The Secret Smoker – Smoking Fetish Story

Anne was packing her suitcase, a cigarette was gently dangling from her lips, the smoke rose up the shaft of the cigarette and kissed her lips. She took an inhale, the smoke poured into her lungs, it satisfied her, she gave a sigh, then exhaled the smoke. Anne took another draw on her cigarette, she removed it from her mouth and stubbed it out in her ashtray. She exhaled the smoke.

Anne then closed the zip on her suitcase.

“Are you ready dear ?” asked Anne’s Mum.

Who had entered the room. Anne’s Mum was also smoking she had a cigarette gently smouldering away in her hand.

“Yeah, I’ll be off in a few minutes,” replied Anne.

Anne was going to visit her fiancee Quentin, they were engaged to be married in a couple of years.

Anne’s Mum took another draw on her cigarette and exhaled the smoke. Anne picked up her suitcase, her Mum the small case and carried it down to the car, she placed them in the boot and locked it. She walked back and hugged her Mum. 

“One second dear,” said Mum.

She moved back into the house and went into the lounge. A few minutes later she returned with a cigar.

“Here you are dear, I know how much you like them, I’ll tell you Father I smoked it,” said Mum.

Anne took the cigar then stepped into her car, started the engine and set off on her journey. 

The journey would take about 4 hours, Anne was looking forward to spending some time with Quentin. There was one problem, Quentin’s Mother did not approve of ladies smoking. So Quentin asked her not to arrive with a smoky smell on her clothes and not to smoke while she was there. Anne reluctantly gave in to his request. She loved smoking, she had started at 18 and now 6 years later at 24 she was on 40 a day. 

A little further into her journey Anne pulled in to a car park, it belonged to a public house, as it was 10:00 in the morning it was deserted. She stepped out of her car and walked to the boot, she unlocked and started to strip off. She threw her T-shirt, jeans and then her underwear into the boot. Anne closed the boot and then got back in the car. No one had seen her luckily. 

Anne was 24 years old, 5ft tall, small breasts, a tinny 20 inch waist, nice legs and shoulder length fair hair. Anne wore glasses and had both nipples pierced.

Once inside she lit another cigarette, she let in dangle from her lips, started the engine and drove out of the car park. She drove down the road taking draws off her cigarette and exhaling the smoke.

“All this for him !” she thought.

She let the cigarette dangle from her lips for most of the smoking time. When she got down to the final draw, she flicked it out of the window then exhaled the smoke.

Anne was still about 3 hours from Quentin’s house.

“I’ll save the cigar for later on,” she thought.

Anne lit another cigarette only a few minutes after the last one.
120mm cigarette’s.

Anne smoked

Anne took a long draw, held the cigarette in her left hand, while holding she shifted gear, then exhaled the smoke. Anne felt strange, the sensation of being naked while driving was exhilarating. Anne took another draw of her cigarette, as before held the cigarette and exhaled the smoke. 

About another half an hour later Anne was in the country side, she was safe now, no one could see her driving nude. A few minutes after that Anne picked up the cigar, she opened the tube by grabbing the cork block with her teeth and pulling, she spat it into the passenger seat, she then tipped the cigar from the glass tube into her mouth, she threw the glass tube onto the passenger seat. She took it out and looked at the end.

“Good Mum,” thought Anne.

Anne’s Mum had clipped the cigar.

She placed the 7″ cigar in her mouth, struck her lighter and lit the cigar. Anne took a long deep inhale off the cigar, the tip glowed orange and the aroma of smoke filled the car. She held the cigar in her right hand, she rolled the smoke around her mouth, savouring each sensation and then exhaled.

“Mmmmm they are lovely,’ thought Anne. She continued with the thought, “Dad had good taste in smokes.”

Anne continued to smoke, she took longer and deeper inhales the aroma of cigars filled the car. Anne was in heaven the rich thick smell of cigar smoke was beautiful to her.

A little later down the road she saw to pensioner aged old men sat talking on a bench. Anne pulled in a little distance past them. Anne had a fun idea. She stepped out of the car, took a map with her, she placed the cigar in her mouth and walked up to the old men. 

She took a draw form her cigar, held it in her right hand and said, “Excuse me, could you tell me wear Hill Farm is please ?”

The two old men looked up, they were shocked back the sight of what they saw. They both shook there heads as they did not know the place.

Anne then sat in the space between them.

“Could you point to where we are on the map please ?” said Anne.

Anne pushed the cigar in her pussy. Then opened the map. The two old men where even more shocked by that. While the old men were looking on the map, Anne tightened her pussy lips, the cigar began to smoulder, she relaxed them and the smoke oozed out and rose. 

