The Schoolgirl and the Teacher – Smoking Fetish Story

Jon Reid woke up coughing as every morning. A quick glance at his alarm clock told him it was time to get up. He groaned to himself as he remembered it was the first day of the school year and he was now the head of year 11, meaning he had to deal with 16 year olds, half of whom didn’t seem to care much about school at all. At only 25 he was lucky to get this position but it didn’t make him feel any better about it. Jon reached over for his pack of Marlboro Reds and lit up his first cigarette of the day. “Ohhh god yeahh!” he sighed as he exhaled. 2 more cigs followed before he got the energy to shower, get dressed and head downstairs.

Jon was a good-looking guy. He spent a lot of time on his appearance, styling his trendy brown hair, and was a regular gym-goer despite smoking 30 a day. He liked to show off his muscles in tight shirts, which got him a lot of attention from female pupils at his school, something which he loved!

While eating breakfast he surfed the internet, looking at his usual assortment of websites. What no one knew about Jon was that he was MAJOR smoking fetisher! The favourites list on his PC was filled with websites of smoking women, and he had a huge collection of pictures and videos hidden away on his laptop. He chatted online to women in smoking chatrooms and stroked his hard dick until he had to set off for school.

At the same time Jon awoke, on the other side of Manchester, Karlie Banks woke up coughing too. Hacking up thick brown phlegm into a tissue, the 16 year old wiped her eyes, still coated in makeup from the night before. Kicking out the random man she’d shared her bed with last night, Karlie sucked hard and fast on her cigarette, finishing the 1st within a minute and chaining straight into another. After 6 cigs smoked one after the other, she got up and got herself dressed for school. However, she didn’t wear her uniform the normal way most girls did…

Karlie was sexy. She knew it. Everybody knew it. And she liked to fuck. She had bleached blonde hair, blow job lips and a tan earned from hours on the sunbeds. Her slim body was kept toned with regular sex, she’d slept with over 100 men already, and the hundreds of sit-ups she would do on a daily basis, usually with a cigarette hanging from her lips, and in between coughing fits with ash falling over her tits. She wore a skirt so small, the cheeks of her ass and her pink thong were on view nearly constantly, and her knee high leather boots screamed “I’m a fucking slut…fuck me now!”

Karlie wore a school shirt that would have been small on a girl 3 or 4 years younger, squeezing her 34d tits into it, making the shirt skin tight. She knew she had a great body and loved showing it off. Whenever she wanted a man, she got him, and having huge tits did her no harm at all! Karlie shovelled her 8th cigarette of the morning into her mouth the second she had cleaned her teeth and covered up the minty taste with a fresh burst of smoke. She smiled back at the mirror, revealing her yellow stained teeth, coated in tar from the habit she had had since she was 8. “God i’m fucking sexy!” she said aloud and exhaled back at the mirror, covering her reflection in thick smoke. Karlie chained into a multiple, taking her to the half pack she normally sucked down before school, then went downstairs. She looked in the cupboard in the kitchen and realised she needed to buy some more cigs, her 60 a day habit meant she was getting through her cig supply faster than ever.

She heard a coughing from the front room, and went in to see her mum, Julie, sprawled out on the sofa, overflowing ashtray on her stomach, topless with her huge fake boobs on display, swigging from a bottle of vodka. “Fuck me mum, you look a right mess!” Karlie said when she saw the pathetic sight she had become used to “rough night was it?” Julie was an alcoholic, and had started drinking since her husband, Karlie’s dad, had left when she was 12. While still having an incredible body, Julie’s days were spent lay on the sofa, smoking and drinking nonstop, before drunkenly staggering out into the night to look for sex. Hearing her daughters husky voice, Julie looked up and saw smiled, revealing stained teeth 10x yellower than Karlie’s, and laughed, which turned into a cough. “haha COUGH COUGH. Is it ever NOT a rough night with me?! Have a good day sweetie!”

With that, Karlie grabbed her half smoked pack of cigs, and a fresh pack, and set off walking to school, meeting her friend Donna at the street corner. This corner was where the 2 girls spent many evenings, smoking, drinking and meeting men who would pay to fuck them. How else do you think Karlie and Donna always wore designer clothes and had a never-ending supply of cigarettes, when Karlie’s mum was a total mess and Donna lived in a tiny 2 bedroom flat with her parents. Donna was another bleached blonde. She was very hot, but she was no Karlie.

