Sarah’s Grand Opening (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

    Sarah’s Lungs – Chapter 6

“Sarah’s Grand Opening”

“We need an emergency tracheotomy in room 624! Stat!”
barked the nurse into Sarah’s intercom. Sarah’s face was
turning blue. Her eyeballs were bulging out of their
sockets. She could not catch her breath. “Hurry!” repeated
the nurse. “The patient is unable to breathe!”

Ms. Bagley, the nurse, had come into the room to deliver
Sarah’s lunch. What she had seen was a most eerie sight.
There was Sarah, unable to breathe, turning blue in the
face, with a freshly lit Marlboro 100 clenched in her
mouth, desperately trying to get a good drag from her
cigarette. She appeared to be more determined to get smoke
into her lungs than to continue breathing. The nurse
immediately grabbed the cigarette from Sarah’s mouth. With
bulging eyes Sarah defiantly raised her middle finger and
shoved it into Ms. Bagley’s face.

Ms. Bagley screamed into the intercom, “I can’t wait any
longer! She’s going to be dead in a few seconds!” Nobody
was answering her call. It was a hectic day in the
hospital. The resourceful nurse decided to act. She pulled
her ballpoint pen from her pocket, removed the cap, and
rammed the point of the pen into Sarah’s throat. A
combination of blood and a thick, brown fluid started
oozing out of the hole in Sarah’s neck. The nurse stuck her
two index fingers into the hole and pried it open as far as
she could. Finally, enough fluid had flowed out of the hole
that there was room for air to start working its way into
Sarah’s lungs. Sarah started to breathe again. Color
started returning to her face.

The nurse looked at Sarah and said, “I think you’re going
to make it, Honey. You just had a close call.”

Sarah appeared to be in extreme pain. She was clutching her
throat. An overpowering nicotine stench rose from the fluid
all over the front of her gown. In a hoarse whisper Sarah
said, “Uh…well, thanks, I guess. Now, will you please
give me back my fucking cigarette!”

There was a momentary struggle as Ms. Bagley tried to take
Sarah’s cigarettes away. Sarah jumped up and grabbed Ms.
Bagley by the neck. As she was choking the nurse, Sarah
began to feel lightheaded. She was still losing blood. Her
grip gradually loosened as Sarah fell back and passed out
in a puddle of her foul bodily fluids.

As Sarah groggily opened her eyes she saw Dr. Richards and
her father looking over her. Mark said, “How’s my girl? You
gave us quite a scare.”

“What happened?” asked Sarah.

Dr. Richards said, “You just came out of surgery, Sarah.
You have a minor lung infection. It was causing fluids to
build up in your lungs. I’ve got you on antibiotics now.
They should clear up the infection. This type of thing is
common in transplant cases. Your body is still getting used
to its new lung.”

“Can I have a cigarette now?” asked Sarah.

“Absolutely!” said Dr. Richards as both he and Mark fumbled
for their cigarettes and lighters.

