Sarah’s Sunday Morning – Smoking Fetish Story

Sarah took a long drag from her Marlboro 100, inhaled
deeply, and tapped the ash from the end of her cigarette
into her spaghetti sauce. With her fork, she mixed the
ashes into the sauce. Then she poked the fork into her
spaghetti, twirled it around, and loaded it up with a
steaming mouthful of culinary delight. She opened her mouth
and tried to take it all in. One stray spaghetti noodle
hung from her mouth. She started slowly sucking on the long
noodle until it had been gently coaxed into her
smoke-glazed mouth. She savored the taste of her special
sauce as she slowly chewed and swallowed. “Mmmm…that’s
good, if I do say so myself,” said Sarah as she finally
exhaled the smoke she had been holding in her lungs.

Mark and his dinner guest, Tom, watched in silent awe, each
shifting carefully in his seat to accommodate sprouting
wood. Tom finally said, “This is excellent spaghetti,
Sarah. Did you make it yourself?”

“Yes. It’s my own special recipe,” said Sarah, flicking
more ashes into her spaghetti.

“It has a very unique taste,” said Tom. “How do you make

“Well, after I have cooked and strained the noodles, I put
them into a big zip-loc bag. Then I exhale several lungfuls
of smoke into the bag and seal it. I let the noodles cure
in the smoke while the sauce is simmering. And, while I am
stirring the sauce, I flick ashes from my cigarette into
it. “Do you like it?”

Tom’s boner was so intense he could barely contain himself.
“It’s great, Sarah,” he said, practically gushing. Mark
grinned as he watched Tom’s reaction. He knew exactly what
Tom was feeling.

“I only serve my special recipe to special guests,” said
Sarah. She lit up a fresh unfiltered Pall Mall and inserted
it into the hole in her neck, replacing the one she had
just finished. “My father told me all about you, Tom. I
thought you might like my special spaghetti.” Sarah took
another long drag from her Marlboro 100. As she inhaled,
the tip of the Pall Mall glowed brightly in Sarah’s neck.
She felt the arousing smoke from her two cigarettes mixing
in her lungs as she took another bite of her ash-garnished

Tom was simply beside himself. “I’ve never seen anyone
smoke the way you do, Sarah. How long have you been

“Twenty-two years,” said Sarah.

“Jesus! How old are you?” asked Tom.

“Twenty-two,” said Sarah, grinning, knowing full well the
effect she was having on her captive fetishist. “Have
another glass of wine, Tom.” Sarah filled Tom’s glass, then
refilled her own. She took another drag from her cigarette
and washed the smoke down with her wine.

Tom nervously picked up his glass and drank. He downed
nearly the entire glass. He reached into his shirt pocket
and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthol 100s. He started
to take out a cigarette, then looked at Sarah and said,
“May I have one of your Pall Malls, Sarah? I normally smoke
these, but that unfiltered cigarette looked so good when
you lit it up.”

Sarah slid the pack across the table to Tom. She watched
him as he lit up and inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs.
The satisfied look on his face made Sarah start to fell
aroused. She took another sip of wine and said, “I
understand you like to watch girls smoke.”

Tom coughed out a lungful of smoke and said, “Yes, but I
would never try to touch them. I only like to watch them.”
He looked at Sarah nervously.

“Don’t worry,” said Sarah. “You don’t have to explain
anything to me. You’re among friends here.” She took a
cheek-hollowing drag from her Marlboro 100, inhaled deeply,
and drank some more wine.

Tom, relaxing, said, “Sorry. I got a little defensive. Most
people would not understand.”

“We’re not most people,” said Sarah, grinning, as she
winked at her father.

“I’ve kind of noticed that,” said Tom, taking another drag
from his Pall Mall.

“Do you like to watch me smoke, Tom?” asked Sarah as she
triple-pumped the remainder of her Marlboro 100.

“Uh, yes. I mean, you’re a very attractive woman. I,
uhhh…” Tom was blushing. The truth is, Sarah was the
sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life. He would have
paid any amount of money to fuck her at that very moment.
Luckily for Tom, that’s exactly what Mark wanted him to do.
“How convenient, to have the father’s permission,” thought
Tom to himself. He took another drag from his cigarette and
said, “I’m not sure how I should answer that question.”

