Sarah – Probing times (Kool Guy) – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah coughed deeply and tried to catch her breath. Her
lungs felt unusually congested this morning. There was a
severe pain deep within her chest, one which wasn’t usually
there. She coughed again and tried to force up some of the
tarry fluids. She felt a thick ball of slippery ooze in her
mouth and started swishing it around. The hot taste of
nicotine was readily apparent in the gooey mass. “Yum,”
thought Sarah as she spit into her ashtray. What came out
was a dark, brown, sticky mass of tar-saturated mucous. She
examined the mass closely. “Hmmm,” thought Sarah. “No

Sarah felt there was something growing in her chest. It was
actually more of a wish than a feeling. It had to be there.
How long would it take? Sarah had become so obsessed with
destroying her own lungs that she could think of little
else. The thought of lung cancer, caused by her own
smoking, aroused Sarah beyond reason. The more she thought
about it, the more aroused she got. The more aroused she
got, the more she smoked. The more she smoked, the more she
wanted lung cancer now. She needed a cigarette badly.

Sarah reached over to her nightstand to grab a fresh
Marlboro 100. As she stretched her arm, she felt the pain
again. It was a sharp pain which she hadn’t noticed before.
This got Sarah unusually excited. Her other hand reached
instinctively for her pussy, already flowing liberally.
Sarah herself did not understand her obsession with
destroying her own lungs. She only knew that she wanted,
and needed, more than anything else, to smoke, more and
more, until her lungs wouldn’t work anymore. It was
something that dominated her every thought and action. Lung
cancer was Sarah’s ultimate goal. To live and smoke without
it would be empty, meaningless smoking. Without lung
cancer, Sarah considered herself only half a woman. Sure,
she had emphysema, but anyone could get that just by
smoking long enough. Granted, few had ever achieved what
Sarah had at the age of twenty-two. But emphysema, even
though it was highly debilitating, was not nearly as sexy
in Sarah’s mind as lung cancer. Lung cancer was the
ultimate reward for a smoker, the thing that permanently
stamped one as a true, heavy smoker. Only lung cancer could
validate Sarah’s life as a smoker.

Sarah tried to light her cigarette with one hand as she
masturbated with the other. It was something that she had
practiced so often, it was now second nature to her. As she
felt the thick, toxic smoke entering her lungs, she was
home again. As she thought about the new pain in her chest,
and what she hoped was causing it, her entire body started
to shudder in orgasm. As she quivered in delight, she
dragged more and more deeply on her cigarette, being
careful not to release any of the beautiful, carcinogenic
tar and nicotine from her corroded chest. She came three
times, and probably could have continued, had she not been
late for an appointment.

Sarah was due for another checkup with Dr. Richards in
twenty minutes. She still needed to shower. She had spent
the previous night with Tom. She had seen a lot of Tom
lately. In fact, she had seen Tom nearly every day for the
past two months. Sarah hadn’t lasted so long with one guy
since Jimmy had been killed. This new complication in
Sarah’s life was something she had not counted on. She had
been very careful when it came to matters of the heart.
Since Jimmy had died, when Sarah was only thirteen, she had
not allowed herself to give her heart completely to any
guy. She had felt that she would never again meet a man as
understanding as Jimmy.

Sarah dragged deeply on the Marlboro Gold dangling from her
lips as she turned on her shower. Her body still craved
nicotine, so she didn’t bother to put out her cigarette
before stepping into the shower. She let the cancer-stick
dangle from her lips with its thick, delicious smoke
flowing up into her nostrils. She was careful to keep her
cigarette out of the spraying water as she lathered her
body with soap. As she rubbed her soapy hands over her
breasts, she thought of the massive tumor she hoped was
growing beneath them. Her nipples became hard and rigid as
Sarah, once again, felt an overwhelming urge to masturbate.
She slid her soapy fingers up into her pussy and let them
do their magic. As she came to another shuddering orgasm,
Sarah triple-pumped the remainder of her cigarette and held
all of the smoke deep in her lungs. She continued to suck
through the lifeless, dark brown filter as she finished her

