,” said Sarah.

“What’s that?” asked Phil.

“You have to give me four copies of every video and
photograph you produce. I want one copy for myself, one for
my father, one for Tom, and one for Dr. Richards,” said

“Done,” said Phil.

“And that includes the tape of Tom and me in bed last night
and this morning,” said Sarah with a wink.

Phil, blushing, said, “It’s a deal.”

Sarah smiled as she inhaled deeply from her cigarette. She
closed her eyes and thought about what was happening inside
her lungs as the wet spot in her panties became even

(to be continued)

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