The walk to the corner tired both girls out, and both were wheezing slightly when they met, instead of the usual introduction of “Hiya!!” they simply coughed at each other and lit up another cigarette! “Shit, I can’t believe it’s time for school again!” said Karlie, after she recovered. “Yeah, time flies when your fucking and smoking all summer!” giggled Donna. “Hey, I heard we have a new head of year, hope he is better than the last one” Karlie said, and Donna grinned “well he can’t be any fucking worse can he! I hope he isn’t as strict on our skirt length, these sexy legs need to be shown off to the world!” The two girls laughed and started down the road, getting glances from every man they said, with cars hooting their horns at the two slutty teenagers chainsmoking as they walked to school, with Karlie flashing her tits at the school buses as they drove past.

They stopped at the school gates where they met up with some other friends. With bodies like they had, Karlie and Donna were obviously part of the popular crew, and a big crowd always gathered round them when they were at school, usually loads of horny guys who wanted to fuck them. Even with their yellow teeth and nicotine stained fingers, Karlie and Donna were the dream girls for almost everyone at school. After chatting to a guy for a couple of minutes, Donna disappeared to go and give him a blowjob down the alley, leaving Karlie to smoke and entertain the rest. Suddenly, a hand on her shoulder made her turn around, and to her shock stood the headteacher, Mrs Burke, a mid-40s brunette who was extremely strict, and HATED smokers, and the reputation they gave the school. “Miss Banks, put out that cigarette and get inside NOW, we have not even had assembly yet and already you are ruining the good name of this school again. You disgust me smoking as you do, I think a visit to your head of year is in order!” and she led Karlie inside, bringing her smoky stench into the building. She continued shouting at Karlie, “When will you realise how foul smoking is, you smell horrendous and you are killing yourself!” Karlie smirked and thought to herself “shut the fuck up you old cunt, I get more sex in a week than you get in a year!”

As Jon Reid sat at his desk, and started on the paperwork which needed to be done every Monday morning, he couldn’t help but think of those two girls he had seen on the drive in. Both gorgeous, tall and slim, lighting fresh cigarettes off the old butts, like dirty sluts. He thought it was the perfect way to start the school year, and that he hoped he would see these two girls smoking around school again!

The school itself was very strict on smoking, with pupils not being allowed to smoke onsite, or within the surrounding area of the school, but teachers WERE allowed to smoke in their offices, and the staff room. There was no point denying the teachers the nicotine they craved, that would simply get them stressed, and with difficult pupils they certainly didn’t need the extra stress! Jon enjoyed a relaxing cigarette at his desk, before emptying and putting away the ashtray, the rule was that teachers could not glamorise smoking to the pupils. He was now ready for the day ahead, and just as he tidied away the ashtray, there was a knock on the door and Mrs Burke popped her head inside. “Mr Reid, I have a pupil who has been caught smoking on school grounds. I know you are new here, but I have to tell you, this is not the first time. This pupil has been suspended several times for smoking, maybe you can deal with it?” Jon sighed, expecting to have one of the scruffy “rocker” lads infront of him, but to his surprise, and delight, Mrs Burke brought Karlie Banks into the room, and sat her down infront of him. The stench of smoke filled the room as Mrs Burke left, leaving Karlie and Jon alone….

Jon couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at the slut infront of him. She was gorgeous! He silently thanked God for bringing her to his office, and realised how lucky it was that he was sat down, as his dick was nearly bursting through his trousers. “I am going to enjoy this!”he thought, looking at Karlie who was already looking anxious, clearly desperate for another burst of nicotine.