Sarah lit a fresh cigarette as she stepped out of the
shower. While drying and dressing, she thought of Tom. Any
man that Sarah let into her heart would have to accept
Sarah on her own terms. Nothing could ever be allowed to
come between Sarah and her quest for ruined lungs. Her
biggest fear, when it came to relationships, was that she
would fall in love with a guy who would try to change her
or make her seek counseling. Oh, he would accept her
smoking at first. But, eventually, when Sarah’s health
began to deteriorate, he would try to get Sarah to cut down
or, (shudder), quit smoking. Sarah did not want to be put
into the position of having to choose between her
cigarettes and her lover. That is one reason she had always
said she didn’t need a man. But, she had to admit, things
had been pretty good with Tom. He seemed to share her
passion, not only for smoking, but for the complete and
total destruction of Sarah’s lungs. He seemed legitimately
turned on whenever Sarah brought up the subject of lung
cancer. It seemed too good to be true. Most guys Sarah had
dated had eventually been turned off by her obsessive
smoking and/or her uniquely dark philosophy. Sarah would
proceed cautiously, but, so far, a long-term relationship
with Tom was looking like a distinct possibility. Of
course, long-term to Sarah could be only a matter of

Sarah opened her car door to the overpowering stench of
stale smoke and cigarette butts. She had long ago given up
emptying her car ashtray. It was simply an exercise in
futility. Sarah now let her ashes and cigarette butts fall
where they may in her car. She made sure her butts were put
out first, before tossing them, so as not to start a fire.
But, as for where they fell after that, any part of her car
was fair game. There was now a growing carpet of ashes and
crushed out, dark brown, Marlboro 100 butts in her car. She
brushed them aside only when they became a hindrance to her
driving. Sarah ran her hand through a mound of cigarette
butts on the seat of her car before sitting down to drive.
She often ran her hands through the butts on the passenger
seat while driving. Looking at all her crushed out butts,
knowing that, as the size of the mound grew, so did her
chances for lung cancer, Sarah got a warm and fuzzy feeling

Sarah never opened the windows of her car when driving. All
of the glass in her car was tinted brown. The dashboard was
covered with a brown, oily film consisting of tar and
nicotine. As she lit up a fresh cigarette, Sarah inhaled
deeply, mixing the remnants of yesterday’s stale smoke with
today’s warm, fresh toxins deep in her dark, pitiful lungs.
She coughed deeply as she approached Dr. Richards’ office.

Sarah was more than a little excited as she walked into the
doctor’s office. She longed for the day Dr. Richards would
tell her what she wanted to hear. She sensed that day was
drawing closer. Dr. Richards got a smile on his face and a
stiffness in his shorts as he saw Sarah. “Ahh, the goddess
of my wet dreams,” he said.

“Down, boy,” said Sarah, dragging deeply on a freshly lit
Marlboro 100. “I haven’t even taken my clothes off, yet.”

“You know it’s your lungs, not your tits, that put the salt
in my peter, Sarah,” said the doctor, thumbing through
Sarah’s old chest x-rays. “You’re equally sexy to me
whether you’re fully clothed or stripped naked, just as
long as you’re smoking and coughing. Please exhale in my
direction, would you?”

Sarah complied, feeling sexier than usual, as she
remembered the pain in her chest. “Doc, I’m certain
something is growing in my chest. I have this pain I’ve
never had before. Come on. Check it out.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, Sarah. Given the state your
lungs are in, you will get lots of assorted aches and
pains. That doesn’t necessarily mean cancer. This is a good
sign, though,” said the doctor. “I just don’t want you to
get your hopes up. Any blood yet?”

“No, but I know there’s something in there,” said Sarah,
dragging deeply on her Marlboro 100. “I can just feel it.
How can we tell if it’s cancer?”

“Well, there’s another procedure I’d like to start
performing on you during your visits, Sarah. I want to
start doing regular biopsies on your lungs. This is where
your trachea hole will really come in handy,” said Dr.

“Oooo! Sounds exciting,” said Sarah, double-pumping her
lungs full of tar and nicotine. “What do I have to do?”

“I have a new device which can be inserted into the hole in
your neck,” said the doctor. “It goes down your trachea and
straight into one of your lungs. It is a very narrow probe
with a tiny camera lens attached to the end. There is also
a little device which can scrape a cell sample from the
inside of your lung. I control the movement of the probe
with a device attached to the other end. I can actually
view the inside of your lungs on a little TV monitor as the
probe moves around. When I see a spot that looks promising,
I will scrape a sample. Damn! I can’t wait to try it out.
Just imagine! I will be able to see the inside of your
lungs! Isn’t science fan-fucking-tastic?”