Mark was first as he placed one of his Marlboro Reds into
Sarah’s trembling lips. He flicked his lighter to life and
held the flame a quarter of an inch from the end of Sarah’s
cigarette. The flame jumped onto the end of the cigarette
as Sarah’s cheeks collapsed in a monster drag. She dragged
for a full ten seconds and pulled all of the smoke into her
craving, deprived lungs. Her eyes lit up as the smoke
started to work its way into her starved alveoli. Without
releasing any of the tar-rich smoke she took another
enormous drag. The cherry on the end of her cigarette
glowed brightly as her cheeks indented again. She sucked
the smoke down and felt it mixing with the smoke from her
first drag. She had a satisfied look on her face as she
began the third drag of her patented triple pump. This was
her longest and deepest drag yet. The tip of her cigarette
glowed for nearly twenty seconds. She pulled the thick,
heavy smoke into her severely abused lungs and felt the
deadly toxins soaking into her once pink and spongy lung
tissue. Pink was now a distant memory for her brittle lung
walls which were coated with patches of thick, sticky tar
and speckled with blotches of brown and black. Elasticity
had long ago left her lungs. She finally exhaled as a tiny
stream of barely visible smoke came out of her mouth. Most
of the smoke had remained in her lungs and would become a
permanent part of Sarah, never to escape her millions of
severely clogged air sacs which would only become more
damaged in time. It pleased and aroused Sarah immensely to
know that the incredible amount of damage she had already
done to her lungs in her short lifetime could never be
undone. It could only be made worse as she continued to
pump incalculable amounts of her beloved tar and nicotine
into the organs against which she had declared war. It gave
her a tremendously perverse satisfaction to know that her
lungs had never even been given a fair chance in this war.
Sarah had been smoking, literally, since conception.
Sarah’s mother. Lori, had increased her usual three
pack-per-day habit to nearly five per day during her
pregnancy with Sarah. Sarah had been born addicted to
nicotine and there had never been a moment in her entire
life when her bloodstream had been entirely free of
nicotine. Cigarette smoke had entered her tiny lungs with
her very first breath; the irreversible damage had already
begun. She had learned to smoke before the age of one and
had started smoking a pack per day by the age of three. If
ever a person had been bred to be a smoker, it was Sarah.
She could not comprehend life without smoking.

Sarah smiled as she felt the lung-damaging smoke doing its
work. “Ahhhh, now this is better,” she said.

“I’ve instructed the nurses not to try to take away your
cigarettes again, Sarah,” said Dr. Richards.

“Thanks,” she said. “Sorry I got so pissed off before.” She
placed her hand to her throat and said, “What the hell is

“Well, Sarah,” said Dr. Richards. “We have decided to leave
a permanent hole in your throat. You have just come out of
surgery. We have placed a small, prosthetic device in your
trachea. There is a little nylon ring lining the hole.
Because your lungs are in such a weakened state, and
because you abuse them so severely, there is a good chance
the infection will return. We may need to drain fluid from
your lungs again. And, of course, you are a prime candidate
for other lung diseases such as tuberculosis, bronchitis,
and asthma, in addition to your already rapidly progressing
emphysema and your much anticipated lung cancer. The hole
may allow us to save your life. I know you wouldn’t want to
die from some wimpy lung infection before having the chance
to destroy your lungs properly yourself.

“You’re right about that, Doc,” said Sarah. “I would feel
cheated if I had gone to all this trouble to destroy my
lungs and a fucking infection beat me to it.”

“I thought so,” said the doctor. “For that reason I am
going to prescribe a strenuous exercise program for you. We
want to make sure you don’t die of something else before
the cancer has a chance to do its job. Don’t worry, there
is no danger of your lungs becoming healthier. The damage
you have done to them is irreversible. But, at least you
can keep the rest of your body in shape.”

Aside from her lungs, Sarah was in excellent shape. She had
inherited her mother’s incredible figure and size 36 D-cup
breasts. She was actually quite a beautiful young lady.
Aside from her five-pack-per-day habit, her yellowing
teeth, and the constant cough, which wouldn’t allow her to
sleep more than an hour at a time, she was a glowing
picture of health

“I have added a small plug for the hole in your neck so you
can keep it covered when it’s not being used,” said the
doctor. “Be sure to keep it covered when you’re taking a
shower. If water were to get into the hole, you could
drown. Remember, that hole is a direct passage to your
lungs. Anything that goes into it goes straight into your

Sarah’s eyebrows raised with this news. “Straight to my
lungs, huh?” she said. “Hand me a mirror. I want to see how
big this hole is.”

Dr. Richards said, “I know exactly what you’re thinking,
and it’s the perfect size. Let me demonstrate.” He took a
Winston from the pack in his shirt pocket and lit it up.
Then he stuck the filter of his Winston into the hole in
Sarah’s throat. “Now, close your mouth and plug your nose
and breathe in as deeply as you can.”