“Well Karlie,” began Jon, “Mrs Burke said this isn’t the first time that you have been in trouble for smoking, is that correct?” Karlie looked up and gave Jon the once-over. “Hmmmm” she thought “he is hot! Nice big arms, big pecs, great hair….I like him!”, but decided she had better answer his question. “No Mr Reid, i’ve been suspended from school 10 times before….I smoke alot and I can’t quit…I don’t want to quit!” Jon nearly exploded in his pants hearing this, but managed to keep himself composed. “Really? How much are you smoking?” Karlie gave an embarrassed yellow teethed smile and replied “about 60 a day Sir, I love it more than anything, I’d rather smoke than breathe!” It took Jon a few seconds to process what he had just heard… 60 A DAY? At 16?! His heart was pounding in his chest as he reached into his jacket pocket, he REALLY needed a smoke right now! The combination of the sexy slut in front of him, the hot information he was finding out about her, and the fact she stunk out the whole room with the stale smoke pouring from her body made him need a cigarette, plus he had a plan…

But before he could pull out his cigs, Karlie lent forward and smiled. “Wow! You have big arms Sir, do you work out?” She had been unable to take her eyes off Jon’s body since she had come into the room, and couldn’t think of anything she wanted to do more than to slide his hard dick into her ashtray mouth and suck until he filled her up with thick cum. “Yeah, I go to the gym most nights” replied Jon, as his dick ached under the table. “You look so good Sir” smiled Karlie, winking at her teacher. Jon couldn’t take it any more and pulled out his cigs. He needed a smoke, and he wanted to see Karlie craving nicotine!

Karlie’s eyes lit up when she saw the pack of Marlboro Reds appear. Her body was already desperate for another dose of nicotine, and she was starting to twitch nervously in her seat. For a second she thought that Mr Reid was going to offer her a cigarette, but he just smiled and placed the unlit cig between his teeth. A flick of the lighter and Jon was smoking infront of his student, smoke pouring from his mouth over her, enveloping Karlie in its smoky goodness. “Oh my God Sir, you smoke?” Karlie said, in a faked shocked voice “I fucking love a man who smokes and works out!” she giggled and covered her mouth with her fingers “I shouldn’t have said fuck, I’m so sorry!” Jon looked at Karlie’s hand and noticed the thick yellow stains coating the fingers, a sure sign of a chainsmoker! He couldn’t stop thinking of how much he wanted to run his tongue over those dark yellow stains and soak in their smoky stench as he fucked this dirty slapper. He wanted to see her smoke soooooo badly!

Jon noticed Karlie allowing his exhales to flow over her face as she tried to suck in as much 2nd hand smoke as possible, and watched as his smoke kept disappearing into her ruined body. Suddenly, she coughed, a thick wet hack and she covered her mouth with her hands. After her coughing fit, she moved her hands away and Jon saw the sticky brown phlegm coating her fingers. Karlie saw him looking and smiled, “sorry, I have a cold Sir, do you have a tissue?” Jon instantly grabbed a tissue from the box on his desk and wiped the brown tarry mess from her dark yellow fingers, carefully cleaning the stains. He looked Karlie in the eyes as she did so, and saw her wink sexily at him, and he felt his dick grow even more in his pants. He could smell her foul smoky breath as he said “I don’t think that cough was from a cold Karlie, I think that is a smokers cough…I think you have damaged your lungs with those 60 cigarettes you smoke a day!” Expecting to see Karlie react, she just giggled and smiled again, tossing her bleached hair from her face. He couldn’t believe it, this filthy slut was actually enjoying the thought of her lungs becoming black oozing pits of tar, he had struck gold! He stood up and said to Karlie that he would be right back, he just needed the bathroom, which was connected to his office. As he stood up and turned, his hard on brushed Karlie’s face, and he placed his half smoked cigarette into the ashtray on the table. “Remember, Karlie..” he said “no smoking!”. He walked into the bathroom and pushed the door too, leaving just the tiniest of gaps to spy through.

Back in the office, Karlie was starting to get desperate, “oh my fucking god I need a smoke!” she said aloud. She was shaking, biting her yellow fingernails and sucking her stinking yellow fingers to just try and get some form of relief from the cravings which were starting to take over! Karlie saw the phlegm filled tissue on the table and looked around the room. Jon’s eyes widened as he saw the slut pick up the tissue, and plunged her nose into it, sniffing deeply, trying to inhale the sweet smoky smell from the brown phlegm which filled the tissue. He pulled his dick out of his pants and started to wank himself off as he watched Karlie licking her own phlegm from the tissue, moaning quietly, then opening her legs, sliding her thong to one side, and ramming her phlegm coated fingers up inside her soaking wet pussy. Karlie was in ecstasy, fingering herself hard and fast as she thought of Mr Reid fucking her cunt hard while she smoked. She wanted to fuck him so bad, and had a feeling that he wanted her just as much. He didn’t get put off by the coughing, or her smoking. If anything, he seemed to like it!
Karlie couldn’t take her eyes off the half-smoked cigarette lying in front of her…. she needed it! She knew she shouldn’t, she knew it was wrong but fuck! she needed it soooo fucking bad! She grabbed the cigarette and took a deep drag, then another, then another. Triple pumping the cigarette, Karlie moaned and let the cig hang from her yellow teeth as she exhaled thick plumes of smoke from her nostrils, with one hand rubbing her wet cunt and the other shoved down her shirt, groping at her huge tits. She pinched her nipples with her stained fingers and kept sucking over and over on Mr Reid’s Marlboro red, lost in a world of smoky pleasure.