The men pointed to where she was.

Anne stood up, removed the cigar and placed it in her mouth, “Thank You!”

Anne then walked back to the car and set off on her journey. 

She laughed to herself.

“Its something to tell there friends,” she thought.

Anne took another long draw on the cigar, she kept in her mouth this time cigar as she exhaled, the smoke rolled down the shaft of the cigar. After she exhaled she took another inhale, the tip glowed orange, this inhale lasted at least 10 seconds, her mouth was crammed with smoke. She took the cigar form her mouth and held it in her right hand. She pursed her lips and blew the smoke through a hole made by her lips about 1/8 of an inch long. A stream of smoke came pouring out. 

A little further down the road there was an official pull in. Anne pulled in for a little rest. She turned off the ignition of the car and stepped out. There was a little picnic area on the other side. As there was no one there she decided to stretch her legs. Anne walked over to the picnic area and she sat on the seat. The breeze through the trees felt refreshing on her body. Anne stayed there for 20 minutes, no one was around so she felt at ease.

Anne taped the ash off the cigar into the stream near there, the cigar was now about 4″ long. She walked back to her car and continued on her journey to Quentin’s house.

Anne finished the cigar and stubbed it out in the car ashtray. She then continued her drive. Around 30 minutes from his house she pulled in. She walked to the boot of the car and opened her small case. It contained deodorant, body spray, perfume

and other products. 

She took the body spray and covered her body, then the deodorant, a good spray under each armpit, then she put on her clothes. Next she took out her perfume and sprayed it on her hair brush. She then brushed it through her hair to take away the smell and finally a few rinse’s with mouth wash.

“Now I’m ready !” she said.

Anne got back in her car and continued her drive to Quentin’s house.

Part 2 Meet The Parents

She was soon driving up the drive-way of Quentin parents house. She pulled up at the front door. She stepped out, walked up the front steps and rang the bell. A few moments later Quentin answered the door. They hugged and kissed passionately.

“Come in and meet my parents,” said Quentin.

Anne stepped inside, she was shown into the drawing room. Two people were sat in there, Quentin’s Mother and Father.

He introduced his Mother first.

“You may call me Mrs. Dock,” said Quentin’s mother.

She was in fact his step-mum, she was about 30+ years old, she had blonde hair and looked like she had never had a laugh or a fun time in her life. A very stern looking face. She stood up and walked over to Anne, she gave her a hug, she was trying to find a trace of smoke.

“A good girl Quentin a non-smoker,” she said.

Then he introduced his Father.

“Hello my dear,” he said. 

He only slightly glimpsed up from his paper, a cigar was in his mouth.

Anne smiled politely to both of them.

“I’ll show you to your room,” said Quentin.

The couple left the room, Quentin got her bags from the car and carried them up to her room.

Once inside they closed the door and kissed, there hands wrapped around each other, they squeezed and touched provocatively. 

After a few minutes they stopped.

“Thank you for not smelling of smoke,” he said.

“It’s okay, I used plenty of smelly stuff,” said Anne.

“Please don’t smoke while you are here, my Mother has a keen nose,” said Quentin.

“Okay,” said Anne.

She knew she would have to find somewhere to have a craft smoke.

A gong sounded out.

“That’s dinner,” said Quentin.

The couple then headed down the stairs and into the dinning room. The meal was wonderful, Anne had never eaten so well, there were 10 courses each. The Dock’s had three staff who worked for them, a chef, a maid and a butler. After the meal the butler brought in the cigar’s. Mr. Dock took one, Mrs. Dock refused as she did not approve of females smoking. Quentin as a non-smoker.

It was tempting for Anne to take a cigar but she knew she mustn’t as not to upset Mrs. Dock.

After a while Quentin made his excuses, Anne and him then left the room and went for a walk in the garden. They held hand’s and walked out of sight of the house. 

“Can they see us from the house here ?” asked Anne.

“Not at this time of night,” said Quentin.

Anne then undid her top, she reached inside her cleavage and pulled out a pack of ciggies.

“You can’t,” said Quentin.

Anne looked at him. He looked petrified.

“Okay then,” said Anne.

She pushed the cigarette packet back into her cleavage.

“Thank you,” said Quentin.

He dropped to his knees and kissed Anne’s hands numerous times as a thank you.

Anne loved this power over him, she knew she could make him do a lot more if she wanted. She decided to test her theory out.

“If you want to apologize properly kiss my shoes,” said Anne.

Quentin bowed, he went on all fours and kissed Anne’s shoes. He raised his head.

“Again,” said Anne. 

Quentin repeated his task.

“And again and don’t stop till I tell you,” said Anne.

