Sarah – The Operation – Smoking Fetish Story

Several days passed and it was time for the operation to
begin. Sarah, her father and Mitzi met Dr. Richards at the
hospital at midnight in an operating room that was
supposedly closed for the night. Since Sarah’s father
wanted to witness the operation, Dr. Richards had him scrub
up and help out by handing him instruments that he needed.
Mitzi decided to witness it as well, but she was too ill to
stand and help the whole time.

Before she went under anesthesia, Mark came close to Sarah
to wish her good luck. They french kissed deeply for about
a minute. She spoke to him: “I bet you’re excited about
seeing the inside of my chest, aren’t you.” He replied
positively. She then said “Make sure you take some pictures
like we agreed and do the best you can to help Dr.
Richards. After today my fate will be sealed and I will no
longer have the complete body of a young girl. Soon I’ll
get cancer and you can watch me suffer and rot away until I
drop dead in your arms.” Her father replied “don’t worry
everything will be fine. Just focus on that dream and
you’ll get it.”

Dr. Richards made an annoucement before the surgery began.
“What we are about to do here is a one of a kind experiment
the likes of which has never been tried before, except in
reverse. I thank you all for finally allowing me to do the
kind of operation I have always wanted to do. Rather than
saving a woman’s life by transplanting her lungs, I am
shortening it. I feel honored to play a role in the death
of this young woman. It gives me unequalled pleasure to
replace her healthy lung with a diseased lung that will
cause her pain and hardship until it kills her in a short
while. I wish I could do this to every woman in the world –
elderly women, middle aged women, young robust women, and
even little girls. The only payment I ask in return is to
be the doctor that monitors her deteriorating condition in
the days until her death. We may now begin.”

Dr. Richards anesthetized Sarah, then made the first
incision into the ribs over her right lung. Mark could hear
the grinding saw cutting through the bones of the ribs.
Handing the doctor all the implements he needed, he watched
as he pried open her ribs to reveal the inside of his
daughter’s chest. Next to her beating heart, he saw a
slightly dirty lung. It sure wasn’t healthy, but it looked
nothing like Lori’s lung. After the doctor severed the
lung’s connection to the still pliable windpipe, he helped
him heave the lung out of her chest. This experience was
incredibly erotic. He and Dr. Richards both had to fight
hard-ons and concentrate. While watching, Mitzi started to
finger herself in arousal when she wasn’t snapping

Once the original lung was set aside, Mark was told to
reach into the preservation tank to retrieve Lori’s old
lung. They carefully laid it inside of Sarah’s chest. It
was smaller than Sarah’s original lung due to some
shriveling from the stiffening of the lung tissue and it
was so dirty. He noticed that filth from the lung already
started to stain the other tissues in the lung cavity. Dr.
Richards eventually started to stith the connection to the
windpipe. He commented “If this lung were any more brittle,
the stithces wouldn’t take.”

Slowly, the chest was re-sealed and her ribs were re-set.
Dr. Richards said “Well, the operation’s done and she’ll
need to rest unconsious for a couple of days while the most
critical healing takes place. I’m going to re-classify her
records to show her as having a cyst taken out of her chest
so she can rest in a recovery room on the sixth floor. You
can come and visit her when she wakes up in two days.
Meanwhile I’m gonna go home and have some hot s e x with my
wife while thinking about what I did to your daughter. I
think you and Mitzi should do the same, considering what
Mitzi’s been up to back there, heh heh. Before I go,
though, I’m also going to perform a test on her vaginal
cavity to see what sort of damage she’s done with the
tobacco she told me she’s been putting down there all these
years. I suspect some benign pre-cancerous cell growth. I
assume you’d like to know about it. I recommend that Mitzi
try that too, by the way. The delicate tissues in your
cervyx are very vulnerable to cancer-causing agents and you
just might get some cancer down there – especially after
menopause. The same goes for the colon, so try sticking it
in your b u t t, too. If you’re lucky Mark, you may be
going to three funerals.”

“Thank you so much, doctor.” Mark repied. “You are a
miracle worker.”

Two days later, Mark and Mitzi visited Sarah at the
hospital. She just woke up and ate a meal an hour before he
came. “How you feelin’, angel?”, he asked.

“It’s incredible!” Sarah rasped with a wheezy tone. “I am
having such difficulty breathing. Every time I take a
breath I hear a loud wheezing and I feel like coughing. I’m
slightly dizzy from getting less oxygen than I usually do,
though Dr. Richards says the dizziness will stop once my
body is accustommed to less oxygen. I’ve been coughing up
all sorts of phlegm and blood. I’m in heaven.”

She started coughing and said “Close the door and come here
daddy. He did as she asked and she moved her face close to
his and continued coughing. When a large brown and black
lump came up, she brought her mouth to his and spit it into
his mouth. He chewed on it and said “MMMM that tastes so
good.” Mitzi came over and wanted her to cough up some
phlegm for her too. They brought their lips together as
Sarah eased more phlegm into Mitzi’s mouth.

Mitzi said “I have news for you Sarah, I’m putting tobacco
in my p u s s y just like you now. You wanna see it?”
“Sure” Sarah replied. Mitzi got on the bed and straddled
Sarah’s face putting her p u s s y right in her face. She
reached in and pulled it out and let sarah suck on it.
“MMMM this tobacco with your p u s s y juices on it tastes
soooo good.”

Sarah was the happiest girl in the world now. What
wonderful, if short, adventures lay in the future for her?

Keep it goin’, Folks. If anyone else has an operation
scenario, share it. I’m really looking forward to other
peoples’ scenarios of Sarah’s life with her new lung.

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