At that moment the bathroom door opened and Jon walked back into the room, trying to hide his erection, catching Karlie in the act. The ash from the fully smoked cigarette had fallen all over her shirt, her thong was on the floor with 2 fingers from her left hand shoved up inside her pussy, her shirt was open and her tits were on show, and she was panting heavily, clearly exhausted from the exertion of the last 5 minutes, a clear sign that her lungs were fucked. Instead of looking embarrassed, Karlie smirked and looked up at John. “Listen, I know what you are gonna say, and just save it. I know you have been getting turned on by me talking about my smoking. I know you like smoking girls, and I even fucking know you were watching me and my bitch Donna on the way in to school today, so why don’t you just get your dick out and we can do this right?” Jon was speechless as Karlie pulled out her pack of cigarettes and put 2 in her mouth, hungrily lighting up and dragging on both. “Does this turn you on Mr Reid? Seeing this nasty slag smoking multiples? I bet you love how yellow my teeth are from cigarettes don’t you? Imagine how black my lungs are? My rotting, black tar sacks, hidden behind these fuckers!” She ripped open her shirt, unleashing her 34d tits, perfectly formed. Jon immediately shoved his face in Karlie’s tits, licking at sucking at the nipples, with his dick getting harder and harder in his pants. He moved up to her face and got a fresh exhale down his throat. Jon slid his tongue into Karlie’s mouth, running it over her yellow teeth and tasting the tar. Slipping his tongue further into her mouth, he unbuttoned his shirt and grabbed his pack of cigs, lighting up while Karlie dropped to her knees and went for his hard dick, massaging it through his underwear, then ripping them off, crying out in surprise when she saw the size of it. “Fucking hell! The fucker is massive! Oh God yeah I’m gonna love this!” Karlie was experienced at sucking dick, and managed to take Jon’s whole 9 inches down her smoke filled throat, giving him the smoky blowjob of his life.

Just before he filled her mouth with cum she stood up and lit 2 more cigs, then swept all the papers and books of Jon’s table, sending them crashing to the floor. “Fuck me on this baby!” she moaned, and opened her legs wide, showing off her shaved pussy. Jon immediately slammed his throbbing dick hard into Karlie, making her scream and grabbed hold of her huge tits as he fucked her hard, ash falling from their cigs over Karlies tanned body. Jon scooped up some of the ash with his fingers and looked down at the teenage fuck-slut below him. “Open your fucking mouth Miss Banks!” he snarled, and Karlie did ash she was told. Jon rubbed the cigarette ash all over Karlie’s teeth and tongue, and made her swallow it all. To his surprise she loved it! This bitch had already eaten ash before! The sight of Karlie smiling up at him with grey ash smeared all over her yellow teeth made him need to cum, so he pulled his dick out and squirted over and over, covering Karlies face and tits in thick cum, moaning loud as she licked it all up.

Soaked in sweat, Jon slumped back in his chair, as Karlie started to cough. Sex always did this to her. She coughed hard, again and again, hacking up loads of brown phlegm, and spat it out into the ashtray on Jon’s desk, burying the old butts in a thick mound of spit. She kissed Jon, leaving some phlegm on his lips, then sat back down in her chair, starting to get dressed. “Listen, babe” she said, “I wanna do this again, you are a fucking great shag!” Jon smiled and replied “I think we will!” Karlie got up to go, and handed Jon a piece of paper with her address and phone number on. “7pm tonight, be there. I need cock. And bring cigarettes!”

As Karlie turned to leave, the eye which had been watching through the keyhole vanished, as the person who had been spying on the two fetishers left quickly.

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