Sarah did as instructed and the tip of the Winston began to
glow brightly. Mark and Dr. Richards watched in aroused
amazement as Sarah’s chest began to expand. They could
actually hear the creaking and stretching of her inelastic
lung tissue as it tried its best to stretch to make room
for the incoming rush of tar and nicotine. Sarah’s glorious
breasts appeared to double in size as her pert nipples made
noticeable impressions in her hospital gown. She felt an
incredible fullness in her chest as her lungs began to fill
to capacity. She instinctively took a drag from the
Marlboro Red in her hand as she continued to inhale the
Winston in her neck.

“Oh, my God! This is absolutely incredible! My lungs have
never felt so full!” exclaimed Sarah with glee.

“I knew you would love it,” said Dr. Richards. “You will be
able to keep a cigarette going in your neck hole even when
your mouth is occupied with other things, such as eating.”

This news aroused Sarah immensely. “That means I can pretty
much keep a cigarette going at all times, except when I’m
sleeping or in the shower,” she said with a smile.

“That’s right! You’re getting more like your mother every
day!” said Mark proudly as he fought back the enormous
erection in his pants.

Sarah was overcome with emotion as she realized she was one
step closer to becoming a virtual smoking machine like her
mother before her. As she continued to inhale the cigarette
in her neck she became more and more aroused. She clutched
her incredibly moist vagina and began to rub. With a
quivering voice she said, “Will you two leave me alone for
a while, please?”

“Sure, Honey,” said Mark. “You try to get some rest.”

“I’ll come back and check in on you a little later,” said
Dr. Richards, also hiding an enormous bulge under his white

As soon as they had left the room Sarah began to cum. The
incredible fullness and tightness in her chest was the most
arousing thing she had ever felt. Her whole body started to
shudder as she approached her climax. She continued to rub
and finger her pussy as she inhaled ever more deeply on her
two cigarettes, one in her mouth and one stuck firmly in
the permanent hole in her neck. She screamed in ecstasy as
she reached an incredible body-shaking climax. She
continued to inhale through the now dark-brown, burnt-out
filter stump remaining in her neck hole as her body started
to relax. She quickly replaced the expired butt with a
fresh Marlboro 100. She lit up another one for her mouth.
Within moments she was on her way to a second and third
orgasm. Sarah had never felt such ecstasy. She had never
felt closer to attaining her goal of the complete and total
destruction of her most hated of organs, which were,
ironically, the very organs which allowed her to feel such
ecstasy as she had never before known in her
nicotine-addicted, smoke-filled life.

Sarah quickly grew to love the hole in her neck. She
learned to eat with a cigarette going in her neck. She
would inhale the cigarette as she was swallowing her food.
It added an incredibly erotic flavor to every meal. Sarah
kept a cigarette going in her neck almost constantly, while
she still continued to smoke her usual five packs per day
in the normal way. This meant that she was nearly always
smoking two cigarettes at a time, one in her mouth and one
in her neck. This also meant that she had virtually doubled
her daily cigarette consumption. Almost overnight she had
gone from the already incredible total of five packs per
day to that magic milestone of a full carton per day! This
is the same unbelievable level her mother, Lori, had
reached in her final days. Never before had such havoc been
wreaked on such helpless lungs. The war against Sarah’s
lungs had been escalated to almost unheard of proportions.

Sarah was recovering nicely. Her lung transplant had been
declared a success by Dr. Richards. Lori’s lung was no
longer in danger of being rejected by Sarah’s body. Sarah
had quickly adapted to her sudden and drastic decrease in
breathing capacity. She had started following Dr. Richards’
exercise regimen. In fact, it had become a common sight in
the hospital workout room to see Sarah riding the exercise
bike with a freshly lit Marlboro 100 protruding from her
neck. Sarah was ready to leave the hospital. She was
anxious to go home.

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