She made Quentin kiss her shoes close to 50 times.

“Right you can stop now, we’ll go back to the house,” said Anne.

Quentin stood up and they walked back to the house.

The time was about 20:00.

Anne yawned. Once inside Anne decided to get an early night.
her up to her room, kissed her goodnight and then left her.

Quentin showed

Anne stripped out of her clothes, she lay on the bed naked. The packet of ciggies was placed on the bedside table.

She wanted a smoke but how. Anne knew they all went to bed early, around 22:00 most nights.

“I’ll sneak down and go out for a crafty smoke when there in bed she thought,” said Anne.

She set her alarm clock for 23:00 and decided to catch a few hours sleep.

Part 3 Night Time Meeting”

The alarm sounded and Anne switched it off quickly. She stepped out of bed and opened the bedroom door. She looked each way, all the lights were out and all the door’s were shut.

“Perfect,” she thought.

She stepped back inside and picked up her packet of ciggies and lighter. She then sneaked out of her room and closed the door quietly behind her. As before Anne was naked. She quietly paced down the hall, she was tip-toeing, down the stairs, she saw the drawing room, she entered there. Once inside she opened the door’s that led into the garden. She stepped outside. She nearly closed the door behind her, just leaving a gap of 1⁄2 an inch to get back in with. 

She then opened her packet of 120mm, she put one in her mouth, clicked her lighter, then lit her cigarette. She took a long deep inhale, she needed this, it had a calming affect on her system. She exhaled the smoke into the nighttime air. Just then she heard the drawing room door open. Anne stepped out of sight, she held the cigarette behind her back to the glowing tip could not be seen. Anne pepped through the gap in the door, it was the maid, Helena. She to was nude. She walked up to Mr. Dock table, she opened his cigar box and took one, she used the guillotine to slice the cap. Next she placed it in her mouth and used his lighter to lit it. She let a plump of smoke into the air. She then made her way to the patio doors. Anne stepped back, the maid stepped out of the house, she two closed the door nearly shut. Helena took a draw from the cigar and exhaled the smoke in the air.

Anne stepped forward she said, “Hello Helena.”

Helena froze and turned round, she let out a sigh of relief when it was only Anne.

Helena was there maid, she was from Sweden, she was 28 years old, slim, blonde hair and very beautiful. 

Anne took a draw of her cigarette and exhaled the smoke and asked “How long have you been doing this ?”

“Well Mr. Dock knows I smoke he allows me one cigar a week, but like you I have to do it nude as not to smell of smoke,” replied Helena.

The girls sat and talked, smoked and laughed. After finishing her cigarette Helena shared the cigar with Anne. The cigar was a 10″ cigar with a ring gauge of at least 50.

A few minutes after Anne had finished her cigarette, the drawing room lights were turned on, the girls hid around the corner. They peered round it was Mrs. Dock, she was wearing her dressing gown, she looked around, she checked back up the stairs. No one was around. She removed her gown, she to was naked, she placed her gown in the hall way. 

Mrs. Dock had a nice body for her age, she was slender with tiny breasts.

She walked over to the desk and opened the cabinet, she took out one of her husbands best cigars, these were 12″ long and a ring gauge of 50. She walked over to the chair, she clipped the end and placed the cigar in her mouth. She struck the lighter and lit the cigar, she took a deep inhale, the tip glowed orange for what seamed like forever, then it died, the cigar was removed from her mouth and she exhaled onto her breasts. A thick stream of smoke was blown onto her breasts, first the right then the left.

“I thought she didn’t smoke ?” asked Anne.

“No me to,” replied Helena.

The girls moved further down the garden in case she spotted her.

Mrs. Dock smoked like a professional, she was not the non-smoker she had everyone believing.

Anne and Helena were lying flat on the grass observing her, they had extinguished there cigar in case she saw the glow.

Mrs. Dock then spread her legs and started to push the cigar in to her pussy, she started off by just pushing it in an inch, then two more, this was then moved back and forth, to simulate the thrusts of a penis. Then she pushed the whole cigar up, Being 12″ long, a good 5″ were left out of her body. The tip glowed orange, Anne counted the seconds, it was at least 15, Mrs. Dock then relaxed her pussy grip, smoke slowly started to pour our, she pulled the cigar out and another plump came out. The cigar was returned straight to her mouth, she gave it a couple of quick draws to bring it back to life. She let out a long exhale and lay back in the chair. Mrs. Dock then placed the cigar in the corner of her mouth and gripped it tightly. Her hands then wondered down, she started to rub herself, she tweaked both nipples, she pulled them tightly, the cigar tip glowed. When she left go of the nipples, the tip died and the smoke eased out of her mouth. Her hands moved down and slowly started to rub her pussy, her fingers were gently teasing her pussy, they slipped in and out. Her hands movements slowly started to increase, the tip glowed orange, then she climaxed. The cigar tip died, a plump of smoke came out and the cigar began to dangle.

