Training A Smoker – Smoking Fetish Story

    The training  

One early morning I lit myself a good cigarette enjoying my coffee and chain smoking up a storm in the kitchen like usual. But that morning when my husband wok up and enter the kitchen he started to cough like crazy no stop so I went near him with a fresh lit cigarette dangling in my mouth and took a humongust drag 7 sec long inhale it down my lungs and blow a huge cloud of white grayish smoke right in his face still dangling which covert is head completely, and I said to him darling plz take a deep breath is face was still covert in so much smoke and he was still coughing like hell, I took another big drag inhale deeply in my lungs and said to him take another deep breath at the same he took is much needed air I blew this super thick exhale right near is nostril which got sux in like a vacuum. Weird to say but is coughing was getting better and better even with me blowing it up in him. I sat down back in the kitchen and said to myself, he was coughing cause is lungs where surprise by the density of the smoke in the kitchen now I have no choice I don’t want him to cough like that all the time so I have to train him so that is lungs are use to smoke lots of it;)

  So that night when he came back from work I had smoke up
the bedroom for the last 3 hours to smoke was so thick you
could cut it with a knife when he enter the room he started
to cough lust like this morning. The moment he started to
cough he got out of the room, So I went to get him he was
in the bathroom and said to me how the hell can you stay in
that room I cant stay in there for 1 sec my lungs will
bust. So I said I will train your lungs from now on, just
to make sure that you stop coughing like that. How in the
world will you do that? Well come with me in the bedroom I
will show you how, first you will cough when you enter the
room but just go for the bed and lie there, So he open the
door and jump in the bed he started already to cough I had
prepared stuff like hand cuffs and duck tape on the side of
the bed.   I walk slowly in the smoky room, cigarette
dangling in my mouth and close the door behind me. And said
lets get started and lit my cigarette up. I said to him now
I need to tie you yup so that way the training can go on no
matter what. He was coughing like mad and saying stuff like
too much smoke in here so I said shut up and let your
training begin, I grab my handcuffs and tie both of his
wrist in his back and laid him down on his back so that way
he cant push me away did the same for his ankle for him not
to kick me by now he was getting use to the smoke in the
room and the coughing was getting better. I look at him and
said now that I am in a good position I will need to duck
tape your mouth he look at my and said why??? I said well
that way all the smoke you will inhale from now on will be
directed in you nostril that way each time you breath you
get it good and the only way to exhale is by your nose so
the residual smoke stay in your lungs. Anyways lets get
started I am tired.   I light up my second cigarette and
said there’s lots of smoke in the room right now but I want
you to get fresh smoke, so this one will be easy I will
simply smoke this cigarette and blow you all the smoke in
your face so when ever you inhale the smoke will be suk
down your lung but remember that this kind of smoke is
inhale smoke so its not that hard on your lungs it’s a
training right? In the middle of the cigarette he was
looking like someone that is choking but I had to keep it
up. So I was blowing these incredible exhales point blank
in his face there was a time I couldn’t see him.   The next
cigarette was I take the drag you inhale the smoke type. So
I light up the cigarette the smoke from my first drag went
up is nostril he almost fainted it was way too strong for
is lungs but come on I said this is your training it as to
be difficult for you in the middle of the cigarette is old
body started to tremble but I kept on going and going until
he stop around the same time my cigarette was finish. For
the next cigarette my dear we will go the none-filter way
it will be way stronger that way so you might start to
tremble again but don’t worry this time I will guide you,
every time I tap your shoulder you will take a big sniff
for me this will help your trembling and coughing problem.
So with each power drag I took without inhaling I tap is
shoulder every time that I release a none filter and none
inhale drag up is nose a tap was felt on is shoulder, and
if he started to cough I would take a bigger drag and made
sure he inhale it all. For the last cigarette since you did
so well with the last none filter we will keep it that way.
But this time it will not be in your face or near your
nostril but I will have to make sure that every wisp of
smoke makes it way down your lungs cough or not so I have
to put my mouth over your nose since your mouth is block by
my duck tape it all good, get ready darling your in for the
last cigarette of the night you did good I say to you god
job!!! We will have to start back tomorrow morning. Now
lets do the last cigarette drag after drag right in his
lungs after like around 10 or 12 drags he past out I kept
on going for the last 5 or 6 drags left for good measureJ
wish him I good smoky nigh cause he will have to stay in
the smoky room all night long and tomorrow morning I will
wake him up for is training again.    

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