“Jesus, Doc! That sounds incredible! Will I be able to
watch, too?” asked Sarah.

“Absolutely!” said the doctor. “The beauty of this
procedure is, there’s no surgery involved. You will remain
conscious throughout. For most patients, we have to insert
the probe through one of the nostrils, which is highly
irritating. You will probably not feel a thing as we go
through your neck hole.”

Sarah was getting moist just thinking about the prospect of
actually seeing the inside of her lungs. She rubbed her
crotch as she lit a fresh cigarette. “Let’s do it, Doc!”
she said.

“OK. Lie down on the examining table, smoke a few
cigarettes, and relax while I get the equipment set up,”
said the doctor. “Before we begin, I am going to give you a
muscle relaxant. It will reduce the urge for you to cough
when the probe enters your lung. For the first time ever, I
don’t want you to cough.”

Sarah laughed at the irony of the situation. She coughed
deeply a few times, just to get it out of her system. She
dragged heavily on her cigarette as Dr. Richards stuck a
hypodermic needle into her arm. “It won’t be long, now,” he

It wasn’t easy for Dr. Richards to concentrate, considering
the enormous erection in his pants. But the thought of
seeing Sarah’s lungs kept him focused. After a few minutes,
he was ready to go. He took the cable-like probe and
inserted it into the hole in Sarah’s neck.

Sarah dragged deeply on a freshly lit Marlboro 100 and
asked, “Is it OK if I smoke while you do this?”

“I’m insulted you would even ask such a question of me,
Sarah,” said the doctor. “Smoke all you want. It will help
keep you relaxed.”

“I’m too excited to relax,” said Sarah, triple-pumping her

“I know. Me too,” said the doctor. “Here we go.” He started
gently forcing the probe down into Sarah’s chest. He turned
on the monitor and could see the walls of Sarah’s trachea.
Ahead were her two bronchi, the tubes which branch off to
Sarah’s lungs. A dark, syrupy coating could be seen
everywhere. Dr. Richards worked the controls as he watched
the monitor. He slowly moved the probe into Sarah’s right
lung. This was her mother’s former lung, the lung which
held the most promise for finding cancer. Sarah felt a
tickling sensation as the probe moved into her lung. She
felt a slight, but not overpowering, urge to cough. She
suppressed the cough as she took a very deep drag from her

The probing was almost too arousing for Dr. Richards to go
on. He could see dark splotches everywhere. His erection
was so intense, he thought his penis would explode. But,
somehow, he went on. The probing lens moved through and
around thick, lumpy masses, obviously tar. A mottled,
blotchy pattern could be seen on the walls of Sarah’s
lungs. Much of the tissue was obviously shriveled and
useless. Dr. Richards estimated that over fifty percent of
Sarah’s alveoli had been hopelessy blocked with thick gobs
of sticky tar. The probing eye moved on.

Sarah, also watching the monitor, was now highly aroused.
She desperately wanted to play with her pussy, but Dr.
Richards told her to remain still. She would have to be
satisfied with sucking down one cigarette after another, as
the doctor probed on. Finally, Sarah had to turn her head
away from the monitor. The intensity of the image on the
monitor was simply too arousing. Dr. Richards said, “Just
hold on for a few minutes, Sarah. I know how hard it is.
But, once I get a few good scrapings, you can rub your
pussy raw.”

Using Sarah’s last chest x-ray as a roadmap, Dr. Richards
moved the probe toward the most promising spots on Sarah’s
lungs. He took seven different samples in all, five from
the right lung, and two from the left. Finally, he removed
the probe. As he pulled the probe out of Sarah’s neck, he
passed it under his nose. The overpowering smell of Sarah’s
lungs was enough to make his knees buckle. He held it under
Sarah’s nose and said, “Smell this.”