“No need,” said Sarah, smiling.

“Sarah, I’ve noticed that your Marlboro 100s are still in
the gold and white pack,” said Tom. “Those haven’t been
available for months, now. How is it that you still have

“I got so depressed when I heard they were changing the
pack, that my father bought up all the remaining gold and
whites he could find,” said Sarah, lighting a fresh
cigarette. “We have about two hundred cartons in deep
freeze in the basement. That’s only about a six months’
supply for me. I don’t know what I’ll do when they’re
gone.” She smiled at the cigarette between her
nicotine-stained fingers. “I’ve tried the new Red 100s. I
guess they taste about the same, but that gold and white
pack is so special to me. I think I’m going to break down
when I finish that last pack. It will be like losing my
best friend, like losing my lover.” Sarah dragged deeply on
her cigarette, pulled all of the smoke deep into the
darkest regions of her lungs, and held it. Without
exhaling, she repeated the process, filling her lungs to
capacity with her beloved Marlboro Gold smoke.

Tom looked at Sarah and said, “Maybe you’ll just have to
find a new lover, Sarah.” With her cheeks caving in around
her dark brown filter, and the tip of her cigarette glowing
brightly, Sarah stared into Tom’s eyes. They sat silently,
gazing at each other, for the next several minutes, smoking
cigarettes and drinking wine.

The sound of Mitzi’s coughing could suddenly be heard from
her bedroom. Mark said, “That’s my wife, Mitzi. She is
virtually bedridden with emphysema. I’m afraid her lungs
won’t hold out much longer.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Tom.

Sarah darted a quick glance at her father as Mark said,
“Thanks, but there is no need for sympathy. Mitzi has lived
a long, full, and happy life. She has thoroughly enjoyed
every moment. And she still smokes six packs of cigarettes
per day. She will die happy, with smoke in her lungs and a
cigarette between her lips. Anyway, I think I’ll turn in
now. It sounds as if Mitzi needs some attention. Stay as
long as you’d like, Tom. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night, Mark. Thanks for inviting me to dinner,” said

“My pleasure,” said Mark, winking at Tom. So far, Mark’s
plan was working perfectly. “Good night, Sarah.”

“Good night, Daddy,” said Sarah. “Smoky dreams.”

Sarah poured another glass of wine for Tom and herself. She
was already feeling a little lightheaded. She lit a fresh
Marlboro 100 and said, “Let’s go sit in the living room,
Tom. You can watch me smoke all you want. And you won’t
need to drill any holes in the wall.”

“It’s a deal,” said Tom, feeling a little tipsy, and more
than a little horny.

Sarah walked over to the sofa and opened a box of cigars on
the coffee table. She leaned close to Tom and said, “Would
you like an after-dinner cigar, Tom?” The full force of
Sarah’s overpowering smoker’s breath hit Tom flush in the
face. It was enough to turn Tom’s insides to jelly and to
make him suddenly go weak in the knees.

“That sounds great,” said Tom, sitting down carefully on
the sofa. His erection was immense.

Sarah sat down, handed Tom a cigar, then took one for
herself. She lightly licked the cigar all over, then bit
off one end. She clenched the cigar between her teeth and
lit up. The end of the cigar glowed brightly as Sarah took
several deep drags. Tom looked on in astonishment as he
watched Sarah inhale as if she were smoking a low-tar
cigarette. The thick smoke disappeared into Sarah’s lungs
with barely a wisp of a visible exhale. Next she picked up
her special cigar holder and placed it into her neck hole.
She took another deep drag from the cigar before twisting
it into the end of the holder. Tom watched the tip of the
cigar glow brightly each time Sarah breathed in. He lit his
own cigar as he watched Sarah place her Marlboro 100
between her lips and inhale deeply. “I love to fill my
lungs with smoke, Tom. Nothing turns me on more than
filling my lungs with smoke. Will you help me fill my
lungs, Tom?”