She lay there for a few minutes, relaxing in her own heaven.

She put the cigar in the ashtray and stood up, she noticed the curtain moving. She walked over to the door and closed it.

“Shit !” said Anne, she continued with, “How are we going to get back in.”

“Not sure, the butler lives on the ground floor we could knock him up,” said Helena.

Mrs. Dock then sat back in the chair and continued to smoke her cigar. Anne and Helena kept there heads down. About 30 minutes later, Mrs. Dock had smoked about 6 inches of the cigar. Mrs. Dock was a very fast smoker. She stubbed the cigar out in the ashtray. She took a drink of brandy, followed by a couple of mints her husbands kept on the desk, She then left the room, put on her gown and headed upstairs.

The two ladies out there stood up.

“This way,” said Helena.

The two girls walked around to the butler’s quarters at the back of the property. Helena quietly tapped on the window. The butler face appeared. He was a man aged about 50+.

“Let us in, were trapped outside,” said Helena.

The butler walked to the back door and let the ladies in.

“Smoking again,” said the butler.

“Yes we got locked out,” said Helena.

“And you Miss ?” asked the butler.

“I wanted a secret smoke to,” said Anne.

The group then went to there respective bedrooms. 

Part 4 The Competition

The next morning Anne woke about 09:30, she stumbled out of bed, she had a shower, put on her clothes and headed downstairs. Anne then headed to the dining room. The only person left there was Mrs. Dock.

“Good Morning,” said Anne.

“Good Morning,’ replied Mrs. Dock.

Anne took some breakfast of the hot trays and then sat down at the table.

“Where’s Quentin and his Father ?” asked Anne.

“They had to leave for business, something cropped up at the factory, something wrong with the computer systems, Quentin’s the expert, they should be home tonight about 17:00,” said Mrs. Dock.

Anne wondered if she should mention that she saw Mrs. Dock smoking last night.

Mrs. Dock rang a little hand bell.

A few moments later Helena walked in the room.

“Yes Miss ?” she asked.

“Could you bring me a fresh pot of coffee,” said Mrs. Dock.

“Yes Miss,” replied Helena. 

She left the room, when Anne was finishing her breakfast Helena returned. She placed the coffee on the table. Anne was still pondering if it was worth mentioning the smoking. When Helena left the room.

“Quentin tells me you don’t like girls who smoke, why is that ?” asked Anne.

“Its not a habit for ladies,” said Mrs. Dock.

Anne shuffled in her seat then said, “Are you a lady ?”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Dock.

“We’ll I saw you smoking last night, the cigar, the masturbation, everything, now I smoke so if you let me smoke in the house I will not mention it to your husband or your staff. Nice technique the ladies don’t smoke routine,” said Anne.

Mrs. Dock took a sip of her coffee. 

She then said, “I don’t give in that easily.”

A pause followed.

“How about a competition, if you win you may smoke in the house, if I win you may never smoke in the house. Deal,” said Mrs. Dock.

“What’s the competition,” said Anne.

“Well how about a smoking one, one 12″ cigar each, first to smoke it all wins, deal,” said Mrs. Dock.

Anne took a sip of her coffee. Thought for a few moments.

“Okay then,” said Anne.

The two ladies stood up and headed to the drawing room. Mrs. Dock rang the call bell. A few moments later the butler came in.

“Yes Madam ?” he says.

“We are not to be disturbed for the next 2 hours,” said Mrs. Dock.

“Indeed Madam,” said the butler, he left the room and closed the door behind him.

Mrs. Dock took two cigars from the cabinet, she clipped them, Anne put two chairs together, a sort of duel. Anne sat on one chair, Mrs. Dock sat in the other. She handed a cigar to Anne, they both placed there cigars in there mouth. Both lighters clicked together, the cigars moved into the flame in unison. The ladies puffed as hard as they could to get them lit. Mrs. Dock was the first, she sat back in the chair and started to smoke her cigar. Anne was sat back in her chair smoking a few seconds later.

Mrs. Dock was taking long draw on her cigar, sometimes as long as 20 seconds, the exhale was unbelievable, smoke plumped into the room.

Anne on the other hand was doing short inhales and exhales, the cigar was coming down in length.

Mrs. Dock cigar had already come down an inch in a few short minutes. Her lips wrapped around the cigar tightly, it grip was intense, the tip glowed orange, the aroma of the quality stogie was pleasant. Her lip grip was relaxed and the smoke drifted out of her mouth.

