Sarah Damage – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah had just woken up, with here eyes still closed she reached out to her bedside to grab a fresh pack, her body stretched and rolled through the bed with the pack close to her chest. She could not wait to smoke ir, to make it part of her body by absorbing every single chemical it contained. She had prepared the pack the morning after, releasing it from the plastic film so that nothing could be between her and her cigarettes. She smiled while talking a cigarette out of the pack and place it between her lips. She was exited, her first pack of the day. She was committed to smoke it completely and was ready with a whole carton to keep going embracing the nicotine, as much as she had always wanted, finally she was living on her own and was on charge of every decision of her life and smoking was her first priority. Smoking had always been part of her life and now she could devote to her cigarettes become addicted and a heavy smoker, it was a long thought and meditated decision, she wanted to smoke, to let her body be sculpted by her cigarettes, she wanted a raspy voice, she wanted her teeth to be yellow, her life to smell of cigarettes and her addiction to become stronger and stronger. She wanted to be a heavy smoker, to clog her lungs a little bit more each day, she dreamed of wheezing, gasp for smoke, cough and smoke again, maybe develop a lungs cancer. She rubbed her breast with her cigarette and thought, so much room for air.

Without any more hesitation she light up her cigarette and inhale the smoke as deep into her lungs as she could. She had never liked the first drag out of her cigarettes but she was not going to waste it, she would smoke absorb as much smoke as she could, it was never enough, she wanted every single bit of tar to stick to her lungs, every bit of damage she could give to her body. Releasing the smoke through her nose she watch it mix with the air on the room, second hand smoke would be her new perfume. With her eyes open she took a second drag, a huge load of smoke filled her mouth, she sucked until she couldn’t take more smoke in, opened her mouth and let it get in covering her wind pipes, filling her lungs, the first drag was just reaching her brain. She closed her eyes and let the smoke soak into her body.

Sarah remember her first cigarette, she had been wanting to smoke for a long time before she had ever taken her first drag. Cigarettes cause lungs cancer, cigarettes make people cough, cigarettes kill and still people smoke. She wanted to feel what others feel when they smoke, she wanted to be addicted to cigarettes just like them, maybe she already was. She had stolen her first cigarette a couple days back of the first time she had smoked. Her mother would just leave the packs around with a couple of cancer sticks as she called them like deep down she wanted her little girl to take one out and become a heavy smoker just as she was. She had planned that day for a long time and was nervous when she lighted up. The first time Sarah smoked she was 14, she coughed but still enjoyed her cigarette, she got lightheaded from the nicotine and stood dizzy for hours. From then she kept stealing cigarettes from her mother until she got her first job and started to buy her own. Smoking was a private part of her life that she enjoyed as much as anything else. She kept smoking thorough high school and uni investing as little money she had on her cravings dreaming of getting a good enough job that would let her indulge into her addiction. Everything in her life was built around smoking, her job schedule, her studies, her boyfriends and she had finally done it.

Sarah exhaled a small cloud of smoke opening her eyes again. Most of it had been absorbed by her lungs, it’s new home. She admired the great job she had done and immediately craved more. She had waited to long for this moment, her fist step to become a heavy smoker. She was ready for more, she wanted more, as much as she could take. Her path had just started and she was ready for a life of commitment destroying her lungs, her whole body with cigarettes. She took another drag, and another, she could not stop, she was pumped and thrilled and exited. She finished her cigarette and light up another one. She left her bed now covered in ashes and admired with a smile her new life, a cigarette before, during and after every single action she would do during the day. She looked at her mirror and realized how well her cigarette fit her. She appreciated her figure and the smoke surrounding her. Wile her eyes were searching for any sign of damage she could have already done to her body she finished her cigarette and immediately lighted up another one, now she was ready to start her day, in her new life, as a heavy smoker.

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