Sarah – Post-Operative Procedures – Smoking Fetish Story

Dr. Richards walked into Sarah’s room with a smile on his
face. Sarah had a freshly lit Marlboro 100 dangling from
her lips. There was a spattering of blood on her hospital
gown, as she was still coughing up blood. She took a deep
drag, inhaled it all, and said in a raspy, wheezing, barely
audible voice, “What’s up, Doc?”

“Ouch! It sounds like your throat really hurts,” said Dr.
Richards. “How do you feel?”

“I’ve never felt better, Dr. Richards!” said Sarah with a
big smile that revealed her badly yellowed teeth. “The pain
in my chest is almost unbearable, I’m constantly coughing
up blood, my fucking rib hurts like hell, and my throat is
practically raw. But, as if that weren’t good enough, I can
barely breathe. I wheeze much more than I did before. It’s
a very loud and noticeable wheeze. God, I get moist just
listening to myself breathe! I tried to walk over to the
closet this morning to get another pack of cigarettes. I
started gasping and couldn’t catch my breath. I collapsed
right on the floor. I woke up a little later with a bloody
nose. Hell, I may die before I leave the hospital!” She
laughed and coughed up some dark, brown phlegm, spit it
into her bowl, and took an incredibly long and deep drag
from her cigarette. “How can I ever thank you, Dr.
Richards? You’re not even charging me for this.”

“Well, Sarah,” said the doctor as he shifted his pants
around to make room for his enormous erection, “as
incredible as it may sound, I have still more good news for
you! Do you think you can take it?”

“Whatever it is, it will just be icing on the cake,” said
Sarah as she lit another cigarette from the glowing butt of
her first one.

“Sarah, remember how you said you wanted to burn your old
lung? I believe you said it was your way of saying, ‘out
with the new and in with the old?'”

“Yes! I want to watch it burn and then I want to spit on
its ashes,” said Sarah with a wicked laugh.

“You may want to reconsider,” said Dr. Richards. “I have
been examining your lung and what I found is quite

“What do you mean?” asked Lori.

“Even though you have only reached the tender age of
twenty-two, your lung is riddled with emphysema. It’s only
in the early stages, mind you, but it’s there. You’ll be
proud to know that you are one of the youngest emphysema
victims on record, certainly the youngest one I have ever

Sarah felt as if she were going to have a spontaneous
orgasm. She immediately reached down and started rubbing
herself as she took deeper and deeper drags on her
cigarette. Just as she was reaching her climax, she began
to cough violently. Hunks of phlegm and blood were coming
up as her orgasm reached its peak. She kept rubbing and
coughing and spewing, until the orgasm had passed. She took
another extra-deep drag and the coughing stopped,
momentarily. “Oh, doctor, do you mean…could it actually
be…that I have emphysema in one lung and am certain to
get cancer in the other lung?”

“That’s exactly what I mean, Sarah,” said Dr. Richards. “I
knew you would be ecstatic. Within a short time you will
have accomplished that rarest of feats in lung-destruction.
The big double-play, I like to call it. I’ve been dreaming
of something like this my entire life. I never thought it
would ever happen. You are an extraordinary young woman.
You should feel very proud.”

“Humbled is more like it, Dr. Richards. I don’t know what I
have done to deserve this honor. I only wish my mother
could see me right now,” said Sarah.

“Somehow, I think she is watching you,” said Dr. Richards,

“So, how long will it be before the emphysema kills me?”
asked Sarah, breathlessly.

“Normally, emphysema is a slow, drawn-out disease. It gets
gradually worse over time. But, because your emphysema has
developed at such an incredibly young age, and because your
lungs have never had a chance to develop fully in the first
place, I estimate that you will be in the deadly, advanced
stages of the disease within a year.”

“Ohhhh, my God!” screamed Sarah as she felt another orgasm
coming on. She took an enormous triple pump from her
dangling cigarette as she began fingering her pussy

Dr. Richards couldn’t control himself any longer. He locked
the door to the room and pulled his pants down. He then
pulled Sarah’s panties down and climbed on top of her. He
said, “Sarah, you are the sexiest woman on the face of the
earth. Please take me.”

Sarah took another drag from her cigarette, inhaled the
smoke deeply, and placed her cigarette in Dr. Richards’
mouth. Then she said, “Dr. Richards, please…give me
cancer! F*ck my lungs! Please fill them with cancer!”

Dr. Richards took a deep drag from the cigarette as he
mounted Sarah. As he began thrusting his penis in and out
of her brown, tobacco-stained pussy, he placed his mouth
over Sarah’s and exhaled his smoke into her dying lungs
with all his might. Sarah began to shudder uncontrollably
as yet another orgasm overtook her fragile body. Dr.
Richards’ semen exploded inside of Sarah as she began
moaning in ecstasy.

“Oh, Dr. Richards! That was incredible! I’ve been married
less than a week and already I’ve been unfaithful to my
husband. Thank God, he’ll never cheat on me. Isn’t that
right honey?” she said to one of her cigarettes as she
pulled it out of her pack for a post-coital smoke.