Anne was still doing her quick inhales and exhales.

The girls continued there smoking challenge. An hour later.

Mrs. Dock had 3 inches of cigar left, Anne had 5 inches of cigar left.

“You’re going to lose,” said Mrs. Dock.

Anne increased her smoking speed.

Around 20 minutes later Mrs. Dock had finished.

She leaned forward and said, “So Anne, no smoking for you in this house my girl.”

Anne took a draw, she let the smoke drift out of the corner of her mouth, then stubbed out her cigar.

Part 5 All Alone

Quentin and his Dad returned home that evening. Mr. and Mrs. Dock then went out for the evening.

Quentin and Anne headed upstairs to make love.

They threw off there clothes and lay on the bed.

Quentin dick became aroused, he slowly moved on top of his lady. Anne reached over and took on of her cigarettes, she placed it in her mouth, she then picked up her lighter. She clicked the flame, she tried to light her cigarette, but with Quentin thrusting her, the cigarette was moving around. Eventually the cigarette and flame came in to contact. She took along inhale, she closed the lighter and placed it back on the bed side table. She removed the cigarette and let out a stream of smoke. 

Quentin was kissing her neck, Anne gently took another draw on her cigarette, she exhaled the smoke into his ear. Anne whispered a few words of encouragement. She took another draw on her cigarette and pulled Quentin’s head up and exhaled directly into his face. Quentin loved this kind of treatment. He returned to kissing her neck, Anne took another draw of her cigarette, she exhaled again. 

She reached over and tape the ash into a cup. She placed the ciggie in her mouth and held it firmly, she then dug her nails hard into his back and pulled them down his back. He let out a quiet scream.

“Silence,” said Anne, the ciggie still in her mouth.

She repeated the process three more times.

She then took the cigarette and taped the ash into the cup.

They continued to make love till Anne had finished her cigarette, she dropped it in the cup. A few moments after that Quentin shot his load.

He collapsed next to her. He placed his head on her breasts. Anne in the meantime lit another cigarette. She used her right hand to smoke as she used her left hand to stroke Quentin’s head. She took a long draw, removed her ciggie, turned her head and exhaled into his face. The smoke hit his forehead and dispersed. 

“Thank you, for tonight,’ said Quentin.

Anne smiled.

“Open your mouth and leave it open,” she said.

Quentin obeyed.

Anne took a draw on her ciggie, she held the smoke in her mouth, held the ciggie and exhaled the smoke directly into Quentin’s mouth.

“Good boy,” she said.

Quentin closed his mouth. Anne leaned forward and kissed his lips. Her ciggie breath was tasted by Quentin’s lips. Anne continued to smoke her ciggie, when she had finished she dropped it in the cup.

“What time is your parents home ?” asked Anne.

Quentin checked his watch, “We have about another 2 hours.”

Anne asked, “Could I have a cigar please ?”

Quentin leaned on his elbow and said, “Why ?”

Anne said, “Well just for a change, pleas-eeeee.”

Quentin stood up and left the room, Anne could hear his footsteps going down the stairs. She heard various doors open and close. Then she heard his footsteps getting louder again. He entered the room and handed her the 6” cigar.

Anne bit the end of the cap off and spat it on the floor. She placed the cigar in her mouth, she struck her lighter and lit the cigar. She took a long draw exhaled the smoke.

“Pick that up,” said Anne, pointing to the cap.

Quentin bowed and picked it up and placed it in the cup.

“Right Quentin,” said Anne, she took a draw and exhaled the smoke. She continued, “I want you to start masturbating, you can not stop till I finish this cigar, okay.”

Quentin nodded, he grabbed his dick and started to move his hand up and down his dick. It soon became erect. His hand moved slowly on his dick.

Anne took another draw and exhale on her cigar and said, “Quicker than that.”

Quentin did as he was told his hand moved in a faster motion. Anne smoked at the same speed as his hand, Quentin looked up, he saw his beautiful lady, smoking away. Her face was obscured by the smoke that was rising from her mouth, the glowing tip was teasing him, her lips wrapping around her large cigar was somewhat phallic to Quentin. Then. Quentin shot his load, a stream of spunk landed on Anne legs.

“Start again,” she said, in between draws on her cigar.

Quentin took his flaccid dick and started all over again. 

This process was repeated till Anne had smoked all of her cigar.

After that, they opened all the windows to try to get rid of the smoke. They then had shower’s and got dressed and went back downstairs to await the return of his parents.

The next day they spent together and on Monday Morning Anne headed home.

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