Sarah breathed in and immediately went into a frenzied fit
of masturbation. The good doctor wanted to pounce on her
smoke-filled body, but decided to watch the show, instead.
Never had he seen one human being get so much pleasure from
her nicotine. Sarah said, “Light me a couple of cigarettes,
would you, Doc? My hands are busy.” Dr. Richards lit up two
of Sarah’s Marlboro 100s. He placed one between her full,
sensuous lips and the other into her trachea hole. He
unzipped his pants, relieving his badly swollen dick, and
started to jack himself off as he watched Sarah masturbate.
She rubbed her pussy with one hand and pinched her hard
nipples with the other. The tips of her cigarettes glowed
more and more brightly, the closer she got to orgasm.
Before her cigarettes had burned down even a half inch, she
started to cum. Her body shook and quivered, as she
screamed in ecstasy. As Dr. Richards watched in delight, he
picked up a nearby bedpan and shot his hot bodily fluid
into it.

As the two smoke lovers came back to earth, Sarah said,
“Well, is it cancer yet?”

“We won’t know for a week to ten days, Sarah,” said the
doctor. “I will have to send your lung samples to the lab
for analysis. I’ll let you know as soon as the results are
in. Now, sit up and blow into this.” He was holding a PFT
(pulmonary function test) device. This is a device used for
measuring lung capacity. The patient blows into a tube on
the device and it measures the volume of air exhaled from
the patient’s lungs. Sarah took a long drag from her
cigarette, inhaled deeply, and blew into the tube with all
her might.

With a smile on his face, Dr. Richards said, “Try it one
more time, Sarah.”

Once again, Sarah inhaled smoke deep into her badly
deteriorating lungs, and blew into the tube.

Dr. Richards shook his head and smiled again. He felt his
dick getting hard once again. He said, “Sarah, a normal
person of your height should be able to exhale about 5
liters of air in one second. You barely registered 1.5
liters, each time. That’s thirty percent normal lung
capacity. Most of that can certainly be attributed to the
emphysema in your left lung. But, even if your left lung
registered zero, that still means your right lung is
operating at barely fifty percent normal capacity. You must
get winded very easily.”

“I do, Doc,” said Sarah as she completed a double-pump from
her tar-rich Marlboro 100. “Stairs are an absolute killer
for me. I avoid them as much as possible now. I find myself
stopping to rest just walking from one end of the house to
the other. Mitzi jokes that she could beat me in a foot
race, and she can’t even walk anymore.” Sarah laughed a
hoarse, wheezing laugh which caused her to start coughing.

Dr. Richards took advantage of the opportunity by wrapping
his arms tightly around Sarah from behind. Sarah could feel
his hard penis pressing into the crack of her butt. He
said, “Just keep coughing, Sarah. I want to feel what is
happening inside your chest.” Sarah couldn’t have stopped
coughing if she had wanted to. Her deep, gurgly hacking
went on for a good five minutes, five minutes of ecstasy
for Dr. Richards, as the body-shaking motion of Sarah’s
coughing caused her butt to rub, up and down, against the
doctor’s penis.

When the coughing finally subsided, Dr. Richards said,
“Sarah, I’d like to ask a big favor of you.”

“Anything for you, Doc,” said Sarah as she double-pumped
her Marlboro 100.

“I don’t know quite how to ask this, but…ummm…when it
finally happens, I mean…uhh…”

“You mean…when I’m dead from lung cancer?” said Sarah,
grinning, as she inhaled more toxic smoke deep into her
filthy lungs.

“Yes, that’s what I mean,” said the doctor.

“Don’t be afraid to say it, Doc. You know it’s what we both
want.” Sarah felt a new moistness in her crotch.

“Yes, very much,” said Dr. Richards. “Anyway, when you are
dead … from lung cancer … may I … ummm … have your

Sarah coughed in surprise. “You want my lungs?” she asked.

“Yes, more than anything in the world. Please leave them to
me, Sarah,” said the doctor, practically begging.

“Well, you may have to pry them out of my father’s arms,”
said Sarah, smiling. “But, what the hell? It’s the least I
can do for all you’ve done to me, Doc. I’ll put a special
clause in my will to leave them to you.”

With that, the good doctor grabbed Sarah and pressed her
tar-filled body against his. He waited until she had
completed a lung-saturating drag and placed his mouth over
hers. As Sarah exhaled, the doctor took in all of her
smoke. He inhaled it into his own lungs and smiled giddily.
He felt like a little boy on Christmas morning. Now, Sarah
wondered, how long would it be until she would receive her
greatest gift?

(to be continued)

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