The Secret Smoker Series: The Wife – Smoking Fetish Story

Laura kissed her husband goodbye at the front door, he was off to his place of work. She gave him the usual kiss on the cheek and a warm hug to send him off to his office. Her husband Phil waved her goodbye as he got in the car, he started it up and reversed on to the road form the drive. He gave Laura a final wave then set off for work. Laura closed the door and walked back to the kitchen.

Laura was dressed in her full length white 100% cotton dressing gown, Laura was naked underneath.

Laura was aged 32 years old, she was 5ft 2inches tall, she had been married to Phil for 10 years. She was petite, a very small delicate build, her breasts where small but very firm, she had a toned flat stomach and a nice set of hips. Her legs where small but shapely. Laura had a soft innocent face, her hair was shoulder length and blonde. She worked at the local food supermarket as a checkout lady, as it was open 24hrs a day she worked shift work, today was her day off, in two days time she would start nights.

Laura only had one secret from her husband, she still smoked her cigarettes, she had smoked when they met but over the years he had moaned till she had told him she had quit. She was lucky enough to be able to smoke at work, he never saw this so she could at least smoke. At home it was a different matter, he would smell the smoke inside the house, on her clothes but Laura had a special technique.

Laura was stood in the kitchen, she looked out of the patio window, it was a bright sunny day.

“Perfect,” she thought.

Laura slipped off her gown and placed it over the back of a chair. Laura opened the draw to one of the food draws. She moved a couple of tins at the back was a tin of floor, she took it out, she moved about an inch of flour off the top a cigar tube was stuck up. Laura took hold and pulled the tube out. The glass cigar tube was about 8″ long, Laura moved the flour back to hide the hole.
Laura always smoked cigars at home, the stronger taste was had a more lasting fix than the cigarette’s. Also there neighbour smoked cigars so the smell of cigars often drifted in to there garden and house.

Laura removed the cork cap, she tipped the tube slightly, the cigar rolled out and fell gently into her hand, she placed the cigar in her mouth, the tube and cap in the bin. She took the cigar from her mouth, with a knife form a draw the made a little puncher in the cap of the cigar.

“Ready,” she thought.

She picked up the matches, she used to light the oven, she struck one.

Laura held the lit match in her right hand, she moved the flame and tip of the cigar together, she slowly started to draw on the cigar, she took a gentle draw and followed it by a exhale. She repeated the process. The cigar went through two rotations, Laura then shook out the match and placed it on the side board.

Laura had the cigar in her mouth, she took a long draw, her first of the morning, she filled her mouth with smoke, she took the cigar from her mouth. The large cigar was very difficult for Laura to hold, her hands were small. She exhaled the smoke into the air.

Laura walked over to the fridge, she placed the cigar in her mouth, she opened it up and took out a can of pop. She held it in her hand and walked through the patio door and on to her wooden patio floor. There was a recliner there, Laura sat on there. She placed the back rest at 60 degrees and reclined back. She placed the can on the floor, she reclined back, the cigar still in her mouth, she took a long draw on the cigar, the tip glowed orange, the air outside was filled with the beautiful aroma of cigar smoke, the tip died, she took the cigar from her mouth, she held it with her thumb and first finger. She pursed her lips and exhaled the smoke into the air.
Laura could feel the breeze on her naked body, it felt exhilarating. It felt could, kind of like blowing away the cobwebs. Laura lay there and took a couple more draws off her cigar.

Laura replaced the cigar in her mouth, she leaned over and picked the can up, as she held the cigar in her mouth, she opened the can, a little bit of fizzy pop sprayed on to her breasts. She placed the can on the wooden ground, she took the

cigar form hr mouth with her right hand, she licked the fingers of her left hand and wiped the pop spray off her chest. Laura then took the can off the floor and took a sip of the lemon and lime pop.

Laura knew this would clean the palate of her mouth, it would make the flavour of the cigar far more enjoyable. The can was placed back on the floor, Laura took another draw on her cigar.

After a 15 minutes Laura had smoked an inch of her cigar, she admired the ash on the end, the raised her finger and taped the ash off on to the floor of the patio. She would sweep this up later.

Laura lay reclined outside, the cigar still in her tiny mouth.
(Ding – dong)
The front door bell rang.
“Fuck !” thought Laura.
She stood up and walked inside the house. She walked up to the kitchen intercom.
Laura depressed the button and asked “Hello who is there ?”
Laura was stood there fully naked, she had the cigar in her hand smouldering away.

“Hello is that Laura, I have a package for you,” replied the voice of the mailman.

“Leave it outside, I’ll get it in a minute, its only some stuff from Phil mother,” replied Laura.

“Okay,” replied the mailman.

The mailman placed the package on the floor and headed off on his rounds.

Laura was stood in the kitchen, she watched from the kitchen door, to see when the mailman had left. A few moments later she noticed him pass by.

Laura moved out of the kitchen, she still had the stogie in her hand. She walked though the lounge, the cigar left a mild aroma in the air. Soon she was at the front door, she placed the stogie in her mouth, she carefully opened the door, Laura was still naked, she leaned out and brought the package back in. She closed the door behind her. She stood there and looked at the address, sure enough it was from Phil’s mum.

She walked back through the house, the cigar still in her mouth, soon she was back in the recliner and enjoying her cigar.

A few minutes later Laura was still smoking her cigar, the cigar was now about 6″ long, she held it in her mouth, her hands reached down, each hand grabbed a nipple and started to tease, rub and tug. Laura could feel the vibes of excitement running through her body. The cigar was drew on heavily as she did this. Her slim tiny lips wrapped around the cigar, her lip grip was tightened, she took a inhale of smoke, her lip grip was relaxed then a could of smoke drifted from her mouth.

Laura loved having her nipples tweaked, her husband Phil would spend hours doing it, Laura enjoyed this more than sex, oral sex or most other things.

The cigar bopped away in her mouth as she did this, it moved left to right as her lips grip was relaxed and she had to re-grip it again. About 10 minutes later Laura stopped this. Her right hand cam up, took the cigar from her mouth and taped the ash off onto the floor.

Laura lay there in a mixture of pleasures, the thrill of the nipple tweaking and the rich mild aroma of the cigar smoke.

Laura lay there till she had finished the whole cigar, the ash was swept up, she had a shower, used some mouth wash, cleaned her teeth then redid the mouth wash. Laura then got dressed and did her housework. When her husband came in he was non the wiser.

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