Tom, whose penis was ready to burst, moved closer to Sarah.
He took a long drag from his cigar, removed the cigar from
Sarah’s holder, and placed his mouth over the end of the
holder. He started blowing his smoke into the holder. It
was a direct pipeline to Sarah’s lungs. Sarah felt her
lungs filling with rich, thick smoke. “More! More!” she
pleaded. Tom filled his mouth with cigar smoke again and
blew it all into Sarah’s lungs. At the same time, Sarah was
dragging deeply on her Marlboro 100. She was now moaning in
ecstasy. Her lungs felt like two balloons ready to burst.
“Oh, God!” she moaned.

Sarah reached over and started unzipping Tom’s pants. Tom
gladly assisted as he ripped off his pants, exposing his
extremely rigid penis. “Oh, my God!” screamed Sarah,
pulling down her panties as she stroked Tom’s penis.
“Please put your cock inside of me! Ram it up hard between
my legs! I want to feel it touch my lungs! Fuck my lungs,
Tom! Fuck my lungs!”

Tom slid his hard member into Sarah’s warm, hairy pussy as
Sarah lay back on the sofa. As he fucked Sarah, he
continued to force smoke into the holder in her neck. He
blew harder and harder as Sarah continued to inhale deeply
from her Marlboro 100. Her lungs were filled to capacity.
She was, once again, on the verge of asphyxiation. She was
also on the verge of orgasm. Tom pumped harder and harder
as Sarah began to scream in ecstasy. Sarah took one, final,
deep drag from her Marlboro 100, tossed it into the
ashtray, and pulled Tom’s face to hers. Their mouths locked
as Sarah forced all of her smoke deep into Tom’s lungs.

Tom’s semen literally exploded into Sarah’s warm vagina. As
Sarah felt the burst of white heat inside of her, her body
was taken over by an orgasm of incredible proportions. Her
entire body shook as Tom continued to pump his
still-throbbing penis. Their mouths remained locked in a
deep kiss as Sarah’s orgasm continued. It seemed to last
forever, as Sarah writhed in ecstasy, grinding her hairy
pussy against Tom’s groin.

Slowly, gradually, Sarah’s orgasm subsided and Tom removed
his now limp dick from her pussy. They continued kissing as
Sarah reached for her cigarettes. “Light me up, will you,
Tom?” said Sarah in her incredibly sexy, wheezing voice.

Tom extracted two cigarettes from Sarah’s pack and lit them
simultaneously. He removed one from his mouth and handed it
to Sarah. He watched as Sarah placed the firm, round filter
of her cigarette between her full lips. He watched her
cheeks cave in as Sarah drew smoke from her fresh
cigarette. He watched a thick ball of smoke, visible for a
second in Sarah’s mouth, disappear quickly into the black
hole in Sarah’s chest. He watched Sarah’s breasts rise as
her pathetic, ruined lungs did their best to expand.
Already, Tom could feel blood rushing back into his penis.

“You really do like to watch me smoke, don’t you Tom?” said
Sarah with her cigarette dangling from her lips. The tip of
her cigarette glowed brightly as she took another long,
satisfying, cheek-hollowing drag from her beloved Marlboro

“Sarah, I think you’re the sexiest, most beautiful woman I
have ever met,” said Tom, whose penis was starting to
stiffen again.

“I have to admit,” said Sarah. “I sort of got off watching
you smoke, as well. Tell me something. Will you still think
I’m sexy when I have lung cancer?”

Tom’s dick went rock hard. “Sarah, I can’t think of
anything sexier,” he said. “If I could, I would fill your
lungs with cancer right now and hold you in my arms as your
lungs collapse and you struggle to take your last,
smoke-filled breath.”

Sarah moaned in her low, deep smoker’s voice and started
rubbing her pussy as she triple-pumped her black lungs full
of smoke and took Tom’s penis into her mouth. Her head
bobbed up and down, stopping only long enough to take
another drag from her cigarette. Sarah and Tom stayed there
on the sofa, engaging in repeated smoky copulation, as a
damn fine Saturday night turned into a glorious Sunday

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