“Sarah, I would leave my wife in an instant for you, if you
would only…”

“Quiet, Doc,” said Sarah. “Don’t say anything you’ll regret
later. Let’s just leave things the way they are for now.
Besides, I’m a happily married woman.” She exhaled large
billows of smoke through her nostrils as she took another
cheek-hollowing drag.

“Oh, Sarah, I’d give anything to be that Marlboro 100 right
now,” sighed the doctor.

“Dr. Richards, here’s what I want you to do with my old
lung,” said Sarah with a gleam in her eye. “I want you to
preserve it, as you did with my mother’s lung. Then I want
you to slice it in half, lengthwise, like a watermelon.
Then bring me both halves. Can you do that for me?”

“It will be my pleasure,” said Dr. Richards as he
dejectedly left the room.

Later that afternoon Dr. Richards returned to Sarah’s room
holding one half of her discarded lung in each hand. Sarah
started to become aroused again as she saw the dead organ
which was formerly a part of her, a part she had vowed to
destroy. “Please place them right here on my bed,” she

The smell coming from the two half-lungs was overpowering,
even stronger than the smell from Lori’s lung. This is
because the lung was opened up, and the inner walls of the
lungs, where all the deadly toxins had been collecting for
all of Sarah’s twenty-two years, were fully exposed. Sarah
placed her face into the lung and inhaled deeply. “Oh, this
is so wonderful! To think I had this wonderful smell inside
of me all this time and never knew it! It’s enough to make
me want to rip my other lung out right now. But, of course,
then I would be cheating myself out of the slow
asphyxiation I will get to experience as my emphysema
ultimately wins its battle against the pathetic excuse for
a human organ known as my other lung.”

Dr. Richards’ penis was rigid. He wanted to pounce on Sarah
again. But, somehow, he controlled himself. He said, “So
what are you going to do with your matching lung set?”

“This,” she said as she took an enormously long and
extended drag on her cigarette. She got the tip of her
cigarette glowing bright red. Then she slowly and
deliberately pressed the glowing ember into the middle of
one of her lung halves. There was a hissing and popping as
the burning cherry seared the dead flesh of Sarah’s

“I’m going to use them for ashtrays. I will place one on
each side of my bed. I can continue to destroy my lung a
little bit more with each cigarette I smoke even though it
is no longer a part of my body. Imagine! I will be
destroying three lungs at the same time. This is too good
to be true!”

As Sarah continued to press her glowing cigarette butt
against her lung-tray, the hissing noises got the better of
Dr. Richards. Once again, he pulled down his pants and
climbed on top of Sarah. He began to massage her breasts,
being careful not to touch the still-healing incision in
her chest.

“Oh, doctor,” moaned Sarah. “I need smoke. I need your
smoke inside me. Please fill me with your smoke.”

Dr. Richards leaned over and shook loose one of Sarah’s
Marlboro 100s. He let the cigarette dangle from his mouth
as he reached for his lighter. He flicked the flame to life
and lit the cigarette. He took a deep drag and said to
Sarah, “Now, open your mouth wide.” With the cigarette
dangling from his lips he carefully moved his head toward
Sarah’s face. Slowly, he inserted the burning end of the
cigarette into her mouth. “Now close your lips around the
cigarette and try not to let the glowing tip touch your

Sarah knew what to do. She had played this game with Jimmy
many years ago. She wrapped her sensuous lips around the
cigarette, exhaled what little air was stored in her badly
diseased lungs through her nostrils, and signaled Dr.
Richards that she was ready. At that moment, Dr. Richards
began to blow through the filter. He blew harder and
harder. At the same time Sarah was inhaling with everything
she had. The doctor heard an incredible wheezing sound
coming from deep within Sarah as her chest expanded like a
balloon. He continued to shotgun smoke into Sarah until he
could blow no more. He carefully removed the cigarette from
her mouth and placed his hands on her breasts as she began
to exhale. Smoke flowed and flowed from Sarah’s mouth. It
continued to flow for twenty, then thirty seconds. It was
still coming, and so were Sarah and the doctor as they had
each reached the point of climax. Sarah began to moan
loudly, with smoke still flowing from her mouth, as her
orgasm reached its peak. Dr. Richards placed his mouth over
Sarah’s and tried to suck out all the remaining smoke as he
shot his hot wad deep into her quivering vagina.

“Oh, doctor, I like your bedside manner,” cooed Sarah.

“Sarah, I will do anything you ask, if only…”

“Now, now, doctor, we talked about this earlier,” said
Sarah with a heavy wheeze. “Right now I need to devote all
my attention to continuing the work my mother started. I
have to abuse my lungs like never before. You know how much
it means to me.”

“And to me, as well,” said Dr. Richards. “I’m sorry I was
so selfish.”

“That’s OK, Doc,” said Sarah, “You know I couldn’t have
done any of this without you. I will always be grateful to

“The pleasure is all mine,” said Dr. Richards.

“Ah! That’s where you’re wrong Doc!” said Sarah. “I’ve
never had as much pleasure as I’ve had these last few days
since my operation.” Sarah wheezed loudly and started
coughing again as she reached for another cigarette.

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